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AngularJS y Apache Cordova: Del ni idea al ¡soy un maestro! (Spanish Edition)
AngularJS y Apache Cordova: Del ni idea al ¡soy un maestro! (Spanish Edition)
Creo que el libro está bien enfocado y que toca palos realmente interesantes, pasando por el detalle de las instalaciones de node, bower, gulp... la creación de tareas con gulp, la realización de un mock para emular la llamada a un servicio...
Todo esto está bien para tener un conocimiento básico de la integración de todas estas herramientas y de cómo realizar una aplicación en angular 1.X pero no esperéis convertiros en maestros con el libro.
Al margen de algunas erratas (no se especifica en algunos puntos la declaración de variables necesarias y la instalación de algunos paquetes) que se pueden resolver por uno mismo, el libro está bien.
Facebook: The Inside Story
Facebook: The Inside Story
For someone who claims to know as much as he does about Facebook, Levy only manages to capture half of the true narrative at best, in what could be described as nearly 600 pages of anger towards a company and a person.

Levy cannot write for more than a few pages without hurling insults at Facebook, Zuck, or any of its many employees. Seriously - open up and read any few pages at random to see for yourself. There's nothing objective about this writing; a smear campaign, at best.

Don't just take my word for it - read Aaron Greenspan's one-star review of this book, where he calls out Levy for his factuallly inaccurate retelling of Aaron's story from their interview together in 2018 (Greenspan is a former college friend of Zuck's, who makes a number of appearances in the earlier chapters of the book.) Why would Levy intentionally misrepresent the facts if he was not biased in his feelings and sentiments towards Zuck, Facebook, or any of its employees?

This is so dishonest I don't know how Levy views himelf as a person with integrity. I highly reccomend never buying this fiction.
L'editore, non migliora in nulla – anzi la peggiora – la precedente edizione stampata dalla stessa casa editrice e curata da Ewald Zimmermann. Uno spreco di denaro che lascia senza parole.
Amazon Brand - Solimo Silver Energy Drink, Sugar Free, 16 Fluid Ounce (Pack of 24)
Amazon Brand - Solimo Silver Energy Drink, Sugar Free, 16 Fluid Ounce (Pack of 24)
I tried the Silver flavor as I'm a fan of the White and Blue Monster Ultra energy drinks. First, to start with the energy boost, it is extremely comparable to Monster Ultra. If you're looking for a different flavor of the same type of energy drink, this is a perfect replacement.

For the flavor, it has a comparable taste to the Monster Ultra energy drinks, except a little less sweet. The silver flavor I can best describe as a a melted orange popsicle sweetened with artificial sweeteners. It has a less natural taste than the Monster Ultra drinks and has a lingering aftertaste that is... not great. The artificial sweeteners really pull through at the end which is why I couldn't rate it five stars. It is certainly sweet, but not as sickly sweet as the Ulta flavors. If you like the Monster Ultra flavors, you'll definitely like these, especially if you think that the Ultra flavors are a little on the sweet side.

Overall these are a great, cheaper alternative to the Monster Ultra drinks. If you're looking for another low carb and low cal energy drink and don't mind a little artificial aftertaste then these are a perfect match for you.
4G Smart Phone,Xgody Note8 Mobile Phone Unlocked,Dual Sim Free Android 9.0 Phones,6.26 inch qHD+ Waterdrop Screen Cell Phone,16GB ROM + 64GB Storage,Face ID-Blue
4G Smart Phone,Xgody Note8 Mobile Phone Unlocked,Dual Sim Free Android 9.0 Phones,6.26 inch qHD+ Waterdrop Screen Cell Phone,16GB ROM + 64GB Storage,Face ID-Blue
Absolutely garbage.. in the description they said is a 4g phone, is not.. i work for verizon and others local phone companies so i know my way with cellphones.. this phone wont work with any carrier running on 4g network, that at this moment i would said 98% of them are in the US.. i couldn't returned because all this covid-19 situation, i wasn't able to contact costumer service either... i got the piece of garbage in box brand new and i wont even sell it to another person, i am not a thief..
Dead Like Me
Dead Like Me
Certainly the conversation-starter of your DVD collection.

Dead Like Me tells the story of an eighteen year old girl who is killed by a toilet seat that falls from space. Before anyone can even
carry her body away, she's given a new one and hired as a grim reaper. It's now her job to collect the souls of people about to die.
Turns out the man who reaped her soul had filled his quota, and now that he's moved on, Georgia has to take his place.

There are five reapers in Georgia's division, and they all deal with accidental deaths. Their boss meets with them in the same coffee
shop every morning and hands out post-it notes with names, addresses and times so they know where to go. When the reapers aren't reaping,
or ordering coffee and trading insults, they still have to pay the bills somehow. One's actually a meter maid. Georgia works in an office.

This show shines in various ways. The banter between the reapers in their favourite coffee shop is always spectacular. The imaginative
deaths of the "victims" are always surprising, and Georgia's desperation to stay in contact with her family (which is strictly against the
rules) is believable. The concept of death as entertainment may sound a little distasteful but it's dealt with in a serious and touching
way, without becoming sentimental or weepy. It's sharp and honest, but always a laugh. You will fall in love with the characters over the
29 episodes that span Seasons 1 and 2.

The 2009 movie that comes with this collection is a bit of a dud. It tries to pick up where the series left off in 2004, but one regular
character is written out and one is played by a different actress who (sorry!) is pretty bad. There's plenty of laughs in the film and ties
up a few loose ends but some are left loose for good, because the show was cancelled in 2004, despite its high ratings.

The collection is decent. It would be five stars alone for the quality of the episodes, but the movie is pretty bad, the story is not
*entirely* resolved, and the cardboard box that holds the set is a bit flimsy. Mine arrived in the post already a bit bent. This is a
brilliant buy, and you'll definitely enjoy it. Sadly you'll not see anything like it again.

NOTE: THIS COLLECTION IS REGION 1! You will need a region free DVD player to play the collection. You can buy Seasons 1 and 2 separately,
and in Region 2 (which is the UK region.)
Essential Mixes
Essential Mixes
I bought this cd to get some songs that I didn't have from Usher's collection. These are mostly club/house/dance mixes of his hits, which is not what I really expected. I thought these were just remixes. If you like club/house/dance mixes, you will enjoy this.

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