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JavaScript Promises Essentials
JavaScript Promises Essentials
JavaScript Promises Essentials by Rami Sarieddine. Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars, with 3 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the javascript category.
Learn How To Install PHP/mySQL Scripts
Learn How To Install PHP/mySQL Scripts
Learn How To Install PHP/mySQL Scripts by Jamie Iaconis. Rated 1 out of 5 stars, with 2 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the mysql category.
Riding the Bullet
Riding the Bullet
Riding the Bullet by Stephen King and Mick Garris. Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars, with 268 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Stephen King category.
Trade Like Warren Buffett
Trade Like Warren Buffett
I am a Finance MBA and Buffettphile and this book barely held my attention. They did a very poor editing job. The numerous errors detract from the work. A lot of "Buffett-like" and "Buffett-style" speculation but not so much Buffett.

The book is lacking in too many areas to illustrate them all. I'll use the chapter on merger arbitrage as an example. Mr Altucher mentions some studies on merger arbitrage and how you can improve your success rate. He completely fails mention Graham's criteria for entering a merger arbitrage transaction as stated in the Intelligent Investor. The criteria are annualized 20% expected return and an estimated success probability of 80% or greater. Buffett probably still uses these. His overall treatment of merger arbitrage is woefully superficial. Anyone can calculate the return on capital if the merger succeeds. How do you determine the expected return on capital if the merger fails? How can you determine the implied probability of success from current market pricing? These and many other critical areas to one who practices merger arbitrage are not discussed.

While the book is not written in sufficient detail to actually be useful, Mr Altucher did cite many academic studies that I am anxious to read when I have the time. Mr Altucher, you got me. You put "Buffett" in the title and I bought the book.
Steve Jobs: Un libro inspirador para los JÓVENES que no están dispuestos a renunciar a sus sueños (Spanish Edition)
Steve Jobs: Un libro inspirador para los JÓVENES que no están dispuestos a renunciar a sus sueños (Spanish Edition)
Me ha resultado totalmente entretenida y amena, una traducción muy buena, y una narración muy jugosa; tanto que parecía estar leyendo una novela. Parte de culpa la tendrá la vida de Steve Jobs, pero creo que también tiene mucho que ver la forma en que la autora la describe.
Es la primera biografía que leo ya que nunca me ha atraído el género al pensar que será aburrido. Prefiero las novelas, las historias, la fantasía. Desconozco cómo serán otras, pero esta de Steve Jobs ha cambiado mi concepción acerca de las obras biográficas.
No he leído la Biografía oficial de Walter Isaacson, así que no puedo comparar, pero imagino que abordará aún más detalles interesantes ya que tiene casi el doble de contenido.
Lo peor del libro es la traducción del título. Que cambien la portada, bueno, se acepta aunque tampoco entiendo por qué. Pero lo del título es de chiste. Del original "Steve Jobs, The man who thought different" (El hombre que pensaba diferente), haciendo juego de palabras con el slógan de Apple, nos lo traducen como si el libro fuera de autoayuda o no entendiésemos el original.
Otra cosa que no entiendo es que siendo la mitad de extensión que el oficial sea más caro. Yo lo compré con la oferta de kindleFlash, pero a precio normal dudo que mucha gente se decante por este. No sé cómo no ven estas cosas las editoriales.
The Innovator's Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail
The Innovator's Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail
The subject of this classic is disruptive technology.

With the help of many examples from industry (disk-drives being his main workhorse) the author explains what technologies are likely to disrupt, who is likely to be disrupted, why they are likely to be disrupted and what the choices are that the established players have when presented with disruption.

The most important point is that disruption generally comes from the practice of repackaging and marketing already existing, straightforward technology at a lower price point to a new customer base that is not economically viable for the established players.

For example, QuickBooks was marketed to mom-and-pop stores who could not afford to pay an accountant and it was the el-cheapo version of Quicken. It is of no use to a proper corporation. JC Bamford got started with hydraulic backhoes that were good enough for small contractors looking to dig a small ditch but wholly inadequate for the purposes of a miner. 5.25 inch disk drives were marketed to the nascent market for personal computers and were of no use to minicomputer manufacturers.

Disruptive technology is cheaper per unit, but its price / performance ratio is much worse than that of the established technology. It’s not good enough for the clients of the established players. Ergo it must be sold on its (lower) price alone, meaning that its purveyors must seek new markets. Flash memory, for example, was first used in cameras, pacemakers etc. Not in computers!

There is a large number of reasons that established players will frown upon the new technology:

1. Good companies listen to their clients. Their clients will tell them they don’t want it. They will demand performance and they will pay for performance.

2. Profitability will be lower in the lower-margin disruptive technology. Profit margins will typically mirror cost structures and will thus be higher for the higher-end product. Established players will in the short term make more money if they allocate their resources toward not falling behind their immediate competition for the higher-end product. (i.e. “sustaining” their competitive edge in the higher margin / higher tech market)

3. The processes used by the established players to sell and support the established technology may not be the right ones for the new tech.

The main thing to realize is that the technology does not live by itself. It is embedded in a “value network.” A car serves a commuter, a digger serves a mine, a disk drive is screwed down somewhere in a computer etc.

The seeds of disruption lie in the fact that the technology itself and its value network may not necessarily be progressing at the same speed.

If the technology is improving much faster than the trajectory of improvement of the “value network” (for example, if the desktop PC users demand extra disk storage slower than the industry is capable of delivering extra disk storage), then

1. The point comes when the value network of the established technology does not need the incremental improvements on which the established players are competing with one another to deliver.

2. More importantly, a point comes when the performance of the disruptive technology becomes good enough to be embedded in the value network of the established technology. So 3.5 inch disks developed for laptops can do good enough a job for a desktop, for example, without taking up the space required for a 5.25 inch disk.

It gets worse: sure, disruptive technology is deficient in terms of features / performance, but the price sensitive customers who do not care so much about performance often care a lot about reliability. (A small contractor who buys a single backhoe digger cannot afford a maintenance team.) Similarly, the unsophisticated customers of the disruptive technology may care a lot about ease of use. (Mom and pop using Quickbooks have no idea what double-entry book-keeping is!) What this means is that when the performance of the disruptive technology has become good enough for it to be embedded into the value network of the established technology, it often brings with it an advantage in reliability and ease of use.

So at that point the disruptive technology is cheaper, more reliable and easier to use than the established technology, all while delivering adequate performance.

And that’s how purveyors of the established technology (who have been at war with one another to deliver on the ever-increasing performance their customers have been demanding) find themselves at a disadvantage versus the disruptors when it comes to reliability and ease of use right about when their customers tell them they won’t pay for extra performance or features any more.

The disadvantage of the lower-tech disruptor has created an advantage and it’s game, set and match!

What’s an established player to do? If I’m running a super successful company and I spot a new technology what am I to do?

One thing I should not do is listen to my underlings. The dealers who sell my cars will not want a customer who just walked into the dealership to buy a V8 to drive out in a small electric car. The salespeople will keep asking me for the most expensive product because they will be paid a commission on their margin and will keep pushing me “north-east” on the price / performance chart. Resistance to disruptive technology often comes from the rank-and-file.

I also should not listen to my shareholders. Small markets (and all disruptive technology starts small) do not solve the growth problems of large companies.

First and foremost, I must understand that the challenge I face is a MARKETING challenge. The tech I’ve got covered. The resources too.

If my company’s processes and my company’s values (defined as “the standards by which employees make choices involving prioritization”) are aligned with the marketing challenge, I’m in luck: chances are that for my company this new technology will eventually become a “sustaining” technology.

I can get my wallet out and buy EARLY a couple of the new entrants. Early enough that my money is not buying process or values or culture, but merely assets/resources and ideally walking and talking resources (the founders) who will adopt the processes and values of my organization.

Alternatively, I can carve out some great people from my organization and:
1. Give them responsibility for the new technology and assign to them the task of identifying the customers for this new technology
2. Match the size of this new subdivision to the current size of the market.
3. Allow them to “discover” the size of the opportunity, rather than burden them with having to forecast it: “the ultimate uses or applications for disruptive technologies are unknowable in advance”
4. Let them fail small, as many times as necessary
That’s what IBM did when they ran their PC business out of Florida and what HP did when they realized ink jets would one day compete with laser printers!

If, on the other hand, my company’s processes or my company’s values are not aligned with the marketing challenge, then I need to buy a leader in the new technology, and have a finger in every pie. And I need to protect my acquired company from my organization. This is, obviously, a bigger challenge (and one my shareholders may not embrace, as their dollars are as good as mine, but the author stays away from this discussion!) As the succession in technologies plays out, I will then eliminate large parts of my current organization. The author cites an occasion on which this is exactly how things played out.

And there you have it! I think that’s the author’s answer to “The Innovator’s Dilemma”

Obviously, that’s a very quick sketch. You’ll have to buy the book to see the complete story (and to be convinced, I suppose). Be warned that in the interest of keeping the various chapters self-consistent you may find some repetition, but overall this is a very quick read.

I’m aware of people who really dislike Clayton Christensen. I’ve even come across a Twitter account that’s dedicated to trashing him. But I, for one, was convinced that he’s describing a valid concept with many applications.

Also, as a guy who established a disruptive business within an established player I totally experienced both the dismay of my superiors when they realized that “small markets don’t solve the problems of large organizations” and the discomfort of trying to shoehorn my project into the rather baroque established processes.

So I have lived through many of the steps the book describes and I reckon they are described very accurately. The research shows!
Jeff Bezos. Lezioni di business: Le tattiche e i metodi di business del creatore di Amazon (Italian Edition)
Jeff Bezos. Lezioni di business: Le tattiche e i metodi di business del creatore di Amazon (Italian Edition)
Sicuramente non sono un grande lettore ma questo è stato il libro, se così si può definire, meno interessante che abbia mai letto.
Per farsi un'idea molto più ampia basta leggere articoli online che riguardano bezos, amazon, altre aziende e prodotti a lui correlati ... e alcuni articoli sono linkati nell'ebook e fanno da riempitivo.
Presenta qualche refuso.

Da leggere se non si ha veramente niente da fare ...

Niente da dire sul costo.
The Space Race: The Journey to the Moon and Beyond
The Space Race: The Journey to the Moon and Beyond
3.5 Stars

This is a sturdy hardcover (with a neat textured cover) almost 200 page book. The color page layouts are nicely done and visually attractive with plenty of high quality historical photographs. There are detailed illustrated diagrams of rockets, space shuttles, the International Space Station, and spacesuits.

There’s a brief overview of the solar system and aviation history before the book covers notable figures (and animals) in the drive to first go into space, then the moon, and in the future Mars (the text dives into assumption and speculation there). It also covers topics of technology, space related jobs, pop culture, and more.

While there are occasional mentions of budgets and the price of a mission and tourist trip, it could have been more informative to include additional price specifics and discussions of the cost factor. This would be one example where the narrative seems to downplay certain angles, thus not always presenting a balanced presentation of the subject material. The message is success rather than an accurate or well-rounded portrayal of the advances and setbacks of the space programs.

There is an index and glossary, which adds to its educational value. Despite a few of the book’s shortcomings, as a homeschooling parent, I still plan to use it in the coming school year with my fourth grader for a unit on space exploration and space history.

Additional analysis on content:

While the space program started out a male exclusive program, the book includes pages detailing the women who faced additional obstacles as they paved the way for the program to become more equal opportunity. It was also nice to see attention given to “quiet heroes,” people with behind the scenes jobs that are also critical to the success of the program.

There’s an interesting spread devoted to “space junk,” which details the potential impact of trash and debris left from space missions.

There’s also an informative spread on space age technologies used to improve life on Earth.

Space shuttle tragedies (the ’86 Challenger and ’03 Columbia) only get a small sidebar with absolutely no discussion of the incidents and their impacts. It’s clearly downplayed and a glaring omission considering both halted and curbed the program. As someone who sat in elementary school with her classmates ready to watch a teacher instruct from space for the first time only to witness the explosion on live TV, this certainly warranted more book coverage.

In the section “Why Space?” it attributes space exploration to curiosity. This is often a term used in history books to describe exploration (and colonization) on Earth to kids, and in both instances the real drive rarely boils down to simple curiosity. In fact, I cringed every time the word was not only tossed out but given so much weight. While knowledge, education, and scientific discovery are also a part of it, children shouldn’t be misled that there aren’t other material and ideological motivations for the space program and space exploration.

Ironically, later in the book, space discovery (as well as Neil Armstrong and Yuri Gagarin) is compared to “pioneer” Christopher Columbus, reinforcing age old hero myth-making, inaccurately crediting him as the inspiration for ocean travel, once again ignoring the less noble reasons for exploration. (Neil and Yuri should be rolling over in their graves at the analogy painting them in the same boat as Chris.)

Interestingly, while the narrative seems to keep a running score card on the space accomplishments between the US and Soviet Union, there is no mention or discussion of Reagan’s controversial Strategic Defense Initiative or “Star Wars” program.
Many fans believe 'Revolver' to be The Beatles' finest album, and it's easy to understand why, this is a masterpiece. My personal favourite will always be 'Rubber Soul', which was released the previous year, but their seventh LP, issued in 1966, does come a very close second. Very rarely would I describe an album as 'flawless', but here I must make one of those exceptions, this experimental record contains 14 brilliant tracks which still shine very brightly.

With 'Revolver', the Fabs made an impressive LP which deals with all kinds of mixed human emotions, including love, hate, depression, loneliness, laziness, and happiness, and as a result, the songs remain highly relatable. This is an electric mix, which truly reveals the breath of song writing talent that these four men now had, and how they were able to incorporate them in an array of different styles.

Personal favourites of mine include the outstanding ballad 'Here, There and Everywhere', the haunting orchestral brilliance of 'Eleanor Rigby', about the final days leading up to the death of lonely spinster, the bouncy and irresistible 'Good Day, Sunshine', and the lovely little gem 'For No One', all delivered by Paul Mcartney. Other standouts are the melodic 'And Your Bird Can Sing', and 'Tomorrow Never Knows', a magnificent experimental closer and largely considered to be one of the greatest songs of its time. Both of these have Ringo on vocal, as well as the children's sing-along hit 'Yellow Submarine', possibly the best known track on the album, and even this fits in quiet nicely with the rest of the material.

'Revolver' is a timeless psychedelic album, and is as fresh as it is classic. Although The Beatles continued to record great albums after 'Revolver', very rarely did they manage to fully repeat the sheer creativity and melody that is so evident on this one.

All that's left to really say is: Long live John, Paul, George and Ringo!
Dylan, Bob - After The Crash (Special Edition)
Dylan, Bob - After The Crash (Special Edition)
Excellent presentations by musicians who have followed Bob Dylan's songs throughout his long career, lyrics and personal history. So many people say Oh Dylan is a very private person....not so, just listen to his music. He IS gifted and intelligent and complex, but he tells a listener exactly what is going on.
From Another World: A Tribute To Bob Dylan / Var
From Another World: A Tribute To Bob Dylan / Var
Bought this because I heard the brilliant version of I Want You by Burma Orchestra Saing Waing but apart from that track (5 stars) and Pura Das Baul's Mr Tamourine Man (4 stars) and Musicians of The Nile's version of Tangled Up In Blue (4 stars) I found nothing of interest in the remaining ten tracks. Most of the songs were unidentifiable, didn't even recognize the tunes in some cases. Looking at it as straight forward world music CD, it has it's moments and I'm loathe to criticise the bands included here who were given a difficult task. I know Buda Records and they have some terrific stuff in their catalogue and they're dedicated people but for once they just had a good idea that failed for me. Check it out before you buy.
KRXNY 1000W Off Grid Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 24V DC to 110V 120V AC 60HZ with LED Display US Socket
KRXNY 1000W Off Grid Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 24V DC to 110V 120V AC 60HZ with LED Display US Socket
Honestly, I wasn't expecting too much from this inverter but I was pleasantly surprised with its performance. For my initial test, the DC input voltage was 29.7 volts which is very close to the upper limit. I plugged in an LED work light that drew about 3 AMPS from my battery. The lamp was flickering pretty badly at that point but when I reduced the input DC voltage to closer to 28 Volts the power smoothed out and I assume I was getting pretty clean power. I don't own an oscilloscope so I can't test the wave form.

The fan did not run all the time and that's a feature I did not expect. It runs very quietly with no circuit buzz. The panel meters are fairly accurate as well.

This is a nice little unit for the light-duty requirements I have and I bet will perform well under higher demand. I'm happy and would recommend it.
Razer Wolverine Ultimate Xbox One Gaming Controller + Nari Ultimate for Xbox One Gaming Headset Bundle
Razer Wolverine Ultimate Xbox One Gaming Controller + Nari Ultimate for Xbox One Gaming Headset Bundle
 UPDATE 11/24/2017:
The audio bug I reported in my original review is now finally fixed. After working extensively with Razer support (who have been great) and two replaced controller it was finally determined to be a firmware bug as predicted. They issued a new firmware v1.02.00 which fixes the issue . So if you experience the audio bug I faced you should contact Razer support to get the firmware updater . I now full, 200% recommend this controller . The only reason I am not bumping my original rating from 4 stars is to recognize the existence of this initial (but resolved) issue

I'm an avid console FPS gaming enthusiast and spend a significant portion of my game time playing online competitive multiplayer games like Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1 , Overwatch, Halo 5 etc. And just like me I'm sure you will come to a point where you'll realize that the stock OEM Xbox controller doesn't really cut it. Hence I have a amassed quite the collection of 3rd party controllers including my current favourite the Razer Wildcat controller (before using the Wolverine controller that is). For this review I will compare the new Wolverine controller to the Wildcat controller, how it feels in hand while gaming and reasons why I had initially chosen the Razer Wildcat over the Xbox Elite controller ( all of which apply to the Wolverine controller as well)

When I first purchased my Wildcat I had spent an embarrassingly large amount of time researching between it and the Elite controller and in the end it came down to this :
- If you read online forums, Reddit etc you'll quickly come to realize that the Elite controller is plagued with build quality issues and cheap plastic parts that break easily and on top of that the elite controller only has a 6 month warranty. These Razer controllers come with 1 year warranty. To me the the length of warranty told me all I wanted to know about the confidence each of the manufacturer had in their product
- The second thing that really seals the deal in favor of the Razer controllers (both Wildcat & Wolverine) is MECHANICAL buttons - You see even while costing $150 the elite controller had the same rubber domed ABXY buttons as the stock Xbox or any other cheap controllers. Rubber dome buttons do not provide the right feedback while intense gameplay as they tend to bottom out / fade away and 'stick' over time . Whereas the Razer controller feature proper mechanical switch ABXY buttons that are responsive , Clicky (just like a mechanical keyboard) and feature a very short travel distance and actuation time
- Well these two reasons were more than enough for me to look away from the elite controller

- From the first moment you unbox the Wolverine controller , open its velvet lined hardshell case and hold the controller in your hand - you realize that it just oozes with quality worthy of its asking price. It is neither too heavy nor too light , the matte finish plastic construction, triggers , trigger locks all feel solid and operate smoothly without any creaks and rattles
- Unlike the Razer Wildcat controller where you have to stick the rubberized grips yourself which is hard to get right , the Wolverine controller now features a permanent rubberized dotted grip which works out much better in practice without adding too much bulk. It is very comfortable to hold/squeeze even with sweaty palms
- The trigger stops are also better built and feel sturdier than Razer Wildcat controller
- The four rear buttons on the rear of the controller ( M3 to M6) are made of plastic and are also of the mechanical switch type with very short actuation distance and clicky operation. One thing I would like to point out is that the rear triggers/buttons on the Wildcat controller are made of metal whereas they have switched to plastics for the new Wolverine controller
- Another aspect where the Razer controllers are better than the Elite controller is their built in chat & program pad. You can quickly program the 6 customizable buttons without the help of any software and quickly change assignments on the fly . It can store two profile assignments and also adjust chat and game volume
- You can swap the rubber domed metal- thumbsticks , D-pad out to match your preference whether you like the stock xbox controller feel, taller wider or dome shaped thumbsticks - there's one for every preference. While the magnets that hold the thumbsticks and D-pad is strong they can still come out if the controller falls or is kept face down . Hence i would recommend some caution there
- The reason why most of the 3rd party controllers on the market today are wired (with the sole exception of modded stock $170+ Scuff controllers) is because Xbox One uses a proprietary wireless protocol for their controllers which is probably very expensive to license, so its hard to be critical on this controller for being wired. Having said that the included 10 Ft nylon braided cable is durable and long enough for most gaming setups and can easily reach your couch

- Lets first talk about the trigger locks as they're one of main game changers when compared to stock controllers, as they limit the motion of the RT/LT triggers right upto their actuation point and cutting their 'dead' zone by almost 75%. If you prefer high precision or semi-automatic weapons in your FPS games, then you can get in significantly more number of shots faster than you would on a regular controller. The importance of that in a tense encounter with another player cannot be understated. Also unlike the Wildcat controller you dont have to activate a special 'Hair Trigger' mode on this controller as some games do not accurately recognize trigger locks . The Wolverine controller does that automatically the moment you engage the trigger locks. Very convenient indeed
- The positioning for the additional shoulder buttons M1 & M2 is genius if you ask me and once you get used it , you will stop using the regular shoulder buttons LB & RB . That's because when your fingers are on the LT & RT fingers are already exactly where the shoulder M1 & M2 buttons are located . That way you can operate them without having to lift your fingers off the triggers - Another advantage in multiplayer
- The four buttons at the back M3 to M6 are ideally located and easy to reach , but it does take getting some used to for incorporating into your gameplay. But the thing is once you get used to it you cant do away with it - I find it very hard going back even to my Wildcat controller now!
- By default the rear triggers M5 & M6 are configured for two modes with the left rear trigger for a mode called 'Focus' which decreases the sensitivity of the analog sticks by half as long as you keep M5 pressed (you can fine tune this in the Xbox Synapse app) . This allows you to carefully line up those headshots using sniper rifles . Pressing the right rear trigger activates the 'Agile' mode which doubles the analog stick sensitivity for faster response. Once you get the hang using these two mode - It does give you yet another very tangible advantage over your opponent
- Of Course if you dont want to use the Focus & Agile modes you can always re-assign the rear triggers M5 & M6 to any button you like. Think of of it - With the four rear buttons you could map the entire ABXY buttons to them and never have to move your fingers off the thumbsticks and the triggers ! ( as even the shoulder buttons M1 & M2 are right there)
- Now for the Chroma lighting on the controller which I first thought was mainly gimmicky as you never get to see it while you are actually gaming - But it does look cool for onlookers. What changed my view of it was a lighting mode called 'Immersive' which lights up as according to the controller's vibrations ie say when you fire a weapon it lights up or when you are running . It does look very cool- Check out the small clip i made of it in action

- My only disappointment with this controller is a firmware bug I encountered where if you use the Wolverine to turn on the Xbox it does not activate the audio on the 3.5mm jack and you have to do literally unplug the controller and plug the controller back in to get audio. Sometimes even the controller fails to turn on when you power on the Xbox
- I contacted Razer support for this and they did RMA my first controller and since they did not have one in stock in their local warehouse they sent it to me from their Hong Kong warehouse with two day international shipping ! Kudos to them for that but even my second controller has the same issue.
- I am decking one star for this bug alone. And the reason why I am not taking away more stars is because it can be fixed via a firmware update (which just happens to not be available yet) and they had the other similar issues with their Wildcat controller at launch which was fixed by a later firmware upgrade. I just hope it comes soon enough
- I have the original Xbox (not the S) and this bug happens on Xbox on both power saving and instant on modes

So there you have it the Wolverine controller is miles better than their own Wildcat controller (and by extension the Xbox Elite controller) . It is so good that I dont like using my Wildcat anymore as it does give a very tangible edge to my gameplay and has better overall ergonomics and precision. The only thing I would like to caution you about is the audio bug I faced requiring you to unplug and replug the controller every time. I will update this review once there is a firmware update available but until then you'll have to decide if its a quirk worth living with or not. And according to me - It is...See you in the battlefield !
Kings Fine Woodworking
Kings Fine Woodworking
In video number one he was cutting a small block of wood, held vertically, on a table saw with his fingers about an inch or two away from the blades.

You know, i'll be the first to admit that there have been times where I made calculated risks and made cuts that I knew had safety issues. At the time, it seemed like "okay" but when I look back, I think about how it wasn't worth it to save 10-15 minutes of our time to do it the "safe way."

My point is, even though I've done stupid things,I don't think it's wise to make a tutorial type of video - possibly showing new woodworkers on how to do things that aren't safe.
Filthy McNastier
Filthy McNastier
I just finished McNastiest, my first venture into the series... so why not watch the franchise backwards? Love what you're... did? Damn. One of the good things in life. Anyway, I hope as I watch these releases in reverse everything will start to make sense. It's really about Lord of the Rings and John Stamos, right? Nevermind, don't ruin the surprise. Love the work. High praise. (Okay edit: Tangerine Dream was even referenced.... WHAT? HA!)
Karma with a Vengeance
Karma with a Vengeance
As an only child, 27 year-old Karma Alfonzo-Walker is very close to her parents especially her mother Soleil. Her parents have been separated for some years now since her father Lorenzo keeps his family second to his Military career. Soleil has had enough. And until Lorenzo decides to make her first priority, they will stay apart. Until then Soleil, a beauty in her own right has been keeping company with Jimmy, much to her daughter's Karma disgust. To say Karma didn't like Jimmy would be an understatement...she can't stand him! But with respect to her mother she tolerates him hoping one day Soleil would come to her senses and leave Jimmy behind. Karma is upset with her dad and wishes he would retire from the Military and come back home. She knows deep in their hearts her parents still loved each other and that Jimmy would not be apart of her mother's life if her dad was around.

But tragedy strikes leaving Soleil dead and Karma feeling like the police aren't doing enough to find her mother's killer. Indigo, Karma's cousin and a police officer is none to happy when Karma expresses her need to avenge her mother's murder and take things into her own hands. While Karma maybe putting herself in danger to find her mother killer; she also finds love with police officer Money, Indigo's partner. As her plans for revenge start to take shape and her relationship with Money becomes intense, revelations from the past begin to surface throwing a disturbing light on Karma's new relationship.

I predicted one event prior to it happening, but it didn't take away from my enjoyment of this story. As I kept reading nothing prepared me for the in depth back ground information on Soleil and Karma told by the author's timely steps back into their past. I was astonished, at the repercussions of Soleil's abuse that trickled down to Karma paying the price, and I felt the author did a good job developing the love between mother and daughter.

Yes, Karma with a Vengeance is an excellent title for this recommended read. I like the characters enough to want to read the sequel, so I'll wait and see what author Tash Hawthorne has in store for us.

This star rating is based on the story alone, as I read an uncorrected proof copy of the book.

ARC Book Club Inc.
Star Rating 4.0
I unashamedly love this book. I can't even begin to count how many times i've read it. Despite being a classic horror novel, it's one of my warm blanket reads because it reminds me of the time when I was young and branching out into new genres. Dean Koontz was a library staple, I must have read his entire back catalogue. But the two that forever stayed with me were this one and Watchers. I bought both right after returning the library versions and I still have those same copies today. I won't tell you how many years later it is, but it's a lot. A LOT. Recently, I happened to notice a load of his books, and those of Richard Laymon (another old favourite), are only 99p on Kindle UK- it was impossible to resist being able to carry them with me at all times. So: REREAD!

Midnight is quintessential Koontz: small town, evil megalomaniac, clever animals, strong female and male lead characters, atmospheric weather (fog and more fog), corrupt law or bureaucracy, and finally...terrifying creatures running around in the dark ripping people to shreds. It's giving me a rosy glow of nostalgia just writing that list out. Yet one of the surprising issues of this 1989 novel is how is stands up now. Not just the sometimes cheesy, but always brilliant writing style of the author, but the themes of man vs nature, man vs his own nature, man vs technology that form the basis for this story. It hits on so many of the deepest fears we can hold: loss of our humanity; being forced into the role of prey, chased in the dark by unknown predators; not knowing who is friend or foe; indiscriminate death, where even children aren't safe; the sometimes incomprehensible, almost alien forms of technological innovation...

On top of all that, it's got that perfect mix of silly and scary. You know, of course, that the goodies will save the day but before that you have to cope with the voices of the Regressives, their whispery, desperate needy tone.... *shudder*... I dare anyone to read this book and then go outside in the dark without repeatedly checking their surroundings and jumping at every noise.
Complete Hardcover 7 book set of Dean Koontz's Odd Thomas Series (Odd Thomas, Forever Odd, Brother Odd, Odd Hours,Odd Apocalypse, Deeply Odd and Saint Odd)
Complete Hardcover 7 book set of Dean Koontz's Odd Thomas Series (Odd Thomas, Forever Odd, Brother Odd, Odd Hours,Odd Apocalypse, Deeply Odd and Saint Odd)
I picked these up after watching the movie, I'd been pushed to read them by a friend but I'm not a huge Koontz fan. Seeing the film (Yelchin - Loved watching that kid- Terrible Tragedy) gave me the nudge.
The first three...yeah three, I loved, couldn't put them down. I loved Odd, his process and relationships. The books had great pace, by the fourth I found it hard to pick them up. Granted, the first three I read in like two days so maybe I was Odded out? The last book was hard to finish, once it was in my hands I enjoyed it but once it was down, I'd skirt walking by it as not to feel bad for not picking up.
I would recommend them, though maybe, take your time. I was glad to finish them, glad because it ended and I genuinely enjoyed Odd.
So Many Doors (Hard Case Crime)
So Many Doors (Hard Case Crime)
This is black hole-level noir, a sojourn in a hollow universe that makes Gloucester's wanton boys killing flies look like well-behaved visitors to Main Street in Disneyland.

The story proper begins in the central valley in the Depression. A young, poor farmer's daughter named Vassilia Baird ("V") falls for a heavy equipment operator and is thrown out of the house by her widower father. The cat skinner is named Jack Ward and the story's prologue introduces him to us in his cell on death row.

Actually, we begin with an epigraph from the titanically lonely and never cheerful Edward Arlington Robinson, writing of the "weaklings' vain distress/To suffer dungeons where so many doors/Will open on the cold eternal shores/That look sheer down/To the dark tideless floods of Nothingness/Where all who know may drown."

For those who wish to take a dip in the dark tideless floods of Nothingness, have at it. This will become your signature novel. I read a great deal of noir and this is far too extreme for me.

The author directed the UC-Irvine creative writing program and came in contact with many distinguished writers; hence the jacket blurb from Michael Chabon. He wrote both pulp fiction and mainstream fiction. SO MANY DOORS is a blend of the two. The plot, at its core, concerns a crime but the story is completely character-driven and we know, from the first word, that this is going nowhere good. It is a tale of fatal love, lust and endless emotional torment that carries the impact of classical tragedy but is perhaps better described as Ellroy's "tragic realism." The difference from Ellroy is that there is humor in his universe and virtue and, ultimately, some degree of faith. SO MANY DOORS is dark to the core. There is some sex and violence but nothing compared with that routinely seen today. What there is is a plethora of emotional torment that is exacerbated by the intensity of the central characters' self-destruction and our immediate recognition of its complete inevitability.

The writing is very impressive for its pacing and urgency; there are few really lyric moments (until the concluding paragraphs). The author seldom follows Elmore Leonard's injunction concerning the avoidance of adverbs. Still, the book is a cruel masterpiece.

Bottom line: think hard about reading this book. You will not be able to put it down and it will take you to a very dark place.
The Berenstain Bears Chapter Book: The Galloping Ghost
The Berenstain Bears Chapter Book: The Galloping Ghost
As the front cover of the book shows, the Bernstein Bears and the Galloping Ghost shows what happens when Brother and Sister Bear stumble across a hooded member of the Klu Klux Klan on horseback. A great and satisfying read, though not quite as good as when Papa Bear becomes a militant black panther in the Berenstein Bears book "Fightin' the man." Overall though, this book is a triumph in the study of post civil rights race relations. A great gift for any fan of Toni Morrison!
The Surprising Imagination of C. S. Lewis: An Introduction
The Surprising Imagination of C. S. Lewis: An Introduction
Root and Neal’s work, The Surprising Imagination of C.S. Lewis: An Introduction, is a fine introduction to both the corpus of Lewis’ work and the imaginative faculty he possessed as reflected in those works. The authors draw deeply from Lewis’ rich and varied words (they draw extensively from his academic and imaginative writings - see table of contents) and remain faithful to Lewis’ voice. Root and Neal help us understand how the imagination for Lewis was “the organ of meaning” through which the world, as presented to our senses, is encountered as it is, but also as a signpost by which we catch glimpses of the Eternal.

True to Lewis’ own desires to see with the sight of others, the authors help us see with Lewis (and others) in an attempt to encounter and grow in ever closer approximations to the Real - both God and the works of his hands. Root and Neal draw from Lewis’ works and thoughts from his early years of atheism to the latter years of his Christian life. Rather than his Christian faith presenting a scandal to the mind, we see a Lewis that ultimately became more integrated and satisfied: his mind and heart were united through the imagination and thus he walked in greater harmony with himself, the world around him, and his God.

While the book is academic, it remains accessible. What is more, the authors desire to draw the reader into his or her own self-reflection. Root and Neal have successfully invited us to join Lewis on the same journey, giving us a lucid and inviting path upon which we might walk toward greater discovery. The goal: to wed the intellect or reason with a baptized imagination that births a true knowing of the Real and one’s own proper relationship to it. True knowing is experienced when we begin to see things as they are, whereas a false knowing is to see things in a distorted way. The latter results from a misuse or abuse of the imaginative faculty and, in the end, we “break the world” (as Steinbeck says of the tragic character of Aaron in East of Eden). To see things as they are is to submit to their “divine, terrifying, and ecstatic reality” (as Lewis writes in an introduction to George MacDonald’s Phantastes).

The book is not without its weaknesses, however. Each chapter opens with an introduction and definition of the stated imagination. However, some of the chapters leave us searching too long for a clear understanding. Other chapters state quite clearly the definition of the stated imagination and begin to elucidate it from Lewis’ works.

Furthermore, it is not always clear whether we are meant to understand the types of imagination as identified by Lewis himself, or as identified by the authors, giving name to what Lewis was doing in each respective work. They speak for Lewis, as if he identified and named the imagination type, but we can’t be certain because there are no sources cited that make this clear. Clear, consistent citations where Lewis names and describes the particular uses and abuses of the imagination seems necessary. From all the evidence, it appears as though the authors have given us a book that communicates Lewis’s explicit and implicit understanding of the uses and abuses of the imagination. Where identifying the implicit (if this is their goal), the authors lack the requisite care in stating that this is a paradigm they are applying to Lewis’ understanding and his work.

As stated above, the authors aim to draw themselves and the readers into the work of self-reflection and discovery so that we all might walk circumspectly in relationship to Reality around us. This goal is, I believe, noble and fitting. For us to remain unchallenged and unchanged by an encounter with the truths as presented in this work would seem to be contrary to Lewis’ own desires for himself and his readers and any person on a quest for greater meaning. That said, some chapters tend toward the loquacious and sermonic; whereas others offer the personal invitation and challenge, but speak more concisely, remaining more purely concerned with a single-minded commitment to explicating Lewis’ own thought.

All in all, the work is a fine introduction to Lewis and the uses and abuses of the imagination as he identified them in the works of others and his own. Root and Neal have offered us a gift that proves to be intellectually and imaginatively rich, challenging, and gratifying.
CLIVE CUSSLER Series Reading List with Summaries and Kindle Checklist - Updated 2018 WITH ALL THE LATEST: Includes DIRK PITT, THE OREGON FILES, THE NUMA ... ADVENTURES (Best Reading Order Book 23)
CLIVE CUSSLER Series Reading List with Summaries and Kindle Checklist - Updated 2018 WITH ALL THE LATEST: Includes DIRK PITT, THE OREGON FILES, THE NUMA ... ADVENTURES (Best Reading Order Book 23)
Clive Cussler has been compulsory reading for me for many years, starting with Dirk Pitt. He has given several different characters their own series along the way. The order of reading for the Pitt series is not really a problem for me but the others - Kurt Austin, Juan Cabrillo, Isaac Bell, and the Fargos - are books that I need help with. This book solves all my problems. Each book in each series comes with a summary of the storyline. They are listed in order and there is even a checklist so you can keep track of where you're up to in the series. Well worth buying for any Clive Cussler fan.
Bleach, Vol. 58: The Fire
Bleach, Vol. 58: The Fire
Bleach was slowly taking it's toll on me It started to get boring and drained out slightly but this final arc Brings back all of the excitement I first felt when reading the first 20+ chapters. Bleach was the first Manga and Anime I read and watched and its been my favourite ever since, This final arc is set to be a brilliant end to an Amazing story.
A Dinner of Herbs
A Dinner of Herbs
I had not really been 'into' Catherine Cookson before reading this book but now I have to admit to being a total convert.

This is a story of murder, love and also of a hatred that goes beyond the grave and much, much more.

The main characters are Mary Ellen, Hal and Roddy whose lives start off together and somehow manage to end up together again via Roddy's daughter. This was such a readable book that it took me two hours of reading to finish.

I'd highly recommend this book for its many twists and turns and also for the way that the author so cleverly portrays human nature in all its guises. Her portrayal of the characters is vivid as are her descriptions of the homes they live in and the way they live their lives.
Ghost of Charlie
Ghost of Charlie
It is exactly how I remembered it about 40years ago. Thank you. 😀
A James Bond Omnibus, Vol. 1: From Russia, With Love / Doctor No / Goldfinger
A James Bond Omnibus, Vol. 1: From Russia, With Love / Doctor No / Goldfinger
This great collection of Ian Fleming's three James Bond thriller novels, From Russia, With Love, Doctor No, and Goldfinger is the best deal anywhere if you're looking for cheap classics. Even though it's not avaliable anymore, ... so if you get an oppurtunity buy it instantly.
From Russia, With Love is about a Soviet conspiracy involving a code machine called the Spektor, a lovely Russian female named Tatiania Romanova, and a professional killer who is affected by the moon. The girl sends for Bond, pledging her love and at the same time luring him into a trap that would seriously damage the Service's image. Great read and the best Cold War thriller out there.
In Doctor No, James Bond is sent to investigate two agents who have disappeared in Jamaica. He soon discovers the clues linking him to Doctor No, a Chinese/German doctor who has an island base in Jamaica, where he disrupts U.S. missile firing. James endures through his toughest physcial test of his career, and some consider Dr. No to be the best 007 novel ever written.
Goldfinger is in my opinion the best 007 novel of all. While investigating a cheat at cards by the name of Auric Goldfinger, James is informed that he is also involved in smuggling Great Britain's gold reserves to India, where the Russians wait for it. As James is captured, he discovers Goldfinger's master plan--to raid Fort Knox itself! With the smartest villian, the toughest henchman, and the most thrilling climax of all the James Bonds, Goldfinger is the by far the best masterpiece ever to come from the desk of Ian Fleming.
This wonderful trilogy is an enthralling epic of the Cold War, and I recommend it to anyone who has either read Ian Fleming before, or is thinking of starting very soon.
Family Affair (A Nero Wolfe Mystery Book 46)
Family Affair (A Nero Wolfe Mystery Book 46)
I have read a lot of mysteries in my 56 years, and not ONCE have I ever guessed right whodunit. This book was particularly annoying because Archie understands who did it, and for at least a chapter keeps telling "you" (the reader) that we probably guessed it a while back, but he didn't, because he was living through it. I didn't get it even when they spelled it out in Saul's apartment. Didn't really understand what was going on until they found the second little bomb. So in that respect I found it particularly unsatisfying.

Plus a character that I really liked (more than I liked Archie or Wolfe) died in this book, so that was annoying.

I found the prose to be a bit sloppy in this one, also. There are times when multiple men are in a room, or multiple men are under discussion, and either Archie (if narrating) or someone speaking refers to "him," and sometimes a few different "hims" are being discussed in the same discussion without clarifying which man it refers to. This is particularly bad in a scene where Lily is speaking to Archie about "him" (clearly referring to Wolfe) and then Archie makes a comment and Lily says, "Stop that! I can't stand him!" and their subsequent discussion. I stopped reading and tried to puzzle this out for a good ten minutes before realizing that Archie's comment was probably some famous Nixon phrase. Then if you go back and say "Wolfe" for the first "him" and "Nixon" for the second, it does make sense.

Another place where this is bad: after Archie figures out who the perp is, he's combing through a room for clues and Saul Panzer shows up, and Saul's commentary is all about how "he" thought Archie would "kill him." I'm still not sure whether this means WOLFE thought Archie would kill the perp, or the perp thought it. It's just sloppy writing, especially, as I say, for a reader who had no clue what was going on. I didn't understand what was happening until the powwow, when Archie and Saul tell Fred who did it, and he says he knew. I don't really think any reader could have guessed this from what had preceded in the book.

Anyway, I'm glad I reached the end of the series. Now back to Decius Metellus for something more lighthearted and understandable.
Smashing It: Working Class Artists on Life, Art and Making It Happen
Smashing It: Working Class Artists on Life, Art and Making It Happen
This book was so repetative. Some of the pieces where very interesting and engaging, sheading light and attention to the experience of being a working artist. However 50% of the articles where just people complaining without much original content, perhaps it was down to editors not looking it as a whole book.
The Gospel According to Harry Potter: The Spiritual Journey of the World's Greatest Seeker (Gospel According to)
The Gospel According to Harry Potter: The Spiritual Journey of the World's Greatest Seeker (Gospel According to)
In The Gospel According to Harry Potter, Ms. Neal explores the correlation between Biblical principles and stories and the fictitious world of Harry Potter. She presents over 130 different points. While some were quite obvious, others were a unique look at familiar Scripture. A few of her critiques even caused me to rethink my initial impressions of JK Rowling's work. Each novel is covered in a separate section so that readers can go book by book without any "spoilers". This would make a great base for a group or family Bible Study.
Stoneheart: The Stoneheart Trilogy, Book One
Stoneheart: The Stoneheart Trilogy, Book One
If you're into Neil Gaiman and Jonathan Stroud, you'll probably like this book, which is the first part of an intended trilogy. The second book is due out in May 2008.

Though not as twisted as Gaiman, and lacking the humor of Stroud in The Bartimaeus Trilogy, Stoneheart explores some of the alternate worlds of London through the experiences of twelve year old George Chapman.

George usually keeps to himself, but during a school outing, he gets into trouble (initially) through no fault of his own. However, the trouble really begins when he vents his anger on a stone carving of a dragon on a museum wall.

Little does he know that his small act of vandalism has awakened the statues of London, and soon he's fleeing for his life from formerly inanimate gargoyles and a hungry pterodactyl, and wondering why he's the only one seeing them.

Fortunately for George, not all statues are made of the same stuff, and when one of the good guys shows up in the nick of time, he learns a little more of the predicament he's in. Along the way he meets a girl named Edie, who has been seeing stone people all her life, and together they face an alternate world of sphinxes and dragons, and spits and taints, and glints and weirdies, and things that go bump underground, and much, much worse.

The anticlimactic ending only slightly mars an otherwise enjoyable (albeit a little too long) reading experience, which is good to the penultimate chapter.

Amanda Richards, December 7, 2007
Super Wings - Transform-a-Bots 4 Pack | Flip, Todd, Agent Chase, Astra | Toy Figures | 2" Scale
Super Wings - Transform-a-Bots 4 Pack | Flip, Todd, Agent Chase, Astra | Toy Figures | 2" Scale
We already had the big pack of all the main season 1 characters, and we love those and my son who is 3 years old transforms them easily and plays with them constantly. At first I thought they would be too small but honestly they're perfect. He can take the whole group easily in his backpack when we leave the house and theyre just the right size to fit in his little hands. The only possibly negative is that it can sometimes be hard to transform the arms out, if I've just clipped my son's nails sometimes he needs help. So far they've held up well, and he's not exactly careful with them.
bokilino Car Cup Holder Phone Mount, Universal Adjustable Gooseneck Cup Holder Cradle Car Mount for Cell Phone iPhone 11 Pro/11 Pro Max/11/X/Xs/Xs Max/8/8Plus,Samsung,Huawei,LG, Sony, Nokia (Black)
bokilino Car Cup Holder Phone Mount, Universal Adjustable Gooseneck Cup Holder Cradle Car Mount for Cell Phone iPhone 11 Pro/11 Pro Max/11/X/Xs/Xs Max/8/8Plus,Samsung,Huawei,LG, Sony, Nokia (Black)
I love my old Jimmy, but when it comes to securing my cell phone, I have had challenges up until now. First of all in California, we are suppose to mount our cellphones in the lower left of our windshield. Awesome if you can; 1. Find a suction devices that will reliable stick to the windshield and 2. It not be a hot day because my iPhone will simply overheat.
Note my AC vent? See the quarter stuck in the vent? That quarter is the sign of failure. Actually there are two failures. First since my iPhone has a real case on it, the magnet barely holds unless I stick it to the outside and even then, a bump and it falls. Then there is the reason for the quarter. The AC vents are not stiff enough to support my IPhone 6S! I can't imagine a bigger phone working very well.
Then there is another problem that my beloved Jimmy has. The cupholders are tiny.
This is the first device that reliably holds my small cell phone in place. The cupholder tightens up nicely in my small-is cup holders.
Also, the cable that comes with this set seems pretty well built and as a bonus, unlike many other iPhone cables, fits through my "O" brand uber phone case.

Edit for review adjustment. Good, but be prepared to fix a minor issue in warmer climates.
(See Second Image - 14Aug2020)
So a few months into this, our Northern California summers kick in. The cup holder phone mount is always loose and needs constant re-tightening. Then I notice the rubber pads are starting to move. Apparently the glue on the rubber pads is heat sensitive. The pads slide down and the cup holder phone mount squirts out onto the floor. Since the pads are coming off intact, I think I will be able to clean the tape off of them and glue them on permanently. I'd suggest the manufacturer reconsider a minor change here.
Trace Minerals Research - Concentrace Trace Mineral Drops - 8 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)
Trace Minerals Research - Concentrace Trace Mineral Drops - 8 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)
For those worried about the presence of potentially harmful substances such as Mercury, Lead, Aluminum, Fluoride, and Arsenic please do your research before panicking. This product is natural and all substances in it are naturally occurring. To find a product without the certain substances most likely means you are getting a more processed and synthetic product. Please read below an email I received from Dr. Darrin Starkey re: why those substances are in ConcenTrace mineral drops.

"Trace Minerals Research regularly tests for the presence of heavy metals, using Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) testing methods in addition to other standard testing methods. Test results consistently show that the amounts of these elements are well below safety tolerance levels established for food and drug manufacturing. In fact, recent test results released by an independent laboratory, using U.S. EPA approved testing methodologies, affirm that Trace Minerals Research’s mineral products do not contain levels that even approach the EPA’s reference dose for these elements. The recent findings should assure you, as well as our consumers everywhere, that Trace Minerals Research’s products are safe and do not pose any threat of heavy metal toxicity. The product is GRAS affirmed. If you are not familiar with GRAS affirmation, I would recommend educating yourself on it.

Our trace minerals are harvested (not manufactured) from the Great Salt Lake, and if you look at the landscape of the Great Salt Lake, you realize very quickly that it is surrounded by mountains. These mountains have various streams and rivers, that naturally runoff into the Great Salt Lake, and with no outlets, the lake becomes a sort of catch basin. As the snowpack melts in the spring, and this runoff makes it's way down the mountains, it picks up minerals from the rocks and soil that then accumulate in the Great Salt Lake.

Information that was put together by the Utah Geological Society on the Great Salt Lake actually clarifies how the lake is able to self clean without any outlets. It is important, and interesting, to note this information because while the lake has been concentrating inorganic salts in its waters for thousands of years, the total soluble concentrations of heavy metals are actually low. The information the Utah Geological Society put together states that the heavy metals, including clays, are enabled within the sediments and brines due to anaerobic conditions that then immobilize the metals.

At Trace Minerals Research, we take great pride in the quality and purity of our products. Our mineral brines are harvested from our private ponds on the Northwest side of the lake. Once the trace minerals are harvested, each lot of mineral brines undergoes extensive testing by both "in-house" and independent laboratories (as I have already mentioned), to test for impurities and to ensure potency, purity, and balance. Careful handling is a part of our harvesting process which is similar to that of an agricultural operation, and, just as in organic farming, great care is taken to avoid contamination by chemicals.

You specifically mentioned a concern about Lead, Mercury, Fluoride, Arsenic, and Aluminum. Again, this is question/concern many people have, and so it is important to understand how trace minerals work to understand why we have trace amounts of these elements in the product. First off, toxicity often occurs when a single element is introduced out of balance with other trace minerals. Man-made by-products are, all too often, the culprits of this because they are found in much higher doses than nature would have them. For instance, mercury contamination of our oceans has created a situation where the fish we consume from the very oceans we have contaminated contain much higher mercury levels than nature would normally have them contain. Most forms of life are not very good at expelling mercury so they tend to accumulate and concentrate mercury that they consume. If plankton consumes sea water over its life, it will tend to accumulate any mercury from the sea water and, thus, the mercury in the plankton will typically be higher than levels that are found in the sea water. When a fish eats the plankton over its life, it tends to accumulate mercury from the plankton and, thus, the fish will typically have higher levels of mercury than the plankton. As this paradigm continues upwards through the food chain, mercury levels tend to increase. The balance of trace minerals has been disrupted, and and as a result, there is now concern over human consumption of fish and the risk of mercury contamination.

The amount of Mercury found in 40 drops (1/2 teaspoon) of ConcenTrace is 0.008 parts per million (ppm). To put this into perspective, in a baked potato or a lean grilled chicken breast you get 0.4 ppms, and in a strawberry, you get 0.6 ppms of Mercury.

Arsenic is another perfect example of a man-made byproduct that has been linked to toxicity and as a result, most information about arsenic is focused around this concern. But, did you know that some of the richest sources of arsenic in our diets are found in our seeded berries such as strawberries. Most people wouldn't think twice about popping a strawberry in their mouth, and shouldn't, but that is also the amount of arsenic we are talking about in the ConcenTrace.

Fluoride does occur naturally, however, the concern over fluoride comes not from the naturally occurring fluoride, but from synthesized versions that are made by man and then added to our drinking water and to toothpaste. On average, we usually consume anywhere from 1.3-1.8 milligrams of fluoride a day from our foods. Fluoride naturally occurs in potatoes, beef, apples, chicken, milk, eggs, and oatmeal to name just a few.

The same applies to both Lead and Aluminum as well that are found in our product. Both are naturally occurring trace minerals found in their naturally occurring ionic state, and as such, are in similar amounts to that which is found naturally existing in many of the foods we consume.
Understanding how trace minerals work, helps to put into perspective the concerns over toxicity. Again, toxicity occurs when a single element is introduced out of balance with other trace minerals, and, as I said, man-made by-products are, all too often, the reason why we associate certain elements with toxicity.

Trace minerals work synergistically with one another to ensure that proper absorption, activation, regulation, and pH balance occurs within the body. An example of this synergistic relationship is that of the one between molybdenum and iron. All the iron in the world will do you no good without molybdenum. Molybdenum performs a very important, but basic, function by mobilizing iron from its storage location in the liver so that it can help blood carry oxygen to cells and tissues. This important, but often overlooked mineral, is vital in sustaining our lives, and only recently was its purpose discovered.

Another role of trace minerals is to police each other. When taken in proper balance, trace minerals control one another to ensure that no one element gets out of control and creates a toxic situation within the body. Trace Minerals Research does not manufacture their trace minerals. They are harvested in their naturally occurring state, and as such, also occur in their naturally balanced state. Again, in this state, they help to regulate one another, and create a balanced state within the body.

Best of health,
Dr. Darrin Starkey
Manager of Education and Training
Trace Minerals Research "

Hope this helped!
The Best of Carly Simon
The Best of Carly Simon
In the early 70s, a blend of jazz/folk/rock emerged on the East Coast. Although having folk elements, it was not part of the 60s folk revival and was distinct from both the folk/rock movement in Britain and the 'Beatles meets folk' West Coast sound. It was jazzier and more metropolitan in style. Its most famous exponents are Carly Simon and Carole King.

This album presents a good selection of Simon's early 70s work. A more comprehensive collection, spanning her entire career, can be found on "Anthology".

If you like Carole King you will probably like Carly Simon, and vice versa. (And you can add the 70s work of Neil Sedaka, King's contemporary and friend, to that list). King appears on one track here, 'Attitude Dancing', albeit that is the weakest track on the album. Simon's then husband, James Taylor shares vocals with her on "Mockingbird". Many reviewers seem to have found "Mockingbird" too quirky or 'goofy', but I say it's a masterpiece, and the album's best track by far. Although not penned by her, it is redolent of "Itsy-Bitsy Spider", that she sings over the credits in the movie "Heartburn". If you have not heard it, you should. Taylor also plays guitar on several other tracks.

Carly Simon has a great voice and is a considerable musical talent. Her lyrics lack the poetic depth of James Taylor, Joni Mitchell or Bob Dylan, and she cannot summon up the soulfulness of Joni Mitchell or Judy Collins, but the total package - singer, songwriter and musician - remains a great and unique pleasure.
My Spy
My Spy
Sike! The ROCK can suck it! I am a Bautista fan!

This movie was definitely more on the kid / family oriented side of the spectrum. Obviously, one of the main characters is 9 years old so it is very light hearted but still there is some killing of bad guys. Those parts are almost more disturbing because writers / directors are trying to find a way to make adult themes child friendly. Here's some action and violence! but wait let's not be too heavy handed, yeah add the wilhelm scream to that bad guys flying head, ahaha now we are ok. Yes, gather around family and lets watch as the man is decapitated and we will laugh together about it. To me I thought it was funny but would I want to show a very young mind this strange desensitized portrayal of murder? A mind that is at its fundamental stages of beginning to understand life... maybe wait until 10 years old. 13 is too long they will already be pregnant and by then be SOOOO over watching movies with mom and dad. But all in all there is not much of this kind of murder is funny and ok vibe, only at the beginning and end. Really there is not much action at all. The plot structure was also a little strange compared to most of these generic hollywood blockbusters. Usually it's all good times until 3/4 of the movie, then there is some huge conflict and drama between all characters where everyone is hating on each other and then the hero saves the day and we wrap it up with a happy ending. Yes it does follow this structure but seems to add a little more drama throughout the story for the main character, which as a whole makes the movie a little more depressing. I would have liked to have seen more of the funny and silly Bautista but oh well. You don't get that usual feeling of, "man remember the good times" "now look how far they have fallen! everything is F'd!" Because it always was a little F'd up for the hero.

In general the movie was entertaining and enjoyable, I LOL'd many times... but I think the downfall is this watering down of an action hero teenage and up audience type of movie, to let's make a movie we can watch with our toddlers and not feel too upset about what we are showing them.
YOOWA Pro Controller Charger for Nintendo Switch - Dual Controller Charger Charging Dock Stand Station Compatible with Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers with LED Indicators
YOOWA Pro Controller Charger for Nintendo Switch - Dual Controller Charger Charging Dock Stand Station Compatible with Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers with LED Indicators
This product is very convenient. I'm someone who likes to keep my docking stations plugged in for sale of convenience and this product meets my needs. The charger workers well, it is easy to use, and it just looks very appealing from an aesthetic perspective. There is one potential problem; the LED lights stay on 24/7 as long as the product is plugged in, which are pretty bright. I have it plugged in behind my TV, so it doesn't bother me too much, but I can imagine this would be disrupting to some sleep for some customers. However, for the price you pay, this is a great product, and a good investment for anyone who wants to have a station to charge their pro controllers.
Pantaletas estilo tanga de algodón Calvin Klein, modernas para mujer
Pantaletas estilo tanga de algodón Calvin Klein, modernas para mujer
I had bought these for my 17yr old son. He had recently got a few pairs of women's high rise skinny jeans which are very stretchy but too tight for his boxers. I suggested to him since hes wearing girl's skinnies that I might as well buy him panties. So I figured the thong style be a good choice for skin tight jeans and found these. Calvin Klien makes such high quality apparel and it had a thick waistband which he prefers. They fit him great, no visible panty lines. I also purchased him 10 pairs of thongs/cheeksters from VS Pink for only 30 dollars.. That is my only complaint is the price is too high... VS Pink panties offers much better prices and much more fun colors & styles
Arteza Wooden Desktop Easel with Drawer and Palette, Ideal for Portable Sketching, Drawing, and Painting with a Variety of Mediums
Arteza Wooden Desktop Easel with Drawer and Palette, Ideal for Portable Sketching, Drawing, and Painting with a Variety of Mediums
I wanted a drawing board that was portable and not real big. I don’t have a dedicated room for drawing and needed something to easily put up and take down. I am very happy with this. The only thing I would improve on is having the pull out drawer just a little deeper because my pencil sharpener is too thick for it. I can clip my book light on it for extra light. I LOVE this thing. It’s not for anyone who does large drawings but I don’t usually do anything larger than 8x10.
143 Piece Deluxe Art Set, Artist Drawing&Painting Set, Art Supplies with Wooden Case, Professional Art Kit for Kids, Teens and Adults
143 Piece Deluxe Art Set, Artist Drawing&Painting Set, Art Supplies with Wooden Case, Professional Art Kit for Kids, Teens and Adults
The LUCKY CROWN 143 Piece Deluxe Art Set has good quality for chridren to draw. I bought them for my kids and I think they are not for professional artists. The quality is better than other chridrens' art sets. I would like to be a professional artist. I always use it for my practice sketches. I tried to heat it under the sun to test the durability. The color may change a litter bit but it is not a big deal. This art set for chridren to practice is perfect.

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