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How to Think Like Benjamin Graham and Invest Like Warren Buffett
How to Think Like Benjamin Graham and Invest Like Warren Buffett
Although the definitive popular book on Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett remains to be written, this excellent work is certainly the state-of-the-art in this area. For those who do not have the time or inclination to read the writings and speeches of these important investment thinkers, you get the key kernels of wisdom in action-oriented doses here. This is the first book I have read that gives the stock investor who wants to outperform the market averages a sense of what is involved in order to have a chance. The examples of how to apply these methods to companies like General Electric, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and internet retailers are very helpful. I thought this book was much more valuable in every way than Buffettology.
Both Graham and Buffett see buying stock as being the same as buying a whole company. The analytical methods involved are similar to those used by companies thinking about making an acquisition, except there is no need to consider what the joint operating benefits of the companies will be. The strength of this approach to stock investing is that if stock values for a company fall too low another company or group of cash-flow-oriented investors will acquire the whole company. In the long run, stocks should not fall too far below their intrinsic value (a Graham concept) as cash flow generators.
The book is organized into three sections. The first looks at whether the stock market is efficient or not. If it is, you cannot beat it. If it is not, you can beat it by investing where it is not efficient. The evidence here summarized estimates that the stock market is at least 20 percent inefficient and becoming more so. I am aware of a number of studies showing other kinds of inefficiency that Professor Cunningham does not cite. My own personal view is that the stock market is not very efficient at all, but is relatively predictable within a band of probability.
A particular strength of this section is in creating a summary of many of the arguments for stock market efficiency and inefficiency. Trust me. Unless you really love reading this kind of research (which I happen to), you will be better off reading the summaries here rather than the originals.
The second section discusses how to outperform the stock market. The best part of this section is an extremely well done parable about a man who wants to sell his apple tree. He is approached by many different types of potential purchasers, and they offer wildly varying prices. You get the interior logic of how each price is arrived at in a way that allows you to see the fundamental weaknesses and strengths of each approach. Nicely done!
The heart of this section emphasizes the familiar Graham and/or Buffett (their philosophies do not coincide, but rather partially overlap) concepts of sticking to what you know well, having a margin of safety, and doing your homework. I particularly liked the detailed description of how to determine where you have a knowledge edge that allows you to potentially have an advantage as a stock investor. The cautions against overestimating what you know are very well done.
The third section looks at the role of company management and boards of directors. It debunks a lot of the popular thinking about the importance of good governance. As Warren Buffett often emphasizes in his annual letters to shareholders, you should invest only with people you "like, trust, and admire." A CEO with a weakness (particularly a lack of integrity) can quickly tank your investment before you can do anything about it. Certainly, I have been sorry a number of times when I have not followed that rule. I certainly subscribe to it now. Every management will make mistakes. Only highly focused and capable ones will notice that they have and work on rectifying the errors rather than trying to explain why there really is no problem.
If you read this book carefully, it will convince you that outperforming the stock market is a pretty hard thing to do unless you have a great deal of knowledge about public companies and unusually good access to company managements. I think describing what needs to be done is the most eloquent argument that I have seen for why the average investor should be in indexed mutual funds for the stock portion of her or his portfolio. I suggest you already read John Bogle's Common Sense on Mutual Funds. I was pleased to see that this book raises an important question of valuation for when to commit to new purchases of indexed funds. People differ on this subject; but while the S&P 500's multiple is as high as sit is now and cash flow growth is so weak, many people may benefit from holding off or buying other indexes instead. Consider the small cap value indexes instead now, for instance.
I suspect that you can learn a lot by comparing your past stock investing with the patterns described here. Are you a great investor? Great investors have "independence of thought, . . . [and] utter and profound common sense . . . ." The challenge here is that "common sense is . . . it is so uncommon." On the other hand, "those who buy stocks outside their circle of competence are gamblers, speculators, or fools." Please wear the shoe that fits you.
The most accurate prediction of future stock market conditions is that they will fluctuate. Currently, the average stock varies by 50 percent in price each year. What method of stock investing will allow you to either ignore or best take advantage of that volatility? Be sure to consider your emotions at least as much as your intellect and available time in making this determination.
Get a great return on your time and on your investments!
The Enigma Strain (Harvey Bennett Thrillers Book 1)
The Enigma Strain (Harvey Bennett Thrillers Book 1)
Harvey "Ben" Bennett is a park ranger at Yellowstone National Park. While out on a seemingly routine re-home of a bear that got a little too close for comfort, a bomb goes off in the park, killing his partner on the job. Bennett is soon thrust into an ongoing investigation into a new "bug" that is causing massive boils and rashes to form and quickly spread across its victims. He joins forces with CDC investigator Juliette Richardson as they try to figure out what is going on in Yellowstone and what is causing people to break out into these rashes, and then die.

I haven't written many reviews of the Michael Crichton books I've read, but let me tell you that if Orwell was the first book I ever read. Jurassic Park and/or The Andromeda Strain by Crichton was the first book I ever fell in love with. This book has all the pacing, writing style, and love that I always felt in Crichton works.

With that being said, I love a good bio-thriller. Anything where they dive deep into what the virus, or bacteria, or what-have-you and does it justice is usually a high rater in my book. Engima Stain just cruised up into 5 stars, the background of the disease was super interesting and I haven't read too many books that were about a similar idea.

The first thing I did when I finished this book was call up my dad and tell him I had just gifted him a copy for his Kindle. He's a fast-paced thriller fan, and I knew that he was going to love this. Bennett's character was just, interesting. I found myself spending time trying to figure him out, what makes him tick, why is he afraid of flying "he just doesn't like it."

The relationship between Ben and Juliette was a nice addition for me, it didn't feel forced or unnatural at all. Their characters, while seemingly quiet and stand-offish, were better when they were together.

There were some twists in this that I didn't expect, and when a book can do that, I'm always impressed. The relationships (both growth and history) were really nice additions without making this book super long.

Overall, Thacker has done it again. Blending the pacing and science of Crichton with his own unique twists, this book is sure to please many fans over many genres.

I honestly think that was the first book that I ever looked at from Thacker, but for some reason never read it. I have since read many of his short stories and I am currently reading The Depths, and enjoying that thoroughly.

View more reviews of Thacker's work and others at my blog: books.beergodblog DOT com
Things Have Changed
Things Have Changed
The version of Things Have Changed is a so called radio edit, a shortened version. Lord, I didn't think they still did that anymore. But you can get the full version of the song on the "Essential Bob Dylan" compilation. Putting "Hurricane" on here was a dumb idea, it's right off the "Desire" album and doesn't fit in. "To Make You Feel My Love," is a nice live version, but "Song for Woody," is freaking outstanding.

Someday Sony should gather all these live mini CDs they've done and put together a "Never Ending Tour" CD. It would be huge. Anyway I can only give this CD single four stars. It's cuz of that radio edit and Hurricane. There really was no excuse. Bad Sony.
SOBE Elixir, Pina Colada, 20 Fl Oz (Pack of 12)
SOBE Elixir, Pina Colada, 20 Fl Oz (Pack of 12)
Exactly as expected but this flavor is very hard to find nowadays so the value for the money is a little off. We moved and it is not available in our area except Panda Express had it and they just discontinued it and switched to a different brand. So we are no longer able to get it anywhere. Really wanted to surprise my kid with it for a birthday present so I paid this high price but feels priceless when they opened their gift and realized they finally got one again and got this whole case. Would consider purchasing continuously if the price was a little cheaper.
FitMiss Delight Protein Powder, Nutritional Shake, Vanilla Chai, 2 Pounds, 39 Servings
FitMiss Delight Protein Powder, Nutritional Shake, Vanilla Chai, 2 Pounds, 39 Servings
This product was not what I was hoping for. I did a ton of research on the best protein powders for women who lift. I know this is a product that advertises as a dietary supplement and can help weight loss, but it was top rated on many websites for being a good protein for women lifting and getting in shape. I ordered the vanilla chai flavor hoping it wouldn't taste like "protein powder" does (super chalky), because most reviews on the chocolate claimed it tasted like that, and I don't like cappuccino in general. The taste was not what I was expecting. It was super sweet and was almost too much to even choke down. I mixed the powder with almond milk and drank it in the morning with some eggs for breakfast. After finally choking it all down, it made me terribly sick. I vomited it all up, and couldn't get the awful taste out of my mouth. I have taken protein before. In high school I would have protein shakes combined with lifting and participating in whatever sport I was in at the time. Protein has never upset my stomach before. This product was highly disappointing, and to add to it I had ordered the preworkout in this same brand (FitMiss Ignite strawberry margarita flavor), and had an ALLERGIC REACTION to that. I will not be purchasing any more of their products and will not recommend it to anyone. I returned the tub that had just one scoop out of it for my money back.
Game of Thrones Season 1
Game of Thrones Season 1
Vor etlichen Jahren einmal empfiehl mir die Buchhändlerin meines Vertrauens - da ich bereits so einiges an Fantasy Schmöckern ingestiert hatte - eine Buchreihe, die nicht sehr bekannt war.

Ein Lied von Eis und Feuer.

Und wie ich Feuer und Flamme für diese Reihe wurde. Zwar waren die Handlungsstränge noch weniger spannend und action-reich dargestellt, wie es zum Beispiel selbst der Herr der Ringe mehr davon hatte (und J.R.R. Tolkien war nun wirklich nicht für actionlastige Szenen bekannt), sondern vielmehr bekam man hier einfach unglaublich viele tolle, differenzierte Dialoge und vor allem Ideen präsentiert.

Hier erschuf jemand eine ganze Welt mit tausend verschiedenen Geschichten und wob sie zusammen. Und es funktionierte.

Als Jahre später dann noch eine Fernseh-Serie angekündigt wurde und mit außerordentlich großem Erfolg einschlug, war ich natürlich ziemlich glücklich darüber.

Und diese Serie hat - in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Buchautor - in der Breite sehr viel gut umgesetzt und insbeonsdere die Leistung von Sean kann hier hervorgehoben werden in der 1. Staffel.
Die Fotografin - Die Welt von morgen: Roman (Fotografinnen-Saga 3) (German Edition)
Die Fotografin - Die Welt von morgen: Roman (Fotografinnen-Saga 3) (German Edition)
Und es hat wieder "KLICK" gemacht...

Sie lieben es zu Fotografieren? Die Welt nicht nur als das große Ganze zu betrachten, sondern sich von den vielen kleinen Details verzaubern zu lassen? Dann sind Sie bei Mimi und ihren Weggefährten genau richtig!

Auch im dritten Teil der Fotografin schafft es Petra Durst-Benning die Leser/innen auf eine Reise voller Entdeckungen mitzunehmen. Von der ersten bis zur letzten Seite fiebert man mit Mimi und den anderen Charakteren mit. Man lacht mit ihnen, ist wütend, traurig und mitten drin in der Geschichte.

Die Welt von morgen zeigt sehr deutlich, dass das Leben nicht nur geradeaus geht. Dass man spontan sein muss und das Auge für die vielen Details am Wegesrand nicht verlieren darf. Dass es sich lohnt, sich jeden Tag aufs Neue zu erfinden und man zusammen alles schaffen kann.

Ein Buch voller Stärke, Motivation und Zuversicht. Ich bin sehr gespannt, wie es weitergeht und an welche Wegbiegungen wir zusammen mit Mimi noch kommen werden.
Denn es lohnt sich immer um die Ecke zu schauen, könnte sich doch ein wundervolles Fotomotiv oder ein bezaubernder Weg dahinter verbergen.

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