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Young Vines
Young Vines
Young Vines by James Russell Lingerfelt. Rated 5 out of 5 stars, with 5 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Nicholas Sparks category.
El caso Fitzgerald (Spanish Edition)
El caso Fitzgerald (Spanish Edition)
El caso Fitzgerald (Spanish Edition) by John Grisham. Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars, with 69 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the John Grisham category.
Moby Dick: or the Whale
Moby Dick: or the Whale
Moby Dick: or the Whale by Herman Melville, Mark Nelson, et al.. Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars, with 3471 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the John Grisham category.
Das Gesetz: Stories (German Edition)
Das Gesetz: Stories (German Edition)
Das Gesetz: Stories (German Edition) by John Grisham , Kristiana Dorn-Ruhl, et al.. Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars, with 19 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the John Grisham category.
Stephen King Series Reading Order: Series List - In Order: The Dark Tower series, Shining series, Talisman series, The Green Mile series, stand-alone novels, ... (Listastik Series Reading Order Book 30)
Stephen King Series Reading Order: Series List - In Order: The Dark Tower series, Shining series, Talisman series, The Green Mile series, stand-alone novels, ... (Listastik Series Reading Order Book 30)
Stephen King Series Reading Order: Series List - In Order: The Dark Tower series, Shining series, Talisman series, The Green Mile series, stand-alone novels, ... (Listastik Series Reading Order Book 30) by Listastik , A.J. Stone, et al.. Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars, with 21 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Stephen King category.
Java Programming for High School Students
Java Programming for High School Students
Java Programming for High School Students by Mark Heidenry. Rated 2.3 out of 5 stars, with 2 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the 'Java programming' category.
Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money - That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!
Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money - That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!
This is an enhanced reprint of the original, with additional study questions/ discussion and review added at the end of every chapter. I bought the original about 18 years ago and it changed my families destiny for the better. I am glad the reprint came out as it prompted me to reread it and deepen my understanding.
Some people complain that this book does not give a step by step process for change. I would counter that one size shoe does not fit all feet. There are many individual paths to wealth, and Kiyosaki sets the guiding stars to navigate by, but you have to walk your own individual road.

Some key concepts of this book are: 1) Assets put money in your pocket even when you are on vacation. Liabilities take money out of your pocket, therefore your house is a liability [unless you rent out rooms and the garage as one person I know did while rebuilding his asset base].
2) Wealthy people buy assets first, and then let their assets buy their luxuries from the surplus cash flow.
3) Wealthy people continuously increase their assets by reinvesting their surplus cash flow in more assets.
4) There are 3 primary asset classes: Real Estate, Businesses, and Paper assets (stocks bonds notes, etc)
5) Cash Flow is more important than Net Worth. Net Worth is similar to potential energy, to use it you have to spend it, then it is gone. Cash Flow is like power from a hydroelectric dam, constantly replenished.
The rich don't work for money, they work for assets.
The tax laws are fair from the standpoint that the laws that the rich spent billions of dollars to have modified and interpreted apply to everyone who learns how to use them.

A great foundation book for beginning to improve your financial intelligence so that you don't work 4 or more month's of every year for the Tax man, more months for the banks that hold your mortgage and credit cards, and whatever is left making the company you work for wealthy. Good luck on your journey to being Rich, poor, or middle class.
The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook: A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal
The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook: A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal
Ben Mezrich’s Accidental Billionaires, the basis for the film, The Social Network, tells the story of the creation of Facebook, the characters involved, their motives and actions and the outcomes. The book takes us from Harvard and the creation of Facebook as a student project, to Silicon Valley and the multi-billion dollar company that Facebook is today. Accidental Billionaires is in large part a record of personalities and their interaction: Mark Zuckerberg, founder, primary owner and CEO of Facebook, who remains something of a mystery; Eduardo Saverin, his initial partner and co-founder, who takes legal action against Zuckerberg for later exclusion from the company; the Winklevoss twins, who sue Zuckerberg for alleged theft of their idea; and Sean Parker, Silicon Valley celebrity who connects Zuckerberg with venture capital and is himself later excluded from involvement with Facebook. The cast is virtually all male, with women present on the margins merely as sex objects.

In its narrative technique, Accidental Billionaires constantly switches viewpoint from one character to another, so that no one has the whole picture, the perfect, all-knowing overview. There is no omniscient narrator who decides among the competing viewpoints, an omission that allows the author to attribute criticism or condemnation of others to characters within the drama, but makes it difficult for the reader to reach a definitive conclusion about the events. Did Mark Zuckerberg steal someone else’s idea and get mega-rich on it, or was he a computer genius who developed an idea way beyond its origin and made that idea his own? The issue remains undecideable.

One aspect of the book’s appeal is that it gives the reader vicarious entry into a world of privilege, a series of exclusive subcultures: Harvard and its elite societies, the influential billionaires of Silicon Valley and the insiders to Facebook itself. Accidental Billionaires is partly a story of “lifestyles of the rich and famous” at a barely post-adolescent stage of their careers. This aspect, the exclusivity, is in tension with the “here comes everybody” ethos of the internet. Ostensibly, Facebook was always going to oppose and exceed that exclusivity, either sexually, where geeks could hope to hook up with hot girls, or on a much wider scale, where anyone with access to the internet could connect with and “friend” anyone else. Of course, Facebook has produced its own hierarchy and elite, where a few people are plethorically wealthy and control huge amounts of information about the rest of us.

Generically, there are large issues involved in Facebook and the internet as a whole: the relationship of private to public, individuals to institutions, elites to masses, security to risk, order to disorder, information and its ownership and so on. This is why reading about Facebook is interesting and useful, not so much for the details of its creation, or who stole what from whom or didn’t, but as a prompt to consideration of major issues that affect all of us: our relation as individuals to society, government, politics and power, to freedoms and restrictions, issues that go way beyond Facebook. The thoughtful reader will look past Mezrich’s enjoyable account of Facebook’s creation to consider these wider questions.
Rocket Billionaires: Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and the New Space Race
Rocket Billionaires: Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and the New Space Race
Fernholz does a great job at developing a compelling narrative about the brief history of New Space. While a large extent of the book is centered around the "rocket billionaires", a wider perspective on the context in which commercial space has evolved in recent years is also provided. I especially enjoyed learning about how NASA has changed in response to the pioneerism of Musk and Bezos. The author makes no effort to hide his admiration for SpaceX and Blue Origin, which might be reflected in his depiction of their more established competitors. Biased or not, that does not compromise the quality of a well-researched book mostly based on first-hand interviews. Without any doubt, a mandatory reading for anyone interested in New Space that also happens to be entertaining for a broader audience.
Elon Musk: The Greatest Lessons Through the Inspiring Life of Elon Musk (Elon Musk, Tesla, SpaceX, Biography, Business Lessons, Life Lessons, Future)
Elon Musk: The Greatest Lessons Through the Inspiring Life of Elon Musk (Elon Musk, Tesla, SpaceX, Biography, Business Lessons, Life Lessons, Future)
This is not a book -- It is a short article that could be read in 15 minutes. While interesting if you know nothing of Elon Musk, it is so poorly written that it is unreadable. Writing style is at the third grade level, with many passages impossible to understand. Here is an example:

"Ultimately, Eberhard was let go from the company with both Eberhard and Tesla Motors, funder the leadership of Musk, filing legal suits regarding parts of the issue."
Speeches by Great Business Leaders
Speeches by Great Business Leaders
Speeches by Great Business Leaders by SpeechWorks, Bill Gates, et al.. Rated undefined out of 5 stars, with null ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the "Jeff Bezos" category.
A loja de tudo (Portuguese Edition)
A loja de tudo (Portuguese Edition)
O livro é uma biografia da empresa Amazon.
Dá para se argumentar, entretanto, que seja uma biografia de seu fundador, o empreendedor visionário Jeff Bezos. O livro dá informações de sua vida, de sua infância e de sua família. Enfim, conta sua história.
O motivo porque afirmo que a biografia é mais da empresa que de seu dono é porque o grande drama da maior parte do livro diz muito mais respeito aos desafios enfrentados pela empresa do que à vida pessoal de Bezos. O histórico de Bezos foi bem documentado no livro e o autor foi diligente e competente em sua pesquisa, entretanto li o livro inteiro e acho que aprendi um tanto razoável sobre a história e a visão da Amazon e que sei muito pouco sobre a vida pessoal de seu fundador.
Isso por si só não é fator positivo nem negativo, apenas uma informação.
A história da empresa é, na verdade, fascinante. Foi uma empresa sobrevivente, uma pequena que concorreu com gigantes, que passou pela crise das pontocom, de que restaram poucos sobreviventes e que dominou um mercado após o outro, com uma sede de expansão incrível. A empresa dominou primeiro o varejo de livros pela internet, depois o serviço de computação em nuvem e o mercado de leitores eletrônicos. Além disso, passou a concorrer não somente com varejistas, mas com as próprias editoras de livro. O outrora azarão é hoje a 15ª pessoa mais rica do mundo. Tudo isso perseguindo a incansável visão de Bezos de proporcionar o máximo possível de valor ao cliente. Essa visão é um verdadeiro norte, na prática mesmo, para suas ações, e é ressaltada diversas vezes ao longo da leitura.
O ponto fraco do livro está na superficialidade com que trata a expansão da empresa. O autor não deixa passar nenhum dos maiores empreendimentos - varejo de livros, loja virtual para terceiros, computação em nuvem, centros de distribuição, kindle e aquisições agressivas -, mas sinto que somente um livro longo poderia acertar na quantidade de detalhes sobre toda essa saga. Acredito que esse livro foi redigido para ser um best seller e que, por isso, não era conveniente fazê-lo muito longo. Eu gostaria de ter lido mais.
O ponto forte: ao contrário da maioria das biografias de empreendedores notáveis, o autor Brad Stone não peca pelo excesso de reverência. Pelo contrário, ele mostra de forma crua o quanto Bezos é capaz de ser anti-ético com parceiros e competidores. É claro que a ética é muito questionável e que Bezos talvez esteja prejudicando grandes empresas em prol do grande público, mas é difícil terminar a leitura com tal visão romântica, ingênua. A impressão que tive é de que Bezos é capaz de atropelar seja quem for em prol de seus objetivos e que, se o grande público vier a representar um obstáculo, então vai penar também.
Esse ponto do livro é digno de muitos elogios, pois é muito comum que biografias de grandes empreendedores sejam chapa branca, elogiosas, bajuladoras. E a verdade mais provável é que quase ninguém atinge um nível altíssimo de sucesso com espírito nobre, mas sim com uma feroz competitividade. Esse livro não maquia os comportamentos de Jeff Bezos.
Unconventional Leadership: What Henry Ford and Detroit Taught Me about Reinvention and Diversity
Unconventional Leadership: What Henry Ford and Detroit Taught Me about Reinvention and Diversity
People always tell me how awful Detroit is. As far as I am concerned though, the Motor City has always been a place of great memories since my childhood. From the Detroit Lions, Meeting Mr. Barry Sanders, Mr. Herman Moore, The Jacksons (remember 1983?) Mosque#1, the auto show, Ford Field, Berverly Hills Cop I, all those places to eat, Mowtown holds a special place for me. No matter where you go there are reminders of the Ford Motor Industry in the form of old buildings, factories, and other structures.

While the focus of this work is to discuss leadership reform in America, I found the contents to bring back many wonderful memories of my trips to the Motor City.

I believe this work should be a point of reference for all those attempting to rebuild aspects of inner-city life in America. An equally important aspect of "Unconventional Leadership," is the emphasis on diversity in the workforce, which needs to be light of the year 2016. There are many incredible insights given by the author which are of value.

Looking forward to the day the Motor City becomes new again and when that happens Ms. Schlichting will be there.

"We do not make changes for the sake of making them, but we never fail to make a change once it is demonstrated that the new way is better than the old way. we hold it as our duty to premit nothing to stand in the way of progress."

"Our invariable reply to "It can't be done" is "Go do it."

"One's own workers ought to be one's own best customers."

"In conclusion, I will state that it is my intention to go forward with plans for complete and credible hospital for the benefit of Detroit."
Henry Ford: Building Cars for Everyone (Historical American Biographies)
Henry Ford: Building Cars for Everyone (Historical American Biographies)
In this biography Henry Ford is born in Dearborn, Michigan in 1863. Henry at the age of twelve starts to build watches. His father notices his talent and sets up Henry for a job at the Flowers Brothers Machine Shop. Later in 1896 Henry finished building a Quadricycle in his garage. Henry and his friend Jim Bishop had worked hard on it for months. Finally, Henry finished it. As he tried to take the car out of his he relized it wouldn't fit. So he took an object and smashed the brick garage so the car could come it. It was pouring rain. Later in 1908 he created the first Model T and sold it for $850. Then he dropped the price to $575 dollars without the assembly line. Then when he used the assembly line to make the first car start to finish on the assembly line the priced dropped again to $290. It stayed that way until 1927.
I give Henry Ford: Building Cars for Everyone a ranking of 8 out 10. I really liked the book because it had facts that I could not find anywhere else. It says on page 14 "His mother did of complications after childbirth." That was one example of a fact that I could not find anywhere else. Another is, on page 27 "Ford was thrilled to meet Thomas A. Edison, who was duly impressed when someone told him about the gasoline powered car." I could not find a piece of information as detailed as that anywhere else.
Somethings I didn't like was it didn't go into detail on some of his other achievements beside Model T and the assembly line.
I recommend this book for people who are interested in cars or Henry Ford. They would like this book because it talks about his greatest achievement and was easy to read.
The Queen In Waiting (The Columbia Years 1960-1965)
The Queen In Waiting (The Columbia Years 1960-1965)
This collection represents Aretha before she
found / created her Hall of Fame niche in the
music world. While with Columbia Records,
she charted nine song titles on Billboard's
R&B charts and twelve on the pop charts.
Four of those song titles were cross overs
to both charts. Of those 17 song titles,
only ten are included in this set, leaving
seven of those songs missing / omitted.
You'd think that with 40 tracks on these
two CD's, they could have included those
seven titles instead of some of the less
significant recordings that they chose to
include instead (mostly cover versions of
other recordings). The Atlantic Records
4 CD set is a much better collection.
(Ahmet Ertegun & company at Atlantic
Records knew what they were doing, of
course, so they catapulted Aretha to
superstardom --- obviously a wise move
when Aretha moved to Atlantic.) But if you
want a sampling of her music before she
became a star, go ahead and get this one.
Just don't set your expectations too high
because you'll probably be disappointed.
OK, the music is good --- just not great.
If you are a hard core collector and must
have this set to fill in the early period,
again, go ahead and get this one. At least
the price makes it a good deal.
Had those seven omitted songs been included
instead of some of the lesser ones that were
used as filler, I would have rated it with
4 stars instead of just 3.
The Complete Louis Armstrong Decca Sessions 1935-1946 Mosaic #243 [Limited Collectors Edition, Original Recording Remastered, Box Set]
The Complete Louis Armstrong Decca Sessions 1935-1946 Mosaic #243 [Limited Collectors Edition, Original Recording Remastered, Box Set]
A very complete catalogue of Armstrong's often forgotten work from the 30s and 40s. While there is, admittedly, lots of novelty material and the band is not up to the same level as other great swing bands like Basie's, Ellington's or Goodmans', there are also some real masterpieces here. Alongside new renditions of old favorites, there are great takes on tunes from the great American songbook and some new compositions. In particular I think "Ev'ntide", "Swing that Music", "Solitude", "Jubilee" and "Wolverine Blues" belong among the finest recordings Armstrong ever made. The Hot Fives and Sevens this ain't, but it's indispensable for Armstrong lovers and a great buy for any jazz lover.
The liner notes were detailed and informative and the packaging is also quite nice. Go on, get it!
Live 1962-1966 - Rare Performances From The Copyright Collections
Live 1962-1966 - Rare Performances From The Copyright Collections
What we have here is a Bootleg Series that’s not called a Bootleg Series! These are rare, live recordings that are FANTASTIC and tons of fun to listen to! The audio quality varies but I would say 80% sounds great!

Disc 1 starts off with “Blowin’ In The Wind” & “Corrina, Corrina” – these two along with “When the Ship Comes In” are the worst sounding as far as audio quality. Bob does “Corrina, Corrina" slightly different here than on “Freewheelin’” which makes for a fun listen – almost makes up for the poor sound quality!

“John Brown” starts off the row of 5 songs from the April 12, 1963 “Town Hall” concert in New York. This song is really cool and tells a great story – I like this performance better than “Live At The Gaslight ‘62”. It shows up again 30 years later on “MTV Unplugged” in a more rock n’ roll acoustic form.

“Don’t Think Twice” is great here (better than the Bootleg 6 performance) but I prefer the “Freewheelin” studio track. This is such a classic it’s hard to go wrong with it! This song alone should be enough to get Bob into the Country Music Hall of Fame!

“Bob Dylan’s Dream” is a good song but not on my favorite’s list – Bob does do a great performance of it though and fits perfectly on this collection!

I LOVE “Seven Curses”!!!! It was my favorite track on Bootleg 2 and probably on my Top 20 list of all of Bob’s songs! It’s got that haunting vibe to it and tells a great story! This one is a great performance but I still prefer the Bootleg 2 studio recording.

“Boots Of Spanish Leather” is one of the best performances on here! What a great folk song along the same line as “Girl From The North Country”, but I like “Boots” even better! An even better performance of this is on the “Live At Carnegie Hall” EP!

Both “Masters Of War” & “Hattie Carroll” are the BEST sound quality here – sounds like Bob is right in your living room singing these songs directly to you! These are from the 10/26/63 Carnegie Hall concert but left off of the EP! This concert was my favorite from Bob in the 60’s! Other tracks from this can be found on “Bootleg 1” (“Talkin’ John Birch” & “Who Killed Davey Moore”) and “Bootleg 7” (“A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” & “When The Ship Comes In”).

By far the worst sound quality on here is the March on Washington ’63 performance of “When The Ship Comes In” – Joan Baez sings backup here and this would be a beautiful track if the audio quality was better… still worth having for the historical value! There is video footage of this on the “No Direction Home” DVD.

“The Times They Are A-Changin” starts a row of performances from the Royal Festival Hall on 5/17/64 – these have great sound quality and I wonder if the rest of these songs will show up on a bootleg – a great performance that reminds me of “Bootleg 6”!

“Girl From The North Country” is another classic and glad to have it here… a perfect live performance – check out the 1969 studio version on “Nashville Skyline” with Johnny Cash! Cool stuff!!

There are not many performances of “Mr. Tambourine Man” I care for… the “England ‘66” performances sound like Bob is singing with an English accent, Jack Elliot ruins the song singing backup on “Bootleg 7”. The “Bootleg 6” version was okay but still not as good as the “Bringing It All Back Home” recording. But I have to say I actually like this rendition here! Shows forth the wonder and fairy-tale imagination that the original does – takes the mind on a vacation!

“It Ain’t Me Babe” is a really cool early performance… Bob substitutes “Lord, Lord, Lord” instead of “No, No, No” in the chorus! Other than that it’s about the same as the “Another Side” studio recording.

Now we skip to the “Newport Folk Festival” of ’64 for “To Ramona”. Another country-sounding song that I'll bet Marty Robbins was fond of back in the day!

“Chimes Of Freedom” rounds out disc one and takes us back to the Royal Festival Hall - this was the song that got people to thinking Bob was more than a singer/songwriter, like a prophet or something! A great performance that rivals the one on “Bootleg 7”!

Disc 2 begins with “One Too Many Mornings” – the sound quality of this leaves something to be desired but it’s a good performance… slightly different and more energetic than the original studio recording.

“It’s Alright Ma” is another great early performance… when Bob is singing on this one, his guitar sounds further away from the microphone, then at the end of each verse it sounds like he moves it closer – kinda weird sounding but good nonetheless!

Now we get to my favorite song on here – “Love Minus Zero” is PERFECT!!!! Perfect sound quality, perfect performance!!! Love the D-A-G chord changes at the end of each phrase - I can’t get enough of this track and could listen to it all day! Don’t know which is better, this one or the “Bringing It All Back Home” original. Both are the sound of perfection!

I thought “Gates Of Eden” was good but I've always thought the live versions of this sort of drag along… I prefer the “Bringing It All Back Home” original.

“It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue” & “She Belongs To Me” are also good (sort of great) from the same concert!

“Maggie’s Farm” (like we need another live version) is interesting here! It sounds more organ driven instead of guitar driven like it was on the Newport Festival/Bootleg 7. Cool stuff but the sound quality is a tad off.

Here we go to the infamous “Newport Folk Festival” of 1965… the one where Bob was literally booed off the stage! "Bootleg 7" gives us “Maggie’s Farm” and we get the rest of the songs from “The Other Side Of The Mirror” DVD, except for one! Now this release gives us the elusive “It Takes A Lot To Laugh” – a really cool, hard-rocking number that would be considered the Heavy Metal of 1965! At the end of the song we can hear Bob leaving abruptly and telling his band “let’s go”! He comes back later with an acoustic guitar and makes everybody happy!

Bob does “Desolation Row” at a TV station in Australia – it’s really cool, similar to the “England 1966” concerts – the sound quality isn’t that great but the perfect performance makes up for it!

The rest of the songs are old standbys from Bob’s Europe concerts from May, 1966… These are interesting and in high quality Mono, so definitely listenable … I thought “Ballad Of A Thin Man” sounded much better here than on "Bootleg 4" with so much echo going on with the sound system on that one you could hardly hear it, it gets better on the May 26th “Royal Albert Hall” release but I think it sounds even better here.

So all in all this really is a great release and a treasure for any Bob Dylan fan. This would probably be an okay place to start if you’re just getting into Bob’s music with lots of classic songs included! A definite 5 stars and highly recommended!
Artist's Choice: Bob Dylan (Music That Matters To Him)
Artist's Choice: Bob Dylan (Music That Matters To Him)
Great recordings, enhanced by outstanding liner notes provided by Dylan himself. Really gives insight to Dylan's appreciation for the historical underpinnings of his music, which provides deeper appreciation both his music and the music on this album.
Samsung Galaxy A10S A107M 32GB Unlocked GSM DUOS Phone w/ Dual 13MP & 2MP Camera (International Variant/US Compatible LTE) – Black
Samsung Galaxy A10S A107M 32GB Unlocked GSM DUOS Phone w/ Dual 13MP & 2MP Camera (International Variant/US Compatible LTE) – Black
Samsung Galaxy A10s (32GB, 2GB RAM) 6.2"


- Randomly SLOW to respond to touch
- Does NOT SCROLL WELL with Facebook, Kijiji, and YouTube - its Visually Choppy (videos do play well, But NEVER has a smooth transition when rotating)
- Often Lags or is slow to respond while inputting text into web browsers, forms or notes, and even sometimes while TEXTING!
- The longer I have this, the more clear it is that this phone simply can NOT KEEP UP with light usage.
- Adding apps like TrueCaller, Nova Launcher, or simply Google Keyboard have proven to be nothing but a laggy choppy waste of my time.
- I Truly miss my older phone, as it simply didn't 'Lag/Stutter';

*yes, I factory defaulted the phone (4 times now).. insured I have ZERO personal apps installed, verified power settings, removed Sim Cards … No there was no change - No matter what I do the phone simply CAN NOT COPE. It is Not smooth … EVER... this is suitable only for someone that has never experienced a smartphone before - Its Poor compared to ANYTHING else in its category.

In Comparison, the Moto G6 PLAY is overall a Smoother phone for general use (its older, and its specs are WAY lower)

- Exactly as advertised. Fast Shipping, Comes with headphones, fast charger and wire, in sealed retail packaging
- battery life as expected, no issues.
- camera quality 6/10 . NOT SMOOTH, low quality image (not crisp even when viewed on the phone)
- videos play smooth (youtube, amazon prime, etc_)
- wifi range is fair
- Dual Sim works Well, no issues with data, calls or texts (other than SLOW RESPONCE TO TYPING)

Don't BUY THIS, its CPU is obscure, the skimped out on the hardware too much, and a child toy will yield a better picture quality.
I will replace with phone ASAP .. however I will ONLY commit to buying a new one after I verify it runs simply tasks and apps SMOOTHLY.

Because I am a light user, it took me a while to verify and realize that this is NOT for me... my return window has expired. *figures, right?*
Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul, Volume 1
Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul, Volume 1
Wow! This book is Amazing! and has made such a difference in how i relate to myself.In Love that Jeff highlights Pluto's effects on each Planet and house in one's natal chart, I found this most helpful and exacting. Right now Transiting Pluto is conjunct my natal Sun!!! and in my natal chart Pluto (which is in my first house) makes contact with 6 Planets! So when i read this book and the various challenges and solutions to this most challenging path i have chosen, i then had a language to match the Intense Transformation that I am (and have been since birth) undergoing! I mean, emotional and psychological phenomena that i have been experiencing forever, bafffling behavior and not understanding why...this book explains so plainly. I felt a bit relieved as my darkness was mirrored and described so matter of factly...all of a sudden it all seemed handleable. And when complulsions come up now...i'm aware and observe myself and make concious choices...Thank You Jeff...I now Honor Lord Pluto and accept and embrace his underworld of Power as a reflection of My Own!
Touch - Tome 13 (Touch (13)) (French Edition)
Touch - Tome 13 (Touch (13)) (French Edition)
Un bon tome où l'on voit qu'enfin Tat-san commence à prendre le base-ball très au sérieux. Yoshida m'a un peu énervé à se croire super fort. On voit qu'il est jeune et sans expérience. Enfin sinon c'est comme d'habitude un très bon tome. La série en est maintenant au milieu pour l'instant elle ne s'essouffle pas, en espérant que la suite soit encore meilleur.
One Piece, Vol. 9: Tears
One Piece, Vol. 9: Tears
This ninth volume of the brilliant `One Piece' manga continues the trend of the series getting better with each passing volume. This volume finally reveals what kind of past the thief Nami has had and what she is prepared to do to make her dream come true.

This is another brilliant volume and one that is somewhat darker than those that have gone before with murder, betrayal and the like perpetrated by various characters. The humour of the series isn't gone entirely though and some of the early chapters of the volume have some very funny moments as well. This is also quite a sad volume and the volume title of `Tears' is aptly chosen as there is more than one moment in the book that should bring a tear to your eye.

This is a very good volume of `One Piece' and it gives a good illustration of why this is one of my favourite manga series.
The Case of the Sun Bather's Diary (Perry Mason Series Book 46)
The Case of the Sun Bather's Diary (Perry Mason Series Book 46)
Perry Mason is such a classic. During my younger days, the tv show aired on CBS was a gigantic hit. It was so absorbing that a fellow mystery writer friend of mine was going into labor, but to her husband’s dismay wouldn’t leave for the hospital until the episode she was watching had end! Great cast on the show. Raymond Burr was the perfect Mason. I had the pleasure of meeting him in person. What a nice man. This book reflects all that was great in the Perry Mason stories. Wonderful characters, intriguing mystery puzzle, and high drama as the story unfolds in court. One criticism however- in some places there is copier error. Words that were meant to read boy copied as biy in ebook. But, story was so good, I just read over them. Don’t let this prevent you from purchasing this book- a true gem!
Zane Grey Library, Volume 1 (Annotated)
Zane Grey Library, Volume 1 (Annotated)
This review is for the Kindle version. For a first novel, Betty Zane, has to rank as one of the best ever done by an inexperienced writer. And why it was rejected so many times is still a question many people must ask themselves after reading this book. Guided by a journal left by his ancestors Zane Grey crafted one of the most notalble works about one of the final battles of the American Revolution. Along the way, the reader will encournter many members of the Zane family, Lew Wetzel, and the Girty brothers, all real people; and Betty Zane, the heroine who saves Fort Henry. This book gives you a feeling of what it would have been like to live at that time and in that place. It is only fitting that such a book was the beginning of a literary career unsurpassed in the genre of historical romance. Read this and its two follow up books, The Spirit of the Border, and The Last Trail. Desert Gold: Once you get past the slow and dry prologue, the book takes off like a bullet and never slows down. The hero, Dick Gale, a transplanted Easterner, soon finds himself engaged in the border war between the US and Mexico. Set in contemporary times, at least when it was written, it detailed the troubles along the border at that time--events appearing in the newspapers on a daily basis. Along the way, you will meet one of Zane Grey's greatest Indian heroes, Yaqui, and one of his vilest of villains, the Mexican Rojas. And the fight scene between the two is more than a classic; it's one never to be forgotten, nor repeated by any writer at any time. There is a secret which must be revealed as well, which affects the life of Nell Belding, and her relationship with Dick. For sheer excitement and romance and history, buy this book for yourself and have an enjoyable time getting lost in Zane Grey's West. "Riders of the Purple Sage" would immortalize both the author and the genre of "westerns". From then on every "western" would be compared to this one. The ironic part is: Zane Grey never considered them to be "westerns"; they were romances, romantic adventures, romantic novels. And to be totally accurate, the word, "western" did not exist at the time this book was written; it did not come into use until 1927 at the earliest, so to insist Zane Grey was a "western" writer is suspect, at best. But "Riders of the Purple Sage" has everything a person has come to know and understand that belongs in a story of the west--the taciturn gunfighter; the woman in distress fighting a losing battle; great scenery; fast horses; and evil men. Yet "Riders" is more than that. It has sub-plots upon sub-plots that keep the reader wondering what is going to happen next, and this book "fills the bill". And, what most people don't know or realize today, Zane Grey wrote quite often from a woman's viewpoint, and does so in this book. At the time of Zane Grey's greatest popularity more than half of his readership were women, and he was published in such magazines as, Cosmopolitan, Colliers, and Ladies Home Journal. If you have never read a "western" I whole-heartedly urge you to try this one. The Border Legion has without a doubt the greatest of Zane Grey's villains--the blond beast, Gulden, whose way with women was a rope and a cave, the most vicious and depraved of the border bandits. And as in earlier works by Zane Grey this novel had to undergo many editorial changes demanded by his publisher before they would print it. Things today which seem very tame indeed, but yet his editors felt did not belong in fiction, regardless of how historically accurate Zane Grey was being to actual events upon which this book was based. When Joan Randle decides to follow her 'boyfriend' Jim Cleve after he departs because of a quarrel she finds herself captured by this outlaw gang and held, only to find out Jim has joined them as well. (She had accused Jim of not being man enough to even be bad, so he sets out to prove her wrong.) This book is a fascinating look at what happens to men, I should say, mankind, when driven by their passions and left to revert to the barbaric when the environment is one of dog eat dog i.e. "survival of the fittest" a phrase used by Darwin and popularized by Zane Grey, as he subscribed to some of Darwin's theories, as seen in many of his novels as he expressed his philosophy of life, and concerns for America in his writings. It has been said more students learned of Darwin's theory from reading Zane Grey than they did in the class room. But if one goes beyond any "hidden" agenda and reads this book as a novel of escapism and adventure and romance it is a good read I think you will enjoy.
After the King: Stories In Honor of J.R.R. Tolkien
After the King: Stories In Honor of J.R.R. Tolkien
This excellent collection is of a much higher level than most of fantasy anthologies I read in the past and I must say that when I closed it, I was very impressed.

That being said, none of the stories comes anywhere close Tolkien's style of writing and in my modest opinion none is as good as his works. I agree also with some of the other reviewers, that naming this collection "stories in honour of J.R.R. Tolkien" is mostly a MARKETING STUNT. But still, let's stress it again - this is a VERY HIGH QUALITY collection and I enjoyed those stories mightily (with just two exceptions). Below you will find some more details, with LIMITED SPOILERS.

"Reave the Just" by Stephen R. Donaldson - a nice although a little bit simple young man tries to seduce an attractive and very wealthy widow, by using a little bit of magic - and that will get him in lots of trouble... I liked this story very much and as of Reave the Just himself I found him an absolutely impressive character. And this is a high praise coming from me because I must confess here that I absolutely hated Stephen R. Donaldson's opus magnum "Chronicles of Thomas Covenant" and was very prejudiced against this writer when starting to read this collection. "Reave the Just" however reconciled me with him (although definitely not with his Thomas Covenant books...)

"Troll Bridge" by Terry Pratchett - well, the Great Master of humoristic fantasy can do not wrong, so I am certain that you will find this short adventure of Cohen the Barbarian funny and entertaining - I certainly did

"A long night's vigil at the Temple" by Robert Silverberg - this story is as much SF as fantasy, but I found it very good, as can be expected from such a famous writer; it treats of a founding myth of an ancient religion and an unexpected revelation which can shake this old belief to the core; although Christianity does not exist in this particular world, it made me think of this fundamental Christian belief - "the truth sets us free"...

"The Dragon of Tollin" by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough - this is the one story in this collection that seems at least a little bit close to what Tolkien wrote; a very powerful story about a kind of dragon whose greatest power (and danger) lies not in its gargantuan size, thick armour and incredibly fierce flames but in something much more surprising, not usually associated with the great scaly worms...

"Faith" by Poul and Karen Anderson - this story taking place mostly in a goblin fortress is I believe the best in the whole book; its quality is extremely high and it is very touching, although in places it is also heartbreaking; from the first page it is immediately clear that Poul Anderson didn't steal those seven Hugo Awards he got...

"In the season of the Dressing of the Wells" by John Brunner - another great name (although more associated with SF than fantasy) and another great story; in the 1920s, a young English gentleman, returned very damaged from the trenches of I World War, gets involved in a conflict between his wealthy aunt and her tenants concerning an ancient pagan tradition which somehow survived until now in this one village of England; the story is very well written and I enjoyed it, but I must say that I was very shocked by one particular choice of the author - he made his hero lose his Christian faith in the trenches "because he couldn't anymore worship a God who allows such atrocities" - but if he was so offended by the "heartless" Christian God, how come he immediately traded Him against the worship of a heathen divinity which unashamedly asks for human sacrifices?

"The fellowship of the Dragon" by Patricia A. McKillip - this is a "feminist" fantasy story, in which the Queen of the land summons her most trusted knights, all women, to go and look for her lost bard (who, together with the Dragon, is the only guy in the whole story); they obediently set on the quest, leaving their children with husbands... The story is quite well written, very well imitating the style of classical fairy tales and I rather liked it, even if I am not really a big fan of this "feminist" kind of stories. You must be however warned that the ending is not a real ending and in fact this whole story looks like the first chapter of a novel, which was never written...

"The decoy duck" by Harry Turtledove - this short story takes place in Turtledove's famous Videssos universe; if you are not yet familiar with it, it is important to know that in this world the two central powers are Videssos, an empire looking very much like VII century Byzantium, and Makuran, which is a mirror image of VII century Persia (before Muslim conquest); there are also some other minor forces, amongst which the Haloga northern tribes (the Vikings).
In Videssos the dominating religion is the monotheistic cult of Phaos (the equivalent of Christianity), but the Haloga are still polytheistic heathens, worshipping their own pantheon of grim, warlike deities. In this story a young Haloga who converted to Videssos religion and accepted Phaos as only God, comes to his native north to preach and convert - and faces the hostility of local elders.
This is a good story, but in my modest opinion Harry Turtledove, all professor of medieval history that he is, completely misunderstood how such missions worked and how powerful they could be - after all, in the real history, the terrible Norsemen defeated all their enemies, killed and enslaved innumerable thousands and conquered, burned and pillaged whole realms just to ultimately bow to the Christian faith brought to them not by conquering kings but by humble priests and monks (some being their slaves), many of which were martyred in the process...

"Nine thread of gold" by Andre Norton - the Great Lady of fantasy and witchcraft produced here another of her enchanting stories, in which a mysterious woman comes to take care of nine children, who hide in a ruined tower in the wilderness from the rampaging hordes of conquering barbarians; in this quite long story finally not so much happens - but Andre Norton's unique style of writing makes it a very pleasant and soothing read.

"The conjure man" by Charles De Lint - this story occurs in present times America and turns around an eccentric homeless man; not a bad story but clearly much weaker than all the previous ones, at least to my personal taste

"The Halfling house" by Dennis L. McKiernan - a particularly merry and funny story in which a bunch of fairy people (including a Brownie, a Pixie and a Leprechaun) try to rescue two of their kind who got lost and ultimately captured in a very nasty place... With some allusions to Tolkien and Lovecraft books skilfully included, this is a real pleasure to read.

"Silver or gold" by Emma Bull - a young village witch, Moon Very Thin, goes on a quest looking for her old teacher and mentor, Alder Owl. Usually, I am not a great fan of this kind of feminist stories dominated by the cult of the Great Mother and women controlled witchcraft - but in this one, Moon Very Thin captured my heart after a couple of pages and I couldn't stop to read about her adventures, being more and more scared for her and wishing her the best luck. An excellent story of highest quality with a lot of surprising twists!

"Up the side of the air" by Karen Haber - that is in my modest opinion the second weakest story in the book; it describes the tribulations of an aging wizard who reluctantly accepted a little girl as his apprentice. It is another feminist story, but this one I did not like at all. The only good thing about it is its shortness.

"The Naga" by Peter S. Beagle - a quite honest fairy tale describing a creature from Far East lore and her love for a mortal; maybe not really great, but a good read

"Revolt of the Sugar Plum Fairies" by Mike Resnick - a quite funny short story about a group of extremely upset fairy men, who want to take revenge on Disney and Tchaikovsky; indeed, they consider that their people were shown in an insulting way in "Nutcracker" and "Fantasia"; it is not really a masterpiece, but the fairies are a colourful bunch and their interaction with our world is very entertaining

"Winter's King" by Jane Yolen - a sad short story about a child which should not have been born alive, in which author seems to imitate a little bit the style of Hans Christian Andersen; but there was only one Andersen, and Jane Yolen is not him... It is an honest effort, but nothing more.

"Gotterdammerung" by Barry N. Malzberg - another short story which includes some elements of Wagnerian lore; it could have been really funny, but I had the impression that it is just a part of a longer story, that the rest was lost in a computer crash and then author simply send what was left to the editor... I did not like it very much.

"Down the river road" by Gregory Benford - this is in the same time one of the longest and in my opinion absolutely the weakest story in the collection. This is in fact a SF story, which seems to take place in a wrecked gigantic space ship floating across the space. The ship is so enormous that a gigantic river of liquid metal, at least as long as Nile flows across it and people live in towns on its shores. The river is the main communication artery of this "world", as people learned to navigate on its metallic waves.
The hero of the story is a young boy descending the river looking for his father. It could be a good story, but author added one more element - it seems that time flows very differently in every section of this "world" and towards the middle of the story things got so complicated that I got completely lost. The hero acts weirder and weirder with every page and most mysteries of this world are left completely unsolved. I completely did not understand the ending of the story (well, may be you will have better luck with that) and as far as I am concerned this is really a long and boring failure.

"Death and the Lady" by Judith Tarr - one more feminist story, with an almost exclusively female casting and the only man being (of course) the villain; but again, the quality of this story is so high and the main hero (Jeannette Laclos, a peasant woman living in XIV century France) is so gentle and in the same time so brave, that it charmed me greatly and I am really happy that I read it. It is a very good ending for an excellent collection of fantasy stories.

CONCLUSION: this is an excellent book, which I recommend wholeheartedly. Enjoy!
Thriller 2: Stories You Just Can't Put Down
Thriller 2: Stories You Just Can't Put Down
Reviewers should read the entire collection before writing reviews. The reviewer who quit reading after the first story missed some very good writing. As another reviewer noted, the best stories are in the second half of the collection. The collection includes 23 short stories by different authors. As in most collections, you will like some stories more than others. Some of the stories are by newer authors, and it is a good way to sample their writing. Some stories are by authors you will recognize from their earlier writing.

I was pleased to find a short story, "A Calculated Risk," by Sean Chercover. He has previously written about a PI in Chicago. In this story he introduces a new character, Tom Bailey, a man with a past he does not talk about who has reinvented himself as a charter boat operator in the Caribbean. Bailey may take you fishing, or for a price he may deliver you quietly to another location. I hope that we may see more of Bailey, who seems to be a mix of Travis McGee and Jack Reacher.

The stories can be read in any order. "A Calculated Risk" may be a good starting point.
Murder on the Line (Inspector West)
Murder on the Line (Inspector West)
Excellent story telling by a Master. John Creasey never fails. I have this book on my Kindle Fire - downloaded by accident - should have got it on my Kindle paperwhite. Be more careful in future clicking the mouse! Looking forward to the next Inspector West story. Read all these yonks ago and have gone back to them to see if they are still as good. Yes they are. If you like a decent thriller without lots of bad language this is for you. Would receommend.
NBC News Specials
NBC News Specials
....there's nothing else like it. It's hard to be humble when you're a Texan. Friday night with a chill in the air under the bright lights of the football stadium is where small town and even big cities are from 6:30 to 10 PM. Bedazzling shirts, Mom's with pictures of their team player sons, dad's wearing a team's a tradition and it's what makes Texas like no other.
Harry Potter Cauldron soup mug with spoon, Standard, Black
Harry Potter Cauldron soup mug with spoon, Standard, Black
I bought this to add to my Harry Potter collection and just to see how it would work as a soup mug. It isn't bad as a soup mug but I would use my own spoon instead of the one that came with it. I haven't used it as of yet for any of my soup concoctions as of yet but I think it will look just spectacular in my mantel piece display that I do for Halloween with some of my Hallmark ornaments that have Witches and pumpkins and this will go in very well with it. I think this would be a great gift for any Harry Potter fan looking for something different as well.
McFarlane Toys Harry Potter - Hermione Action Figure
McFarlane Toys Harry Potter - Hermione Action Figure
The little plastic clip stands that come with the figure are wonky, but that's how they are on all these figures--they look like they just made the wrong size for the platform. It doesn't need them, though, so I'm not worried about it. Hermione looks lovely (slightly different from the actress, but still great!) and her patronus looks cool too. Her wand fits into her hand by sliding it through the bottom of her palm up through her encircled fingers. Looks like as long as I treat the figure with respect, it should be durable enough. I don't think it would hold up long in a little kid's hands.
FEISHUO Portable External Hard Drive, HDD USB 3.0 for PC, Mac, Windows, Linux, Android OS (320G, Blue)
FEISHUO Portable External Hard Drive, HDD USB 3.0 for PC, Mac, Windows, Linux, Android OS (320G, Blue)
I purchased two of these drives because I transfer a lot of files (mostly videos and photos) The drives are plug and play simple. Also for anyone who is wondering, the physical dimensions of the drive are 4.5" x 2.5". I have attached photos with a pack of cigarettes for comparison.

I can not speak to the longevity of the item as I just received mine, I will update with any additional information as it comes available.
Ramy: Season 1
Ramy: Season 1
I dare say that the majority of the concepts raised in Ramy episodes aren't covered in other programs, in part because of the modern twist on a person straddling the line between his Muslim upbringing and American life is itself so different. Usually, one who is Muslim in American tv/cinema is terrorist or, if found in any other capacity, orthodox. A young person who is neither isn't a concept you find every day, outside of Master of None, to which is more comparable, but still distinct from. Some of it is hard to watch. It's uncomfortable, but not gratuitous. It's new and refreshing.
Magic and Shakespeare: A Representation of the Times
Magic and Shakespeare: A Representation of the Times
My problem isn't that it short. There just isn't much content in what is there. Mostly just a synopsis of 3 of Willy's plays with a few lines stating how the magic in the plays relate to the view of magic in the society in which they were written . Not a lot of detail or in deph analysis. Not worth the cost.
Disney Winnie The Peeking Pooh Nursery Crib Musical Mobile, Yellow, Orange, Blue
Disney Winnie The Peeking Pooh Nursery Crib Musical Mobile, Yellow, Orange, Blue
This mobile is cute but I cant give it 4 or 5 stars because of the cost for what you get. It's all plastic and plush toys and should be less than 20 bucks in my opinion. The white plastic post it all attaches too isnt very pretty. Also I wish the little plushes that dangle down were attached better, they just dangle out of an open slit held in place by a tiny knot that you have to tie. I've knocked them off a million times getting my son in and out of the crib. You have to put the pooh sticker on the music box part too which was annoying they should at least do that so it comes out centered good. I will say it does play the music for a long time which I like probably about 4 mins or so.
Making India Great: The Promise of a Reluctant Global Power
Making India Great: The Promise of a Reluctant Global Power
Pande does not fully address the central role of the "elephant in the room", namely the current Modi BJP government's obsession with claiming non-Hindus (specially targeted at Muslims) to be outsiders and otherwise inferior. Much has been written about the BJP's inspirational links to the Nazis, via RSS. The primitive caste system continues to hold sway, and there was even an instance at Cisco in Silicon Valley where a lower caste Hindu was hazed by his upper caste boss, the case is in court. Whitewashing this current sad reality will not make India great again.

India is regressing back to its insular roots. Like Pakistan, Israel and other "democracies" in name, India is moving backward, which is unfortunate. The only real basis to move forward successfully on the global stage is on the basis of "all men are created equal". We should avoid being distracted by well-rounded stories that seek to explain, but deflect from core issues.
The Art of Shaving Alum Block, Natural Minerals Helps Stop Bleeding from Nicks or Cuts, Unscented, 3.6 Ounce
The Art of Shaving Alum Block, Natural Minerals Helps Stop Bleeding from Nicks or Cuts, Unscented, 3.6 Ounce
This is mostly for ladies who have ventured into the wonderful world of double edged shaving. Most alum comes packaged for men in a little tube shaped thing that looks like a giant lipstick. That's fine when it's just your face. When you have as much area to cover as we do it's not at all practical.
When my husband told me how well the stuff works once he finally figured it out, of course I really wanted to use it. It took longer than I thought to work out how to keep enough moisture on my legs, but I liked the results. With those cone shaped things, though, it really does take forever.
Then I found this. It doesn't take much and your skin feels nice and tight. And it goes way quicker than the others. It does just as good a job with any nicks and cuts as the one my husband uses, too.
I haven't used it long, I'll give you that, but I have been using alum blocks for over a year. The only real disappointments are that it took me so long to find something like this and that it's priced higher than most.
My hope at this point is to find a similar one at a better price. It doesn't seem enough to justify almost double the price. Actually, since his comes in a two pack, it's way more. But it's certainly easier to use.
**Edit 21 June 2020: My husband is now using this block as well. He says he’s happier with it. After having several break on him he had given up on the whole thing and had to live with the resulting nicks. Now he’s happy. It seems not all alum blocks are made equal. I’ve never had one break on me, nor has he.
In the end we both decided the extra was worth it. But I still wish the price was a little better.
The Best of Carly Simon
The Best of Carly Simon
In the early 70s, a blend of jazz/folk/rock emerged on the East Coast. Although having folk elements, it was not part of the 60s folk revival and was distinct from both the folk/rock movement in Britain and the 'Beatles meets folk' West Coast sound. It was jazzier and more metropolitan in style. Its most famous exponents are Carly Simon and Carole King.

This album presents a good selection of Simon's early 70s work. A more comprehensive collection, spanning her entire career, can be found on "Anthology".

If you like Carole King you will probably like Carly Simon, and vice versa. (And you can add the 70s work of Neil Sedaka, King's contemporary and friend, to that list). King appears on one track here, 'Attitude Dancing', albeit that is the weakest track on the album. Simon's then husband, James Taylor shares vocals with her on "Mockingbird". Many reviewers seem to have found "Mockingbird" too quirky or 'goofy', but I say it's a masterpiece, and the album's best track by far. Although not penned by her, it is redolent of "Itsy-Bitsy Spider", that she sings over the credits in the movie "Heartburn". If you have not heard it, you should. Taylor also plays guitar on several other tracks.

Carly Simon has a great voice and is a considerable musical talent. Her lyrics lack the poetic depth of James Taylor, Joni Mitchell or Bob Dylan, and she cannot summon up the soulfulness of Joni Mitchell or Judy Collins, but the total package - singer, songwriter and musician - remains a great and unique pleasure.
Foval Tempered Glass Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max Screen Protector 6.7 Inch 2020 (3 Pack) (Full Coverage), (Case Friendly) HD Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 12 Pro Max with Alignment Tool
Foval Tempered Glass Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max Screen Protector 6.7 Inch 2020 (3 Pack) (Full Coverage), (Case Friendly) HD Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 12 Pro Max with Alignment Tool
I received my order today and on time. The first cleaning kit that was open the wet wipe was dried out. After cleaning with an alcohol pad and using the stickers to remove dust, we placed the first screen on using the tool. It was easy to place. Once it was placed a dimple was noticed towards the bottom half with a half dollar size air bubble that wouldn't go away. It appeared after all the first steps a piece of dirt got under it but after removing it and looking it wasn't dirt but a dimple or some kind of defect. We repeated all the steps again and this time the wet wipe that was open was wet. The screen was placed with ease again with no defect or bubble noted. I have emailed customer service about the defect. The screen protector fits well. It covers all the way to the edges of phone case unlike others I have had. Privacy part of it is great! It also survived my 2 year old grabbing and dropping my phone. I had one screen protector (different brand) that didn't last an hour and was cracked just because I placed it face down. I replaced the other brand with the 2nd screen and it cracked again while I was scrolling. So this brand definitely has done great under worse circumstances! So far I am pleased even with 1 being defective!
Ture Wireless Earbuds with Touch Control LED Display,Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds 3800mAh Charging Case TWS Stereo in-Ear Bluetooth Headphones Built in Mic Deep Bass Waterproof Support Charge Mobile/Tablet
Ture Wireless Earbuds with Touch Control LED Display,Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds 3800mAh Charging Case TWS Stereo in-Ear Bluetooth Headphones Built in Mic Deep Bass Waterproof Support Charge Mobile/Tablet
These are great! The instructions can be hard to follow but once you figure them out you're good! Make sure you have the right ear bud on the right side of the charger and left on the left or they will not charge. The do click in if you accidentally a swap them so if you're not paying attention its easy to do.
Siemens EQ.3 s300 TI303503DE Kaffeevollautomat (1300 Watt, Keramik-mahlwerk, Display, Direktwahltasten) titanium
Siemens EQ.3 s300 TI303503DE Kaffeevollautomat (1300 Watt, Keramik-mahlwerk, Display, Direktwahltasten) titanium
Mein erster KVA, aber:
- sehr gute Einstellungsmöglichkeiten (Menge durch 3s Druck auf gewünschten Getränk, Kaffeestärke, Getränkeauswahl)
- sehr reinlich (spült beim An- und Ausschalten kurz durch; Milchrüssel super einfach in 5s zu säubern)
- schick und gut verbaut
- Doppelbezug und angenehme Lautstärke (zB DeLonghi Magnifica ist deutlich lauter im Betrieb)
- einfache, übersichtliche Navigation dank Farbdisplay
- schneller Kaffeebezug (1min); bei Milchgetränken wegen Aufschäumung (ca. 2min).
- einfache Reinigung wg. Milchrüssel statt vollem, aber auch aufwändigen Milchsystem
- Einwandfreie Touchfelder - super leichte Bedienung in Sekundenschnelle

Nachteilig ist dagegen:
- Tassenwärmer bewirkt keine wirkliche Wärme an der (Espresso-)Tasse; brauche ich aber nicht wirklich. Ich habe die S300 statt die S100 wegen des Displays genommen
- etwas kleiner Wassertank: Wegen der Spülvorgänge wird Wasser unabhängig vom Konsum gezogen. Bei häufigeren täglichen Ein- und Ausschalten des Geräts ist das spürbar. Aber das ist letztlich eher ein marginaler Aspekt, finde ich.

Alles in allem: Ein sehr gut verarbeiteter Kaffeevollautomat mit schönen Display und einzigartigen Milchgetränke-Verfahren ohne aufwändige Milchschaum bedingter Reinigung sämtlicher zusätzlicher Elemente wie Behälter und Schläuche; gute Zeitersparnis und Kostensenkung, da Verkalkungen/Verstopfungen bei dieser Maschine grundsätzlich unwahrscheinlicher sind als bei einem "vollen" Milchsystem.
Derjenige, der über den Tassenwärmer hinwegsehen kann, kann ich diese Maschine nach 2,5 Monaten vollstens ans Herz legen!

Wenn sich noch etwas Gegenteiliges ergeben sollte, werde ich meine Rezension natürlich anpassen.
Alen BreatheSmart 45i Air Purifier for Large Rooms up to 800 Sqft, H13 True HEPA, Air Quality Auto Sensor, Removes Allergens while Eliminates Bacteria, Germs, Mold, Odors, in White
Alen BreatheSmart 45i Air Purifier for Large Rooms up to 800 Sqft, H13 True HEPA, Air Quality Auto Sensor, Removes Allergens while Eliminates Bacteria, Germs, Mold, Odors, in White
Habe das Gerät seit einem Tag im Betrieb und bin bisher begeistert. Der Alen BreatheSmart 45i macht einen sehr wertigen und robusten Eindruck, ähnlich wie ein Gerät aus der Medizintechnik. Der Luftdurchsatz durch den Filter ist bereits in der kleinsten Betriebsstufe, in der der Ventilator kaum zu hören ist, enorm hoch. Es ist ein sehr gut durchdachtes Gerät, die Inbetriebnahme und Bedienung sind einfach und intuitiv. Der Filter gab bei Inbetriebnahme keinen Geruch ab.

Mir wurde zunächst irrtümlicherweise ein Gerät ausgeliefert, das für den Markt im UK bestimmt war und daher nicht den passenden Netzstecker für deutsche Schuko-Dosen hatte. Das Problem wurde sehr professionell, schnell und umstandslos von Alen International zu meiner vollkommenen Zufriedenheit gelöst.
Streamline Licorice Twist Pen BPN126. Cantidad por paquete: 1 pieza(s)
Streamline Licorice Twist Pen BPN126. Cantidad por paquete: 1 pieza(s)
The picture leads one to assume that you are getting both a red and black pen. This is not the case. The seller mentions that it is random which color pen you will get, but is not stated forthright in the description. I ordered what I thought were two sets of pens and ended up with two black pens. Not only do I feel swindled, they didn't even give me a black and a red.

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