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Children Who Changed the World: The Childhood Biographies of Gates, Jobs, Disney, Einstein, Ford, Tesla, and Edison
Children Who Changed the World: The Childhood Biographies of Gates, Jobs, Disney, Einstein, Ford, Tesla, and Edison
Of course, we all know famous people used to be children, but until reading this new book, I had not read short childhood biographies of people who changed the world, much less understood their common characteristics. The author does a service by writing this book for adults as it is true that there are biographies for children about these people.

The stories about the childhood of these geniuses have some striking and surprising commonalities, as well as interesting facts. All seven people did not have the exact same characteristics, but often four of them shared some trait or experience. Would we read this to try to develop such gifted people? No, as it is partly the time period of history, world events, and family life which combined to help them. Each person’s story is told until they are about age 21, then stops, as we all know the rest. The author’s observations chapter summarizes his thoughts. He provides a diagram of the traits for all of the people while showing which belong to each of the seven people. It does give one pause to think.

As a teacher, in the fall we would get our new class lists, and when we had maybe 15 boys and 7 girls, we would say it was preparation for a coming war. Who knows, but it stopped our possible complaining about how active our classes would be. What I mean is people are born at certain times and that the future doesn’t just happen all at once someday in the far future. A life starts at the beginning.

Yes, the times were important to allowing these people to excel in their chosen fields, as I read in Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers. But there was something going on from birth for each person, and the way was paved with a combination of intelligence, environment, family, and access to the technologies of the time. It began with perhaps being born with a large head, educated parents, or the conditions to foster curiosity and interest in learning. None of these people were complainers, and they all showed continued persistence, and had to deal with less than understanding teachers and principals. They all faced obstacles of some kind and, before reading this book, I had no idea how many things they each had to endure. Yes, luck was on their side, but they did not have completely easy lives. Reading this book shows how true it is when people say luck is how hard you work.

This book has implications for schools who may have gifted education courses to perhaps be more flexible about grade levels and have more willingness to try advanced curriculum with students who could possibly be mislabeled as having behavior issues. It was a near miss a few times for several of these people who obviously did make it through life, but not without having to change schools or be taught at home.

One interesting fact in the book is that some of the people were slow to speak, doing so at ages 3 or 4. I did teach several years of gifted education classes, and it was not unusual for a student to leave a challenge class to walk across the hall to the speech teacher. Of course, that doesn’t happen to all bright people, but it was interesting to me that it was one of the characteristics mentioned.

I recommend this book to bright secondary students struggling with the prescribed curriculum, parents dealing with gifted children and the related challenges, and schools looking to be more empathetic to very intellectual children. Often, it is a difficult road for children and families. This author understands.
BCBGeneration Women's Sleeveless Ruffle Dress
BCBGeneration Women's Sleeveless Ruffle Dress
La marca es muy buena definitivamente vale la pena cachar una oferta. He comprado varias vestidos de esta marca y todos han llegado en excelentes condiciones, sin embargo algo importante de comentar es que debido a que las prendas vienen de EU regularmente las tallas son más grandes, en mi caso adquirí XS cuándo en México compro S.
Go Power! GP-SW3000-12 3000-Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Go Power! GP-SW3000-12 3000-Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter
I'm new to the Solar Install crowd and I will prove it to you.

I've watched hundreds of youtube videos on the subject, but hard facts are hard to come by. It's difficult to decide who is giving accurate, complete, concise information.

The learning curve is long and cumbersome for me. I guess this is more about the lack of complete information on the products available to newbies like myself so this critique is more about my shortcomings and the Go Power endorsers who fail to give complete install instructions because they are receiving money for endorsing the product, as well as everybody in the industry pushing their products with confusing information.

Kudos to the ones that did do a thorough job.

I'm pretty certain I broke the green remote port on the back trying to figure out how to wire the chassy ground because the set screw is blocked by the remote manual port connection which effected the functioning of the go power remote switch now neither work.

I ordered the remote switch and the unit would only stay on as long as I was pushing the switch. I was then under the impression that the model that supersedes the B model didn’t work on my older GP3000. Talked to some dealers who said they don't even supply the B model switch that Go Power says is needed for this unit because it's no longer manufactured. (It's a 2016 product that no one manufactures anymore,) so you get the R model that supersedes the B model. So I thought it just wasn't compatible.

Talked to Go Power Customer Support, but wasn't sure I had damaged the green port at that time, but I think they knew and just didn't wish to pursue it. I'm pretty certain I broke it. Of course it's probably a simple soldering fix that I'm very capable of doing but getting inside of the unit is difficult and voids the warranty so that will have to wait.

The biggest hurdle was setting up a parallel solar array and the wire gauges and connectors that is needed with the heavier gp 3000 pure sine wave inverter. The system I’m shooting for is 7 amps x 6 panels in parallel = 42 amp current. (Ouch.). That needs at least a 50 amp fuse.

No one except on line suppliers carry the 4/0 wire or terminals for the 12 volt inverter install kit. I needed to purchase wire cutters big enough to cute 3/8 inches of wire and a crimper as well. That wire, by the way, doesn't fit/is too large to go into the inverter fuse block that came with the install kit and had to be trimmed to make it fit into the hole.

This unit is kind of out of date. I recommend going with the pricier IC version, (Inverter/Charger.) I would think It solves a lot of wiring and fusing issues or better yet the non-Charger unit that comes in two flavors: One that is a hard wired to your needs or the one that comes with a 20 amp dual receptacle, (both options are included in my older model.)

Since I dove into this project, I've taken it one step at a time. I ordered and am successfully using the Go Power Portable 120 watt panels that has an extra 10 watts. (Confused?). On the back of the panels it says an extra 10 Watts which comes with a Go Power Pulse Width Charge Controller or PWM.

Since I'm on a budget and still want as much inverter as I can get I ordered a MPPT 60 amp Chinese Charge Controller by One Solar which is a 2000 model that has outdated connections to your computer.

It tracks your usage, and adjusts the charge frequency. (I'm still holding out for an Out Back or Nigh Force.)

Today is the first day I'm totally using the small starter system on the MPPT controller. It's working as expected, totally overcast and this morning and today with light snow and it was reaching 17-20 volts consistently from the PV panels and maintained a minimum of 12.21 volts on our 4 Duracell Deep Cycle 230 Amp Hour Battery Bank, (go with the Trojan T105's if you can find some that haven't spend months on the display case.)

This all while we connected our entertainment system which includes a We Boost, WD USB 2TB usb drive, Sony Blue Ray player, and Sony Sound Bar, and a Hisense 43" Flat Screen Roku connected TV, and Apple TV between one and two hours.

The bottom line is the whole industry seems dedicated to 48 volt systems. That’s where the focus is, probably for a very good reason. Much less gauge wire sizes needed and more support by the industry in solar panel selection.

I’m on day one, a one day old newbie with respect to Solar Installs. Hope this helps. Good Luck

XYZ INVT Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 3000 watt Power Inverter 48v DC to AC 120vSurge 6000 watt, Automotive Back Up Power Supply Car Inverter
XYZ INVT Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 3000 watt Power Inverter 48v DC to AC 120vSurge 6000 watt, Automotive Back Up Power Supply Car Inverter
Certainly the downside of mail order. After sitting the box for 3 weeks, working fine for 2 weeks (carrying resistive loads of up to 700 amps), It failed 1 week past Amazons 30 day return (Oh, that old story) and crickets from the seller and manufacturer. The reviews that refer to this unit as over rated amperage are correct. It was not even putting out 2000 watts when it died.
Update: After the unit died I immediatley emailed the seller and the manufacturer. In all fairness, I did not know it was a holiday in China. Not to mention, it seems the world has come to a screeching halt. After waiting a day, I decided to call the manufacturer. Shirley and Qiana have been very pleasant, helpful and well spoken. We are currently working through the expected Q and A and its clear that I will be taken care of. This is not the place for the review of the seller but I had mentioned that I had heard nothing from the seller in this review. I was really happy with this inverter until it died. I was testing appliances one at a time. A 1.5 hour front loader washing machine load was fine. The inverter stopped working during the 2010 Built in Whirlpool dish washer cycle. Both the clothes washer and the dishwasher draw up to about 1100 watts measured with a real time utility meter. One would think that those would be safe with an inverter nominal rating of 3000/6000 watts. The fine print says inductive loads (electric motors) should be calculated at 2-7 times the rated value. Quick math says 1100 watts should be 2200-7700 watt inverter. The part that bothers me and the one star rating is the fact that the fuses did not blow. There are 8 - 20 amp internal fuses that are not easy to get to but you would think would protect the unit. They dont and they are not small sparks. It sounded like someone was welding. A little scary. My advice, for what its worth, make sure to get something that clearly states "protected". And, dont leave it sitting in the box for too long before you install it.
Update 2: Amazing customer service from China! I have updated from my one star review to five stars because Reliable stands firmly behind their products and customer satifaction. I have purchased the same Reliable brand and yes, larger, 7000 watt. I was completely and happily made whole for my first purchase through its warranty. When it comes to hard wired house solutions you cannot be too careful. I was connecting circuits to a solar sub panel connected to the inverter with 8ga wire through one 20 amp breaker. 120v x 20a = 2400w and testing one appliance at a time. I thought that I was safe with a 3000/6000W inverter. I would love to see a video review of intentionally driving every inverter above its nominal limit to see what it does before i purchased it. That would be comforting, at any time we could 'inadvertently' ask too much of our electrical system.
EDECOA 24V Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 3500W DC 24V to AC 110V 120V 4 AC Outlets and 1 Hardwire Terminal with LCD Display and Remote Controller
EDECOA 24V Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 3500W DC 24V to AC 110V 120V 4 AC Outlets and 1 Hardwire Terminal with LCD Display and Remote Controller
Upgraded from AIMS 1500w pure sine, NO REGRETS! I was concerned about going with a higher wattage unit because of the high "no load draw" but this unit claimed to be lower than any I've seen in its class, and it was! My 1500w watt AIMS unit drew 0.7a at idle and this unit at more than twice the wattage drew a mere 0.9a. Considering the fans run 90% less under my use case (500w for A/C all day) it consumes even less than the AIMS unit over all. Also, it's much quieter! My AIMS unit would turbo the two small fans on anytime the unit had a draw over 50w or above 20c degrees.... This unit however can hold its own up to 50c no problem, and, it can handle the 500w draw without turning on the fans-provided your ambient temps are under 85F. AND, haha, when they do turn on for heavy loads they are only half as loud as the AIMS unit because the fans are larger allowing them to push more air. Now for some non-performance details, this unit is SPLIT PHASE. I actually stumbled across this by accident. I have been running all my electronics for over a month now with zero problems. That includes an Inverter microwave, induction cooktop, standard compressor air conditioner, inverter compressor refrigerator, miscellaneous power tools, Etc. So it actually produces 60 volts across the black hot wire, and 60 Volt across the white neutral wire totalling 120v. The reason you should know this is incase you run your electrical through a breaker box as in my RV, shutting off an individual breaker only disconnects half the voltage. Your wires will still be alive with 60 volts ac. So be careful! I didn't see any mention of this in the description other than one line that said "reverse polarity". This is not a industry-standard functionality based term I am familiar with other than indicating a problem during the troubleshooting process, however in retrospect I think they may have been trying to indicate the presence of a split phase.
JBL MPS1000 10-Inch 250-Watt Powered Marine Subwoofer
JBL MPS1000 10-Inch 250-Watt Powered Marine Subwoofer
I'm somewhere inbetween. This really is a great little product, to be completely honest. Unfortunately a single one of these leaves a bit to be desired(In all fairness, I am a basshead, though). When the gains are adjusted appropriately, it has a nice little output. Jack them up and she gets loud as can be, but sounds sloppy. I would recommend it if you're not expecting to rattle everyone in the marina. If you want to, buy multiples. Great sounding units with moderate output. Also very convenient with the built in amplifier.
Ulefone Note 8(2020) Unlocked Smartphones, Unlocked 3G Cell Phones 5.5'' 2GB+16GB, Android 10 5MP+2MP Camera, Dual Sim Phone, 2700mAh Battery, Face ID, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, No Sprint& Verizon (Black)
Ulefone Note 8(2020) Unlocked Smartphones, Unlocked 3G Cell Phones 5.5'' 2GB+16GB, Android 10 5MP+2MP Camera, Dual Sim Phone, 2700mAh Battery, Face ID, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, No Sprint& Verizon (Black)
I like this phone. After breaking multiple phones that had cases & gorilla glass, I needed something that was tough. So far, this phone fits the bill. It has accidentally been dropped twice now with no effects. I like how everything appears to be nicely sealed up, all coverings are secure. I like that it can hold a SIM card and a SD card together. The camera works great even in low light. The flash doesn't appear to overcompensate. Front camera isn't too bad either. I like the Android 8.1 version. It's not loaded with bloatware but does include a few unique apps specific to the phone in the 'Toolbox'. This includes compass, bubble level, pic hanging, height meter, magnifier, & plumb Bob. I have not used these features as of yet.
One thing that's a little odd to me is the long screen aspect. It's 16:9. Nothing really bad, I'm just not use to it. Also, I have not used the fingerprint unlock feature so I'm not sure how well it really works.
The downside of this unlocked version is my data connection. I can only get 2G with my T-Mobile service. Apparently the frequency isn't the correct one for my area or something like that. My calls & text messages aren't affected, only the internet data. This is very frustrating for me as I am a high web surfer & use to my previous phone having the 4G connection. I use my WiFi when I'm at home bc it's faster. So do your research & check the frequencies for your carrier if you enjoy 4G. Otherwise, the phone itself is great for my needs but will probably be passed on to my teenage son when he's old enough for a phone. He definitely will need the rugged toughness of this phone.
I will update as I continue to use it.

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