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The Warren Buffett Way Workbook
The Warren Buffett Way Workbook
First in english, then in german:

I bought this book together with 'the buffett way'. So after reading 'the buffett way' I opened the workbook for the first time and got really disappointed. I expected that the workbook is something like: What would buffett do in this situation? But its not. Its just like a class test with questions testing if you remember what was written in the specific chapters.

Instead of buying this workbook you could simply read 'the buffett way' one more time. It really makes no difference....


Ich habe das Buch zusammen mit "The Buffett Way" gekauft. Nachdem ich das Buch fertiggelesen habe, dachte ich, dass es an der Zeit ist mit dem Workbook zu starten. Als ich das Workbook zum ersten mal aufgeklappt habe, war die Enttäuschung groß. Ich dachte das Workbook hat Anwendungsfragen abseits des Buches wie z.B. "Was würde Buffett in dieser Situation tun?" Leider war es nicht so. Das Buch ist aufgebaut wie eine Klassenarbeit, in der es nur darum geht, das gelesene in jedem Kapitel abzufragen.

Anstatt dieses Workbook zu kaufen kann man "The Buffett Way" auch einfach noch einmal lesen. Das macht wirklich keinen Unterschied.
Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the CIA, Afghanistan, and bin Laden, from the Soviet Invasion to September 10, 2001
Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the CIA, Afghanistan, and bin Laden, from the Soviet Invasion to September 10, 2001
If you want to understand why the senate voted down Obama’s veto 97-1 last week, pick up this 400 page book and start reading it. It will grip you so hard, you’ll only be able to put it down when you’re done.

It is difficult to discuss “Ghost Wars” and avoid hyperbole.

What we have here is not just a level-headed, comprehensive and exhaustive account of Afghan history from 1980 to 2011. This masterpiece of a book is nothing less than the full and definitive account of the manner in which overt and covert American foreign policy mixed with Pakistani and Saudi domestic politics (and their projection on foreign policy goals) to directly foster the gestation and development of Islamic terrorism as we know it today.

You find out about the events in Afghanistan leading up to the Soviet invasion, the rise of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan’s struggles between Islam and secularism, the Soviet invasion, the puppet government the Soviets installed, the Afghan resistance and its protagonists, the pact with the devil between the CIA and the ISI to support the religiously most radicalized factions of the resistance, the donations to the cause that the US actively solicited and obtained in the Gulf on behalf of the ISI, the routing of the Soviets chiefly by Tajiks warriors under Ahmed Shah Massoud, Uzbeks under warlords like Dostum and the Pakistan-assisted Islamists of Haqqani and Hekmattyar and their American-supplied Stinger missiles. Next you move to the almost equally bloody struggles between them all, the subsequent total abandonment of Afghanistan by the West to the interests of Pakistan, all the way through to the disgraceful period when US policy to the region was dictated by inconsequential interests of second-rate players in the oil industry and the misrule the west tolerated in Kabul after the departure of the Soviets.

From there you move almost naturally to the rise of the morally virtuous, home-grown, ethnically Pashtun, Wahhabi-educated, Pakistan-armed and Pakistan-supported Taliban, their intolerance of diversity and the hijacking of their cause by Osama Bin Laden, who not only bought their way into Kabul but very carefully cultivated and won the support of their leader, the one-eyed mullah Mohammed Omar.

After that, the author gives a full account of the terrorist activities of Osama Bin Laden up to September 11 and takes care to set them within the context of other Middle Eastern terrorism, secular and religious, while in parallel documenting in full the CIA-led efforts to fight it. George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton, especially, do not come out if this account smelling of roses. Clinton, in particular is accused of first mistrusting the CIA and then of being incapacitated by his need to manage public opinion in view of his personal scandals, but also of his famous tendency to “triangulate” between getting results and keeping a distance from any collateral damage.

It really is all there!

All of the above, while true, is still not the best thing about this book.

What makes this an unbelievable read is that it really gets hold of you. Steve Coll has managed to convert this very convoluted history into a gripping narrative with character development and a clear storyline. By the end of the book, you feel you really know the Uzbeki Massoud, Americans Casey, Shroen and Berger, the Saudi Prince Turki, Pakistanis such as Zia-Ul-Haq, Musharraf and all the heads of the ISI; you get to see a darker side of Benazir Bhutto, too. Special care is given to understanding the motivations of all the players, the multiple levels on which they were acting, the multiple goals they were pursing at the same time and the physical terrain in which they operated.

It is fair to say that there isn’t a single character in this play who’s not having to make a number of compromises. The author tells you enough about everybody so you can judge where he’s coming from. Pakistan’s ISI needed to fight the Soviets, for example, but only if it could be beaten by its own proxies. And it also needed to secure secret bases from which to train guerrillas for its secret war in Kashmir. And all this it needed to do while still receiving financial assistance from the US and while pretending the country was on a path to democracy. The Saudi princes’ motivations are explained in similar detail, as are the sundry resistance fighters’. And you are left with zero doubt that western interests at some point simply went absent without leave.

You ride with all these guys. You climb on their helicopters with them, you dodge bullets with them, you watch them hang their enemies from the high mast, you feel the shrapnel tear through you when they fall.

If this was a novel, basically, you’d find yourself unable to put it down. Except, of course, it’s all documented fact. From the first skirmish at the US Embassy in Pakistan all the way through the development of our now favorite means of delivering “justice,” the dreaded Predator, and to the last chapter of the book (not unlike the last scene in the Godfather, except it’s Osama Bin Laden sitting in the –figurative- opera house while his opponents are eliminated) what you have here is a truly educational thriller.

I have no idea how anybody can put together such a tremendous book within three years of the event that gave rise to what could easily have been a lifelong project for a lesser author. But Steve Coll, managing editor of the Washington Post when he wrote this book some thirteen years ago, pulled it off.

And now I’ve read “Ghost Wars,” it’s clear to me that the US Congress has only really covered half the bases here. An equitable decision would also have cleared the way for US citizens to sue the Pakistani state, perhaps over and above Saudi Arabia.

Then again, the American way is to sue for money. When will we all learn?
Think Like Amazon: 50 1/2 Ideas to Become a Digital Leader
Think Like Amazon: 50 1/2 Ideas to Become a Digital Leader
Think Like Amazon is a book of ideas based on the author's personal knowledge of how Amazon has followed 14 Leadership Principles ever since he was a key executive there in the difficult years of 2002 through 2005, back when AMZN was selling for under $10 a share. Rossman joined Amazon as the company's first Director of Merchant Integration, in which role he created the third-party platform that now accounts for more than half of physical gross merchandise sales at Amazon.com. In 2002, success was by no means a sure thing. eBay dominated the space, and Amazon had failed twice before to launch its own platform for third-party sellers.

Although he worked at Amazon for only three years 14 years ago, Rossman supplements his direct experience with close attention to the annual shareholder letters written by Jeff Bezos, as well as continuing contacts with people still at the company. After leaving Amazon, Rossman created a niche business advisory firm, Rossman Partners. His clients have included the Gates Foundation, Microsoft, Nordstrom, T-Mobile, and Walmart. He is also a frequent speaker on the topics of innovation and corporate culture.

The writing in his book is generally crisp and clear, organized in usefully concise chapters, one for each actionable idea. As Rossman suggests, it would be a good resource for a team of innovators to read and discuss together, taking up one of the 50 ideas each week for a year (with two weeks off, maybe to rest!). Some of the content, however, felt like padding to me, such as a lengthy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) which the author helped prepare for a startup company named Modjoul.

When Rossman was at Amazon, the 14 Leadership Principles had not yet been formalized, but he and his fellow executives "talked about them every day and used them to make decisions."

If you've ever wondered "what would Jeff Bezos do" in a business challenge or opportunity you are facing, you might benefit from studying Rossman's list of ideas and then filling in your own second half to the question which he poses as Idea 50 1/2: "How will you build the traits of the truly digital business and culture to ensure Amazon-like results, to become the best digitally enabled business you can be and not become roadkill on the side of the digital disruption highway?"

Good question. Good book, too.
Rubie's Women's Thor: Ragnarok Valkyrie Costume
Rubie's Women's Thor: Ragnarok Valkyrie Costume
My product got here fast seeing that I ordered it on a Sunday or Monday and received it on a Wednesday. Well before Halloween so that was great! I took away a star because it smells like perfume or cologne. It’s not even a light smell, very heavy. So someone either returned it after wearing or the seller dosed it in perfume to cover a smell. Good thing is that i only need it for one day and more than likely will not wear it a second time. Other than that, everything is good. My measurements are 40G bust, 38 waist and 47 hips so I’m pretty heavy everywhere. I’m ordered a large which is my usual in costumes and it’s a little tight in the chest area but I have a minimizing bra so that’s not a problem. The tights fit great but the belt is small on me. I probably won’t wear it anyway because I will be at work and don’t want to deal with putting it back on every time is comes off lol. I will upload photos on Halloween. Hope this helps!
miccostumes Men's Deluxe Cosplay Suit Costume Halloween
miccostumes Men's Deluxe Cosplay Suit Costume Halloween
The costume fit much better than I expected. Overall I am very happy with it.

Though the straps and accessories can use some work overall I’m not upset. Also If you want a cosplay worthy mask I’d suggest buying a separate one.

The costume is as advertised if not better. There is some funky stitching and delicate zippers but it’s not anything a tailor can’t fix.

I orginally was worried that a Large would be ill fitting. I’m extremely happy I purchased the large. I am around 5,8 and 185 pounds. It fits like a glove but affords mobility. Personally I think it fits better than some of the more expensive 300 dollar costumes I see online.

In conclusion, For the price and quality it is a great buy. If you are up for a project. Get some craft paint to dirty up the fabric, buy a new mask for about $30 and touch up the accessories. Once that’s done this $149 costume can compete with the ones $300 and up.


Please note:
In regards to the pictures I uploaded, the mask and a few of the straps are from outside vendors. I also weathered the fabric
One Piece, Vol. 83 (83)
One Piece, Vol. 83 (83)
The artwork of One Piece volume 83 is amazing, it's very reminiscent of 1930's cartoons. Just one look at the trees on the cover and you'll know Big Mom's arc is going to be very different. Well done Eiichiro Oda, it is good to see you imaginative as ever.

As for the volume itself it does 2 things primarily. First it introduces us to Big Mom and her family. Each one of them is unique both in character design and personality. Though there seems to be a certain level of madness that they all share. Of course Big Mom is the star of her family and she is terrifying. After such a long wait I can't believe we are finally at a point where we get to know the 4 Emperors of the Sea.

The other major part of the volume is the plan to rescue Sanji. Which surprisingly Luffy is fine with this being a stealth mission. With the hope of them one day returning to face off against Big Mom. But we see how that goes, after all this is Luffy we are talking about. Overall it's an exciting start to a new arc, with one of the most colorful pirate crews in One Piece yet.
Horatio Alger: Or, The American hero era
Horatio Alger: Or, The American hero era
Ralph Gardner's biography of the great Horatio Alger leaves little to be desired. It covers all aspects of the great man's life and career. It also includes a bibliography of Alger's work and a First Edition identifier.
Dean Koontz – Odd Hours and Odd Interlude (2-in-1 Collection) (Odd Thomas Series)
Dean Koontz – Odd Hours and Odd Interlude (2-in-1 Collection) (Odd Thomas Series)
I only have one issue with this audio book set. After a certain point in each disc (don't recall the exact duration into each story), the audio starts to "skip" slightly. It's not a HUGE deal but it does get a bit annoying. It's like dropping half a syllable of a word every few minutes...example: He picked up the sh-gun (shotgun) and...". It's like a micro-pause that drops half a syllable but then just keeps going. I looked at the discs and there are no scratches or defects. I know it is not my car CD player because the rest of the same discs work fine--as I stated, it only starts after about 3/4 of the way through the story on each disc--and other other discs work fine as well. Defect in making the discs? Pushing too much data on them (they are MP3 format)???

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