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The Lyrics: 1961-2012
The Lyrics: 1961-2012
This book is exactly what it claims to be: a collection of Dylan's lyrics, and about the best one there is.

There aren't annotations, or essays, or anything like that. It is just very simply a collection of the lyrics to use as a reference, or to page through and read for pleasure. The lyrics are presented very nicely, in a large font, with each song getting its own page or pages if it's length requires more than one. The songs are presented in the order they appeared in on the album they were released in, with b-sides and other releases collected at the end of the section for the album that came out closest to when they were written. Each album has a title page with art from the album presented in black and white, and a page showing Dylan's hand written or typed draft of a song from the album. In terms of layout and content, it is almost just like the 2002 lyrics collection, only with the much needed update of 10 years of additional material. If you liked that book, you know basically what you're getting here.

It is not 100% complete with everything he has written... I noticed that Marchin' to the City, a favorite track of mine that I think has only been released on Tell Tale Signs, was not included. The book does include many of the songs that he's written that weren't on his albums, though, and while there might be a couple obscurities missing, you will find a ton of great stuff anyway. As far as the claim that this collection features lyrics that have been newly edited by Dylan, I didn't find any yet, but I haven't read every lyric in the book or compared them all to earlier versions. I'm a big Dylan fan, but not a Dylanologist that spends his life studying every detail, so I look forward to the articles by those people which I'm sure are forthcoming that will examine the lyrics that have been changed.

As far as supplemental material, multiple versions of the songs, color art, and extras like that, the large Dylan lyrics book from a couple years ago had more of those things. However, it was a gigantic, massive book, and it also cost a couple hundred dollars more than this one, depending on when you bought it. Personally, although that collection is beautiful, the size is an impediment for me. If you want a collection you can actually read, that one is awfully heavy and inconvenient. This is the one I would get.

But in the meantime, if you want a book collecting the work of our greatest living songwriter, here it is, beautifully presented in a high quality volume. Doesn't get much better than that.
(Vol 1) 3cd Original Album Classics -3cd Slipcase (Empire Burlesque\Down In The Groove\Under The Red Sky)
(Vol 1) 3cd Original Album Classics -3cd Slipcase (Empire Burlesque\Down In The Groove\Under The Red Sky)

ジャケットからして痛い『Empire Burlesque』
カヴァー多めで中途半端の極み『Down In The Groove』
豪華ゲストでドン・ウォズのプロデュースもいい佳作『Under The Red Sky』



Bob Dylan Men's Surreal Tie Dye T-Shirt Multi
Bob Dylan Men's Surreal Tie Dye T-Shirt Multi
I bought this for my husband. The fabric is nice. The colors are true to what you see on line. We both like the quality and would order again the fabric is not thin so won't wear out fast.
Jeff Dunham: Arguing with Myself
Jeff Dunham: Arguing with Myself
In this day, it's great to have something you can lose yourself in to get away from our every day troubles and trials. "Jeff Dunham-Arguing with Myself" DVD does just that. Street crime, wars, economy miseries blare out of our TV's with such regularity, we have no recourse but to feel miserable about life, So why not put this in your DVD player and get away from it all for awhile. Does the heart good.

I watched this hilarious DVD while my daughter was visiting us, back in 2008. My husband and I thought this was one of the most uproariously, hilarious ventriloquist acts we've ever seen. So, after discussing the many Christmas gift choices, we had, due to our financial situation, I decided to buy this DVD for my friends, who live in another state. I was concerned it may be a little too risque for my girlfriend, but, as it turned out, she loves it. She just could not stop raving about how she and her husband, and friends they have shared it with, absolutely think it is the best time they have had in a long time and has brought both of them many hours of enjoyment.

This DVD was inexpensive and I loved that I could have it sent to their home. It arrived in time for Christmas besides. Sadly, I don't own the DVD myself.... yet. I intend on purchasing all of Jeff's DVD's, in the near future, so we can enjoy them and share them with our friends, too.

Every time I call my friend, she tells me how her friends have, now, bought their own DVD so they can watch it anytime they want.

Jeff Dunham presents his marionettes, in such a way, they all seem real, although we know they aren't. His ventriloquism, talent shines through with Arthur, Peanut, Achmed, and Jalapeno on a Stick. I love Arthur, even though he is a super grump and is always complaining about everything, from his wife, whom we never see, to every day life's common events. Peanut is my favorite since he is always giving Jeff and Jalapeno on a Stick a rough time. With his yellow tuff, of hair, and his purple body, and his ear to ear mouth, he is so much fun to watch. This is, especially, when he puts his head back, laughing at something he got over on Jeff. Achmed's, "I will kill you," every few minutes, adds irony to the fact that he doesn't even realize he is dead and can't kill anyone. All of the characters are so different from each other, and Jeff moves from one in such a smooth transition, there is never a boring moment from beginning to end in this DVD.

Bring out the popcorn, and other tasty eats and drinks, put in "Jeff Dunham-Arguing with Myself," or any of his other DVD's and get ready to enjoy a couple of hours of getting away from the world and your troubles. If you want a good laugh or are looking for the ideal gifts, get this DVD or one of Jeff's other DVD's (Heck! Why not buy a whole set for yourself and or your friends and families? Double, triple or quadruple your fun.). You'll have a terrific, hilarious time, and your friends will thank you.
Iron Man 1-3 (Complete Collection Box-Set) - Captain America 1-3 (Complete Collection Box-Set) - Marvel 6 Movie Bundling Blu-ray
Iron Man 1-3 (Complete Collection Box-Set) - Captain America 1-3 (Complete Collection Box-Set) - Marvel 6 Movie Bundling Blu-ray
Im giving 5 star because even though they are not original they are blu ray and they look amazing. So far I have watch the Captain American ones and so far they are good. They come together 6 movies but separate bundles. All the Iron Man in the red box and the Captain american in the blue box like in the picture. The movies looks like were created for international used. Not the typical american version. I will update my review once ai have watched them all.
[(La Rentree Du Petit Nicolas)] [By (author) Rene Goscinny ] published on (September, 2008)
[(La Rentree Du Petit Nicolas)] [By (author) Rene Goscinny ] published on (September, 2008)
I have been learning French on my own for the past two years, and am always looking for reasonably priced and interesting resources. This CD of stories fits the bill for me perfectly. The stories by Goscinny are brilliant and funny, written in quite colloquial French: everything is "chouette" and "terrible" (which for Nicolas means "awesome"). The author, Goscinny, was also the author of the Asterix comics.

The audiobooks are very well read by Brigitte Lecordier. She puts on funny voices for the different characters, and conveys all the excitement of a child telling a story. The reading speed is a bit fast for me, but it fits the narrative tone very well.

Here's how I am using these CDs for my French studies: The French of Le Petit Nicolas is a bit above my level, but the humour in the stories is keeping me interested. I first listened to the CDs carefully while going for walks. On the first listening I was just managing to get the gist of what was happening, but that is an important skill to develop. And even when I was understanding half (or less) of the text, some passages made me burst out laughing!

After listening to the CDs twice, I began to read the books. I recommend the kindle version, because you can install a French dictionary on your kindle for the auto-lookup. While reading I try not to look up every unknown word, but only when a word is essential to understand a sentence. I'm on my third reading of the book, and have listened to the CDs 6 or 7 times. With each reading/listening, more and more of it makes sense, and I have been having fun every time!

I only wish Brigitte Lecordier had done the reading for the other audiobooks of Le Petit Nicolas available, since the others are not as good (according to reviews on
Perry Mason Solves the Case of the Haunted Husband
Perry Mason Solves the Case of the Haunted Husband
I've been reading Gardner's Perry Mason books off and on for many years. Many years ago, I was an intense fan of the series, and read them all, at least once. Now, after a lot of water over the dam, I'm looking at them again.

Those who are used to really fine mystery writers, such as Ross Macdonald, may find the writing style here off-putting. It can be stiff and mechanical. Nonetheless, I still love the general setting: the characters of Perry, Della, Paul, Lt. Tragg, and Hamilton Berger. That, and the ingenious plots, are why I read Perry Mason.

On the whole, the ones written by 1945 are the best. This one was written in 1941, and is an exception to the rule: it's one of the few that I did not especially like. It begins with a young woman, Stephane Clair, hitchhiking. She is picked up by a man who "makes unwanted advances". There is a struggle, the car crashes, killing another driver. The driver of Stephane's car mysteriously vanishes after the crash, no one sees him, and so Stephane is charged with manslaughter. Perry takes the case, and by a complicated chain of evidence, Perry is led to a mysterious man in San Francisco, one L. C. Spinney, and then to a woman from New Orleans who arrives in LA looking for her husband. Perry and Drake take her to a hotel, where various other people shuttle in and out. I won't attempt to summarize all the evidence and reasoning. Eventually the case involves a Hollywood producer, his chauffeur and brother, various uncles, friends, and wives. Two murders occur in that same hotel.

There are some good courtroom scenes, unfortunately not with Hamilton Burger. Lt. Tragg has a strong role, more than usual. Unusually, Perry waxes philosophical at one point. Obviously, this is Erle Stanley Gardner trying to come to grips with life and death.

There are too many scenes tangential to the plot, such as Perry, Drake, Tragg, and Della at dinner together. There are several loopholes and unresolved threads. Too many characters are introduced only to be dropped and never heard from again. In the better stories, there are fewer characters, but the ones who are introduced have some significance, if only to be red herrings. Maybe I missed it, but why was the man driving the car in the opening scenes wearing a tuxedo? This is played up as a big clue for a while but never resolved that I saw. How did he (that driver) leave the scene of the accident so easily?

One symptom of the problems with this book: who is the "haunted husband"? Haunted by what or who?

The very last scene plays out in a hotel room, in that same hotel. The events of the last couple chapters are confusing and poorly presented. Upon reflection and re-reading, they do make sense, however. There is a good plot and a good idea in there stuggling to come out. I actually guessed part of the final explanantion, and the murderer. Fairly early on, there is a small key clue that I noticed. This is pretty usual for Perry Mason stories, which are almost always fair, in that the reader has a chance to deduce a lot of what is going on.

I have to wonder if this book doesn't represent a transition or "mid life crisis" of some sort for Gardner. At this point he had written about 18 of these Perry Mason stories. I can imagine that he was stuggling to find a change, a new direction. Did he have any conception of the enormous success that lay ahead? Certainly he could not have imagined the TV series.

Of all the Mason books, I would put it in the bottom half. Recommended for those wishing to complete their collection of Perry Mason reads.

BTW, the TV episode based on this novel is quite a bit simpler and very good.
Background to Danger
Background to Danger
This is probably my favorite Ambler novel so far (I've read 6), although it's not usually rated that highly by other readers or critics.

It's fast-moving, the naive protagonist (an Ambler hallmark), an intelligent political freelance journalist named Kenton, does something stupid in chapter One that lands him in the middle of the run-up to WWII, caught between Nazi spies and Soviet ones and having to rely on unexpected resourcefulness and some lucky encounters to escape a murder charge and sneak across borders. The Nazis are thoroughly despicable and well-characterized, with the nasty mastermind assassin Saridza under various names, and his sadistic English henchman, Capt Mailler (an inspiration perhaps for Ian Flaming's Red Grant).

Kenton's unexpected allies are the Soviet spies, brother and sister team Andreas and Tamara Zaleshoff, who speak English with Chicago accents (as a Chicago native, I found this very funny--Ambler has them talk like '30s gangsters), and their superior, the grotesque and brilliant polymath, Olga Smedoff, plus some red shirts killed along the way. (I wonder if the Zaleshoff siblings inspired Boris and Natasha, with a Mdme Big). Oh and the emaciated mute who was tortured by Czarists and is a Soviet as much from personal revenge as political faith. Even the minor characters are memorably sketched, with Kenton's journalist point of view providing a plausible foundation for some outre descriptions (e.g., Smedoff!).
There's plenty of low-violence suspense: two kidnappings, an interrupted torture session, a race against time escape as the air runs out and a James Bond-esque climatic car chase (Tamara is an ace driver). The plot is rather convoluted, although I never got lost (Ambler and Zaleshoff are always explaining things), with a satisfying denouement and much humor throughout.
Cuentos inconclusos (Biblioteca J. R. R. Tolkien) (Spanish Edition)
Cuentos inconclusos (Biblioteca J. R. R. Tolkien) (Spanish Edition)
Primero hablaré de la edición, me parece muy buena, el único pero es que la letra es algo pequeña, pero como el resto de libros de Tolkien de la editorial Minotauro.
En cuanto al libro, me ha gustado, no es una novela, que nadie lo compre pensando en eso, de hecho, solo lo recomiendo a gente que ya haya leído bastante del legendarium de tolkien, por lo menos el señor de los anillos y el sillmalirion, si no has leído estos libros, mejor no leas esta obra.
Es una obra que amplía información sobre el legendarium, yo diría que es como un complemento del sillmalirion, habla de la primera, la segunda y la tercera edad y Tolkien hijo, hace bastantes aclaraciones sobre muchos temas.
En definitiva, creo que es un libro indispensable para los amantes de Tolkien, pero no apto para gente que no esté ya bastante informada sobre el legendarium, ya que se haría muy muy pesado y no entenderían practicamente nada. Por cierto, recomiendo leerlo con el Silmallirion al lado, para poder consultar mapas y árboles genealógicos.
Murder On Ice (A Detective Joe Ezell Mystery, Book 3)
Murder On Ice (A Detective Joe Ezell Mystery, Book 3)
Joe Ezell is roused by loud knocking on his door early one morning. The building owner / manager, Leon Helms, needs Joe's help! When they go to Apartment #3, Joe finds that there is the nude body of a young woman in the refrigerator. Leon says that the people who lived there had cleaned out the apartment and left without giving notice. He also confirmed that the rent had been paid through the end of the month.

The young lady in the refrigerator, Alice Reyes, worked at Sherry's using the name, Cookie Crumble. Cookie worked at Sherry's in hopes of becoming an actress. Since Stuart Helms had seen Cookie at Sherry's and his father owned the building where the body was found, Detective Lynch decides that Stuart must be the killer and refuses to look any further.

In a separate, but unrelated case, Joe is hired to find the link between two men who look the same and have the same birthday, but are totally unaware of one another.

Who actually killed Cookie Crumble? Can Joe unravel the mystery of Cookie's death? In his other case, are the two men really twins or is it one man leading a double life?

The story has some slow parts, but moves at a fairly steady pace. The situations are very believable and the characters are everyday people.

I received a copy of this book from eBook Discovery, but the review is entirely my own.
Essay Collection : Faith, Christianity and the Church
Essay Collection : Faith, Christianity and the Church
This is an absolutely extraordinary collection. While it does not contain all the works that "C.S. Lewis: Essay Collection and Other Short Pieces" does, it contains a great number of his bests for around $15 as compared to $150 for the latter work (including: God in the Dock, The World's Last Night, and The Weight of Glory). I had an incredibly hard time finding the complete list of essays included (I ended up having to look at the Canadian HarperCollins Website), so I'll post the complete list here:
1. The Grand Miracle
2. Is Theology Poetry?
3. The Funeral of a Great Myth
4. God in the Dock
5. What Are We to Make of Jesus Christ?
6. The World's Last Night
7. Is Theism Important?
8. The Seeing Eye
9. Must Our Image of God Go?
10. Christianity and Culture
11. Evil and God
12. The Weight of Glory
13. Miracles
14. Dogma and the Universe
15. 'Horrid Red Things'
16. Religion: Reality or Substitute?
17. Myth Became Fact
18. Religion and Science
19. Christian Apologetics
20. Work and Prayer
21. Religion Without Dogma?
22. The Decline of Religion
23. On Forgiveness
24. The Pains of Animals
25. Petitionary Prayer
26. On Obstinacy in Belief
27. What Christmas Means to Me
28. The Psalms
29. Religion and Rocketry
30. The Efficacy of Prayer
31. Fern-seed and Elephants
32. The Language of Religion
33. Transposition
34. Why I Am Not a Pacifist
35. Dangers of National Repentance
36. Two Ways With the Self
37. Meditation on the Third Commandment
38. On Ethics
39. Three Kinds of Men
40. Answers to Questions on Christianity
41. The Laws of Nature
42. Membership
43. The Sermon and the Lunch
44. Scraps
45. After Priggery-What?
46. Man or Rabbit?
47. 'The Trouble with "X"...'
48. On Living in an Atomic Age
49. Lilies That Fester
50. Good Work and Good Works
51. A Slip of the Tongue
52. We Have No ' Right to Happiness'
53. Christian Reunion
54. Priestesses in the Church?
55. On Church Music
56. The Conditions for a Just War
57. The Conflict in Anglican Theology
58. Miracles
59. Mr. C.S. Lewis on Christianity
60. A Village Experience
61. Correspondence with an Anglican who Dislikes Hymns
62. The Church's Liturgy, Invocation and Invocation of Saints
63. The Holy Name
64. Mere Christians
65. Canonisation
66. Pittenger-Lewis and Version Vernacular
67. Capital Punishment and Death Penalty
Catherine Cookson Country - Her Pictorial Memoir
Catherine Cookson Country - Her Pictorial Memoir
Yes I am biased.......Born in South Shields, this is a lovely book portraying life on Tyneside...........Yes I am a man, but have always found her writing enjoyable, so this book was a must. A very good read, and some excellent brother has a copy and he lives in Hertfordshire now.........
スティール・ボール・ラン #3 ジャンプコミックス (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 7, Steel Ball Run #3: 2nd Stage Arizon Desert Crossing)
スティール・ボール・ラン #3 ジャンプコミックス (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 7, Steel Ball Run #3: 2nd Stage Arizon Desert Crossing)
Monsieur Madame - Mon papa (French Edition)
Monsieur Madame - Mon papa (French Edition)
Après avoir acheté toute la collection des Monsieur-Madame à mes enfants, et puisqu'ils étaient demandeurs de nouveaux livres de cette collection mythique et intemporelle, j'ai commandé cette nouvelle petite histoire que mes enfants aiment tant que l'on partage avant d'aller au lit le soir!
Comme chacun de ces livres, ils ont été ravis de partager ces instants de lecture avec leur papa, d'autant que ça son papa! Du bonheur à partager en famille que je recommande à tous les enfants comme à tous les parents pour leurs enfants!

[Si mon expérience vous a aidé dans votre choix, n'hésitez pas à indiquer mon commentaire comme utile juste ci-dessous ! Merci 😉]
I am an RDJ fan but that actually has nothing to do with this review. Because he wasn't great. But this movie was slaughtered by the 'google it' critics (who always remind me of a bunch of snotty, single, NYC sushi chomping 30 somethings using big words and carrying around kate spade purses but with no idea of the real world. Nobody who reviewed this movie has kids under age 7. Or, they forgot how it is to have kids under 7. Guaranteed.) And I think that is unfair. Plain and simple: If you are looking for a smooth, sexy, intellectually stimulating movie that will piece together perfectly for your sophisticated palate? This ain't it. However - and this is a HUGE however - I liked it. I really did. I didn't love it - but I liked it. The only part that drove me bananas was that he didn't wash his hands in the waterfall. But it doesn't deserve the HORRID 'google it' reviews, and here's why: IT IS A CHILDREN'S MOVIE. Not a disney pretend to be a kids movie but slide in a ton of sexual references, boob shots and adult humor movie. This is silly, colorful, and a bring you back to the days of 2 or 3 little girls running around the floor with sippy cups after their 1/2 day kindergarten kind of movie. 100% family and innocent. No identifiable political agenda. And save for one slight scorpion joke, no sexual references - AT ALL. It was SWEET and innocent. And - he did a Welsh accent. Sometimes badly, but many Welsh people I know are often half drunk, so even their Welsh accents are bad from time to time. Also, due to the Welsh thing, you may not understand 1/3 of what he is saying, but - it's Ok. I was married to a Welsh guy, and didnt understand 1/2 of what he said either. You will get used to it. When I was 6, my favorite show was Land of the Lost. If I was 6 today, this would be my favorite movie. If you have little kids, or want a movie to remember those days - try it. It's only 5.99. And the fact that RDJ made a children's movie for CHILDREN - makes me like him even more.
Harry Potter Back To Hogwarts Tote Bag
Harry Potter Back To Hogwarts Tote Bag
LOve Love Love this purse! I was so surprised as how big it is! Very good quality, sturdy and the details are wonderful! I’ve carried it for about 6 months now and no signs of wear. Perfect and just what I wanted. Love It!
-the wife
Harry Potter Slytherin Collegiate Style Reversible Scarf
Harry Potter Slytherin Collegiate Style Reversible Scarf
They are great I have 10 scarfs from this company and everyone is very well made. They all are well represented in the photo. I think that these look even better on all those I purchased them fore. They cost a bit but they are worth it.
The customer service is great. I had trouble with getting three of them, but they took care of it and I had them within 4 days.
Very very happy 😃
Grace Potter & The Nocturnals - Live at the moe. Down Festival
Grace Potter & The Nocturnals - Live at the moe. Down Festival
I'd never heard of this group before but I thought I would give them a quick listen. I'm glad I did. The band is tight and Grace Potter's voice is pitch perfect. A good mix of rock, blues and a touch of country, all performed with great energy and talent. Kudos to the sound crew as well. Many outdoor concerts are not mixed too well but this one is done perfectly. The only negative note is, since Ms. Potter is really the only vocalist, the music starts to sound the same after a while. But I'm really picking nits here. I really did enjoy this video.
LEGO The Lord of the Rings Hobbit Gandalf Arrives (9469)
LEGO The Lord of the Rings Hobbit Gandalf Arrives (9469)
When Lego announced that they would sell the Lord of the Rings collection, I became a Gollum looking for his beautiful ring.

I decided to buy first the small box, which is Gandal Arrives, and I must to say that every detail of this toy has made me enjoy. Gandalf the Grey came with his cape, beard, rod and hat. The tumbril came with a brown horse, with a beautiful white mark in his front head. The chair in the tumbril, only let one minifigure stay in there. In the tumbril back, you can put the barrel in which you can put the fireworks (2 normal and 1 dragon firework) and a bag with carrot.

Frodo, has his hobbit suit, the book (which you can open or close), the envelope (with seal) and two faces(happy and worried in the back and front head).

It's beautiful and you can enjoy it.
Funko Pop! Movies: Harry Potter - Harry Potter (Yule)
Funko Pop! Movies: Harry Potter - Harry Potter (Yule)
Il funko pop è arrivato in condizioni perfette. Non ci sono stati problemi con la spedizione, il pacco è intatto così come anche il Funko.
La presentazione è impeccabile, ottimo come idea regalo, e il vestito elegante per l'occasione "ballo del ceppo" conferisce ad Harry un aspetto elegante e conciso.
Ho notato che il materiale utilizzato è differente rispetto ai primi numeri prodotti.
Di fatti rispetto ai primissimi Funko usciti, questa nuova produzione ha uno stemma "Wizars World" e il viso dei personaggi appare molto più colorito e vivace.
Davvero di ottima fattura, bellissimo!
HARRY POTTER Hogwarts Crest Youth T-Shirt
HARRY POTTER Hogwarts Crest Youth T-Shirt
Doesn't look as presented. It is not 100% cotton. On line is just a drawing-not actual shirt. Thin like paper, terrible colors of crest which has all over silver stains. Goes back!
A Brief History of Magic Cards: A Fable of Chivalry and Capitalism
A Brief History of Magic Cards: A Fable of Chivalry and Capitalism
This book can be barely considered a book. It totals 36 pages some of which are completely blank. There is a full blank line between every paragraph to make it seem longer than it actually is.

The elongated metaphor which runs for the entire essay is pretty cringeworthy, this peaks at a one point where tries to describe a scenario entirely within the confines of his own metaphor.

As much might expect from such a short text the analysis is light/non-existent. At one point a paragraph basically says: "design of the cards went from good to bad'. However there is no explanation of this conclusion. It is just simply stated and the piece progresses.

Also parts of the book have been published on websites as articles, which presumably the author was paid for. Therefore it becomes pretty apparent why each section is so short: can't exceed that website word count. This wouldn't come across as so lazy if it wasn't that this short pamphlet was funded with a Kickstarter.

This author has tried to squeeze as much money as they can out of every word. Any of the author's own work online will give you the main thrust of this book and the book won't give you anything extra.
Traxion 2-700 ProGear Mobile Rolling Gear Seat W/Equipment Tray and Five All-Terrain 5" Casters
Traxion 2-700 ProGear Mobile Rolling Gear Seat W/Equipment Tray and Five All-Terrain 5" Casters
First. Traxion is a great company. I had the issue that some have reported with the hydraulic cylinder appearing to have failed after just a few hours of minimal use. I'm not a small guy, but we'll under the 400lb weight limit. I sent them an email late one evening, they called first thing the next morning and a few days later I had a newly redesigned seat bottom with lever and new hydraulic cylinder. The seat base on the new one appears to be made out of heavier gauge steel, and a redesigned lever. The problem on mine was the button on top of the hydraulic cylinder was pushing against the lever which was pinned against the bottom of the seat. It went up when I got up, but down as soon as I put any weight on it.

Secondly, it's AWESOME. It's let me sit in my garage for more than just a few, not several minutes on my old round seat, craftsman. I have major lower back issues with a lumbar fusion and nerve root scaring and damage with no options but Pain Management. I only share this because for the past 7+ years I was unable to enjoy much of anything related to my passion for working on cars. I've found different tools that have allowed me to do different things, but this is near the top of the list, and probably my favorite thing. It obviously didn't fix the issue, but has allowed me some much needed time in my garage, or shop. I will buy another for my shop once it's cooler.

It's easy to roll around on concrete, it will go over air hoses and extension cords, but it's not easy for me. I tried it once, but it's just easier to kick it out of the way with my good leg or cane. It actually goes lower than my craftsman with 2" casters, go figure. The tray is helpful holding stuff, you just have to make sure it's not taller than the seat in its lowest setting if you plan to use the adjustability, otherwise you can ruin something, or make a big mess. I learned this the hardware with an expensive bottle of liquid. Luckily I had just cleaned the tray and was able to salvage most of it.

If your situations is even remotely similar to mine, stop reading reviews and just buy it, I can't imagine anyone being disappointed unless you plan to use it on unpacked substrate or mud. I have not tried it on gravel, only fairly smooth hard material such as concrete and tile. BTW, i worked great inside the house as well, it allowed me to change a few cabinet hinges that HAD been broken for years. And my 7 year old enjoys it.
GoSports Playground Balls for Kids (Heavy Duty Set of 6) with Carry Bag and Ball Pump (Choose 8.5” or 10” Sizes)
GoSports Playground Balls for Kids (Heavy Duty Set of 6) with Carry Bag and Ball Pump (Choose 8.5” or 10” Sizes)
Dear Go Sports,

I am writing you a review of the recess balls that our school has purchased. We like these balls because of all the colors. Also, there will no longer be conflict over who gets what ball, and finally they are all bouncy.

One reason our school enjoys these balls are that there are lots of different colors. For example, all of the balls are a different color, also all of the colors are beautifully colored! Since they are all so brightly colored they will not be forgotten on the playground.

Another reason we like these balls is there will no longer be conflict of who gets what ball. Before we got these we only had one bouncy ball and we were always fighting over who got it. Also, now we have enough to have two four square games, a scatter ball game, and a kick ball game going all at once!

At our school we play games like 4 square, kick ball, and scatter ball. So it is good that all of the balls are bouncy because you can’t play any of those games without bouncy balls.

These balls came quickly, were easy to inflate with the included pump and the mesh bag holds all the balls and the elastic drawstring makes it easy to fill..
After looking at all of these reasons why we like these balls we would like to say that we are truly grateful that we have them. We look forward to one more ball to add to our collection.

Peaks Island Elementary School
4 Church Avenue
Peaks Island, Maine
Thinking in Java
Thinking in Java
This book seem to contain all stuff you need, so far. I reccomend buying it in english, you have bargain priced books here. You also need to buy solutions for exercises for 20 bucks, so far there are solutions for 2nd edition exercises and 3rd edition.

I reccomend buying book in english, since translation can be tricky, at least the one published in my country.

Id say Eckel doesn't choose so obvious examples for what he wants to explain, and he lacks finesse in writing so you have to read REAL slow, but this book is Ok so far I've read it.

Second thing I don't like is how Eckel chose to put stuff together: in one chapter, he begins wih constructors, then goes to explain finalize command, then to explain static. He does relatively good job, but he could structure book better.

Now, when you add 20 bucks for exercise solutions and then some for hardcopy of book, Isn't that a little too much? Couldn't they sell the book and give away free CD/PDF file with solutions of homework questions? Or write answers at the end of the book? This reminds me of selling someone bycicle with flat tires or with no seat...

I wouldn't reccomend this book to newbies in world of obj oriented languages. When you become little more experienced (buy two books from Barry Burd, Java for Dummies one and two)or attend some Java classes, start reading Eckel and you will understand it.


After reading half of the book, I really got dissapointed in Chapter 9 , Holding Objects. Writer assumed, I guess, that everyone is software engineer or programer, so he doesnt start with lists, sets and maps, but with HIS code that uses Java classes. You either have to read it 4 times, OR ask for help OR know things before reading. Thanx god Eckel wrote good exercises, but one warning: there are some exercises which use constructors never mentioned, so you have to go to [...] or ask around.


Ok, after chap 9 I had to hurry up and skipped some stuff I didn't need. It seems chapters after 9 are more understandable. I didn't have time to read whole book and do all homeworks, but ok, I still think it is deepest I have concerning Java.
The School Discipline Fix: Changing Behavior Using the Collaborative Problem Solving Approach
The School Discipline Fix: Changing Behavior Using the Collaborative Problem Solving Approach
If you're looking for a way to stop chasing compliance (over and over and over again) and start building skills in kids who struggle with chronic challenging behavior, then this book - and the Collaborative Problem Solving approach - is what you're looking for. This approach is not just practical and proven, but it's neurobioligically grounded and fits with everything we know about how the brain has to process information to develop new "behavioral pathways" in the brain. As a Behavior Consultant in a school district currently, in a time when we have more and more kids walking in the doors of our schools who have higher emotional and behavioral needs than ever, this book offers sound principles for using a compassionate approach that builds skills in kids for long-term behavioral change, and ultimately adaptive behavior as future adults in our communities. First, read the book, and then find a Collaborative Problem Solving Tier 1 training in your area to attend, because learning this approach and how to do it well can change your practice, and ultimately the trajectory of your school!!
Crystal Chandelier Lighting, 5 Lights, H19" X Wd 19" Ceiling Fixture Pendant Lamp New Chandeliers
Crystal Chandelier Lighting, 5 Lights, H19" X Wd 19" Ceiling Fixture Pendant Lamp New Chandeliers
This review covers the chandelier, some notes about installation, and the (awesome!!) customer service I received from KT21568 as a seller. As with many people, it took me one year to even open the box and attempt the project of installing this chandelier in our master bathroom because we did not have the proper electrical fixture box. So a year after purchasing, I opened the box to discover several pieces were cracked. I contacted the seller asking how I could purchase replacement parts, and they immediately replaced all broken parts, no fee, no questions. Now that is outstanding customer service and removes any doubt about the purchase. Onto the installation, in the spot where we wanted to put the chandelier, we had a recessed 'can' light with a transformer. After crawling through the attic to remove the can light and transformer I installed a fixture outlet box (one that could support 50 lbs of weight) and ran the 110V line through the box. Then, I attached a 14" medallion to the ceiling I purchased from Lowe's (see pics). For the most part, it's a normal fixture installation, attach the ridged wire to the white and attach the smooth wire to the black one. The tricky part comes at the base of the chandelier where the wires from each arm need to be combined. At first, I made a mistake. I first attached the wires in series, one arm leading to the next, to the next, and back to the source. The problem with this is high resistance, and you can see from my pic the bulbs were barely glowing. Instead, as I should have known, you need to combine the wires in parallel. This means you take the ridged wires from all 5 arms and twist the ends into one large clump. Then take all 5 smooth wires from each arm and twist into one giant clump. Attach each clump once to the respective source (smooth or ridged) with a wire connector, I used a large Wing-nut type. Now, the bulbs lit up beautifully! Attaching all of the chains, crystals, and cups was not complicated at all, the directions were clear, but it does take some time. So I just did a little bit at a time over the next couple of days and it was finished in no time. Each of the crystals and chains attaches with a "key ring" style clip, so you should have some sort of flat metal piece to save your fingernails.
Kasa Smart Plug - enchufe inteligente en miniatura de conexión WiFi fiable, no requiere concentrador, funciona con Alexa Echo y Google Assistant (HS105), HS105, 120 volts
Kasa Smart Plug - enchufe inteligente en miniatura de conexión WiFi fiable, no requiere concentrador, funciona con Alexa Echo y Google Assistant (HS105), HS105, 120 volts
After researching automated light switches and outlets to control my lights, I picked TP-Link because they do not require a separate hub to work. Out of the box, install or plug-in, load the Kasa app and create an account, discover using the Kasa app (connect the device to your WiFi at home) and you're ready to go.

I absolutely LOVE the light switches and the outlet plugs. The online TP-LINK installation videos are awesome; short and concise with clear instructions. These Smart devices work perfectly every time using the Kasa app, Alexa and now the Google Assistant. When the power went out once, the devices automatically reconnected and worked flawlessly. BEST PURCHASE EVER!!!

I bought the Amazon Echo Dot - 4 times - and controlled my lights from anywhere in the house simply by speaking to Alexa.

Then, as of 3/25/17, Google Assistant got in the action. So now I can also tell my phone "Ok Goggle, turn on the Basement" and the two Smart Plugs (one mini and one original-sized) turn on together since I made a "basement" group to include them both.

If you're buying these Smart Plugs or Smart Switches for the first time, the below info will be helpful to know to avoid asking yourself "why is it not working for me the way people say they do?"

1. You need to install the Kasa app and create a user account to operate your devices using your phone/tablet. The Smart devices must be able to connect via the WiFi in your house to be operated remotely (by you not manually touching the device). Although you can still operate the devices manually, you bought these to operate them remotely. The Kasa app let's you name each Smart device (IMPORTANT: NAME EACH DEVICE AND GROUP AS YOU WANT TO CALL IT OUT USING ALEXA OR GOOGLE ASSISTANT) and create "Scenes" to group multiple Smart devices to turn on/off at the same time. Tapping on the device name in the Kasa app opens the options to set schedules, timers and more.

2. Got an Amazon Echo? Install the Alexa app on your phone/tablet, add the Kasa Skill, link the Kasa Skill to your Kasa account (from point #1 above), discover devices, then create Groups - similar to the Scenes in Kasa - and select which devices to include in the group for Alexa to know what you meant to turn on/off at the same time. If you DON'T create groups in the Alexa Skill: A) Simply ask Alexa to turn on/off the individual Smart device name, and... B) Alexa will NOT know which multiple Smart devices to turn on/off at the same time - even though you created a Scene (group) in the Kasa app, key phrase here... "in the Kasa app". After you create a group name and include Smart devices in the Alexa Skill, you'll feel like one of The Jetsons, a Star Trek crew member or a millionaire, with the power to command lights on and off using you voice: "Alexa, turn on the Living Room".

3. Got an Android smartphone/tablet with Android version 6.0 or higher? Google began sending upgrades to those devices to install the Android Assistant - the same Artificial Intelligence (AI) used with the Google Home device (the device that competes with Amazon Echo). Here's the deal, similar to the Alexa Skill, you NEED to enable and setup the Android Assistant using the similar steps I described in topic #2 above: Link it to your Kasa account, create Group names and add Smart devices to the group, etc. To set up your Android Assistant to operate your TP-LINK Smart devices, start by saying "Ok Google, turn on my LIGHTS" - the AI is smart and will prompt you with a bubble for you to setup Google Home interfaces. It's da bomb!

Hopefully this will help you enjoy your TP-LINK Smart devices as much as I do.

If you're thinking "I'm still not sure if I should get these or another brand..." GET THESE!!! You will not regret it. They work great! Also, when I had questions, their customer support was very responsive. The love is definitely there.

My goal is to get my entire house upgraded to use only TP-LINK light switches. In time, as the budget allows, it will happen.
Lab Values (with descriptions)
Lab Values (with descriptions)
it is handy to have available but have found a couple typos. hematocrit for males is listed 39%-39%, for example. I expect better from something I paid for.
Sadie Big and Tall Office Computer Chair, Height Adjustable Arms with Adjustable Lumbar, Black (HVST141)
Sadie Big and Tall Office Computer Chair, Height Adjustable Arms with Adjustable Lumbar, Black (HVST141)
So after reading the VERY FEW reviews on this chair, I decided to take a chance...

The box arrived right side up, if not a little dirty on the outside, but there were no dings or damage to the box at all. I think anyone who has this issue should report it to their local shipping vendors. My box arrived fine. I opened up the packaging to find every piece for the chair covered in acceptable packing material.

Let me say this first. THIS COMES WITH ALL ASSEMBLY TOOLS. That is a plus for me since I, sadly, do not own my own set of wrenches. When pulling out the pieces it can look overwhelming, but setup is simple. The instructions are "IKEA" style but by myself I put this together in like 20 minutes. Its very simple. I did however not tighten the arms until I was happy with the results. The screws are this and seem heavy duty, so I dont have a fear of falling lol. In the end, setup was easy and simple.

This is a big and tall chair but IMO Barely. Im 6' tall and I can still put all 4 fingers between the bend in my knee and the lip of the chair. That is [according to my ergonomic specialist] not optimal for blood flow. The Length of the seat should be longer. The width of the chair is fine. Plenty of room. The padding, seems just ok. This is only my second day having this chair, and I personally do no think it will last beyond a year or two. Which is fine for a $160 chair. I own a $3000 chair paid for by my job so I may have been spoiled a bit, but the quality is noticeable. The built in lumbar support is nice, I am just tall enough for it to be effective. However if you are under 5'11" I can see this being an issue. the arm rests are fine for not, I like that they can be adjusted (this is important for body comfort). Also If your taller than 6', I dont think this will be the chair for you, because even at the highest 'height' setting, my feet are completely planted on the ground with room to spare. The chair is very heavy duty feeling at the base, and I can put my feet up on the legs, which is nice. Is the chair worth $160? - Barely. I wouldn't pay any more than that. I will be using this at work, and I will update this after a while.

Should you buy?:
In my opinion if you're between 5'9" and 6'1" and a little wide- YES. It's a cheaper alternative to the chairs that you would be custom fitted for. If your more tall than wide- NO. It simply isn't long enough at the seat part of the chair. I'm giving it 4 stars because "I like it" but I dont love it. It shouldnt be advertised as a tall mans chair, simply call it a wide chair. Don't call it a "Big & Tall". I'm not a handyman I don't have a measuring tape right now , but if you write me back I can measure any dimensions for you. :)
Flash Furniture Kids Colorful 3 Piece Folding Table and Chair Set
Flash Furniture Kids Colorful 3 Piece Folding Table and Chair Set
My grand daughter loves this table and chair set. She is four years old and it is the perfect size for her. Her 16 month old brother can also easily sit in the chairs. I especially like the fact that the table and chairs fold up so I can put them away when the grandkids aren't visiting. The chairs are a little tricky to fold up (I use a screwdriver to flip the tabs) but once you know the trick it's pretty easy. The top of the table has a little bit of padding so I've had to put a cutting board or something hard underneath if she is using a pencil or something that might cut through the top. Overall I have been very happy with this product. It is very sturdy and doesn't feel cheap like some of the plastic tables. I would recommend it to anyone with toddlers in the house.
Black Jack Gum 10/5 Stick Packs
Black Jack Gum 10/5 Stick Packs
product old ,no taste .i returned the product to the seller, and am looking for a return of my money.whch she
hasn't done .in other words she kept the gum and the money.
and lastly ,she is lying.about the condition the product.
9mm Savinelli BALSA WOOD Pipe Filter - 30 filters
9mm Savinelli BALSA WOOD Pipe Filter - 30 filters
Wonderful awesome excited airflow all the above softest wood I've ever seen or felt wonderful air flow no charcoal taste no taste of any kind other than tobacco they are brittle make sure you have pipe cleaner to remove filter you will not get it out without pipe cleaner snug fit product arrived 2 individual packets of 15 no complaints

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