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Functional Programming in JavaScript
Functional Programming in JavaScript
Functional Programming in JavaScript by Dan Mantyla. Rated 3.2 out of 5 stars, with 19 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the javascript category.
Supreme's Kiss (Kiss Series Book 3)
Supreme's Kiss (Kiss Series Book 3)
Supreme's Kiss (Kiss Series Book 3) by M.K. Eidem. Rated undefined out of 5 stars, with undefined ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the m category.
Introducing the MySQL 8 Document Store
Introducing the MySQL 8 Document Store
Introducing the MySQL 8 Document Store by Charles Bell. Rated 3 out of 5 stars, with 1 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the mysql category.
The Choice (Movie Tie-In)
The Choice (Movie Tie-In)
The Choice (Movie Tie-In) by Nicholas Sparks. Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars, with 110 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Nicholas Sparks category.
Blood Defense (Samantha Brinkman Book 1)
Blood Defense (Samantha Brinkman Book 1)
Blood Defense (Samantha Brinkman Book 1) by Marcia Clark. Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars, with 5540 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the John Grisham category.
All That Glisters Is Not Gold
All That Glisters Is Not Gold
All That Glisters Is Not Gold by Stephen W. King. Rated 5 out of 5 stars, with 2 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Stephen King category.
Modern Compiler Implementation in Java
Modern Compiler Implementation in Java
Modern Compiler Implementation in Java by Andrew W. Appel and Jens Palsberg. Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars, with 13 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the 'Java programming' category.
Python in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference
Python in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference
Python in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference by Alex Martelli, Anna Ravenscroft, et al.. Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars, with 22 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the 'Python programming' category.
Professional PHP Programming
Professional PHP Programming
Professional PHP Programming by Jesus M. Castagnetto, Harish Rawat, et al.. Rated 3.7 out of 5 stars, with 55 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the 'PHP programming' category.
Professional PHP Design Patterns
Professional PHP Design Patterns
Professional PHP Design Patterns by Aaron Saray. Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars, with 4 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the 'PHP programming' category.
CROSSING ZERO - A Thriller by Dale Brandon. Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars, with 21 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Go programming category.
Julia Cookbook
Julia Cookbook
Julia Cookbook by Jalem Raj Rohit. Rated 2.2 out of 5 stars, with 3 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Julia programming category.
Reactive Design Patterns
Reactive Design Patterns
Reactive Design Patterns by Dr. Roland Kuhn, Brian Hanafee, et al.. Rated 4 out of 5 stars, with 6 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Scala programming category.
Think, Act, and Invest Like Warren Buffett: The Winning Strategy to Help You Achieve Your Financial and Life Goals
Think, Act, and Invest Like Warren Buffett: The Winning Strategy to Help You Achieve Your Financial and Life Goals
I've read 9 of Larry Swedroe's 12 books, and every one was filled with valuable information from front to back. His latest, "Think, Act, and Invest Like Warren Buffett", is no exception. Larry shares conclusive evidence that backs up Warren Buffett's own recommendation that "by periodically investing in an index fund the know-nothing investor can actually outperform most investment professionals". While it's not impossible for actively managed funds to outperform passively managed index funds, Larry demonstrates that it is unwise to try your luck with actively managed. Larry also covers the importance of a well-rounded financial plan that takes into account your willingness, need, and ability to take an appropriate level of risk for your unique situation. He then takes the reader through various investment portfolio building blocks, as well as portfolio maintenance techniques and tips on working with financial advisors. Toward the end of the book he wraps it all together with his 30 rules of prudent investing, all concisely written and absolutely correct.

Larry Swedroe is a very knowledgeable finance expert, he's tremendously gifted with the written word, and he is a champion of individual investors everywhere. His writing distills key takeaways from the last 60 years of finance research into easily understandable prose. My recommendation: pick up a copy of this easy-to-read book and follow its guidelines for decades to come. You'll be glad you did.
Go! Stock! Go! A Stock Market Guide for Enterprising Children and Their Curious Parents*: *everything you were afraid your kids would ask
Go! Stock! Go! A Stock Market Guide for Enterprising Children and Their Curious Parents*: *everything you were afraid your kids would ask
Super book! Very easy to learn about investing! Makes it simple so you come away with the ability to actually try it out -- invest in a few stocks and watch what happens. Demystifies the whole process for me and my kid! I bought the book to read with my son because he was interested in investing. He's in middle school. We enjoyed reading it together. He could have read it on his own but I wanted to learn how to invest as well. The illustrations make it fun and easy to follow as does the story. My kid could relate to the teens and I was amused by the parents. There are straightforward and easy steps on how to do the math needed -- again, making it so anyone can do this! Really a fun thing to do with my son. I'll give it as a gift too for the right kid! Something unique because it's practical too. Offering kids a chance to make money on their own! Learning a practical life skill.
The White Coat Investor: A Doctor's Guide to Personal Finance and Investing
The White Coat Investor: A Doctor's Guide to Personal Finance and Investing
So most parents don't educate their children about money and schools definitely do not. I heard the worst financial and career advice imaginable from college professors. This is more about personal finance than investing. Buy it before you apply to med school. The author repeatedly points out that most physicians don't earn that much anymore but are tempted to live as if they do. Much of the book offers common sense suggestions such as spend far less than you earn and save the rest. Perhaps the highlight of the book is that the author suggests that if you know enough to determine if a financial advisor is knowledgeable and isn't going to rape you with fees, then you know enough that you don't need a financial advisor. In my experience, that is largely true, a bit like choosing your physician.

You don't know what you don't know so either you can read a lot of Suze Orman or you can hire a smart CFA. However, be aware that a CFA is not an accountant and not a real estate, estate planing, or tax attorney. The portion on investing is perhaps too superficial. The author does cover personal finance such as disability insurance, excess liability, student loans and so on. I take issue with his advice on taxes. He suggests pushing the boundaries when paying taxes. Yes, there are some grey areas, and yes you might save a few dollars pushing those until you trip an IRS flag and are audited. Then you will pay your accountant for the audit and if you fight it, you will hire a tax attorney at $400 per hour. Assuming that you are right and that you win (and the first does not in any way guarantee the second) your expenses will be substantial, and if they are larger than your tax savings, too bad. In addition, you will likely be audited several more times. Congress writes tax laws, the IRS writes the tax code, and then there is case law; there is no one person on the planet who understands it all.
No Filter: The Inside Story of Instagram
No Filter: The Inside Story of Instagram
Sarah Frier's debut book is an excellent read about the history of Instagram. Her in-depth reporting reveals numerous details about how Instagram was founded, the vision that set it apart from other similar apps at the time, the acquisition by Facebook, and the painful tensions that later arose and led the founders to eventually leave. You get the inside perspective on Silicon Valley culture and the personalities and strategies of not just Instagram, but also Jack Dorsey at Twitter and especially Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook.
As much as this reveals the inner workings of everyone's favorite lifestyle app, it also delves into Mark Zuckerberg's philosophy on growth and competition and the "family" of companies he owns - Instagram and WhatsApp. The story doesn't just provide a narrative of the history of these companies, but also gives important context about where they might be going - especially as they face grave concerns related to privacy and competition.
Writing style is great and easy to read.
I would also recommend this book to anyone feeling pressure about their public Instagram persona. This book shows how much the perfect lifestyle you see in posts is not just fake, but carefully developed and curated by marketing and design experts to make money for influencers and the brands they represent.
The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power
The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power
I really wanted to like this book.

I'd read Zuboff's Age of the Smart Machine eons ago and became a bit of a fan of her thinking. Hence why when 'Surveillance' came out, I'd wanted it to be something akin to Harari's Sapiens/Homo Deus or even Kahneman's Thinking Fast and Slow. Alas, I was left a bit wanting by the time I turned its last page.

Getting to the last page is no small feat. This is a beast of a book (I purchased the print version, as I wanted to earmark and highlight passages - without being surveilled!). And yet, while the work is exhaustively researched and footnoted, one is left exhausted in the end.

Yes, important perspectives for our age are raised here, and Zuboff does sound the alarm on the firms creating new value on the digital surplus they create. But it feels like the thesis could have been advanced with half the pages and twice the speed.

Worse, despite its length, there appear to be big idea chunks missing. The role of the courts and the regulator in grasping and remedying excesses - perhaps defining a new regulatory framework for use of digital crumbs we leave - is not fully canvassed. There is lengthy discussion of Senate deliberations in the 1970's around the MK Ultra, depatterning and mind control. Yet there is nothing on what would seem more appropriate - Zuckerberg's testimony before Congress in April 2018. There was a lot of grist for the Zuboff mill here, yet we read nothing. Perhaps the testimony came out after the tome went to press? Doesn't seem so - there is a cite to a piece in the Intercept on April 13, 2018, three days after Zuckerberg's testimony to Congress. That testimony seemed rather on point to Zuboff's work, yet no word (unless I missed it, entirely possible!) commentary from Zuboff. Contractual obligations to get to press? Don't know, but were it the case, this most important event seems warranted to hold things off a week or two.

What follows may be a nit, but given the deep care paid to detail, and the deep implication of the representation, it stands out. On page 514, Zuboff writes:

"[Zuckerberg] envisions a totalizing instrumentarian order - he calls it the new global "church" - that will connect the world's people to "something greater than ourselves".

Great quote, and rather powerful scary stuff, but the problem is the Zuck said no such thing. The cite references Zuckerberg's "Building Global Community" post from February 2017. Unless that quote changed, what it currently states is this:

"Building a global community that works for everyone starts with the millions of smaller communities and intimate social structures we turn to for our personal, emotional and spiritual needs. Whether they're churches, sports teams, unions or other local groups, they all share important roles as social infrastructure for our communities."

Zuckerberg doesn't hold Facebook out as a church, any more than he does holding it out as the Boston Bruins, Teamsters or a knitting club. And unless my CTRL-F fails me, that's the only reference to "church" there is. I'm not here to defend Zuckerberg, but this is certainly a miss on Zuboff in my books (particularly given the attention to detail otherwise shown).

On the whole the issues raised are important. I'd recommend the book to anyone wanting to gain an understanding of a framework for the issues here. I'd certainly recommend it (or a fair summary of it) to lawyers, regulators, legislators and jurists who will run into these issues a la GDPR.

But as to Zuboff's central thesis, that there is an unprecedented paradigm here that will change humanity forever, and how our democratic institutions and rule of law will fail to curb excesses of new business models and technological shifts, I'm unconvinced. Were our legislators equipped with the insight and talent to monitor, assess and rightly adjust use of our 'digital surplus', I'm sure we can get there. At the end of the day, it's about curbing excesses of those who seek to profit from others, and defining rules.

That's not unprecedented - that's a human story old as time.
Authoritas: One Student's Harvard Admissions and the Founding of the Facebook Era
Authoritas: One Student's Harvard Admissions and the Founding of the Facebook Era
This book is odd. It's well written and the narrative is compelling; enough for me to read it all in one go.

The stories of inadequate ego-driven teachers and students early on in the book are relayed well. The book's exposure of incompetence, back-scratching and favoritism from supposedly upstanding academic leaders is excellent. This is a good reason to read this book, and for excellently depicting an often overlooked part of academic life, this book deserves 4 stars.

The problem is, that's not why I bought the book. I was expecting a book about the "founding of the Facebook era" as the sub-title suggests. This is certainly not a focus. From 335 pages in all, the name "Mark Zuckerberg" first appears on page 287, and any facts relating to Facebook's rise are within only the last 40 pages and are mostly tainted by disdain.

Initially the author developed a system called CriticalMass that allowed students to rate their satisfaction of different academics at Harvard. Textbook Central, a textbook trading site, followed. Another system called FAStWebmail allowed Harvard students to access their official Harvard e-mail accounts over the Web. These were eventually rolled into a system called houseSYSTEM that included some other features like course preselection and calendars.

For a few chapters after explaining how these systems were developed, the focus is on how the administration and some other students considered houseSYSTEM to be insecure and flawed, due to its pseudo-requirement to have users' official Harvard passwords (in order for the webmail function to work) and a lack of proper SSL (HTTPS) security.

In dealing with these concerns the author showed a lack of technical knowledge. He protested that only an MD-5 hash of users' passwords were stored, but if this were the case, how did his system then access the users' official e-mail accounts? The author doesn't provide a proper level of detail to make a judgment as an independent reader, and the way he portrays it may just be poor.

The author also says "Brian Wong is telling people that MD-5 generates 16-byte hashes, when it doesn't! There are 32 characters in all of them! Each ASCII character is one byte!" MD-5 generates a 16 byte hash (128 bits). That a textual hexadecimal representation of that 16 byte hash takes 32 characters does not make it a "32 byte hash."

The author has a habit of "quoting" his mental monologue, nearly all of which is negative in nature, and assuming whoever he's talking to is either an idiot or out to get him. The author's paranoia (warranted or not) permeates the last half of this book enough to make for uneasy reading. He jumps to exaggerated conclusions. Shortly after the initial security concerns, the university decides that Greenspan needs to delete the password hashes he had collected so far and "forward the list of all those whose information you have collected" in order that those students could have their passwords reset. Instead of complying with this reasonable request, the author rants about how the users table has other information like phone numbers in it and asks "What, do they want those, too?" The e-mail he quotes requested a list of people who signed up for his site, not other details. This doesn't stop the author from eventually sending the whole user table anyway!

On the SSL issue, the text implies that a self-signed certificate was used, but the author appears not to understand the identification issues with this (though those who e-mail him appear to). It's a common theme that the author, IMHO, quotes well-thought-out e-mails and refutes them poorly. He argues that a wildcard certificate would be necessary - costing some $1000, though InstantSSL had them for under $500 at the time - not realizing he could use a regular SSL certificate (under $50) for the password transfer (the parts where security really counted), and a wildcard cookie for cross sub-domain authentication beyond that.

On Facebook, he seems to feel that Zuckerberg's developments, though independent, were a rip off of his own even though Zuckerberg is constantly quoted as remaining separate. houseSYSTEM did have a "face book" feature where pictures of students were located along with their names, but this had no social networking aspect. Zuckerberg's did. Nothing the author relays gives me the impression he "founded" the "Facebook" era.

On page 302, I feel that Greenspan relays a tale of attempting to blackmail Facebook. Despite considering Zuckerburg "inarticulate and naive," he suggested that he join Facebook. When told they needed an engineer with 15 years' experience, Greenspan highlighted Facebook's problems with ConnectU (who were suing Facebook for allegedly copying their idea and stealing code) and suggested that he had "grounds to sue both of you" before suggesting that if Facebook would hire him, he'd be on their side and help the lawsuit go away.

The last 20 pages are dire. The author claims that having a full Facebook profile "would have meant I endorsed intellectual property theft" without realizing that information willingly shared is not "thieved."

Lastly, the author appears to rub most people in the book up the wrong way. Other than his closest associates and his family, almost every social interaction seems to result in the author antagonizing someone or being ignored. In many cases, he relies on his father to write e-mails and letters on his behalf (mostly unsuccessfully), rather than fight his own battles. "If Mark can get $2 billion for my ideas, I should at least be able to get a couple million!" sums up what I see as a jealous individual who, as it happens, has written a gripping and interesting book.

As good as this book is, I sense Greenspan isn't the sort of person to get over a slight easily and it saddens me that he appears restricted him from achieving all that someone with his talents could be.
The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google
The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google
This is one of a number of recent books from authors who had a front row seat at the birth of the digital economy. In this case the journey unfolds through the proxy of Four—Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebook.

The prose is quick and witty. Some of the witty is admittedly built on more than a whiff of cynicism: “At its core, Apple fills two instinctual needs: to feel closer to God and be more attractive to the opposite sex.” And,“Facebook is a platform for strutting and preening…Few people post pictures of their divorce papers or how tired they look on Thursday.” You will, nonetheless, smile.

And the book is chock full of interesting trivia: “The cocktail of low-cost product and premium prices has landed Apple with a cash pile greater than the GDP of Denmark, the Russian stock market, and the market cap of Boeing, Airbus, and Nike combined.”

In the end, while the book admires what each of the Four has accomplished, it begs the question being increasingly asked: What is our digital future and are we better off for it?

It is a legitimate question. Google has more power than Standard Oil or AT&T ever dreamed of and yet the government and its regulators seem not to care. The government, in fact, cheers on the consolidation, despite the degree to which the Four contribute in a very real way to the country’s debilitating political and social polarization. “So, Facebook, and the rest of the algorithm-driven media, barely bothers with moderates.” And “This is how these algorithms reinforce polarization in our society.”

Fake news and Russian influence are the news stories of the day, but, as Galloway points out, this is the tip of the iceberg. Google, in the end, is a public utility managed as if it weren’t and Facebook is no less a media company than the New York Times or CNN. To dismiss Facebook’s power on the notion that it is a mere platform for personal expression defies common sense. “Don’t kid yourself: Facebook’s sole mission is to make money. Once the company’s success is measured in clicks and dollars, why favor true stories over false ones?”

Each of the four, moreover, yields monopoly-enabled financial power in the market, allowing them to make huge bets in things like artificial intelligence and driverless vehicles; bets that the likes of General Motors and IBM and their employees could not begin to finance out of their comparatively pedestrian and competitively constrained returns.

While Galloway clearly has a love/hate relationship with each of the Four and attempts to provide a balanced assessment, the prose devoted to the negative is definitely more acerbic in tone and more than a tad personal. I admit particular discomfort in his portrayal of Steve Jobs, suggesting that fans like myself “conveniently ignored the fact that Steve Jobs gave nothing to charity, almost exclusively hired middle-aged white guys, and was an awful person.”

Without disputing Jobs’ humanity tit for tat, as I didn't know him, he was a person with passion and authenticity; two qualities sorely lacking in many C-suites toady. There is a fine line between not suffering fools (a good thing) and bullying (a bad thing), but I still choose to believe Jobs was on the right side of that line.

Style and discrete substance aside, I do think Galloway’s main theme is accurate. “A devouring beast, Facebook will continue with more of the same. With its global reach, its near-limitless capital, and its ever-smarter data-crunching AI machine, Facebook, in combination with Google, will lay waste to much of the analog and digital media worlds.” And the Four “pursue a Darwinian, rapacious path to profits and ignore the job destruction taking place at your hands every day.” Whatever the intentions and good will of their leaders, we are allowing a consolidation of corporate power never before seen in history. Napoleon, Alexander the Great, and Genghis Khan were mere street corner tough guys in comparison.

I further agree with Galloway that the notion that we are promoting a culture that believes that individuals, entrepreneurial or not, should be rewarded with billion dollar paydays is both dangerous and indefensible. Ultimately, no person, no business, and no idea exists in isolation. Rugged individualism is a romantic myth. Every one of us benefits from our membership in a society that protects us, educates us, and gives us roads to drive on. Every company, the Four included, enjoys both these advantages and the benefits of sound and accessible credit markets, the protection of intellectual property, and a body of publicly funded research that they can lease for pennies on the dollar.

The philosophical school of skepticism, most often associated with Pyrrho of Elis, who lived in the fourth century BCE and traveled to India with the armies of Alexander the Great, put it best. Skepticism is the suspension of judgment, called epoché, that flows from the paradox that what we know and how we know it cannot be known independently, thus precluding a definitive answer to either question. However exciting it may be, the entrepreneurial culture that empowers the digital world is built on a well-defined dogma, and is thus worthy of our legitimate skepticism.

Galloway ultimately notes that every dog has its day. All of the Four face great risk going forward; risk that has clearly not been baked into their market valuations. Google is likely to be seen for the public utility it is. Facebook will likely be stymied in its effort to facilitate meaningful communities by the inevitable erosion in public trust that is structurally inherent in its algorithmic model. Amazon, Galloway notes, will face potential backlash over the impact of its digital efficiency on retail and last mile employment. And Apple, like all companies, faces the risk of management missteps and changing tastes, although neither has threatened it to date.

I don’t share Galloway’s pessimism regarding the future of brands, but I do agree that, “No technology firm has solved the problem of aging—losing relevance.” It reflects, in part, the sine wave of development that seems inherent to the universe itself. Only Apple, Galloway notes, has yet survived beyond the cult of its original founder(s).

In the last two sections of the book Galloway tackles what it will take to be the fifth of Five, or a replacement for one of the Four, (What he calls the T Algorithm) and offers advice to young people just starting their career. The ideas are okay but a bit superficial. Everyone should be likeable, for example. If your parents didn’t teach you that you’re admittedly starting in a hole. It’s a quality you should expect of your pets, much less yourself.

The latter part of the book does lose some intensity, as a result. Some of the material, such as the need for curiosity, emotional intelligence, and a college degree are a bit redundant. And he makes a lot of generalizations, such as his observed tendency of young men to preen in meetings and what he considers the limited bandwidth of the average CEO. He readily admits his own excesses, which are, at times, a bit off-putting although the authenticity, I think, ultimately wins out.

The book, in the end, is a worthy read on an important topic. The author is sometimes a victim of excess, but aren’t we all. Gallagher has both an experience worthy of being heard and the chops to make us listen anyway.
He's Lying Sis: Uncover the Truth Behind His Words and Actions, Volume 1
He's Lying Sis: Uncover the Truth Behind His Words and Actions, Volume 1
This book came at the right time. Three weeks after I had a break up I woke up and cried out to God to bring peace to my heart and help me see the plan he has for me. This book was discovered an hour after my prayer. I knew and saw all the red flags but decided to ignore them because I felt it was growing pains and we would get over the hurdles. I had been praying to God to reveal whether this was the right man for me. Well my ex took the initiative and ended the relationship after 3 months of dating. I was broken, disappointed and hurt because I had invested so much of myself even after 3 months. This book reminded me to trust my intuition, there are good men out there and continue to be open about who you are and what you expect upfront.
The Future Is Now: How Elon Musk Is Shaping A Better Tomorrow
The Future Is Now: How Elon Musk Is Shaping A Better Tomorrow
This was a decent understanding into his unimaginable trials, desolations and successes.I have been a genuine wrestling fan since I was youthful watching Superstars in Saturday mornings. This book has clarified extremely well on Elon Musk's Life, Lessons and Rules for Success. This book is absolutely important and extraordinary. Supportive, and sitting tight for next one.
Jack Ma: The Art Of Dreaming And Succeeding Extraordinary
Jack Ma: The Art Of Dreaming And Succeeding Extraordinary
Early in life Jack would bicycle for an hour to a Hangzhou hotel to meet tourists and then barter English lessons for tours. He then used his English skills to teach for several years. Today his net worth is estimated to exceed $47 billion, built from a dream he had 15 years ago of housing small businesses on the Internet.

Four years after developing China Pages (provided a means for local businesses to advertise), he launched Alibaba.com with 17 friends in his apartment. In 2012 that was followed with a $150 billion IPO. Author Morris claims that Jack Ma's path shows 1)There is no need to get other's permission to get started - even in China (actually, a false statement), 2)There is no need to wait for the perfect set of circumstances, and 3)There is no need to wait for your skills to be good.

'Believe what you are doing' - doubt often leads to the death of your dream, while the repetition of affirmation leads to belief - and then things begin to happen.

His vision also included creating millions of jobs in China that would help llift people out of poverty. As he has grown older, Ma has also become committed to 'working for the young people' and helping find creative solutions to help China's environmental issues.

He selected 'Alibaba' as his businesses name because it was easily pronounced, well-recognized, and meant opening gateways (for small entrepreneurs). He has also founded 1688.com (online marketplace connecting buyers and sellers in China - a wholesale channel for vendors seling through Alibaba's retail avenues), Taobao Marketplace (a social platform for retail shopping, with customers' experiences personalized through bag data analytics), Tmall (carries internationally branded and more premium items), AliExpress (serving retail clientele globally, with most buyers from the U.S. and Europe), Ant Financial Services Group (provides technology for clients' digital payments, and financing for merchants partnered with the core businesses, Alimama.com (cloud computing and services through Alibaba Cloud and Cainiao Network).

'The quality of a good leader therefore is his vision, tenacity, and his capability.'

Jack Ma pursued through multiple rejections - failing a key primary school test twice, middle school test 3 times, the college entrance exam twice, undertook multiple efforts to solicit government support for his China Pages, was the only one of 24 KFC manager applicants in China and one of 5 police officer applicants to be rejected. Obtaining funding also required considerable effort - eventually Goldman Sachs and Softbank invested $5 million and $20 million, respectfully.

Morris also points out that Ma's determination did not equate to stubbornly repeating the same mistakes.

'You will never learn to swim until you are in the water.' (Jack Ma)

Morris goes on to suggest finding role models
¡Basta de historias!: La obsesión latinoamerican con el pasado y las doce claves para el futuro (Spanish Edition)
¡Basta de historias!: La obsesión latinoamerican con el pasado y las doce claves para el futuro (Spanish Edition)
Soy padre de 2 pequeños, uno de 4 y otra de 1 año y este libro me abrió más los ojos para reforzar mi idea de que mis hijos deberán de estudiar en el extranjero en cierto punto de su carrera estudiantil y por el otro lado a seleccionar mejor sus escuelas poniendo especial atención a los maestros que les darán clases y no tanto a la fama y prestigio de la escuela. Recomendado para padres de familia, para Enrique Peña actual presidente de México (y futuros), senadores y diputados y para toda persona involucrada con la educación en México y en el mundo.
I Invented the Modern Age: The Rise of Henry Ford
I Invented the Modern Age: The Rise of Henry Ford
This wonderful book pulls Henry Ford into the present by presenting us with his deep revealing shadow. Richard Snow has chosen to create a picture of Ford that starts in his early life and leads ineluctably to the development of the Model T, which Snow describes convincingly as having invented the modern age. This isn't a new idea of course but what this book does is not only evoke a vivid picture of genius at its peak but it provides the essence of what we gained and lost through Ford's bizarre twists of character. We gained, of course, mass production and the automobile as a transformative force. And with Ford doubling the working man's salary, we also gained a middle class. (The book goes on to report on the brutality Ford later used against his workers, but that early support of the worker was an almost heartbreaking reminder of what is now being lost --US manufacturing and the working middle class.) And we probably also lost the possiblity of a global organization right after WWI. The book doesn't shy away from Ford's very weird and destructive anti-Semitism, his ruthless treatment of men who had been indispensible in his rise, nor his damaging and tragic relationship with his son. However, throughout this brilliant book I was periodically reminded of two other men, Steve Jobs and Robert Moses, who were also initially motivated by the desire to change lives for good. All three achieved monstrous changes in the fabric of society by building tangible stuff and overcoming extreme obstacles to do so. In the process, however, all three also underwent crippling psychological changes that made them, somehow, monstrous. To make this point, the important biographers of Jobs and Moses wrote very long books. Snow elegantly and kindly reveals this in far fewer pages. And it reads like a novel. (I hope some smart producer notices that the Selden patent case by itself has enough drama and character to fill a mini-series.) Snow even manages to make machinery thrilling, and this for a reader who doesn't know the difference between a monkey wrench and a monkey. I recommend buying it on the Kindle because at the end you can expand the picture of Henry Ford's face and place your finger on each side of it. You'll know what I mean when you buy this book.
Aahs Donald Trump Decals Car Stickers Funny Left Window Peel Off Political
Aahs Donald Trump Decals Car Stickers Funny Left Window Peel Off Political
Sticks on outside...would like it to stick on INSIDE to people cannot remove. Head is way too big...would be better slightly smaller (slightly!) Barely fit the window on my Honda CRV. Getting LOTS of "Thumps up!" here in Florida! No complaints, just people kidding me. If they don't like it, they can bite me, and are probably talking behind my back, but thus far a LOT of people LOVE IT!
Old-Fashioned Valentine Postcards: 24 Full-Color Ready-to-Mail Cards from the Collections of Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village
Old-Fashioned Valentine Postcards: 24 Full-Color Ready-to-Mail Cards from the Collections of Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village
Donald Trump Make 4th of July Great Again Men's Tank Top Patriotic Singlet
Donald Trump Make 4th of July Great Again Men's Tank Top Patriotic Singlet
This is a cute-ish tank top. I just like silly shirts like this when I'm at the lake, and this is fitting for the 4th of July. I'm a female. This is a guys tank top (obviously). I bought a small. The are openings are a little big, so some side boob shows. I plan on wearing a bandeau type bra or another slimmer tank top underneath. I'm 5'4" 140lb-ish (give or take 1-2 lbs) and my pant size is a 28 or size 6. The quality of this shirt is better than I was expecting, honestly. I haven't washed it yet, so not sure how it will come out, but I'm hopeful it will be just fine.
Satchmo In Style + 2 Bonus Tracks
Satchmo In Style + 2 Bonus Tracks
As the 1950's came to a close, Louis Armstrong decided to pay a lavish jazz-
filled tribute to the golden era of popular song from the 1920's to the 1940's and
the crooners who gave it its sophisticated charm. This album is a snapshot of a
time when popular music was at a crossroads: romantic crooning would survive
as nostalgia, but with a dash of fresh young talent; the big bands have dwindled
to a plentiful few; folk music have made its time-honoured comeback and finally
rock and roll had rose from a big time fad to a powerful world class music genre.
Take Blueberry Hill, the song was a big hit for Gene Autry and Glenn Miller, and
following his version from the early-1950's it have became a hit again--this time
for Fats Domino in 1955. With Satchmo In Style, Armstrong would choose from
this American Songbook repertoire where other slick versions includes It's All In
The Game, Jennie (A Dream Of Lilac Time), Listen To The Mockingbird, Indian
Love Call, Spooks and You're Just In Love. Backed with a harmonic orchestral
arrangement, the session also feature Louis Armstrong parodying bebop in The
Whiffenpoof Song, and with four additional bonus tracks added, you get to hear
a different take on When It's Sleepy Time Down South, where he plays them all
in his inimitable style--Satchmo Style!
Jazz age! Hot Sounds of the 20s and 30s
Jazz age! Hot Sounds of the 20s and 30s
When I was a child my parents had a record by the Alberts, Temperance Seven and the Bonzo Dog Band and I loved it. At the time I did not realise that these were bands of the 1960s reliving the music of the 1920s in the Trad/Rad movement, I just loved the sound. Later I came across the Pasadena Roof Orchestra who concentrated less on humour and more on the music. As I grew older I understood the origins better, but recordings from the actual period that inspired these groups often sounded so small and scratchy that they could hardly be enjoyed.

So what a treat to find this compilation, which is of high musical and high audio quality. The transfer from 78 rpm disks is superb, there is almost no hiss or crackle and the dynamic range is about as good as could be hoped for. These are old recordings so there are limits but I can't imagine this being done any better. The fact that they don't sound modern gives them a nostalgic feeling which transports you back in time rather than being a detraction.

It is interesting to note that on Bryn Ferry's album, also called "Jazz Age", where he performs Roxy Music tracks in the style of 1920s jazz, the sound quality has been deliberately reduced to make it sound more authentic.

But more importantly the selection of music on this collection of original tracks is great. Lots of the key musicians of the age and a good varied selection of tunes. Most tracks are instrumental and had my toes tapping all the way through from the first listening. Considering there is around two and a half hours of material here, it is amazing that this never seems monotonous and not a single track I would want to untick in iTunes. The few tracks with vocals are well chosen and dotted here and there to make things interesting.

The booklet on the physical CD has biographical information about the artists and details of the individual tracks.

This is NOT some bargain bucket compilation CD. This is a quality offering through and through and worth the price (around £15 at time of this review). I listened to the samples on just about all of the other 1920s, Charleston, etc compilations but this is the one that stood out.
Together Through Life
Together Through Life
The "Deluxe" Together Through Life has the standard album plus a sticker, poster, and two bonus CDs. The sticker and poster are worthless; the former merely shows the album title, and the latter the lame cover photo. One CD is the "Friends and Neighbors" episode of Dylan's popular XM radio show. A typically enjoyable example of the program, it has an astonishing variety of music mixed with Dylan's lively, informative, and often amusing commentary and quotes. It is a good introduction to the show for anyone unfamiliar with it but of little value to those who are. The other CD is also virtually worthless -- an outtake from landmark film No Direction Home lasting only a few minutes. It has an interview with Dylan's little-known first manager, Roy Silver, and a slightly different audio take of "Blowin' in the Wind." The segment has no revelations, and it is easy to see why it was excluded, but hard-cores may find it somewhat interesting. All must decide if this makes the "Deluxe" edition worth purchasing over the standard; in most cases, it certainly does not.

As for the album itself, though not on par with his three prior later career masterpieces, Together Through Life is another worthy Bob Dylan album. Fans should certainly get his major albums first, but anyone interested in him should eventually check it out, while significant differences from his other albums mean it may possibly appeal to those not usually keen on him.

It is immediately clear that Together is far more modest than other recent Dylan albums; it lacks their epic feel and is indeed only about two thirds of their length. One might almost see it as Dylan kicking against his Grand Old Man of Meaningful Songs title. Songs are short and to the point; there is no attempt at epic or panoramic music. More notably, there are few words by Dylan's standard, and what we get is unusually simple and straightforward, stripped of imagery and grand themes. They generally focus on love and lust in familiar terms and are doubtless highly influenced by co-writer and Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter. Those who value Dylan's profundity may be disappointed and perhaps even curse Hunter; it is surely no surprise that the only song written by Dylan alone ("This Dream of You") is easily the best.

All this suggests that Together has little merit, but this is not so, though it is undeniably minor. The concision and punchiness of the words are quite intriguing, if limited, and Dylan's vocals retain their latter-day strength. One would have to look very hard indeed for another singer of his age with such emotional vitality and diversity. "Life Is Hard" has a surprisingly nimble falsetto, but his gifts, as ever, have nothing to do with hitting and holding notes or having range. Instead, his phrasing remains impeccable, and he puts the songs forth with verve and vigor few can even approach; this is particularly important, given the lyrics' unusual nature.

Music is probably the biggest point of contention. Aside from "Life Is Hard," an acoustic take on Dylan's recent Rat Pack balladry fixation, it is essentially split between accordion-dominated Tex Mex and Chicago blues. The former is a great surprise; Dylan has hardly ever used accordion, and never for an extended time, and had dabbled in Tex-Mex only on 1976's Desire. Accordion - courtesy of Los Lobos' David Hidalgo, who also plays guitar - is practically the lead instrument on several cuts. This takes some getting used to, as does the musical genre generally, but grew on me significantly, as it likely will on most. The blues entries are far easier for fans of latter-day Dylan to appreciate. If less than revolutionary, they feature some fiery playing from Heartbreaker Mike Campbell and three members of Dylan's crack touring band. A few cuts mix the two styles to interesting, if somewhat jarring, effect.

"Beyond Here Lies Nothin'" is a good example. Essentially a take on the classic Otis Rush blues "All Your Love" with accordion instead of harmonica, it is a high energy opener with several notable short guitar solos, blazing trumpet, blaring organ, and powerful drums. It is also a good introduction to the lyrical style, beginning as simply as possible with "Oh well, I love you pretty baby."

"Life Is Hard" will not convince those turned off by Dylan's recent ballads but is excellent for those who like them. With beautiful music and a supremely touching vocal, it is highly affecting despite words that are occasionally too clichéd.

"My Wife's Home Town" is another harmonica-cum-accordion blues update, this time of the classic "I Just Want to Make Love to You," and even credits Willie Dixon. Well-done if hardly world-shattering, it epitomizes Together's lyrical modesty but at least has some amusing lines. The fiery vocal improves it substantially.

"If You Ever Go to Houston" may be the most accordion-dominated track - probably too much so for many, especially as the riff is very simplistic. A Wild West ballad and Texas ode, it is one of the slightest cuts but still enjoyable.

Further proof that no one does torch songs like Dylan, "Forgetful Heart" mixes things up somewhat with dramatic, Neil Young-esque electric guitar and other musical nuances.

"Jolene" is the most uptempo song, with a killer riff and some short, incendiary guitar solos. It is nice to hear Dylan and company rip it up, though the asinine words will disappoint many.

"This Dream of You" is Together's closest thing to a masterpiece - and it is tantalizingly close. Flat out mariachi, it shows that Dylan can quickly master nearly every genre; whatever one thinks of the accordion elsewhere, here it approaches sublime, while the bittersweet lyrics and mournful croon match it. This is a piece of emotional vitality only Dylan could create and has the album's best lyrics by a considerable margin.

"Shake Shake Mama" may be the most minor cut but is an enjoyable, rollicking blues.

"I Feel a Change Coming On" is probably the second best entry. A weeper with fine lyrics and excellent, highly creative drums, it may be Together's best vocal and is a worthy canon addition.

"It's All Good" is another accordion-laced classic blues send-up, reminiscent of Slim Harpo's "Shake Your Hips" among others. The words are very good, some of Dylan's best satire in years, and possibly contain veiled political references. It is a zany, freewheelin', and effective close to an unusual album.

All told, anyone expecting another masterpiece will be disappointed, and Dylan easily has at least a dozen albums that are much better, but this is very respectable, especially considering Dylan's age and how much great music he has already made.
Essential Bob Dylan
Essential Bob Dylan
Vor Jahrzehnten - als es noch keine CD gab - hatte ich einen Bob Dylan Sampler als LP. Dieses Medium habe ich schon lange nicht mehr. Der überraschende Nobelpreis hat mich nun an Dylan erinnert und ich suchte eine guten Sampler. Warum nicht "The Essential Bob Dylan". 32 Songs auf 2 CDs genauso günstig wie die mit vielen guten Rezensionen ausgestattete CD "Best of Bob Dylan" mit "nur" 18 Songs.
Klingt nach einem tollen Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis. Aber amazon zeigte keine einzige Bewertung, wie ist das möglich bei einem seit Jahren verfügbaren Sampler?
Da ich mich seit einiger Zeit über den dynamisch plattgewalzten Klang "moderner" Produktionen (z. B. Adele) ärgere, habe ich vorab die dynamic range database befragt, die mich mit guten Zahlen beruhigte.

Und nun höre ich "The Essential Bob Dylan" immer wieder.

Tolle Musik durchweg. Die Aufnahmen sind im wesentlichen chronologisch sortiert, so kannte ich die meisten Songs der 1. CD von früher (von meiner damaligen LP). Ich bin von allen Songs auf beiden CDs sehr angetan und somit sehr froh, diese Doppel-CD als Querschnitt des musikalischen Schaffens von Bob Dylan gewählt zu haben.

Der Klang ist - gerade im Angesicht des Alters mancher Aufnahmen - beeindruckend gut. Ja, auch dieses Mastering ist recht hoch ausgesteuert, aber hier handelt es sich um eine sinnvolle Optimierungsmaßnahme, die musikalisch so wichtige Dynamik bleibt erhalten. Es macht Spaß, Dylan in dieser Qualität auf meiner großen High-End Anlage zu hören.

Ein in jeder Hinsicht gelungener Dylan - Sampler.
Bob Dylan: Desire
Bob Dylan: Desire
über die musikalischen und kompositorischen Qualitäten dieses Meilensteins aus Dylans OEuvre namens "Desire" nahezu
40 Jahre danach Worte zu verlieren, hieße Eulen nach Athen tragen.

Also kommen wir ohne Umschweife zur Fertigungsqualität der beiden 180g 45rpm Scheiben:

Pressung - High Definition Vinyl, absolut plan, Nebengeräusche wie Knistern, Knacksen, Rauschen so gut wie nicht vorhanden.
Antistatische Innenhüllen, stabiles, wertiges - allerdings etwas grünstichig geratenes - Klappcover.
Remastering - satter voluminöser Klang, bei gleichzeitiger Transparenz. Stimmen, Instrumente - alles dort wo es hingehört.
Hervorragend - einmal mehr führt MFSL vor, was in Sachen Vinyl möglich ist/wäre.
Dicke Empfehlung - diese Luxusausgabe ist jeden Cent wert.
Dennoch empfiehlt es sich, das CBS/Columbia Original auf keinen Fall zu entsorgen, denn manchmal, nach einigen Nächten
in der 5 Sterne Suite, sehnt man sich bekanntlich nach Schlafsack, Zelt und freiem Sternenhimmel.
Aber diesem Umstand mag möglicherweise auch eine soundgekoppelte Assoziationskette zugrunde liegen.
ZJ Designs Jerry Garcia Mugshot T-Shirt Grateful Busted on Bourbon Street
ZJ Designs Jerry Garcia Mugshot T-Shirt Grateful Busted on Bourbon Street
I absolutely love this shirt. It’s super soft, the print is perfect, and I’ve already received several compliments from the dead heads I’ve shared it to. I’m 6’1”, ~190 and I ordered an XL. It’s a little long, but fits great otherwise.

Jamie & the Crew at ZJ Emporium included a thank you note for my order, washing instructions on a business card, and a dead lightning bolt decal (with instructions too). I’m extremely satisfied with my purchase. I definitely recommend ordering one if you’re on the fence like I was.
Thayers Alcohol-Free Coconut Water Witch Hazel Facial Toner with Aloe Vera Formula - 12 oz
Thayers Alcohol-Free Coconut Water Witch Hazel Facial Toner with Aloe Vera Formula - 12 oz
I was using a toner from the Body Shop for over 6 months and my acne growth never reduced, in fact I started growing acne on places I never grew before (cheeks and chin). I heard great things about this witch hazel toner and decided to make the switch. I’ve been using it for two weeks now and the results are instant ... after 5 years of consistent acne on my forehead (there is ALWAYS acne on my forehead) I haven’t had any in those 2 weeks. 100% recommend.

Update: after about a year of twice a day use I had to completely stop using witch hazel on my face. Although I stopped breaking out (see original review), I started to get blackheads and Whiteheads on my forehead that wouldn’t go away and I couldn’t figure out why. It got pretty bad so I started using BHA 2% in my routine and only found it to slightly help reduce the black and Whiteheads but not completely eliminate it - which was troubling because BHA is meant to clear it up. I started reading up on witch hazel and found that it can actually be really drying and irritate the skin, making acne worse. I am pretty sure this was happening with me. Anyway, I stopped using the toner but am continuing to use BHA and my forehead is the best it has been in a long time.
MadeHeart | Buy handmade goods Tobacco Pipe Wooden Smoking Pipe with Lid Great Gift Idea
MadeHeart | Buy handmade goods Tobacco Pipe Wooden Smoking Pipe with Lid Great Gift Idea
I don't use tobacco, but I am 50 years a stoner. This is a decorative ornament, but I wouldn't use it for smoking. The neck of the pipe is nice, but the stem and the bowl are not well finished. The bowl is partially lined with some kind of silvery foil/paper. The metallic, coppery lid is very thin and bends easily out of shape. It is not quite junk, but nearly so. I am debating whether to return it, donate it, or gift it. Keeping it is not an option.
Rugged Cell Phone Unlocked OUKITEL WP5,8000mAh Battery, Android 10.0 Rugged Smartphone,5.5 Inch 4GB RAM+32GB ROM,IP68 Waterproof Shockproof Phone with 4 LED Flashlights,Triple Camera,Dual SIM 4G
Rugged Cell Phone Unlocked OUKITEL WP5,8000mAh Battery, Android 10.0 Rugged Smartphone,5.5 Inch 4GB RAM+32GB ROM,IP68 Waterproof Shockproof Phone with 4 LED Flashlights,Triple Camera,Dual SIM 4G
First a couple things that may help others.
GSMT = Tmobile
The phone will do either NANO SIM CARD.
I switched from Version (CDMA) that I had for over 20 years to RedPocket and had no idea what those numbers were.

Next the phone will run perfect on Red Pocket, but you will need to manually add another or NEW APN to get the data services to work.

Yes you can DE-GOOGLE this phone and use it 100% GOOGLE FREE without "Rooting" it!
When you start the phone the first time go through all the setups, updates, enable... BUT SKIP OR DO NOT SIGN INTO GOOGLE EVER. Then open the google chrome browser (it's the only time you will need to use it) go to F-Droid.org (OPEN SOURCE SAFE APPS) download and install "F-Droid. Google will be warning you it's not safe, nothing on your phone will work without google... Which is just NOT TRUE the phone works perfectly without google.

Once you have F-Droid installed search for these things: (When searching apps look at the last time it was updated)
(As you add good open source apps - disable the default google app)
1. Launcher (replaces the google start screen "Quickstep") I'm using "Bliss" & "Posidon"
2. Keyboard (replace gboard no more google G) I'm using "Simple Keyboard"
3. Calendar - I'm using "Simple Calendar"
4. Clock - I'm using "Simple Clock" (if it gets stuck on 24 hour, disable 24 hour and restart the phone)
5 Contacts - I'm using "Simple Contacts"
(I exported all my contacts to .vcf. Then imported them into Simple Contacts)
6. Dialer "Phone" - I'm using "Simple Dialer" (all the functions of "Phone" without google"
(yes the "simple apps are great)
7. I installed "Disabler" (it can disable google things that will not let you disable them)
8. I installed Duckduckgo Search (There are two a search to replace google search and a Duckduckgo browser)
9. I installed Fennec F-Droid & Duckduckgo internet browsers to replace google chrome.
10. Files - I'm using "Simple File Manager"
11. Sync, back-up, Access phone via computer or computer via phone - I'm using "FTP Server (FREE)"
12. Photo's - I'm using "Simple Gallery"
13. Text Messaging - I'm using "QKSMS"
14. QR Scan - I'm using "QRCode & Barcode scanner"
15. Weather - I'm using "Weather (Privacy Friendly)"
I haven't added a map program yet.

Then make sure all things google are disabled, permission denied, wireless - network background access denied. There are a ton of google things to shut off. But the phone works perfectly without them. And guess what the MONSTER BATTERY lasts longer once you turn off all the background apps running from google! Win Win NO GOOGLE and longer battery life!

This is a great phone and it is strong I haven't done everything in the video. :)
But I have done these things to it already:
Fell out of my front pocket 5 or 6 times landing in muddy water twice, face down on concrete few times, into mud at least once (cleaned it in the sink). So I'm loving that part of the phone!

The phone is very fast all the apps open very very quickly. It plays every video I have tried so far online or offline.
(You can also install VLC Video and Music player, VLC remote server access via "F-Droid")

Phone Spec's:
Width: 2 7/16's inches wide or about 73.66 mm.
I like the width of the phone some are so wide they won't fit in my front pocket!
Thickness: 5/8 of an inch or about 17.7 mm.
Weight: it's heavy lol almost 1 lb 0.8 lb's or about 0.43 kg's (The monster battery I'm guessing)
Flashlight: Super bright flashlight doesn't seem to drain the battery at all. I have left it on for over an hour.
Screen: The resolution is 720X1440 not the highest but it still has a really nice screen with great graphic's to me.
Camera/s: I don't do selfies :) but the rear camera is great default photo size 4160 x 3120 13.0 MP.
For me it takes great PICTURES if you want real PHOTOS use a CAMERA. :) You can resize, rename, edit in "Simple Gallery"
Video: sorry I haven't used that and probably never will. I have friends & family that do FILM much better then VIDEO.
Sound: It's OK but at times a little low I don't have the best hearing in the world so I always have it on 100%. I'm using a Bluetooth ear bud at home. (I disable Bluetooth when I'm out and about). I haven't tried listening to music as my phone is mainly just a work tool.
Onboard Storage: 32 gigs with all the downloads (new apps) which you can delete I still have 24 gigs free and the 2nd sim slot to add more if it's ever needed.

I don't think I missed anything over all this is a great phone and for $149.00 which I paid it can't be beat. I would recommend this phone to anyone. I don't see anyone being unhappy with it unless maybe you're a fanboy of another product.

Thank you for reading.
Air Jordan Collection Manual
Air Jordan Collection Manual
Good book. I enjoy reading about the history of Jordan shoes. Great book for all Sneaker heads and sneakers collectors.
Bamboo Toothbrushes Eco Friendly | 4 Pack | Wooden Bamboo Handle | 100% BPA Free | Soft Charcoal Bristle | Bio degradable
Bamboo Toothbrushes Eco Friendly | 4 Pack | Wooden Bamboo Handle | 100% BPA Free | Soft Charcoal Bristle | Bio degradable
I’ve used a bunch of different wooden toothbrushes, and so far, this one is my favorite. The size of the brush head isn’t too big or small. I can reach every surface of my teeth without a problem. I also like how the bristles are black, and they haven’t faded in color.

When buying toothbrushes, I always try to find a reviewer that mentions if they’re heavy handed or not. Me personally, I am and I tend to go through toothbrushes fast. With this toothbrush, I am being mindful of how hard I’m scrubbing, but no where as much as the other brands I’ve tried.
THANOS Extendable Anvil Loppers Tree Trimmer with Compound Action, Chops Thick Branches Ease,28-40'' Telescopic Heavy Duty Branch Cutter,2 Inch Clean Cut Capacity.
THANOS Extendable Anvil Loppers Tree Trimmer with Compound Action, Chops Thick Branches Ease,28-40'' Telescopic Heavy Duty Branch Cutter,2 Inch Clean Cut Capacity.
I hate trimming my rose bushes because they grow quickly- and pruning with a small hand pruner takes me about 45 mins to 1 hour, and I have to bend over a lot, and I get stabbed and poked repeatedly- so I decided to buy the THANOS bypass lopper and try it out.
It preformed better than I had hoped! Other than clean up- my roses were all trimmed in 20 mins or less- no pokes, no stabs like normal. These are fully matured rose bushes, and do have some very thick stems on some of them the biggest stem around that I cut with it was as big around as my fingers, although it says it can cut up to 1 1/2 inches. And let me just say, it cut through them like butter. No effort whatsoever.
If you're trimming alot like I am at one time, it does give you a little bit of an arm workout, but it's a smooth cut. I like the grips on the handle, and it made handling it a breeze. It's medium-weight. Not too heavy, not too light. Very solid and I expect it to last for years to come. There are 3 gears to adjust the size of cutting mouth. And this lopping shear is suitable for fruit tree pruning, potted pruning, landscaping, allowing you to tackle any heavy duty pruning jobs. This definitely isn't cheaply made. Very high quality. Would recommend to anyone!
11" Stainless Steel Wolverine Fantasy Claw Set of 2
11" Stainless Steel Wolverine Fantasy Claw Set of 2
These things are great. Much better than I expected and definitely not a toy. At least not one for little kids. I plan on playing with it when the wife isn't around so I don't have to deal with her judgy glances when I start punching random produce that I purchased explicitly for punching.

The blades have a good weight to them and are designed in a way that will definitely invoke Wolverine. They are reasonably comfortable to hold but it will take a little adjusting to get a grip you like.

There are a few potential flaws.
1. The hand grip is very small and ensures that you can't get a stable enough grip to safely punch something. This may be by design.
2. There is a gap between the end of the blades and your knuckles, which may be designed to spare your knuckles during normal wear or possibly to ensure that if you punch something the metal slams into your knuckles in a way that hurts you enough that you aren't likely to do it very often. Again, might be by design.

That's really about it.
The tips have a bit of a point on them. Not so much that you can accidentally cut yourself on it, but enough that you can puncture things with the blades with reasonable force. The edge of the blade isn't sharp but is well shaped and could have a good edge on them without much work.

I would recommend gloves for long term wear, just to help with fatigue and friction points on your skin. I am looking at modifying some old winter gloves so the blades stick out of them and maybe relieve me of the need to actually grip them tightly the entire time.

I am also thinking about modifying the grip to a larger block for more securing gripping. In case I ever to decide to punch something, produce or otherwise.

In summary, if you need some Wolverine claws (and really, who doesn't) and you don't want some cheap plastic nonsense, these are the way to go. You won't be disappointed unless you have absolutely ridiculous expectations.
Riekinc Kids Superhero Costumes Zentai Bodysuit Halloween Cosplay Costumes
Riekinc Kids Superhero Costumes Zentai Bodysuit Halloween Cosplay Costumes
OK, i got to admit - this is a pretty great costume. I followed the height ranges in the size options and it fit my son perfectly. The mask is great -- deadpool's black eyes area is actually a nice rubber piece sewn on, and the eyes are a sheer white mesh. Visibility out of the eyes isnt great but you can see where you are walking. Not sure how well visibility would work at night. Costume is just the body suit and mask, there are no accessories (swords, etc.).
Good action scenes with Scott laying down the lead as opposed to his non-stop fighting. But there is some good fight scenes, with a John Wick feel to it. The weak spot of the movie was the actor protraying his son. No connection between the two. Now paying $5.99 is expected on the day of release to streaming market, but I would wait until it's a $2.99 viewing. I would recommend Scott in IPman4, WolfWarrior, and Avengment. And the Debt Collector pair is a hoot. All his movies are what at home streaming is for.
Una vida sin principios (Spanish Edition)
Una vida sin principios (Spanish Edition)
Viene en perfecto estado. Es muy ameno de leer, ya que trae dibujos a modo de grafito y una primera parte a modo de Nota del Editor. Es tan precioso que tanto como para leerlo como para contemplarlo es estupendo.
Der Film hat einige interessante Szenen,ist aber insgesamt nichts wirklich Besonderes. Das Magische ist manchmal eher fraglich als magisch. Zum Beispiel: Als die Hauptfigur von einer Person angesprochen wird, ob er in einen Geheimbund afgenommen werden möchte. WARUM um alles in der Welt wird die Hauptfigur eine Weile beobachtet und dann angesprochen. Er ist bis dato durch absolut nichts in seinem gesamten Leben aufgefallen. Und er wird angesprochen?!?
Für Coelho-Fans vielleicht ganz nett. Für jeden unvoreingenommenen Zuschauer überflüssig.
Mojave Crossing (Sacketts Book 9)
Mojave Crossing (Sacketts Book 9)
William Tell Sackett is not my favorite of the Sackett fellas. There's something about him that annoys me; maybe it's all the stupid decisions he makes, like wandering through the desert with no water and no exact idea of where water can be found. Why didn't he double back and get behind the crooks following him? It's the little things that make or break a man. I know I definitely wouldn't hire Tell to be my guide through the west.

I spent three-quarters of the book wondering where Tell's gal disappeared to, even though I don't like Ange and wasn't put out by not reading about her. I thought I had messed up the chronology of the series but then, near the end of the story, L'Amour explains her absence. It would've been nice to know that information earlier.

The biggest appeal (for me) about this story is that one of the antagonists is a female, the first time we've seen L'Amour break the "girls are sugar and spice" ideology (and her involvement is obvious so this isn't a spoiler). And it was a pretty good crime too, if only she'd gotten away with it.

We also meet Nolan Sackett in this story and hear about him being an outlaw. What all has ol' Nolan done, to be branded an outlaw? That's a story I'd like to read.
El hombre llamado Noon: Una novela (Spanish Edition)
El hombre llamado Noon: Una novela (Spanish Edition)
This is the worst book in Spanish I have received from Amazon
The spelling is atrocious.
Many of the words are incorrectly translated
Many words are hyphenated when there is no need to do so
A very poor job
I feel I have been ripped off.
I can read and wrirte fluentaly in Spanish
I cannot finish this book
It is garbage
A Man Called Trent: A Western Duo
A Man Called Trent: A Western Duo
One of my favorite Louis L'Amour western heroes is quiet gunfighter, Lance Kilkenny. L'Amour wrote a trilogy and a few short stories featuring this hero and I have re-read them several times. I was thrilled to catch the first two books in the trilogy put together in audio and on sale.

This is the Blackstone Audio Edition and the fabulous Jim Gough narrated. Oh, and just in case yours ends up like mine, the first book in the series, The Rider of Lost Creek and the second, Mountain Valley War, are in reverse order when you click play. No biggie. I just needed to jump to the middle.

The Rider of Lost Creek introduces the illusive gunfighter Kilkenny when a range war on the Texas border brings him to the aid of a friend. He soon discovers that there is more going on behind the scenes and the range war might just be the surface not to mention a cold-hearted back-shooting killer is loose on the land. Kilkenny has to be quick with his guns and his mind to keep the situation from turning into a blood bath. At the heart of it all, is Apple Canyon where outlaws hang out and a gorgeous woman who can make even Kilkenny's heart beat faster.

The Mountain Valley War sees Kilkenny homesteading peacefully up in a lush mountain valley and not looking for trouble. Then a big ranching operation down in the lowlands figures out that the water and situation is much better in the higher valleys and sets out to drive out Lance and the other homesteaders. Kilkenny must sling on his gunbelt once again and go to war when innocents start getting gunned down by guns for hire. And, he may not be drifting at the end of this battle since the lovely Nita Riordan has waited for him long enough.

Jim Gough was a good match for these old-style westerns and I thoroughly enjoyed his lively rendition of both stories. I was glad to have a consistent narrator for both stories since a handful of recurring characters including Kilkenny are present in both.

This was quintessential western and just as enjoyable as the first time I encountered them. I love the development of Kilkenny's character even if the others are developed lesser so, the mystery and romance that are often present, but always the thoughtful, descriptive moments and the gritty action scenes.
The Black Lizard Big Book of Locked-Room Mysteries (Vintage Crime/Black Lizard Original)
The Black Lizard Big Book of Locked-Room Mysteries (Vintage Crime/Black Lizard Original)
Promise me anything, give me an impossible crime. I've loved stories like that since discovering John Dickson Carr as a kid. And I've been seeking them out ever since. By now, I have several collections of "impossible crimes", so I was a little dubious about this one.

After all, how many more can there be? Well, Otto Penzler surprised me. In this staggering collection of 68 (!) stories, I hadn't read almost half of them. Wow! Good ones, too. Most of them. A few I thought were a little weak, but overall this is a marvelous collection featuring "impossible crimes" of various types. How he managed to find some of these, I have no idea. The man's a detective in his own right.

Anyone who enjoys such problems should have this book. It is a showcase for the "impossible crime". The overall quality is high, and you won't be disappointed. For those who may wonder, as I did, if the material is already familiar, below is the table of contents. In some cases, where I know it, I have added an alternate title. So this is what's inside (short captions from the contents page as well):

Familiar as the rose in spring

Edgar Allan Poe, "The Murders in the Rue Morgue"
Jacques Futrelle, "The Problem of Cell 13"
Wilkie Collins, "A Terribly Strange Bed"
Lord Dunsany, "The Two Bottle of Relish"
G.K. Chesterton, "The Invisible Man"
Melville Davisson Post, "The Doomdorf Mystery"
Arthur Conan Doyle, "The Speckled Band"

This was the most unkindest cut of all

John Dickson Carr, "The Wrong Problem"
William Hope Hodgson, "The Thing Invisible"
James Yaffe, "Department of Impossible Crimes"
R. Austin Freeman, "The Aluminum Dagger"
Gerald Kersh, "The Crewel Needle"
Stephen King, "The Doctor's Case"
Manly Wade Wellman, "A Knife Between Brothers"
Joseph Commings, "The Glass Gravestone"
Edgar Jepson & Robert Eustace, "The Tea Leaf"
Peter Godfrey, "The Flung-Back Lid" (a.k.a "Out Of This World")
John Lutz, "The Crooked Picture"
Carter Dickson (a.k.a. John Dickson Carr), "Blind Man's Hood"

Footprints in the sands of time

Edward D. Hoch, "The Man from Nowhere"
Fredric Brown, "The Laughing Butcher"
Michael Innes, "The Sands of Thyme"
Samuel Hopkins Adams, "The Flying Death"
A.E. Martin, "The Flying Corpse"
Vincent Cornier, "The Flying Hat"

And we missed it, lost forever

Hugh Pentecost, "The Day the Children Vanished"
Stanley Ellin, "The Twelfth Statue"
William Irish, "All at Once, No Alice"
Edmund Crispin, "Beware of the Trains"
H.R.F. Keating, "The Locked Bathroom" (from "The Five Senses of Mrs. Craggs", "Hearing")
Dashiell Hammett, "Mike, Alec and Rufus" ("Tom, Dick, Or Harry")
C. Daly King, "The Episode of the Torment IV"
Julian Hawthorne, "Greaves' Disappearance"
Ellery Queen, "The House of Haunts" (a.ka. "The Lamp Of God")
J.E. Gurdon, "The Monkey Trick"
E.C. Bentley, "The Ordinary Hairpins"
Jacques Futrelle, "The Phantom Motor"
Edward D. Hoch, "The Theft of the Bermuda Penny"
Judson Philips, "Room Number Twenty-Three"

How easily is murder discovered

Lynn Wood Block & Lawrence Block, "The Burglar Who Smelled Smoke"
Augustus Muir, "The Kestar Diamond Case"
Kate Ellis, "The Odor of Sanctity"
Edward D. Hoch, "The Problem of the Old Oak Tree"
Nicholas Olde, "The Invisible Weapon"
Ray Cummings, "The Confession of Rosa Vitelli"
Stephen Barr, "The Locked Room to End Locked Rooms"

Shoot if you must

Clayton Rawson, "Nothing Is Impossible"
Bill Pronzini, "Where Have You Gone, Sam Spade?"
G.D.I. & M.I. Cole, "In a Telephone Cabinet" (a.k.a. "The Owl At The Window")
Stuart Towne (a.k.a. Clayton Rawson), "Death Out of Thin Air"
Agatha Christie, "The Dream"
Margery Allingham, "The Border-Line Case"
Melville Davisson Post, "The Bradmoor Murder"
Leslie Charteris, "The Man Who Liked Toys"
Hulbert Footner, "The Ashcomb Poor Case"
Georges Simenon, "The Little House at Croix-Rousse"

Stolen sweets are best

Erle Stanley Gardner, "The Bird in the Hand"
David Durham, "The Gulverbury Diamonds"
Frederick Irving Anderson, "The Fifth Tube"
MacKinlay Kantor, "The Strange Case of Steinkelwintz"
Maurice Leblanc, "Arsène Lupin in Prison"
L.T. Meade, "The Mystery of the Strong Room"
Dennis Lynds, "No Way Out"
C. Daly King, "The Episode of the Codex Curse"

One man's poison, signor, is another's meat

Dorothy L. Sayers, "The Poisoned Dow '08"
Margaret Frazer, "A Traveller's Tale"
P.G. Wodehouse, "Death at the Excelsior"

Our final hope is flat despair
Some stories simply can't be categorized

Martin Edwards, "Waiting for Godstow"

These should keep you busy for some time to come. And thank you, Otto Penzler, thank you very much!
Naruto, Volume 43 (Naruto (Japanese)) (Japanese Edition)
Naruto, Volume 43 (Naruto (Japanese)) (Japanese Edition)


しかし、ここまでたどり着くのに43巻。 ・・・長い。


もう少し丁寧に作りあげてほしい。 せっかくの代表作なのだから。
The Mike Hammer Collection, Volume III
The Mike Hammer Collection, Volume III
I have loved all three volumes of this collection. In fact, I came to Amazon tonight looking to see if I could find out when volume four of this collection would be available. While I was here, I thought I would give my two cents on Mike Hammer and these collections. I can't say enough about them and think that everyone involved has done an amazing job. Obviously Mickey Spillane did a great job creating these stories that are still captivating fans a half century later. I truly feel that these collections reflect that. I've lent them to a couple of friends who have gone on to purchase them as well.

I read a review on here that calls for an end to this series and although I recognize everyone's right to their opinion I couldn't disagree more. Honestly, I respect Spillane for taking Hammer beyond the post-war world that birthed him and not being afraid to let the world beat our hero up a bit while doing it. Spillane could have locked Hammer in that time forever (other authors have done it). I think it is best that he didn't though. Hammer has always been a larger than life character; His very existence is predicated on his values even when society in general does not share those values. Spillane allowed the world (and its values) to change around Hammer although Hammer himself never really did. This constancy made his stand for those values even more interesting to read.

I personally hope that this series continues until all of the Hammer books are reprinted! I'll buy every volume.
Leseprobe: Origin (German Edition)
Leseprobe: Origin (German Edition)
Diese Leseprobe lud ich nach einem entsprechenden Radiobericht herunter. Ich war begierig darauf, die Story zu lesen. Natürlich im Original, denn Übersetzungen "verlieren" ja doch immer.... Allerdings hat mich hier der Schreibstil von Dan Brown wirklich abgestossen: Das waren keine Verständnisprobleme - ich lese eigentlich die meisten Bücher im Original. Aber das hier empfand ich einfach als unangenehm. Hatten mich die in der Radioreportage vorgelesenen bildhaften Beschreibungen noch sehr angesprochen, so musste ich feststellen, dass Brown dem Leser möglicherweise vorführen möchte, in welch bildlicher Sprache er schreiben kann und wieviele Adjektive erkennt. Durch diesen inflationären Gebrauch sehr weniger Stilmittel, wird mir das Lesen langweilig und quälend. Also: Schnell wieder vom Kindle gelöscht... Zum Glück gibt's ja die Leseprobe und jeder kann kostenfrei ausprobieren, ob er das ganze Buch haben möchte...
The Baby-Sitters Club #80: Mallory Pike, #1 Fan (Baby-sitters Club (1986-1999))
The Baby-Sitters Club #80: Mallory Pike, #1 Fan (Baby-sitters Club (1986-1999))
Speaking as a huge fan of the series despite its flaws, this book sucks. In plot A, Mallory gets a part-time job helping out her new favorite author, and then feels "betrayed" when she discovers that the happy childhood in the author's books didn't really happen and the characters don't actually exist. I mean, what's WRONG with you, Mallory? Were you "lying" when you wrote the story about "Tess In The Middle" or whatever it was called, or when you made up those two mice characters in "New York, New York"? It's called FICTION. You won an AWARD for writing it. And now we're supposed to believe that she no longer understands the basic definition of the term?

Meanwhile, to drive the point home, Mallory's writing a play for some elementary school kids to perform as some class project. The play consists of a family called the Spikes, with names like Ranessa and Gordon, wandering around on the stage being stupid. Because a) Mallory thinks she has to depict real life exactly as it is and b) Mallory is an arrogant nitwit.

The book would MAYBE work, a TINY bit, if this was the first time we'd seen Mallory trying to be a writer. But we've obviously seen in several previous books that she is much smarter than this, even if she is a toad. I can't believe Ann M. Martin okayed this swill.
Navy SEAL Newlywed (Covert Cowboys, Inc. Book 6)
Navy SEAL Newlywed (Covert Cowboys, Inc. Book 6)
I really enjoyed this book. The suspense, and action was really good. The story line was exciting, but at the same time felt believable. There was an instant spark of passion between Tracie, and Rip that made for a fun read.

Rip and his team of Navy Seal's was sent on a mission that went bad. The world thinks Rip is dead. He has to find out who is behind the gun smuggling ring. He contacted Hank, with Covert Cowboys for help. Hank agreed to send him an agent to be his new partner. He was not too happy to find out his new partner was a lady. Hank assured him that Tracie was very good at her job.

It didn't take long for Rip to warm up to the idea of having Tracie as his new partner. They had to pretend to be newlyweds. They both had fun. It was no hardship for either of them to kiss. I loved their relationship from the start, whispering to one another, teasing each other, but at the same time working together as a team.

The book got intense the closer they came to tracking down the guns. I loved how Tracie didn't depend on others to save her, she fought to save herself. Tracie, and Rip was a team, both strong, and good at their jobs. Neither of them were weak. When faced with dangerous, and intense situations, they took care of one another, and faced the gun smugglers, or you could say the players in the deadly game.

Rip wanted long term from the start with Tracie. He thought she was worth someone that would stay around. Tracie had her heart broken once before, and just wanted a fling with Rip. It was sweet how he kept trying to convince her to give him a try, and take a chance with her heart. You'll just have to read to see if he convinced her or not.

This book will be going on my list of favorite's, to be read again later on.
Life and Mary Ann (The Mary Ann Stories Book 5)
Life and Mary Ann (The Mary Ann Stories Book 5)
In this, the fifth installment of the Mary Ann novels, Mary Ann is seventeen years old and still living on Mr. Lord's farm. Her family life seems to be going rather well tho her da is still threatening to hit the bottle again over every little thing that goes wrong. However, Mary Ann is always able to stop him. At seventeen, Mary Ann is still quite enamored with her childhood sweetheart, Corny. Corny announces he is going to America tho and will come back for Mary Ann in a year. Mary Ann has her doubts..

Meanwhile, during Corny's one year absense, Mary Ann is meddling in everyone's affairs and trying to fix everyone's problems again. A friend is pregnant, an acquaintance is getting smacked around by her husband, Mr. Lord's grandson is about to drop a bomb by announcing his plans to wed a woman that Mr. Lord will not approve of, and somebody gets a serious case of polio with drastic results.

Amid all this excitement, Mary Ann wonders and worries, "Will Corny come back?"

Four stars because it wasn't quite as exciting or as funny as the last Mary Ann novel, Love and Mary Ann. Still good tho.
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Part 1--Phantom Blood, Vol. 3 (3)
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Part 1--Phantom Blood, Vol. 3 (3)
If you are a fan of JOJO's or just getting into the series like me, then you have come to the right place. Part 1, in which I have completed, has beautif shiny bits that make the hard cover even more enjoyable. Even so, the price comparison to other places who are also selling this series, in my opinion, this is the best. I just love hard covers 100% more. Even with the inside, some of the first few pages are collored and just so pretty. Again, they are glorious pieces for a manga collection.
The Orion Mystery: Unlocking the Secrets of the Pyramids
The Orion Mystery: Unlocking the Secrets of the Pyramids
The Orion Mystery is a book that contains a revolutionary theory for the Egyptian world. It is a book with a theory that shook the foundation of Egyptology.

What this book contains is a plethora of evidence to support Bauval's theory that Egyptians were Astral(star) based instead of Helio(solar) based. His theory and discoveries shake the foundation of Mainstream Egyptology by showing that alternative explanations of the material can solve existing questions. There is far more to the pyramids than meets the eye and Bauval bravely took that step forward with this book in the overall quest to find the perfect answer. Within all the information and theory you will find a book that is sincere, honest and written in a way to educate everyone about his findings. It also brings to light how the mainstream Egyptology community does not seem very open to new findings or suggestions, and in fact hinders new approaches at times (example: Gantenbrick's Robot probe)

Overall this is a Fantastic book that is a great addition to a collection about Egyptology and Pyramids. Bauval and Gilbert combine to make the journey into this fantastic theory with ease, providing the reader with a very laid back, almost down-to-Earth kind of feel to the writing. There is no bombardments of scientific facts, instead sticking to simple and easy to follow explanations for his theory. A definite must read!
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (James Bond (Original Series))
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (James Bond (Original Series))
“On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” forms the middle act of the informal “SPECTRE trilogy” of Fleming’s novels. The antagonism with Ernst Stavro Blofeld reaches its peak in a final act calculated to destroy 007. The book is gloriously plotted, and since the action is confined to Europe and Europeans, the repugnant, racist worldview never quite kicks in.
Where I find some fault is the relationship with Tracy. A rough count in the text yields three days that Bond spends with her before they agree to marry. While she definitely helps him out of a jam at the midpoint of the novel, I don’t believe that Fleming has built the emotional stakes of a true whirlwind romance. As with most of his female characters, Tracy does what is convenient for Bond and for the story. Sure she has an interesting broken past, but we are force fed these details through an overly long monologue from a key supporting character. I don’t feel that the relationship is genuine, and so everything built off of it feels cheapened. It might have been more interesting to encounter Tatiana Romanova or even Viv Michel - someone with whom had a relationship and connection in a prior novel build that flowered into a deeper romance.
Mary Higgins Clark - Double Vision [DVD] [2004]
Mary Higgins Clark - Double Vision [DVD] [2004]
This movie is adapted from a short story by Mary Higgins Clark. The writers didn't stay with the story other than the names and the premise of psychic twins. Which is really too bad as the short story had some real suspense in it.
This is a movie you watch because you are a fan of the actors. If you can get a copy cheaply then add to your collection or watch it to see how the actors have developed over the years.
Naveen Andrews does okay with Jimmy, but because the script was changed, his character just seems angry and hysterical. We don't get to see why Lisa is with this guy.. Christopher Lee looks confused during his time in the movie, again why is Lisa with this guy?
Kim Cattrell has her strengths but not in this movie. As the twins Lisa and Caroline she simpers or is thoughtless. Lisa is the typical bad girl who drives guys to jealous rage. Caroline the typical good girl drawn into Lisa's bad girl life. Some of the scenes were just there to pad the story and give Kim Cattrell an excuse to wear a bathing suit.
Two nice bits involving a scene from Shakespeare and some Tai Chi, both from Naveen Andrews. Though these pieces are good they just don't fit into the script. If the producers had stayed with the original story these pieces would have illustrated the character beautifully. Here they just padding. This movie could have been good but the padding just takes precedence over the story. If you like really bad movies this is okay even in that category.
Wizarding World of Harry Potter Professor Dumbledore Elder Replica Wand
Wizarding World of Harry Potter Professor Dumbledore Elder Replica Wand
The one that I got doesn't look like the one from Universal Studios because I have the interactive one from there. I bought it hoping I could have both. But when this one came, I compared it to the other one and there were several differences. I don't think this is the one from "The Noble Collection" but I know it's not the one from Universal Studios.
Doctor Who: Doctionary
Doctor Who: Doctionary
This was a gift for my great-nephew, age 8. He has worn the book out to the point that I may have to buy him either a new copy or a roll of duct tape. He is a new convert, Matt is his First Doctor, and he absolutely adores both him and the book. Being a long time fan, I remember how painful that first regeneration can be (actually they all are), and I hope having this superb book will help him make the transition to Peter/Twelve. Long live Doctor Who!
My experiences while out of my body and my return after many days
My experiences while out of my body and my return after many days
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Blu-ray DVD Digital Copy Combo Pack)
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Blu-ray DVD Digital Copy Combo Pack)
Harry Potter's (Radcliffe) second year at Hogwarts is affected by the opening of a legend known only as the Chamber of Secrets.

The second instalment of the series brings more adventure and more imagination to the now infamous adaptations of J.K Rowling's wondrous world.

Rowling's first novel broke barriers for the concept of magic and a different world and the film broke numerous records all around the world with a stunningly entertaining and enjoyable family make over.

Chamber of Secrets follows in its footsteps by targeting family viewing again with humour for the young (Errol the Owl) and comedy for the old (Kenneth Branagh as Gilderoy Lockhart) and never underestimating the significance of magic relating to serious issues.

The question of friendship, the treatment of children under adoptive parents and the importance of blood relations are all points that become even bigger in the sequels and here we again see another wonderful build up and get to see where they all began.

Like Philosopher's Stone, this has a mystery all set up for the students to figure out and there are subtle hints being dropped along the way with laughs, drama not to mention twists and turns but ultimate fun and great family viewing.

All the stars reprise their roles from the Philosopher's Stone with the younger stars like Radcliffe and Grint noticeably more sophisticated and mature in their approach to their respective protagonists. Jason Isaacs as Lucius Malfoy is perhaps one of the finest pieces of casting that have been implemented into the series. Branagh, Rickman and Richard Harris' last major film role are all stand outs once again but like the first, these films are all about the magic narratives.

J.K Rowling's second novel was more flowing and slightly more exciting than her first, not to mention darker. This was noted by Columbus who uses a more artistic style to capture the more mature moments.

There are lapses and moments which feel a bit outdated. Not to mention recent novels have hindered the meaning of elements, in particular the diary but don't let that take the shine of the adventure that is still sharp and entertaining.

This is a fine adaptation of the award winning novel that delivers everything a family film should and reminds us of what happened at the beginning and when watching years from when it was made (2002) it brings back some magical memories.

Europa Universalis IV: What If? the Anthology of Alternate History
Europa Universalis IV: What If? the Anthology of Alternate History
The concept of alternative history is great and quite underused in modern literature (to my taste). Combining this with the fact that 3 stories in this book actually come from the Europa Universalis community, made this book very attractive to me.

Like many collections of short stories, the quality of these stories themselves varies a lot: some are great while others are frankly quite boring, depending on the topic and on who writes them. There is also a lack of diversity in the topic chosen for the stories: of course, because it's related to Europa Universalis IV, there is a lot of similarities, but after the third alternative Napoleon story in the same book, I was really done with the little Corsican man.

This anthology is a good idea to be recommended to fans of the game Europa Universalis, and of alternative history in general, but don't expect your mind to be blown.
Pacon 4" Self-Adhesive Uppercase and Lowercase Letters, 154-Count, Green (51697)
Pacon 4" Self-Adhesive Uppercase and Lowercase Letters, 154-Count, Green (51697)
It is very difficult to even see where the letters are on each page. in addition, each page is marked with what is supposed to be a "guide" to what letters are on the page but mine were incorrectly marked in several places. It took me a long time to even find the letters to spell out Happy Birthday. I think there is maybe 2 of each letter in upper case and lower case. There are some numbers and punctuation. I don't know how they get 154 count, but there are a ton of commas/apostrophes so that is probably how the number appears to be so high. For what you get..... I completely over paid.
Clip: Unblushed
Clip: Unblushed
A must watch for the ones that appreciate thought-provoking content. This is as real as every other woman we come across in life! Highly recommend it.
Log Cabins: How to Build and Furnish Them
Log Cabins: How to Build and Furnish Them
I was about to add my book to the list here, but seriously - this thing is so vague and worthless that it shouldn't even be published. There is zero - and I mean absolutely zero - detail about anything at all having to do with log cabins from time of year to cut wood (obviously winter) to preperation / storage / drying, notching - NOTHING. The author may have in fact known everything there is to know, but he doesn't convey that in the pages of this book. Amazon: remove this book. It is not worth the paper it is printed on.
Game Changer: A Gay Sports Romance (Game Changers Book 1)
Game Changer: A Gay Sports Romance (Game Changers Book 1)
I wanna preface this by saying hockey romances are one of my top fave sub genres. I don’t watch the sport, but most hockey romances I’ve read hit a sweet spot for me. That said, Game Changer just...barely worked for me...

This book doesn’t feel very welcoming to me as an asexual reader because of the emphasis on sex to have romantic relationship. I can enjoy sex heavy and erotic romances, but I skimmed every sex scene in this book, and there were plenty. One of my favorite scenes, outside of the ending, is when Scott is injured and they’re not able to have sex because it showed a different kind of fantasy intimacy in Kip caring for Scott, but even that was ruined when Scott said he would “make up” for not being up for sex.

Scott Hunter is a famous New York hockey player who is closeted, in no small part because of the homomisia that runs rampant in sports. His whole world is turned upside down when he meets Kip Grady at Straw+Berry, a smoothie shop, and they begin to spend time together.

I swear this had potential, but this really didn’t work for me. The whole relationship seemed based on sex, and when Scott and Kip said they loved each other, I didn’t get warm fuzzies because there didn’t seem to be any emotional connection. It also didn’t help that, because Scott is closeted, they really don’t do much besides spend time alone in Scott’s penthouse, which kinda reads a little toxic after a while because Kip becomes isolated due to keeping his relationship a secret and spending all his free time with Scott.

I am curious about Ilya, who is MC of sequel so I’ll give it a try, but I am dubious....

Overall, this book just didn’t work for me... it had some sweet moments but for the most part the characters were so isolated that sometimes it felt like the only plot was sex and the romance feels twisted in. YMMV.
Geschenk +3
Geschenk +3
Die schönste Weihnachtsplatte aller Zeiten. Seit Jahren (in der Originalversion) nicht aus unserem Haushalt wegzudenken, sobald es an das Schmücken des Weihnachtsbaums geht. Habe mir jetzt auch die +3 Version zugelegt. Genauso schön, nur länger und damit besser. Top!
ZOIC Luces LED de Navidad, 500 ledes, para Navidad, fiesta, boda, cadena de luces, 100 metros (328 pies), 8 modos, enchufe de EE.UU. 29V, DAG004U, 6.00watts, 29.00 volts
ZOIC Luces LED de Navidad, 500 ledes, para Navidad, fiesta, boda, cadena de luces, 100 metros (328 pies), 8 modos, enchufe de EE.UU. 29V, DAG004U, 6.00watts, 29.00 volts
I'm honestly not sure why everyone is complaining about them being tangled. Either theirs shipped completely differently from BOTH of mine, or they just couldn't figure out how to unravel it, because they weren't tangled at all. These lights came to me wound in two halves with about a foot of length between them. Once a bundle was wound, the O was flattened and cinched around it's waist, kind of like an 8. The twist tie was easy to remove and, if you take your time, the lights unwind incredibly simply. I'm really surprised at the number of reviews that say that they are tangled. Evidently ZOIC has heard this so often that they now send out an email that essentially says "It's 328 ft, please be patient untangling them" and then they tell you to read a manual on how to unwind them! I didn't read the manual, and it was incredibly easy. Honestly, just take your time and watch how they unroll and you'll be perfectly fine. The only SLIGHT issue that I had was at the ends of each bundle when the bundles started losing their shape and I had to set them down as I was working alone. We're talking the last maybe 10-20 ft of each bundle and it barely slowed down my installation.

My only complaint is that these are so very faint, that they don't really provide any help if you're seeking them for lighting. They work great for aesthetic, not so much for actual light. We bought these for our backyard. We have three dogs and two are black so they're difficult to see at night. I have always loved the look of Christmas lights, and I think they look great and provide light to see outside. As I said, these are beautiful, but I can barely notice a difference with them on, vs. off. In fact, our neighbors have actual white Christmas lights (not LEDs like these) and theirs are muuuuuch brighter and, even though they have maybe one or two short strands, their yard is illuminated far more than ours that's wrapped around the perimeter with these.

Update: Dropped this to a one star rating because these are definitely not for use outside. The claim that they are, is completely false and misleading. Yes, they can withstand some weather, but we're talking if you have an event, like a wedding. You cannot use these outdoors for an extended period of time. Such a waste of money and a disappointment.
Ring Fit Adventure - Nintendo Switch
Ring Fit Adventure - Nintendo Switch
I'm honoured to be the first to review this product on Amazon (assuming no one beats me to it while I'm typing this). This marks two unusualities (yes I'm aware that's not a word) for me in two days. The latter being writing a review on Amazon (or writing reviews in general), which I hardly if ever do. The first was yesterday when I exercised for the first time in approximately 2-3 years playing Ring Fit Adventure. That's not to say I've been completely sedentary for the last 2 years (for example, I spent two months in Europe this summer, did a fair amount of walking) but truly *working out* yeah, it's been a hot minute.

Some quick background info, I'm a 29-year-old female law student. I spend approx 93% of my time studying. The other 7% is split between eating and sleeping, so there isn't a whole lot of time for me to suit up and head to a gym. Sure, there's a gym in my apartment's basement, as well as on my school's campus (also in the basement) but what would I do? hit the treadmill for 35mins? Sure, I could do that and probably to my benefit. Would be good cardio. But I don't do that either. Why? I just don't wanna. /shrug.

I played Ring Fit Adventure for about an hour yesterday (probably closer to 40 mins of total gameplay) and let me just say - I'm SORE today. My arms and shoulders FEEL like they had a good workout. And the crazy bit is... I can't wait to do it again!! Literally about to pop on my leggings right now and go for round two (though I'll probably try to focus a bit more on my core and legs) but what's nice is I *CAN* do that! The variety in this game is nuts. I never played Wii Fit (or owned a Wii) but I heard it was just "ok" and didn't *really* give you a workout. Mostly yoga poses and maybe some core work. Here, you have TONS of options to choose from, and what's great is each exercise tells you exactly what part of your body it's targeting, and gives you proper form and posture. It's up to you to do the moves correctly, but honestly, if you're trying your best to match Tipp (your posture guide - how cute!) you're probably gonna be fine.

Before you even start playing, the game guides you through a really clear set-up and calibration process. The calibration is key because it, along with inputting your weight and fitness level, will help the game adjust to your needs. But don't worry about messing up because you can recalibrate whenever you want. It's honestly pretty cool. The game starts you off with only a handful of moves, expanding as you level up (and each move has a "recharge" time so you can't just keep spamming the ones that you like/are good at). But you can access ANY of the moves by going into "quick play" or "custom" if you just want a quick workout and don't want to go into the game. Every set you start (whether it's a level or world in the game or your own selection) will tell you how long (approximately) it should take, and the calories you should expect to burn. Every time you complete a workout you can hold your thumb over the IR sensor in the right joycon and it will take a measure of your heart rate, letting you know if you're in the right zone for fitness. I checked this reading against my Apple Watch, and it seemed fairly accurate.

You don't actually even need to turn on the game to get in a bit of a workout. If your Switch is in sleep mode and you click in the joystick, the game will register every time you flex the RingCon. So you can be passively pacing around your house, squeezing the RingCon (with /really/ satisfying auditory feedback, might I add) and be racking up points in the game! I'm not sure I've ever called a game or game accessory "genius" but holy cow... it's genius.

The RingCon is STURDY and well-made, and feels GREAT in the hand. The grips are made of this beautiful sweat soaking material (so you never feel like your palms are gross and sweaty) that you can remove and wash, and the ring itself is made out of a really nice soft, velvety feeling plastic. And honestly, the resistance is perfect. Yes, I'm an out-of-shape law student, but really, do enough reps and you're going to be feeling it too. They started me at level 10 based on the calibration and information I gave them. That doesn't necessarily mean 10 reps for every move though, and I haven't quite figured out the difficulty leveling system yet (is 10 just the maximum they'll give me? still playing around with that) but I've seen video reviews online of pretty fit men playing the game and it set them at say, level 30. This isn't your in-game level, just your personal difficulty level. You'll always start the game at level 1.

Now, who is this game for? Well, as I said, I'm an almost-30-year-old-law-student, and I'm loving it. However, someone with more /refined/ or /mature/ tastes may find the game a little cringey/cutesy (I'm referring only to "Adventure" mode). I've seen reviews that say the game isn't sure if it's targeting kids or adults, but IMHO, anybody can play this game and feel like it's "for" them. Some people may find Ring's voice annoying but I find it motivating, so you'll have to decide that for yourself. What I will say is, if you already own a Switch, and game on it, you'll probably be fine with it. Adventure mode is cute and endearing, and the villain Drageaux is hilarious.

Bottom Line:
This review has gone on far too long at this point, so congratulations if you've read this far. But if you're like me, and have zero motivation to exercise, but WANT to make a lifestyle change, I feel like this might be it. Will I be able to keep this up on a regular or semi-regular basis? I don't know. I hope so! Will I get bored of it? I really hope not. But for now, all I know is I really enjoyed my time with it yesterday, and am ready to get back into it today. 5/5 Stars.
star wars trilogía Original colección Rabe figura de acción
star wars trilogía Original colección Rabe figura de acción
Really cool figure. It's hard to find anything for the handmaidens of naboo. And while the costume is amazing and the paint is perfect, the face mold/paint is a little garish. Bright red lips where the handmaidens barely wore makeup, and undefined eye sculpt (at least on mine). But don't let that deter you! Like I said it's hard to find anything about the handmaidens, so this is a super cool find!
Lorima Car Cup Holder Phone Mount - Adjustable Cupholder Cell Phone Holder for Smartphone iPhone 11 Pro/XR/Xs/XS Max/X/8/7Plus/Galaxy/Xperia/Samsung
Lorima Car Cup Holder Phone Mount - Adjustable Cupholder Cell Phone Holder for Smartphone iPhone 11 Pro/XR/Xs/XS Max/X/8/7Plus/Galaxy/Xperia/Samsung
I use a gooseneck phone holder in my camper van.
This time I ordered one for my 2nd daughter.
This is what she has to say:
Order came in promptly and well packaged.
Love,Love this cup holder!!!! I took back at least 2 other types to another well known store ( a window one with a sticky seal that I did buy on Amazon, another goose neck with window suction, and the air vent holder style) - hated them all for various reasons.
Hard to find a cup holder one and yes, you do lose the cup holder when using...........BUT, I only wanted for using Google Maps and when I use that app, I was putting my cell phone into the cup holder anyway and picking up when I needed to glance at map closer. What I love about this cup holder one is the profile is low, the bottom part that goes into cup holder is completely adjustable with a twist of a part of it while in the cup holder so you can easily get a perfect fit. Also like the button that opens the cell phone holder part- it doesn't just snap open but goes open as if it is electronically done, really neat. Easy to angle.
Everybody's car is different and the middle sections different so I can't vouch for it working in all cars.
My shift handle is in the middle and also the emergency brake handle, plus the 2 cup holders and works fine.
Chefman Slow Cooker, Compact Personal Size for 2+ People, Fits 2 lb Roast, Removable Crock, Dishwasher Safe Stoneware & Lid, 1.5 Quart, Black
Chefman Slow Cooker, Compact Personal Size for 2+ People, Fits 2 lb Roast, Removable Crock, Dishwasher Safe Stoneware & Lid, 1.5 Quart, Black
Reviewed Jan-11 2021. “Chefman Support confirmed It does not stop automatically until the switch is the off position. “

Keep looking. This one is NOT good. I will continue looking for a small 1.5 or 2 quarts with a TIMER. This was for my college daughter to make beans. This chefman slow cooker just cook. It burns and overcook food. I tried beans, the reason we bought it, at low and high and they are over cooked. I tried rice at low and high and it was overcooked, at high it turns into rice paste At low and the rice litterally burned at high. I emailed chefman 3 days ago asking if there is an automatic shutoff. It looks like it is just cooking non stop. Believe me it is worthless. If it had a timer. It would be different.
Honeywell HFD360 Bluetooth Smart AirGenius 6 Air Purifier Cleaner/Odor Reducer with Permanent Washable Filters (260 Sq. Feet), Large Room – Optimal for Bedrooms, Black
Honeywell HFD360 Bluetooth Smart AirGenius 6 Air Purifier Cleaner/Odor Reducer with Permanent Washable Filters (260 Sq. Feet), Large Room – Optimal for Bedrooms, Black
This AirGenius 6 has a lot of good points, but the ad for this unit did not mention it had an air ionizer built in as a third air cleaning system. I don't like the smell of electronically ionized air or the feel of it in my lungs and would not have bought this unit if I had known this was included. The lowest fan setting was also too loud for me.

I gave the unit a two star review because two stars means I didn't like it, but the unit might be great for others who don't mind the smell and feel of electronically ionized air in their lungs, and who don't mind very noticeable fan noise on the lowest setting.

A few days later...

I couldn't find another unit I liked as much as this style of air cleaner so I bought the AirGenius 5 for $100 less and removed the electronic ionization. I still have the fan noise at the sleep setting, but I'm much happier now with clean natural air rather than having to deal with electronic stinky air.

Studies show electronic ionizers don't really clean air anyway unless they create enough ozone to hurt you. I really wish the air purifier companies would stop putting these electronic ionizers in their air cleaners. One company I noticed at least gives you a switch so you can turn it off, which is one step in the right direction.

My first night of sleep with the AirGenius 5 (no electronic ionization) was noticeably better than the previous nights with no air cleaner running. My lungs feel so much better with so much less dust going in them during the night. I'm amazed how much difference cleaner air makes. I should have started using an air cleaner many many years ago.

If the AirGenius 6 and 5 had come without the electronic ionization, I would have given them four stars, lacking one only because they still make very noticeable noise running on the lowest fan setting.

I prefer the AirGenius 5 over the 6 only because it does what I need, costs less, and was therefore less of a risk removing the ionization from it, which obviously voided any warranty.

If anyone else wants to remove the ionization from their units, here is how I did it:

1. Remove the filters and unscrew the back. Ten screws total. Two screws on my AirGenius 5 were hex head screws. I didn't have a long nut driver to reach them in the narrow holes so I drilled the heads off with a foot long 3/16 drill bit.

2. Unscrew and pull out both ionization probe assemblies from the plastic housing (the two nails sticking into the outgoing air in front of one of the fan wheels).

3. Cut, crimp, and shrink wrap both wire assemblies to go from 3 wires each to 2 wires. I'll add a diagram.

4. Screw the back cover back on.
Wiley Wallaby Licorice, Allsorts, 8 Ounces
Wiley Wallaby Licorice, Allsorts, 8 Ounces
Hard to find locally this for me is the original taste of All Sorts no coconut taste at all licorice and the magic fondant? Whatever the white layer or
colored filling its yummy if you like licorice and novelty approach it's all good. The price is fair and I'm thrilled to find it and have it delivered so quickly I will be ordering more

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