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Inuyasha Ani-manga 23
Inuyasha Ani-manga 23
What can I say, It's Inuyasha. I've collected all so far. I really like the color versions better, but it follows the anime so it won't have an ending either.
Commercial Chef CHQP12R 12-Inch Pizza Maker, Red
Commercial Chef CHQP12R 12-Inch Pizza Maker, Red
I bought this for my office staff, I thought it would be great to have a pizza maker available for everyone. The first day I brought we opened it and plugged it in and it started to smell and sizzle pop. Being that we were in an office we chose to turn it off and I took it home to try it In a little less risky environment. Well, we tried it popped and smoked and then did nothing. And after unplugging it and then plugging it in again it will get warm to the touch. And as luck would have it it took me until February to actually try it out at home. And guess what. No returns after January 31 — what a piece of CRAP! Very disappointed !
Give Me a K-I-L-L: A Fear Street Novel
Give Me a K-I-L-L: A Fear Street Novel
Just got done reading this book and could not put it done. Absolutely loved the plot and the plot twist and loved how R.L. Stine brought back the Dalby family still as rich and bitchy as ever. When Gretchen moves to Shadyside after her parents divorce onto Fear Street. Being a cheerleader at her other school decides to go out for a spot on the squad. But she has to up against Devra Dalby for the final spot. But mysterious things start to happen that leaves several students "accidents". Who is behind the accidents and why? What I loved about this novel was that it was a different cheerleader book. Definitely one of the better newer books in the series. Can't wait for what lies ahead.
The Big Bad Wolf (Alex Cross Book 9)
The Big Bad Wolf (Alex Cross Book 9)
I swear, what happened to James Patterson?! He just took a beloved series and turned it into something else. He was nearly on the right course of the "Four Blind Mice" putting it back on track. But this one just throws right back off.

Okay, positives. I do like that Alex is a FBI agent now. It opens the door for new challenges and new tougher villains for him to take on. But sadly, it doesn't happen (which we will get to later on in the negatives). I really love that we get more of Kayla Coles from the previous novel. I'm just loving that character. And I will admit, the Mastermind cameos are pretty memorable.

But the negatives are just way to high for me to like this novel. The villain is no good and the fact that Alex is taking on criminal organizations that the CIA or even James Bond would handle just doesn't fit the universe of the series. We could have seen Alex face off against new kinds of criminals that are worse and see him go through some life changing decisions. Christine Johnson returns in this novel and how she returns just freaking ticks me off. This is not the Christine I remember from the past novels before "Roses Are Red". In fact, I'm starting to hate her character now. I still can't get into Alex and Jamilla's romance. Even the ending when they say "I love you" to each other, I don't believe it for one second. I still like Jamilla as a character, but I seriously don't like the romance.

This has got to be the dark ages for Alex Cross. I mean it! "Cat & Mouse" was the early stages of it. "Roses Are Red" and "Violets Are Blue" officially made it happen. And now we have "The Big Bad Wolf" keeping it that way.
The Road to Middle-earth: How J. R. R. Tolkien created a new mythology (How J.R.R. Tolkien Created a New Mythology)
The Road to Middle-earth: How J. R. R. Tolkien created a new mythology (How J.R.R. Tolkien Created a New Mythology)
Of the several literary criticisms of Tolkien's work I've read, Shippey's is far and away the most enjoyable; balanced, deeply-researched, rich in detail; also, fun to read, if one likes reading solid literary criticism. The author has a way with words, and with facts, even minutiae, that does open up an understanding of the wherewithal of Tolkien's fiction and non-fiction in interesting and worthwhile ways.

That said, Shippey, (like Patrick Curry, and so many other academics & "Tolkien scholars,") while discussing Tolkien's philological roots and branches, and interrogating concepts like "glamour" and "enchantment," casts a spell of his own, one that can create quite drab, two-dimensional "texts" out of what are, already and with no help necessary from literary critics, wonderfully evocative, and moving tales. That so many readers, (i.e. millions of people, literally,) appreciate & resonate with Tolkien's writings and the understanding of life that his works embody can be accepted at face value. Even high caliber criticism like Shippey's in the Road to Middle Earth, isn't really "called for," much less essential to an "understanding" of Tolkien's writing. And, for all the wealth of detail in Shippey's critique, his analysis can, and for me did somewhat deflect the real lived experience of reading Tolkien.

As antidote, I went back to the source, and in re-browsing The Lord of the Rings, (for the dwarf-teenth time,) I was once again struck by the beauty of Tolkien's prose and his power to evoke senses and feelings, very good ones, that don't require, for me at least, any analysis at all.

It's enough to sit for a moment with Bilbo & Frodo again, "looking through the window at the bright stars above the steep-climbing woods, and talking softly.They spoke no more of the small news of the Shire far away, nor of the dark shadows and perils that encompassed them, but of the fair things they had seen in the world together, of the Elves, of the stars, of trees, and the gentle fall of the bright year in the woods."
Tareq Taylor's Nordic Cookery
Tareq Taylor's Nordic Cookery
I normally don't watch cook shows but I love this show! I was hooked from the first episode and proceeded to binge watch all four seasons. This show really did an excellent job show casing the Nordic way of life!! Great writings and gorgeous cinematography. Tareq is very charismatic and natural in front of the camera. Every episode is an escape to a slice of nordic paradise. I picked up some good cooking techniques and also it makes me be conscious about clean healthy eating. Definitely want to save up and travel to Scandinavia.
Cowboy Resurrected
Cowboy Resurrected
Cowboy Resurrected
Elle James
Harlequin Intrigue, Sep 17 2013, $5.50
ISBN: 9780373697182

"Cowboy Resurrected." Pregnant Sophia Carranza flees her Mexican home to escape from her ex-fiancé ruthless Antonio Martinez and his cartel. Still grieving the deaths of his family, former Wild Oak Canyon Sheriff Thorn Drennon, now works undercover for Hank Derringer's Covert Cowboys, Inc. He captures the illegal crosser who he knows needs to be left with the authorities. Instead Thorn follows his instincts and vows to keep her safe even if it jeopardizes his mission and job. He soon realizes he underestimated the cost as the monster and his horde pursue her; placing his life and eventually his heart at risk.

"Killer Body." In Webb County, former Special Ops soldier Dawson Gray still feels remorse and guilt for not being there when his wife and baby died. He loathes his Lone Star assignment to protect amnesiac Savvy Jones, a murder suspect as he does not want the responsibility. However, as hit men target Savvy while she tries to remember killing the son of a drug cartel kingpin and shooting herself in the head, Dawson risks his life to keep her safe.

Though the males' second chance theme is identical, the getting there differs even as both entries are exciting romantic suspense. Cowboy Resurrected is the fourth CCI thriller (see Bodyguard Under Fire, Taking Aim and Triggered) while Killer Body is a reprint of a Lone Star Agency tale.

Harriet Klausner
Michener Miscellany: 1950-70
Michener Miscellany: 1950-70
This is the 32nd Michener book I've read. It's a collection of essays Michener wrote in the 1950's-1960's dealing with diverse topics; art, human nature, cultures. Additionally, there are excerpts from several of his books (The Floating World, Bridge at Andau). Although several of the essays are dated due to the global political changes over the last 60 years, A Michener Miscellany was an enjoyable and educational read.
The Noble Collection Harry Potter Wand with Ollivanders Wand Box
The Noble Collection Harry Potter Wand with Ollivanders Wand Box
I bought this for my 6-year-old son who requested I get him the wand of Harry Potter when I went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter one weekend. I bought him the wand he requested at the park and after returning home, I found out the wand didn't make it home with me. I rushed to Amazon to locate the wand and made this purchase and hoped it would be the same as the one I had bought at the theme park.

I received this wand within the 2-day Amazon Prime shipping time which was wonderful! When I opened the shipping box and saw the wand box, I was a little nervous. The wand box is different from the wand boxes at the theme park. It is a bit fatter, and, the wizard’s name that the wand belongs to isn't displayed on the outside of the box. I opened the wand box and as with the outside, noticed the inside of the box was different from the theme park wand box.
Just like the movie, once the box is opened; there are 2 flaps of shimmering fabric to “open” before you get to the wand. The wand lies in its spot surrounded by a soft “bed” covered with a soft red fabric. This difference from the theme park bought wand is actually quite nice, because the wand’s bought at the theme park are held in place by a hard plastic holding case inside the wand box. The wand itself was the same wand I purchased at the theme park (I know this because I compared this wand to a friend’s son who has the theme park bought Harry Potter wand).
The only issue I have with this purchase is that there is nothing on the box or the wand itself to identify as the wand of Harry Potter vs. a different character of the story. Besides that one issue, I am very happy with my purchase. It came in the time promised, it comes with a wand box, the inside of the box is very nice compared to the theme park box, and the wand itself is the same as the wand I purchased (and lost) at the theme park.
All in all, I would definitely purchase another wand from here again, so long as I was able to verify from the picture on the shopping page that the wand I was buying is for the character I wanted, as once the wand comes there is nothing to state which character it belongs to.
Moon Alaska: Scenic Drives, National Parks, Best Hikes (Travel Guide)
Moon Alaska: Scenic Drives, National Parks, Best Hikes (Travel Guide)
This is set to become a must have guide for travelers in Alaska. Succinctly written with wit and style by someone who clearly lives, loves and breathes Alaska and who knows a thing or two about the place. Clear, detailed information regarding all aspects of travel, sightseeing, activity, food, vehicle hire, insurance, accommodation, camping and pretty much anything else a visitor might need to know. Full of educational wisdom about plants, wildlife, local customs and events with sections on geography, history, ecology, safety, weather conditions and the environmental impact of tourism - the depth of research is breathtaking and the "Essentials" chapter alone is worth the price of admission. Absolutely nothing is missing and everything has context and substance - Maloney answers questions I would never even have thought to ask. It's a great tool for planning a trip before you set off too. I got this book just one week before heading out to Denali National Park, ticking off a 20+ year item from my bucket list. I'll be taking it as my main guide to the area having read it cover to cover in anticipation, and it's already suggested many highlights I wouldn't have considered. In many years of visiting and traveling Alaska and with a shelf full of guide books going back a long way, this current and entertaining guide is likely to become my go to reference. I'm inspired to explore even more of the state as a result and I doubt I'll go anywhere without it. I plan to give copies for Christmas this year to entice my friends to visit. Highly recommended even to armchair travelers!
Ruky Back Screen Protector for iPhone 12 Pro Max [2-Pack], Anti Scratch, No Bubble, Anti Fingerprint, Case Friendly, HD Clarity, Durable Back Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 12 Pro Max
Ruky Back Screen Protector for iPhone 12 Pro Max [2-Pack], Anti Scratch, No Bubble, Anti Fingerprint, Case Friendly, HD Clarity, Durable Back Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 12 Pro Max
The glass is a nice material and fits well, but it doesn’t entirely stick onto the glass matte backing that comes on the device. As you can see around the Apple it would not sit properly and appears to make it look like it’s a little foggy or something. It’s nice to provide coverage against scratching, but it doesn’t look too smooth or seamless. If it stuck better, I’d definitely give it a 5/5.
BLU - Vivo One Plus with 16GB Memory Smart Phone (GSM Unlocked) - Black (Renewed)
BLU - Vivo One Plus with 16GB Memory Smart Phone (GSM Unlocked) - Black (Renewed)
Not sure why this phone had more battery issues then the other Blu phones I have owned. After a year I had noticed the phone not charging properly and yes I use the actual charger the phone came with so that should not have been an issue and finally to the point where the phone did not even come on I had to wait and do a reboot just to start it up which is inconvenient since I use my phone for work and when I go out I like to have my phone so if I have to call for emergencies. Otherwise the phone worked good for a while what is a lot slower than my xl4 but it did what it needed to do for the time being. Also this phone does not have screen mirroring so if you like to use your smart TV to watch your videos from your phone you can't do this on this phone. Just be aware on this model the battery is not the best I'm lucky it lasted as long as it did as in my friend's case it was six months that the battery starting dying on hers. A good value for a phone such as this I wouldn't pay any more for it.
Melitta CI Touch F630-101 Kaffeevollautomat mit Milchbehälter | Flüsterleises Mahlwerk | One Touch Funktion | 10 Kaffeevariationen | TFT-Farbdisplay | Silber
Melitta CI Touch F630-101 Kaffeevollautomat mit Milchbehälter | Flüsterleises Mahlwerk | One Touch Funktion | 10 Kaffeevariationen | TFT-Farbdisplay | Silber
Für ein Black-Friday-Schnäppchen finde ich das Gerät gut.
Zum regulären Preis hätte mir der Vollautomat 1-2 Negativpunkte zu viel.

Pro und Contra in Stichpunkten (o = Neutral)
+ Viele Kaffeesorten voreingestellt
+ Sauber aufgeräumte Bedieneinheit (Touchpanel mit den Kaffetassen)
+ Kaffee schmeckt klasse, wenn man seine Einstellung gefunden hat
+ Milchschaumgetränke mit einem Knopfdruck
+ gutes Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis
+ Brüheinheit kann unter Wasserhahn gereinigt werden
o One Touch Drehtaster funktioniert wie bei anderen Geräten (Autoradio, etc.)
o Wenn Kaffeebohne nicht reicht, wird das Angefangene verworfen (ist bei vielen Geräten so)
o Gerät will ständig etwas (wie ein Tamagotchi; ist wohl normal bei denen incl. Milchschaumkanne)
o Das Gerät ist auch nicht leiser wie unsere alte Jura C5 (macht nichts, aber dafür, dass damit geworben wird.. naja)
- Das Zwei-Kammer Bohnensystem macht wenig Sinn und ist viel zu klein
- Kaffee dauert länger bis er fertig ist, als bei anderen Geräten die ich kenne
- Software ist nicht immer intuitiv und zum Teil umständlich
- Kunststoffblende für Brüheinheit mit Rastnasen, statt Schließmechanik
- Metallgitter und Kunststoff ziemlich dünn
- Blende um den Startknopf ist eingedellt

Ich habe bisher Erfahrung mit der eigenen Jura Impressa C5, der alten Saeco Incanto, der Nivona 730 aus dem Betrieb und der Saeco Moltio vom Bekannten.
Unsere Jura ist in die Jahre gekommen und die nächste Wartung hätte sich nicht rentiert,
außerdem wollte meine Frau etwas ähnliches wie die Saeco Moltio vom Bekannten, mit der man mit einem Knopfdruck Latte Machiato herstellen kann.
Beim Black-Friday war die Melitta-C1-Touch im Angebot, deshalb haben wir uns für diese in Silber entschieden.

Als das Gerät angekommen ist habe ich mich erst einmal gefreut, dass sie schön stramm eingepackt ist, wodurch Transportschäden verhindert werden.
Beim Auspacken ist mir aufgefallen, dass die Blende um den Startknopf eingedellt ist; das ist aber sogar auf den Werbefotos zu sehen.
Scheinbar wird das Gerät beim Montieren plan auf die linke Seite gelegt, wodurch der Startknopf die Blende verbiegt.

Dafür dass das Gerät als silber verkauft wird finde ich sie ziemlich dunkel.
Ich überlege die Blende für die Brüheinheit mit Chrom-Folie zu überkleben, wenn wir die Melitta behalten.

Für den Erstbetrieb sind kleine Kaffeemengen für eher kleine Tassen eingestellt.
Mit einem kurzen Blick ins Handbuch habe ich alle Standardgetränke auf unsere Tassen eingestellt.
Wen's interessiert, meine Einstellung:
- Espresso: Kaffeemenge 70ml, Kaffee stark
- Caffe Creme: Kaffeemenge 190ml, Kaffee normal
- Cappuchino: Kaffeemenge 130ml, Milchmenge 120ml, Kaffee stark
- Latte: Kaffeemenge 120ml, Milchmenge 140ml, Kaffee stark

Leider hat das Gerät einige negative Besonderheiten, die die Freude über den guten Preis trüben.
Die Blenden, Gitter und Gehäuseteile machen eher einen dünnen Eindruck.
z.B. die Tropfschale kann man mit wenig Druck 5mm nach unten biegen.
Am übelsten finde ich, dass die Blende rechts nur eingeklippt wird.
Das Abbrechen der Rastnastnasen ist vorprogrammiert. (Jedes andere Gerät hat einen mechanischen Schließmechanismus für die Blende zum schieben, oder drehen).
Schließlich soll man wöchentlich diese Blende öffnen um die Brüheinheit abzuwaschen.

Das mechanische Zwei-Kammer-Bohnen-System ist viel zu klein und macht für uns wenig Sinn: Ich nehme gerne Getränke für dunkle Bohnen, meine Frau für helle Bohnen.
Durch den Vorlauf in der Mechanik muss man ein Getränk im voraus wissen, was als nächstes kommt. Wie soll das funktionieren? Auf dunkle Bohne eingestellt, Frau will helle Bohne, ich müsste erst mal einen Kaffe trinken, damit sie helle Bohne hat - hää??

Die Software finde ich auch zum Teil verbesserungswürdig. Manchmal kommt es mir vor, als wäre sie mehr mit sich selbst beschäftigt, als mit ihrem Job.
Sprich: Langer Ladebalken beim Hochfahren, Kaffee dauert länger als mit Jura und Nivona und der Latte dauert länger als mit Saeco Moltio.
Zu den Spezial-Kaffesorten (Lungo, etc) kommt man erst über drei Ebenen (ich habe deshalb die User 1-4 deaktiviert um eine Ebene zu sparen).
Besser wäre es, wenn die Spezial-Kaffesorten in der gleichen Ebene wie die User kommen würden.
Bei der Bestätigung mit dem Rotary-Switch reagiert der Taster oft recht schwer. Und im Menü funktioniert das Teil oft nur in eine Drehrichtung (definitv ein Bug).
=> Ich hoffe es kommt noch ein Firmware-Update für die Bugs und Langsamkeiten.

Feature Request für den Bohnenbehälter:
Wie wäre es mit einem 5-10cm Kunststoff-Rand als Ersatzteil, der zwischen Deckel und Bohnenbehälter gesteckt wird?! ("Aufstellbriedle" heißt das bei uns in der Region..)
Muss halt unten strammer sitzen als oben und auch den Trennsteg besitzen.

Wir werden uns die Sache noch bis kurz vor'm Ende der Rückgabe-Möglichkeit ansehen.
Wenn es uns mit dem Gerät zu bunt wird, wird es wohl doch eine Philips 5365 (Alternative zu Moltio), Siemens EQ.6 plus (definitiv leiser), oder Nivona 768.

Nachtrag nach sechs Wochen:
Wir haben kurz vor der Rückgabefrist die Melitta zurückgeschickt und eine Nivona 778 in weiß gekauft.
Die Negativpunkte haben uns bei der Melitta einfach zu sehr genervt.
Die Nivona ist chicker, schmaler, einfacher zu bedienen und macht einen wertigeren Eindruck.
Außerdem war die NICR778 im Angebot (da Auslaufmodel zur NICR779, welche etwas leiser ist) und hat mir final nur 30,- mehr gekostet als die Melitta beim Black Friday.

Meine persönliche Reihenfolge nach wochenlangen Tests:
Nivona 778 (minimal lauter, aber schicker) > Melitta C1 Touch > Siemens EQ6 300 plus (etwas leiser, aber Kaffe nicht so lecker) > Philips 5365 (fester Behälter, statt Schlauch)
Germ Guardian True HEPA Filter Air Purifier with UV Light Sanitizer, Eliminates Germs, Filters Allergies, Pollen, Smoke, Dust Pet Dander, Mold Odors, Quiet 22 inch 4-in-1 Air Purifier for Home AC4825E
Germ Guardian True HEPA Filter Air Purifier with UV Light Sanitizer, Eliminates Germs, Filters Allergies, Pollen, Smoke, Dust Pet Dander, Mold Odors, Quiet 22 inch 4-in-1 Air Purifier for Home AC4825E
Although I dust & vacuum fairly often, I noticed I still had issues with my asthma when spending periods of time in my room (in particular when I slept at night). I was using my inhaler much more often than usual and I couldn't understand why my symptoms seemed worse in my bedroom. I've seen advertisements for air purifiers in the past (like the ones that claimed to blow 'happy ions' in your face) & figured they were the 'snake oil' of air filtration systems. It wasn't until nursing school when I started to learn about HEPA filters for hospitals that I realized proper filtration could be a game changer for my symptoms. I did my homework while searching Amazon and came across this germguardian purifier that seemed to have great feedback. After reading reviews & confirming the integrity of customers' feedback ( got your back), I decided to give this filter a go. I've had this air purifier for about 5 months now and I would buy one for every room in my house if they were a little less expensive. My symptoms aren't nonexistent but they've definitely improved and that's all I could ask for! I included a picture to show just how much stuff it filters from the air. This particular filter that I've just replaced is completely coated with a thick layer of dust bunnies (and goodness knows what else) after only a few months of use. My symptoms make total sense now that I see how much stuff gets left behind when cleaning. I'm hoping to catch this purifier during a price drop one day so that I can get more for my home & maybe even one for the office I work at. In all, it helps to have a little backup to help catch all the stuff that's been missed, especially for rooms with carpeting or tons of fabric that dust likes to hide in.
Brightest Day Vol. 3
Brightest Day Vol. 3
The third and final collected edition of Brightest Day doesn't quite fulfil the promise that was displayed within the first volume of the series as it ends with more of a whimper than a bang. Here, the stories of the recently resurrected Deadman, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Firestorm, Hawkman, and more besides are brought to an end as they learn why they were brought back to life, and a new protector of Earth is chosen and revealed. I don't want to give any spoilers away, other than the fact that two characters whom we haven't seen in the mainstream DC universe in a long, LONG time make major appearances here (not like it matters, what with the recent re-launch of "The New 52", but I digress) and forever set the course of the DC universe from this point forward. While the stories of Deadman and Dove (and occasionally Hawk), Aquaman, and Firestorm are interesting enough, the stories involving Martian Manhunter, and Hawkman and Hawkgirl still quite aren't. Minus an emotional gutpunch here and there, the characters are still hit and miss. Otehr resurrected characters like Captain Boomerang make brief appearances, while the rest including Professor Zoom, Jade, Maxwell Lord, and Osiris are nowhere to be found practically throughout the whole main series (but can be found in various tie-ins). All in all, Brightest Day concludes decently enough, but it doesn't have quite the pay-off that one would hope considering how great the series started.

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