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Squall by Sean Costello. Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars, with 5173 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Nicholas Sparks category.
The Wavedancer Benefit: A Tribute to Frank Muller
The Wavedancer Benefit: A Tribute to Frank Muller
The Wavedancer Benefit: A Tribute to Frank Muller by Stephen King, John Grisham, et al.. Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars, with 7 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the John Grisham category.
Blaze: A Novel (Hardcover)
Blaze: A Novel (Hardcover)
Blaze: A Novel (Hardcover) by Richard Bachman (Author) Stephen King (Foreword). Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars, with 5 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Stephen King category.
Smarty PHP Template Programming And Applications
Smarty PHP Template Programming And Applications
Smarty PHP Template Programming And Applications by Hasin Hayder, J. P. Maia, et al.. Rated 3.3 out of 5 stars, with 14 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the 'PHP programming' category.
Introducing PHP 7/MySQL
Introducing PHP 7/MySQL
Introducing PHP 7/MySQL by Prof. Sham Tickoo Purdue Univ. and CADCIM Technologies. Rated 5 out of 5 stars, with 1 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the 'PHP programming' category.
Writing An Interpreter In Go
Writing An Interpreter In Go
Writing An Interpreter In Go by Thorsten Ball. Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars, with 36 ratings. Read more and check out similar items in the Go programming category.
Warren Buffett on Business: Principles from the Sage of Omaha
Warren Buffett on Business: Principles from the Sage of Omaha
With the main exception of a relatively small textile producer known as Berkshire Hathaway, which Warren Buffett bought outright and which became the springboard for his investing career, the earlier part of Buffett's long and successful career was mainly devoted to non-controlling investments in companies, versus buying whole companies. Thus, today many people think of Buffett as "the world's most successful investor." However, Buffett's investing skills are not the primary topic of this relatively brief and easy reading book (although there is one chapter on personal investing). This book, written by Richard Connors and based on a class he taught about Buffett at the Washington University in St. Louis Lifelong Learning Institute, is devoted to describing Buffett's management activities as CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. That's not a bad idea at all, given that over the years Buffett has gradually placed comparatively less emphasis on Berkshire's investments (which today include the likes of American Express, Coca-Cola and Wells Fargo) and greater emphasis on Berkshire's growing stable of wholly-owned subsidiaries. Indeed, the list of owned companies, like GEICO, International Dairy Queen, Shaw Industries, FlightSafety, Borsheim's Fine Jewelry, Nebraska Furniture Mart and The Pampered Chef, among numerous others, has grown quite large.

The prime source for this book--by far--is Buffett's annual letters to Berkshire's shareholders, written over the last 40 years. Indeed, if you were to count words, my guess is that 95% or more of this book is simply the reproduction of Buffett's comments in his various letters, organized by Connors, the book's author. So if you have read Buffett's letters over the years (an exercise I would recommend to almost anyone interested in business or investing), then you won't find much new material in this book, save for excerpts from occasional interviews with Charlie Rose or excerpts from some of Buffett's other interviews or comments.

Connors has organized Buffett's shareholder commentaries into chapters that address the various important issues of corporate management: executive compensation, time management, assessment of risk, corporate governance and culture, crisis management, capital allocation and shareholder communication, among others. Buffett's comments are interesting, valuable and candid, and he is a very clear and entertaining writer. There is some human interest material, such as an account of Buffett's 1951 Saturday trip to Washington, DC to visit the offices of GEICO (because his mentor, Benjamin Graham, was the chairman of the company). As the somewhat well-known story goes, Buffett pounded on the door to GEICO's locked building, until a custodian finally led him to meet Lorimer Davidson, an assistant to GEICO's president at the time. Davidson, who would go on to become CEO of GEICO, took the time to educate young Buffett on the power of direct marketing of insurance, and years later Buffett would go on to buy the whole company.

In short, although there is precious little new material provided here (hence the four-star rating, not five), this is a very interesting book, and it is interesting primarily because it was essentially written by Warren Buffett, one of the most successful investors--and corporate managers--of all time.
Let Love Find You: Seven steps to open your heart to love
Let Love Find You: Seven steps to open your heart to love
The exercises are uncomfortable at times--you have to really face the truth of your feelings, intentions, wants, needs, etc. However, I feel they are definitely increasing my sense of calm and self-contentment. Some of the meditation experiences have been transforming and very powerful, particularly the experience of connecting with your future life mate/lover. However, they do require regular practice and sometimes the feelings you experience are painful if this is what is in your heart at that particular time. As the author states in the book, it is more of workbook that is intended to be re-read and the exercises repeated over time to help you work through all the necessary stages of attracting your next love.
Aretha Gospel
Aretha Gospel
Aretha Franklin was only 14 years old !!! when this absolutely terrific album of gospel music was recorded live,at her father's church,the Reverend C.L.Franklin.There was never such an amazing voice in the gospel field,and the live recording gives to this gigantic music a special,dramatic,intense feeling that could never be reached at a studio session.This extraordinay voice,which surely will make you cry,was the voice of a young girl who was on her way to glory.This may be one of the most important albums ever recorded in the history of great black music,wether it is jazz,blues,or gospel;I'll allways treasure this record as one of the highest masterpiece of singing.Aretha is bewildering,and maybe NOBODY ever sang with such emotion and perfection.This music is so intensive,so emotionnal,so rich,so unique that it will make you shiver and cry.You can't imagine what's in this CD,even if you listened to a lot of gospel.That's simply terrific.
"there's a fountain filled with blood" is sung almost a cappella by Aretha,with only piano and organ background,and exhortations by the members of the church.Her absolutely perfect voice marvels here."Precious Lord" is a masterpiece,a very great moment in the history of singing;there is an unbelievable dramatic intensity here,that was rarely equalled.This music is so intense that I can't find my words to describe it."You grow closer" is another great tune,somptuously sung by Aretha.And so are the other tunes.
You,jazz,blues or gospel lover,you have to own this exceptionnal record.If you don't like the music Aretha FRanklin did later,just listen to "Never grow old" and you'll have to admitt that you're listening to some of the most essential minutes of the music you like.This is,forgive me if I'm repeating this,an extremely important record.Don't miss it.
Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump
Bought this as a gift for my sister as a Christmas gift. I already knew what the album consisted of, as did she. She didn't own it yet, so I KNEW this would be the perfect gift! I'd buy a copy for myself just to jam out to! I think this review can be summed up shortly with the following: It contains classic rock from a few decades. CCR being my favorite! What can't you love?! I'd imagine that MOST people buying this album, or considering buying it, already know what to expect. My suggestion, if you DON'T know anything about this movie, and for some reason want the soundtrack before hand or at the same time, listen to this album in its entirety first! It pumps me up, hopefully it does the same for some of you!
Bob Dylan - Greatest Hits
Bob Dylan - Greatest Hits
My dad said the problem with this record when it came out, back in the day, was that it didn't have "Positively 4th Street" on it. The collectors, though, all had to have it because of the different cover. This version has three songs not included on the American version, "She Belongs to Me" and "It's All Over Now Baby Blue" from "Bringing it All Back Home," and "Sooner or Later," from "Blonde on Blonde." So what? "4th St." is still not on it and since any serious Dylan fan already owns "Bringing it All Back Home," and "Blonde on Blonde," there is no reason to buy this CD. Still the material is outstanding, so I'm giving it three stars anyway.
Java 8 Lambdas: Functional Programming For The Masses
Java 8 Lambdas: Functional Programming For The Masses
Dieses Buch bietet einen gut lesbaren und recht verständlichen Einstieg in die
Neuerungen von Java 8 und fokussiert sich dabei auf die Besprechung vom Lambdas.

Nach einer Einführung werden Streams und die Erweiterungen im
Collections-Framework aber auch anderen JDK-Bibliotheken aus
dem Blickwinkel von Lambdas vorgestellt.

Zum leichteren Verständnis wir eine eigene grafische Notation für
Functional Interfaces sowie für die Operationen auf Stream
entwickelt. Abgerundet wird das Ganze durch eine Betrachtung von

Inhaltlich gefällt mir das Buch gut bis sehr gut.
Warum gibt es "nur" 4 Sterne?

Ein paar kleinere Dinge stören mich an dem Buch:

- es werden immer mal wieder Vorgriffe auf später Erklärtes gemacht
(kann man nicht immer vermeiden, in diesem Buch ist es mir aber ein paar mal zu viel)

- es wird kein allzu kritischer Blick auf die Neuerungen geworfen

- im Text sind Methoden und Klassennamen immer wieder falsch getrennt und
ohne Bindestrich umgebrochen, das stört meinen Lesefluss (gut, ich bin da sehr kritisch)
Aloe Cadabra Flavored Personal Lube for Oral Sex, Best Organic Edible Lubricant for Men, Women and Couples, Pina Colada, 2.5 Ounce
Aloe Cadabra Flavored Personal Lube for Oral Sex, Best Organic Edible Lubricant for Men, Women and Couples, Pina Colada, 2.5 Ounce
This stuff is hard to talk about but I want to help others out there with issues like mine. I'm a BRCA+ survivor of estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer. Chemotherapy at age 40 put me in peri-menopause, and then having both my ovaries removed at 42 finished the job. Because of my cancer history, I can't take hormone replacement therapy. Before the cancer, I already had problems with pain during intercourse (called "vulvitis" or "vulvodynia" by doctors, treated with a steroid cream with marginal success).

So the deck was stacked against me (and my poor husband) when it came to having comfortable sex. I've used various other lubricants, but Aloe Cadabra (natural/original aloe formulation) is the first one that really WORKS, not just to make sex more comfortable but to make my lady parts feel better every day. I apply a dab of it every day after showering. The aloe gives it a pleasing (but subtle) cool sensation going in. At my first gynecologist visit after I started using it, my doc was kind of shocked. She was like, "whoa, your vulva looks great!" Need I say more? I'd like to give it a star rating of "infinity."
Nokia 7.1 - Android 9.0 Pie - 64 GB - 12+5 MP Dual Camera - Unlocked Smartphone (at&T/T-Mobile/MetroPCS/Cricket/H2O) - 5.84" FHD+ HDR Screen - Blue - U.S. Warranty
Nokia 7.1 - Android 9.0 Pie - 64 GB - 12+5 MP Dual Camera - Unlocked Smartphone (at&T/T-Mobile/MetroPCS/Cricket/H2O) - 5.84" FHD+ HDR Screen - Blue - U.S. Warranty
I ordered this phone to replace the exact same make and model that fell into the water. Unfortunately, when I received the phone, there were two seals on the box; one was still sealed but it was covering an original seal that was already broken. I was concerned that I was actually getting a used phone rather than the "New" phone that was advertised on Amazon. Nevertheless, I opened it up and took it to the cell phone repair shop that was able to retrieve all the data from the old phone so they could transfer it to the new phone. When they attempted the transfer, they were not able to make it happen due to a faulty charge port. When they plugged the USB-C cable in, they had to back it out and wiggle it to get it to charge or accept data. They were not comfortable with the condition of the phone and asked me to get another one since they could not transfer the data successfully. I returned it to Amazon and just received a replacement today and guess what? Another broken original seal with a new seal taped over it. If something is going to be advertised as new, I don't expect it to have already been opened. I will follow up with a report after I drop it off with the experts, but I am not expecting much.
Uni Ball Jetstream Extra Fine & Micro Point Click Retractable Roller Ball Pens Rubber Grip Type 0.38mm - Black Ink - 5 Body Color Value Set
Uni Ball Jetstream Extra Fine & Micro Point Click Retractable Roller Ball Pens Rubber Grip Type 0.38mm - Black Ink - 5 Body Color Value Set
I bonded with my coworker over these pens. They are super-fine point and very high quality. The Uni Jetstream ink is really a wonder to behold. You can geek out about this stuff if you think too hard about it. They took a ballpoint pen and made it write as smoothly as gel, but without as much wasted ink and without all the mess of gel. This ink dries super-fast. Jetpens actually carries some similar pens, but I like getting them on Amazon because they come in these cute packs with different body colors. The price is currently fair, based on the quality of product you get. All the pens are black ink, which is what I need for my work (spend half the day writing in a medical chart, 5-7 days a week). They've held up really well. Some sticky stuff got gummed up on the inside of one, and I thought it was broken until I opened it up and saw it wasn't the pen's fault, I had just dumped it in a messy bag and some goop had gotten in there (eew). Cleaned it off and it worked fine again.
Classic Twist with White Diamond Sterling Silver Ring (1/10cttw, I-J Color, I2-I3 Clarity)
Classic Twist with White Diamond Sterling Silver Ring (1/10cttw, I-J Color, I2-I3 Clarity)
It arrived on time the very next day but without a box or anything, just in a tiny little ziplock inside the envelope. There was no paper or guarantee inside the envelope. It doesn’t have a quality look in the sense that It looks kind of fake. The silver color is very light and bright and looks like a toy ring. The diamonds look like fake. I’m a seven and a half and bought a size 8 and fits well. It’s comfortable.
American Vampire Vol. 1 (American Vampire (Paperback))
American Vampire Vol. 1 (American Vampire (Paperback))
There are many reasons to appreciate this innovative and refreshing take on the vampire mythos. Scott Snyder,Raphael Albuquerque, and the iconic Stephen King have successfully created a modern Vampire tale that reimagines these immortal creatures as the terrifying monsters they were intended to be. Let me begin my review by attempting to distinguish Snyder's American Vampire series from contemporary vampire fiction. In this day and age, there are certainly enough choices available for vampire enthusiasts and readers of supernatural fiction--but this wasn't always the case. A generation or two ago, vampire tales in books and movies were less prevalent and created with the sole purpose of terrifying and frightening their respective readers and audiences. Beginning in the late 1970s, something changed. Having grown up in this era, I recall that it seemed Americans overnight lost their revulsion for -and became enamoured with- the undead. Vampires went from scary to seductive overnight, as movies, books, and television began to focus more on the notion of immortality being a gift or a blessing rather than a burden; the recipients of a vampiric kiss being 'chosen' rather than 'cursed' with an affliction. In the 21st century a plethora of new and very popular vampire stories have been neatly packaged,mass marketed, and sold for consumption in a variety of formats to a younger generation of teen horror enthusiasts. MY generation wanted to stake them and this generation wants to date them. But I digress, so let me begin by offering my take on the first installment of this remarkably brilliant and original series--The American Vampire.

***minor spoilers ahead***The first story is written by the talented Scott Snyder and begins in the decadent atmosphere of 1920s Hollywood. We meet Pearl Jones, a young, struggling actress from Kansas who is desperate for her big break in the nascent motion picture industry. Pearl is a central figure in the American Vampire mythos, a heroic young woman destined for so much more than part-time waitressing and her fledgling acting career. Unbeknownst to Pearl, lawyers weren't the only bloodsuckers in 1925 Hollywood! The second story in Volume 1 is told by none other than Stephen King. In King's story, we are taken back to the American wild west of the 1880s. The reader is introduced to the main character of the series, the psychotic, impulsive, and reckless outlaw Skinner Sweet. It doesn't take Skinner Sweet long to draw unwanted attention from a powerful group of vampires who resolve to eliminate him for interfering once too often in their own criminal activities. The fearless gunslinger was attacked and left for dead by a particularly nasty Carpathian vampire--but of course Skinner Sweet wasn't dead in the literal sense of the term. Certain fluids were transferred in the scuffle, and a careless vampire unknowingly sired the most unique vampire in the history of vampire lore. Stephen King really made this story a compelling and interesting read.

I would be remiss if I didn't praise the incredible artistry of Rafael Albuquerque. His depictions of the gritty reality of the Wild West and his illustration of early 20th century Hollywood are nothing less than artistic genius in my opinion. I thoroughly enjoyed his interpretation of Skinner Sweet--the flaxen haired, grinning, candy chomping cowboy in an overcoat. It would be difficult for me to imagine the American Vampire series with any other artist than Rafael Albuquerque; the story arcs would lack poignancy and the vampires couldn't possibly be as terrifying without him.

In a world congested with romanticized and hypersexualized representations of vampires, I find the American Vampire series to be a unique, refreshing, and thoroughly entertaining romp. If you love a captivating and scary vampire tale and are tired of "sweetie- pie" vampires, then this series is worth your investment. I cannot recommend it highly enough. 5 stars aren’t enough.
The Blackout Experiments
The Blackout Experiments
What a poorly-made thing. I'm still not sure if it was a faux-doc or a real piece, but it doesn't really matter. Nothing that happens in the "Blackout" experience seems particularly terrifying, just annoying, as are most of the subjects we're asked to care about. If you want something similar, go watch the Dark Tourist episode where he visits McKamey Manor, and then fall down the rabbit hole of McKamey's YouTube channel. His homemade "warning" videos are WAY more convincing and terrifying than anything here.

That said, I have seen no other mention of the fact that one of the film's volunteers is ALLISON THE INHALANT ADDICT "WALKING ON SUNSHINE" GIRL FROM INTERVENTION. This was pretty much the only interesting point for me, and she doesn't get nearly enough screen time.
Deadpool: Secret Agent Deadpool (Deadpool: Secret Agent Deadpool (2018))
Deadpool: Secret Agent Deadpool (Deadpool: Secret Agent Deadpool (2018))
In Secret Agent Deadpool gets to play James Bond. The main problem is DP playing the hapless fool in the middle of a bunch of spies and secret agents with a bad guy plotting against the world has already been done by the Archer TV series.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t some good spots in the story such as when DP gets heisted while he is trying to heist a mini-pony. Or when Wade Wilson uses miniature snowmobiles to kill some bad guys. It’s just that trying to make fun of the spy genre has already been done before and so expertly by Archer that it seems like a waste to do that with Deadpool.

The one big twist is at the end when the bad guys talk about controlling god’s pencil and all that means. That was another breakdown of the fourth wall that DP always likes to talk about.
This free edition is a great help but does not include notes or critical introduction. It is nicely formatted but, for some reason, to find the contents page you need to go to the beginning and turn the pages - it doesn't come up on the Kindle menu.

From the point of view of a modern reader, I find the text itself effusive, very wordy and only occasionally interesting. Emerson's basic enthusiasm for life, the universe and everything gives it a certain energy but, for me, this is negated by the obsessive rapturousness of his style. I think this quote conveys the overall tone:

Standing on the bare ground, - my head bathed by the blithe air, and uplifted into infinite space, - all mean egotism vanishes. I become a transparent eye-ball; I am nothing; I see all; the currents of the Universal Being circulate through me; I am part or particle of God.
ONE PIECE Vol.95 [Japanese Edition]
ONE PIECE Vol.95 [Japanese Edition]






Opposites Attract
Opposites Attract
I did enjoy reading the book eventually, but it took me several chapters to really get into the story to find the connection between the two characters. Then again, I really do not know tennis that well or the game so, that did help spark any interest. Love Nora Roberts, she sparks interest most of the time in her books to get you hook, but for me, this one was not one of them.
The Paulo Coelho Collection
The Paulo Coelho Collection
I loved these five little books, each book introducing a new character who the reader first meets as a stranger but then is ultimately charmed into a world where he/she (the reader) identifies with and grows to love each character. Paulo Coelho shows us that any stranger's story is the story of the struggles we all have in common as human beings.
Dragon Ball 09 (Dragon Ball (Prebound))
Dragon Ball 09 (Dragon Ball (Prebound))
I bought this book because i love the Dragonball and Dagondall Z series of books
i recommend it to everyone it is a great story and will have you laughing aswel
Pluto - Tome 4 (Big Kana) (French Edition)
Pluto - Tome 4 (Big Kana) (French Edition)
Plus palpitant que jamais, Urasawa revient avec un volume 4 de Pluto plus fort encore que les précédents.
Le dessin, déjà quasi-parfait sur les précédents volumes, semble s'améliorer de page en page, comme si l'auteur, se laissant porter par son sujet, atteignait une sorte de summum. Le découpage crée un rythme incroyable, laissant place à des temps de contemplation autant qu'à des scènes d'action splendides. On sent bien que le tout est mené par un maitre.
Le scénario est, quant à lui, toujours aussi excellent. En milieu d'album, un évènement majeur survient, traité avec une simplicité et un refus du pathos qui sont tout à l'honneur d'Urasawa. Rien ne semble acquis dans cet univers, où il est plus que jamais fait allusion à la définition d'humanité. En essayant de définir le robot parfait, celui qui se rapproche le plus de ce qu'est un homme, Urasawa définit ce que nous sommes tous: pleins de sentiments, d'émotions, qu'elles soient positives ou négatives, et qui ont pour conséquence nos actes. Mais ce message ne vient jamais dépasser l'histoire, qui reste l'intérêt principal de cette série, dont on attend avec impatience le volume 5.
Une seconde de toute beauté (Fleuve noir) (French Edition)
Une seconde de toute beauté (Fleuve noir) (French Edition)
Des dialogues, des dialogues, des dialogues.
Une action qui ne fait guère de sens, décrite avant tout par des dialogues plus ou moins décousus. Avec tout à la fin un dénouement qui n'est est pas vraiment un.
Si je devais designier le plus mauvais, les seul des plus de 180 livres de Frédéric Dard qui j'ai terminé en devant m'efforcer - c'est celui-là
The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist
The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist
This book was nice as it touches on fears kids can have with the dentist and shows them a nice Dentist, the type of equipment one sees in a dental office (chair, mirror, squirter, etc) and what happens if one gets a cavity. Reading this a couple times to my toddlers helped them feel like they knew what they were stepping into. This was one of the books actually suggested by our pediatric dentist. (Going to a pediatric dentist office helped a lot, too, since they are very calm and patient with young kids!)
A collection of disturbing thinking and gory consequences, a world just around the corner, a point of view without the point, a dangerous corridor of many doors, that hide killers, chancers and the dilutional.

Roald Dahl in his writing for adults is of clearly of a period and very much of a class system that is less felt now, this makes some of his writing seem much older than it is, most of the characters live in a world where money is abundant if not infinite, a world that is much less represented by modern writers.

Good short stories with a twist in the tail and poison in the fangs.
Revolting Rhymers: Competition Winners
Revolting Rhymers: Competition Winners
This kindle freebie are the poems that won and placed in a poetry contest for young children. The contest was to celebrate a new production of Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes.
For poetry by children under the age of 13, they are pretty good and properly gruesome. It’s nice to know that there are children out there who wonder about the BFG’s poo. Each poem includes a brief interview with the author – favorite Dahl work, favorite disgusting bit – things like that.
There is also a selection of poetry in Welsh. The poems are not translated but the interviews are.
Trilogía El Señor de los Anillos (Spanish Edition)
Trilogía El Señor de los Anillos (Spanish Edition)
Respecto al contenido del libro no hay mucho que decir, es de lo mejor que hay, respecto a la calidad de impresión es muy buena (el papel es grueso y firme, mientras la letra es grande y legible), ilustraciones que dan gusto verlas y muy bien hechas, es un libro grande y pesado por lo que recomiendo leerlo en una mesa o escritorio, en cuanto al envío, en mi caso y con este vendedor, lo pedí el 9 de Agosto y me llegó el 15 de Octubre, yo vivo en Costa Rica y el libro lo imprimen en España por lo que el tiempo de envío es bastante sumándole la situación actual del COVID-19 donde las aduanas están saturadas, dentro de la caja el libro viene cubierto con el plástico protector y con protectores de bolsitas de aire por lo que no encontré muchos daños, solo un poco golpeada las esquinas pero asumo que el daño lo recibió en la aduana y diferentes aeropuertos a la hora que lo revisaron o lo movieran (parte del plástico venía perforado por lo que hubo mal manejo del paquete), pero nada que lamentar y algo esperado al pedir un libro tan grande donde el cobertor del libro se someta y soporte a tanto peso (este se desgasta más rápido) y que viene desde tan lejos. En conclusión recomiendo el libro para los que disfrutan del universo de Tolkien, ya que es una versión extraordinaria, y respecto al vendedor y el envió todo salió bien, nada que lamentar.
Der Skalpjäger - Ein Karl May Abenteuer oder die Erlebnisse des Old Shatterhand in der Heimat (Karl May Abenteuer - Old Shatterhand 1) (German Edition)
Der Skalpjäger - Ein Karl May Abenteuer oder die Erlebnisse des Old Shatterhand in der Heimat (Karl May Abenteuer - Old Shatterhand 1) (German Edition)
Mit vielen direkten Bezügen zu den klassischen Geschichten einerseits und zum - ja ebenfalls sehr aufregenden - Privatleben des Schriftstellers andererseits. Vor allem aber ist es ein sehr rasant geschriebenes Abenteuer, dass zwar in der sächsischen Heimat Karl Mays spielt aber dennoch alles beinhaltet was man von einer Erzählung rund um Old Shatterhand im Wilden Westen erwarten würde: Wilde Landschaften, Zweikämpfe, Verfolgungsjagden, Spurenlesen.... Alles da! Sehr fein!
Essay Collection : Faith, Christianity and the Church
Essay Collection : Faith, Christianity and the Church
This is an absolutely extraordinary collection. While it does not contain all the works that "C.S. Lewis: Essay Collection and Other Short Pieces" does, it contains a great number of his bests for around $15 as compared to $150 for the latter work (including: God in the Dock, The World's Last Night, and The Weight of Glory). I had an incredibly hard time finding the complete list of essays included (I ended up having to look at the Canadian HarperCollins Website), so I'll post the complete list here:
1. The Grand Miracle
2. Is Theology Poetry?
3. The Funeral of a Great Myth
4. God in the Dock
5. What Are We to Make of Jesus Christ?
6. The World's Last Night
7. Is Theism Important?
8. The Seeing Eye
9. Must Our Image of God Go?
10. Christianity and Culture
11. Evil and God
12. The Weight of Glory
13. Miracles
14. Dogma and the Universe
15. 'Horrid Red Things'
16. Religion: Reality or Substitute?
17. Myth Became Fact
18. Religion and Science
19. Christian Apologetics
20. Work and Prayer
21. Religion Without Dogma?
22. The Decline of Religion
23. On Forgiveness
24. The Pains of Animals
25. Petitionary Prayer
26. On Obstinacy in Belief
27. What Christmas Means to Me
28. The Psalms
29. Religion and Rocketry
30. The Efficacy of Prayer
31. Fern-seed and Elephants
32. The Language of Religion
33. Transposition
34. Why I Am Not a Pacifist
35. Dangers of National Repentance
36. Two Ways With the Self
37. Meditation on the Third Commandment
38. On Ethics
39. Three Kinds of Men
40. Answers to Questions on Christianity
41. The Laws of Nature
42. Membership
43. The Sermon and the Lunch
44. Scraps
45. After Priggery-What?
46. Man or Rabbit?
47. 'The Trouble with "X"...'
48. On Living in an Atomic Age
49. Lilies That Fester
50. Good Work and Good Works
51. A Slip of the Tongue
52. We Have No ' Right to Happiness'
53. Christian Reunion
54. Priestesses in the Church?
55. On Church Music
56. The Conditions for a Just War
57. The Conflict in Anglican Theology
58. Miracles
59. Mr. C.S. Lewis on Christianity
60. A Village Experience
61. Correspondence with an Anglican who Dislikes Hymns
62. The Church's Liturgy, Invocation and Invocation of Saints
63. The Holy Name
64. Mere Christians
65. Canonisation
66. Pittenger-Lewis and Version Vernacular
67. Capital Punishment and Death Penalty
Third and fourth part of the weekly cloud Ryotaro Shiba 7 uphill (Weekly Asahi MOOK) (2010) ISBN: 4022745606 [Japanese Import]
Third and fourth part of the weekly cloud Ryotaro Shiba 7 uphill (Weekly Asahi MOOK) (2010) ISBN: 4022745606 [Japanese Import]
Bleach, Vol. 5: Right Arm of the Giant
Bleach, Vol. 5: Right Arm of the Giant
When Ichigo first encounters the Quincy, Uryu Ishida, the oblivious Ichigo is totally unaware that Ishida is in his class. In fact, he’s top of the class. But not only is Ishida aware of Ichigo, he knows that the substitute soul reaper is following him home. Ishida challenges Ichigo to a game to decide who is superior—a Quincy or a Soul Reaper. Meanwhile, Rukia has gone to see the shady shopkeeper, Kiskue, to see if he knows anything about a Quincy.

Ishida proposes to draw Hollows to the area and then see who can kill the most, but Ichigo is against this idea, as it will put the people of Karakura in danger. But it’s too late, the heedless Ishida has already dispersed the Hollow bait and they are beginning to converge. Then Ishida drops another bombshell—Hollows are drawn to anyone with any spiritual energy. As Ichigo races toward his home, Ishida thinks they aren’t the only ones close to Ichigo who possess spiritual gifts.

Ichigo sends Kon to retrieve the phone from Rukia, who is still at Uruhara’s store. She suddenly starts to receive Hollow reports, but they end almost as soon as they begin. What’s going on here? When her phone begins to blow up, she realizes something sinister is going on.

Meanwhile, Chad senses something shimmering and he knows it isn’t good, so he tells his friends to run before he punches it. He decides to lead the thing, whatever it is, to a vacant lot where he can fight without hurting innocent bystanders. There he encounters Ichigo’s sister, Karin, who is practicing soccer. Oddly, she seems to be able to see the creature that is following Chad, although her teammates cannot. She yells at them to go away. Maybe, if she and Chad team up, they can do something about this creature.

Chizuru and Tatsuki constantly vie for Orihime’s attention, and Chizuru makes no bones about her attraction to her. Suddenly Orihime announces she wants to hurry home to watch a TV show, but the truth is she’s seen something on top of the school building and is trying to get her friends to safety. This doesn’t work, to her dismay, and she finds herself facing the strange creature. But she is about to discover powers she was unaware she possessed.

In this volume of Bleach, we are getting a better grasp of who’s who in this world, and their growing importance to Ichigo and the story. Bleach is full of hilarious moments, and this volume is no exception. I love Kubo’s sense of humor, as well as the diversity of his characters. There is a lot of action as the people Ichigo cares about find themselves in peril. Although I do prefer watching the action scenes in the anime, they are still fund to look at in the books.

Another great volume, looking forward to more of the same.
The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide
The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide
It's like reading a newer, more detailed version of the story that I already love! I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that ANYONE who has read the Twilight Saga more than twice should absolutely buy this companion book! It fills in so many details that would have made the original story too slow-paced if put in during the actual reading of events, but the details clarify things that the reader didn't even know needed clarifying! For example: there are detailed personal histories of pretty much every character in the entire saga! This includes the stories of how Renee and Charlie met and fell in and out of love; of Jacob's parents, and siblings; and the whole story of Sam-Emily-Leah and what it was like when Sam first turned alone, and why he and Jared are so close. Even more interesting, to me at least, are the detailed personal histories of all the vampires in the story, like Kate, Tanya, and Irina, their individual lives as humans, and when, why, where, and how their mother, Sasha, turned them into vampires, (also the story of when Sasha made an immortal child, Vasilli). Again, even MORE fascinating, the real story of the Voturi: when and how they came to be, (in Ancient Greece, around 250BC, if I remember correctly...) which of the three is oldest, why Marcus is so indifferent and depressed about everything, (Aro had Marcus's wife killed overe 2,000 years ago; she was also Aro's sister; which shows even more just how crazy his lust for power truly is.) It also revels who truly is THE MOST IMPORTANT MEMBER OF THE VOTURI; the whom without, they could not function as a whole, Marcus would be able to commit suicide, as he truly desires to do, and the guard would question why they follow the orders of 3 old vampires who do nothing but use them until they are no longer needed or are replaceable, (and most are killed IF they ever want/try to leave, Eleazar being a rare exception). This MVP is only mentioned once in the books, showing just how little the vampire world knows about the true inner workings of the Voturi; (in the Guide, we learn the Aro is the only one who "controls" said MVP, mainly by indulgence, subtle manipulation, bribery, and using any and all means possible to make said person very happy so he/she will use his/her extremely potent power to do as Aro wishes; hint: it's not Jane or Alec). The Guide tells us stories of the lives of the permanent members of the Volturi Guard and how they gained their positions; most were relatively "good" and decent vampires beforehand, some even fought against the Volturi or tried to hide their existence from them before they were "converted". The story of Jane and Alec is one of the better tales. It takes place during the Dark Ages, and, like Bella, the twins showed an infinity for a special vampiric ability even as small children. Aro heard about these two "Witch" toddlers who could affect things with their minds. It was not long before this time when the immortal children had been officially forbidden by Aro and his brothers, so as much as Aro wanted the twins, he knew that he would have to wait until they became old enough to be safely turned, so he left them in their home village, assuming that the humans would never harm two innocent children, (he did, of course, leave scouts of a sort behind to keep an eye on the children, just in case another vampire took notice and got the same idea that he had). A few years later, a visiting vampire told Aro that he had heard in passing of two "witch twins" in a small village who were about to be burned at the stake for witchcraft by the frightened humans of the village. Apparently, the twins powers had become quite noticeable to the human population. Aro raced to save them, but he was too late: the twins were already burning on the pyre. So, he killed all the humans in the village, and pulled the children from the flames and quickly bit each of them himself, (something The Guide says that Aro NEVER does). Aro was then faced witha dilemma of sorts: he himself had decreed that to create an immortal child was punishable by death, and I'm here, he had just created two. He managed to find a loophole, of sorts, seeing as the twins had recently turned thirteen (13), along with the fact that living through the ordeal of being burned alive at the stake had fundamentally changed Jane and Alec's view of the world, and given them both severe cases of PTSD, which is what would fuel their new vampiric psychic powers. In The Guide, Stephanie writes that, (and I'm very loosely paraphrasing, here): while they were burning on the stake, each twin had a different psycho-emotional experience. Alec reacted by trying to "escape" from the pain of the fire, so he did "created" a place in his mind where he could feel absolutely nothing: no pain, but also no sight, smell, taste, or sound. This response was the raw beginning of his ability to strip others of all five of their senses with an anesthetic-type "mist" that he releases from his palms, (in actuality, it is an illusion of the psyche, but until Bella, no one knew that it wasn't real). Jane's reaction to being burned alive was almost opposite to her brother's anesthia. Jane was filled with so much rage toward the people who had done this to her and her beloved twin, that she wished with all her might (and magic) that the people responsible felt as though they were burning alive, too. After Jane had completed her transition, she learned that she could make burn where they stood just with her mind. Unlike with Alec, though, Jane figured out immediately that her power was only psychological. Too add to her frustration, she also discovered that she could only "burn" one (1) person at a time, while her twin could immobilize entire army within a minute or two (2). The Egyptian coven members have some of the greatest histories: Amun and Kebi became vampires around 2500BC. Amun is the same Amun that the Ancient Egyptians worshiped as one of their highest gods. Stephanie writes wonderful background stories for all the nomads we encounter throughout the Saga. My favorites are of Alastair, Victoria, Maggie, Charles and McKenna, Hilda - (Heidi, of the Volturi's "mother"), Chelsea and Afton (Volturi), and Laurante. I also loved reading about the Romanian coven, their glory days, their war with the Volturi, (in which, because of their ambush assignments, Stefan and Vladamir were the only survivors of the last attack), their co-existence with the Egyptian coven (which is, by 2000+ years, the oldest coven known to still exist - only because Amun refused to fight the Voturi with the rest of his coven, who were slaughtered). My favorite stories in The Guide are about the Cullen Family. The is a ton more information about each member of the family - I always loved reading Carlise's history. Stephanie writes pages of background on Esme, which we never knew before, like that she had met Carlisle as a teenager and thought of his for the next ten years as her dream man. Pages and pages on Edward and Rosalie. Only a small section on Emmett; I guess with him, what you "read" is what you get! Although, it does include a memory of aftere Emmett had been mauled by the bear, and Rosalie was running through the woods to get him to Carlisle to change him because she was scared that she would kill him if she tried; well, Emmett, in his delirium, thought that he was dead, and that Rose was an angel carrying him to God aka Carlisle. The Guide also includes how Emmett, always practical, left a good portion of Edward's family trust on his parents doorstep after his transformation, to try and make up for them losing such a strong, healthy, working son who brought in most of the money for the house. We learn all about Alice's childhood, how she had visions of the future, although to a lesser degree, as a human, the tragedy of her human life that was filled with murder, hit men, scandals, adultery, lies and deceit, and, finally, why Alice ended up in a sanatorium with all of her hair cut off which is where she received multiple ECT, lost her memories, but gained a vampire friend in an orderly who was working there because he figured it would be one of the few places that missing bodies wouldn't cause a scene. Stephanie never gives this vampire a name, but, we're begins to care for Alice, bringing her little gifts, and having her "guess" what they are, (in other words, he figures out that she has some sort of psychic ability). We learn of how James caught her months' old scent, and how she was a 'singer' to him, and how she couldn't she a future where he didn't kill her. So, the vampire orderly turned her, because and then sacrificed himself in order to give her time to complete as much of the transition as possible; enough so that Alice's blood wouldn't appeal to James anymore. Along with all the information about all the vampires, Stephanie also includes about 100-200 pages on the Quillutes as a tribe, the individual wolves, tribal history, and local history. This also includes profiles on the humans in the Twilight world, (Charlie, Renee, Angela, Jessica, Mike, Tyler, Ben, Sue and Harry Clearwater, etc.). The Guide also includes beautiful drawings of some of the settings in the books, props, jewelry, houses, and, my personal favorite, sketches of the Cullens, as pictured by Stephanie Mayer herself.

I have written way too much here; given a million spoilers away. Basically, I'd give this book ten (10) stars, if I could!
I had not read any of Ms. Michael's books before. Although I am only 1/3 into this book I find it engrossing and an enjoyable read.

Finished the book - I give this book a 4.5 rating
I do not like the cussing in the book! I could do without that!!!
The team of Judith and Michael have created an interesting story that kept me surprised - quite often I can tell the outcome of a story, but this had me guessing. The characters were well defined. I have read many books throughout this past year and authors such as Diana Gabaldon to Bill O'Reilly and I was fully engaged in this novel about an Inheritance. I have now purchased more of this couple's books. Great reading!
The Ian Fleming Classic Bond Collection, Part One
The Ian Fleming Classic Bond Collection, Part One
The Ian Fleming Classic Bond Collection - Part One packages the complete and unabridged audiobooks of the first seven James Bond novels in a sturdy cardboard slipcase. Details are as follows.

Casino Royale read by Dan Stevens, running time 5 hours.
Live And Let Die read by Rory Kinnear, running time 6 hours 50 mins.
Moonraker read by Bill Nighy, running time 7 hours 25 mins.
Diamonds Are Forever read by Damian Lewis, running time 6 hours 45 mins.
From Russia With Love read by Toby Stephens, running time 8 hours 50 mins.
Dr No read by Hugh Quarshie, running time 7 hours 55 mins.
Goldfinger read by Hugh Bonneville, running time 8 hours 45 mins.

In addition, each audiobook contains an interview with the reader.

This collection contains many of the strongest James Bond novels, with only Diamonds are Forever being somewhat of a disappointment. Diamonds never really engages, as Bond's enemies - a group of American gangsters - are less than impressive, and Bond spends too much of the story on the periphery.

Diamonds apart, it's quality all the way. Casino Royale introduced 007 to the world, and it's a taut tale of gambling and torture. Moonraker is unique in the Fleming canon as Bond remains on British soil for the whole story, tangling with the mad Hugo Drax and his rocket, the Moonraker. From Russia With Love finds Bond targeted by the Russians, and despite Bond not appearing until the story is well underway, it's one of the strongest in the series.

Live And Let Die, Dr No and Goldfinger are all strong stories as well, so there's plenty to enjoy here.

007 Reloaded boasts quality actors reading each book. As there's no music or sound effects, these readings will succeed or fail on the quality of the stories and reader. Thankfully, the choice of readers is pretty much perfect in each case, and their skillful readings mean that you soon get drawn into the story.

There's no booklet in the boxset, which is a little bit of a shame. It would have been nice to have some background information on the stories.

That apart, this a wonderful collection of the early James Bond novels, at a very decent price.
L'uomo dalla pistola d'oro (Italian Edition)
L'uomo dalla pistola d'oro (Italian Edition)
"L'uomo dalla pistola d'oro" è il tassello finale per la mia collezione di James Bond. Trovarlo non è stato facile, ma grazie ad Amazon e alla libreria Piani posso finalmente assaporarmelo.
Il pacchetto mi è stato recapitato in condizioni perfette e in tempi rapidissimi, oltre al fatto che non ci sono state sorprese nel momento della sua apertura: il libro è nelle esatte condizioni in cui la libreria lo aveva descritto e cosa ancora migliore, la sovraccopertina è presente e in condizioni (tralasciando due piccoli strappi) eccellenti nonostante l'età.
Per chi non lo volesse comprare perché ha già visto il film, non cadete nel tranello! Il libro è completamente diverso! Forse anche meglio!
Poet, novelist, essayist, artist, mystic, Hermann Hesse has captured the heart of millions of readers around the world with such works as Siddhartha, Damien, Steppenwolf and Magister Ludi. There is something incredibly timeless about his writing and Volker Michels compiles Hesse's words taken from novels and other books in the form of aphorisms arranged thematically - Politics, Society and the Individual, The Task of the Individual, Education and Schools, Religion and the Church, Knowledge and Consciousness, Books and Reading, Reality and Imagination, Art and the Artist, Humor, Happiness, Love, Death, Youth and Old-Age. Here is a quick sampling:

Society and the Individual
"Men of courage and character always give others a very queasy feeling"

Education and Schools
"The question of schools is the only modern cultural question that I take seriously and sometimes get worked up about. In me school destroyed a great deal, and I know of few men of any stature who cannot say the same. All I learned was Latin and lying."

Religion and the Church
"Every true Protestant resists his own church as he does every other, because his nature bids him attach more importance to what man can become than to what he is."

Books and Reading
"Literature creates a magic space, in which things otherwise incompatible become compatible and the otherwise impossible becomes real. And this imaginary or surreal space has its own counterpart in magical time, the time of poetry, myth, and fairy tale, which contradicts all historical, calendar time and is common to the legends and fairy tales of all peoples . . . Rare as authentic magic may have become, it is still alive."

Reality and Imagination
"I don't know anything about ghosts. I live in my dreams. Other people likewise live in dreams, but not in their own; that's the difference."

Art and the Artist
"The understanding of art and the ability to experience it requires a natural disposition, which must be related to the artistic drive, or talent. Those who have it are capable of artistic pleasure, others are not."

"Even the most insignificant work of art, a pencil sketch consisting of six lines, or a four-line poem, aims boldly and blindly at the impossible; it is a striving for totality, an attempt to enclose chaos in a nutshell!"

"All higher humor begins with ceasing to take oneself seriously."

"After every death, life becomes more delicate and precious."

This is not a book to be read from cover to cover as if the goal is simply to finish the book. Rather, each aphorism should be read more like one reads a poem - slowly, turning the words and ideas over in the mind and then thinking about the aphorism throughout the day and in days to come. Reflections is Hesse's magic, wisdom, insight and poetry in it purist form. Please treat yourself and order this book, a book which just might become one of your very favorites.
I'll Walk Alone: A Novel
I'll Walk Alone: A Novel
Mary Higgins Clark one of my favourite authors.

This book had me totally gripped, right from page one.

Mary Higgins Clark's characters are completely believable. Each chapter is only four or five pages long and typically focus on one character in the book.

In I'll Walk Alone, Alexandra "Zan" Moreland, a gifted, beautiful interior designer on the threshold of a successful Manhattan career, is terrified to discover that somebody is not only using her credit cards and manipulating her financial accounts to bankrupt her and destroy her reputation, but may also be impersonating her in a scheme that may involve the much more brutal crimes of kidnapping and murder.

All of the characters are superb and as expected from the `Queen of Suspense' there are numerous chills, thrills, twists and turns to keep you page turning into the small wee hours.

The author has the ability to create such wondrous delight in reading disturbingly shocking episodes that you are left addicted and begging for more.

`I'll Walk Alone' will not fail to keep you up all night thinking and worrying whether it really could happen ... to you, just like it does in the book. I can't tell you too much, I'll ruin the element of surprise.

A great read which leaves you with that slight apprehensive feeling which her books have a tendency to do.

Certain that this novel will give plenty to think about (without giving the game away ... it involves identity theft, murder and suspense and worryingly it is most certainly possible!
Harry Potter Travel Mug – Harry Potter Tumbler for Hot Tea and Coffee – Ceramic Coffee Mug with Hogwarts Silhouette, Gold Plated Finish – Perfect Harry Potter Gifts for Women, Men and Muggles
Harry Potter Travel Mug – Harry Potter Tumbler for Hot Tea and Coffee – Ceramic Coffee Mug with Hogwarts Silhouette, Gold Plated Finish – Perfect Harry Potter Gifts for Women, Men and Muggles
I love this travel cup! The design is so cute and it’s the perfect size. Fits in my car cup holder and holds the perfect amount of water for one cup of tea and stays hot for a lot longer than a regular cup. It isn’t overtly “Hey I’m A Huge Harry Potter Nerd”y, so if anybody noticed it was hogwarts they’d have to be a huge nerd too. My only complaint is that, after washing, it holds water inside the double walls. I always forget to dry it right side up and the first time I used it I thought it had a crack. Turns out it was just the water stuck inside it leaking out of the small hole in the bottom. Apart from that, this cup is perfect. It’s definitely one of my favorites.
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
This American Playhouse production is simply the best adaptation of Huckleberry Finn I've seen (out of seven, including all five American cinematic productions from 1931-1993). Much, perhaps most, of the dialogue is taken or only adapted slightly from the novel, so the dialects the characters speak retain the flavor of the book. Patrick Day is not only excellent as Huck Finn, when he speaks, he sounds like the novel's narrator come to life. This long production captures the mood of the novel, alternately humorous and somber, and stresses all the major themes. The main regret I have is that this 3.5 hour production wasn't another 60 minutes longer, so that the Wilkes episode (and the King and Duke's greatest scam) could have been included as well.
Note to North Americans (US/Canada): The UK DVD will probably play on a computer's DVD drive, and many commercial DVD players (for example, it played on my portable DVD player, which I could in turn connect to my TV). The DVD comes in just a few days via Royal Mail, and at around US $10, including shipping (at least in Dec. 2005), this movie is a great bargain.
Tervis Harry Potter - Glasses and Scar Tumbler with Wrap and Black Lid 24oz, Clear
Tervis Harry Potter - Glasses and Scar Tumbler with Wrap and Black Lid 24oz, Clear
This cup is great! I do the large strong brew setting on the keurig to fill the cup and the coffee is perfect! I have to wait ~30 mins with the lid open to cool my coffee because it does such a good job of staying hot. The Harry Potter design is super cute and everyone in the office has complimented it :). These cups are great. Would buy again.
Frequently squashed, to untie your code! â˜_â˜_(2 pieces) easy code clips
Frequently squashed, to untie your code! â˜_â˜_(2 pieces) easy code clips



The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends: The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle and Mr. Jeremy Fisher [VHS]
The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends: The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle and Mr. Jeremy Fisher [VHS]
I fell in love with Beatrix Potter during a sleepover at my sister and brother-in law's home one weekend when my young niece and nephew were aged toddler - early grade school. I was a young professional Aunt at the time totally in love with spending as much free time with them as I could. While I had planned to capture the moments with pictures, I never anticipated rekindling a relationship with Peter Rabbit or becoming friends with Jemima Puddle-Duck and the whole lot of story book characters. Once you have met one character you will want to meet them all. The story lines are so sweet and quant, the background scenery takes you there and the character voices are unforgettable. Of course I bought the entire series (which at that time was a set of several VHS tapes). I married and was more than delighted to introduce our first baby (and the two that would follow over the course of 17 years) to Peter Rabbit and Friends. I happily repaired and replaced my Beatrix Potter stash as needed as we have gone through many tapes and CDs over the years. This particular order was placed at the request of our 17 yr old son. "Mom we need a new Beatrix Potter!" You will love it too...
C-Line Top Loading Super Heavyweight Poly Sheet Protectors, Clear, 11 x 8.5 Inches, 50 per Box (61003)
C-Line Top Loading Super Heavyweight Poly Sheet Protectors, Clear, 11 x 8.5 Inches, 50 per Box (61003)
I collect a lot of magazine images and am always buying more archival Super Heavyweight sheet protectors. I've tried many brands. The bulk price is the best on the C-Line brand right now, and they are heavier than Avery, which I don't like because of their flimsiness. I have no complaints about C-Line. Great product. Don't worry about the generic image and packaging. They arrive new in original box.
Homeward Bound (Worldwar & Colonization)
Homeward Bound (Worldwar & Colonization)
I will start by quickly saying that I agree with the assessment that most negative reviews of this book have. For it being the conclusion of an 8-book series, it lacks much of any sense of tension or climax. Certainly nothing that compares to what occurs in the Worldwar portion of the series. For something that was to tie up the Colonization series, a couple of those plot lines aren't even mentioned, while a couple others receive a few sentences of summaries. So if you're looking for a nicely tied up bow to the series, you'll be disappointed right from the start. The rest of the book is basically a travelogue of the Race's planet, Home, with a plot that repeats itself over and over again, until Turtledove decides to call it a day. Americans demand equal footing with the Lizards. Lizards disagree, and get increasingly uncomfortable with the realization that they are getting surpassed by humans. Similar conversations take place repeatedly regarding both points, until something happens to interrupt the broken record, there’s a sort of short epilogue, and that's the end of the series.

My main issue is with the characters, and specifically the humans. Minor spoilers from this book and the prior Colonization books follow. The so-called diplomatic team is hilariously undiplomatic, being stereotypical Ugly Americans at times to drive home the attitudes that they should be treated as equals. They frequently argue with local Lizards, who are portrayed as clueless about just how equal the Americans feel they should be treated. Each time I was left thinking about how horribly undiplomatic these people were. They also do precious little diplomacy. Instead taking field trips, and only occasionally being useful in talks with the ambassador. There’s not even any great sense of depth to the talks. They usually boil down to: “think there will be a war?” “I hope not, but I don’t see how it doesn’t happen.” Interstellar political intrigue, this is not. It was well into the book before I even got a sense of the specialties of three of the members. While the other two only seemed to be there because one was the son of the ambassador, and the other his daughter-in-law, who's job it was to hold a seventy-year grudge with the Lizard-raised woman who had a fling with her husband before they were technically exclusive. Oh, and to be interested in shopping and fashion. Seriously, I had to check the publication date to make sure that such a female stereotype was still being written in the 21st Century.

We also have a pilot, who seventy years earlier (thirty or forty from their perspective), deceived his way onto another ship, and who has NEVER heard the end of it since then, despite apparently an exemplary career as a valued member of the crew. His superior officer continues to threaten him with missions to either get him into major trouble, or with outright killing him, while both other pilots also bring up in a negative light that one incident decades earlier that led him to be a great asset to have around. It makes zero sense, but in true Turtledove fashion, it's repeated many times over the book, just in case we forgot that he tricked his way onboard another ship a long time ago, and then only accepted placement on the new ship because he gets the feeling he'll be killed by the powers that be if he doesn't. Which makes even less sense.

And then there's the main character, Sam Yeager. The man in the Worldwar series whose love of sci-fi stories reasonably makes him a bit more open to the concept of invading aliens from another planet than other people of the early 1940's. By the time of the Colonization series, he's now one of the best human experts of Lizards. Or so we're told repeatedly. He mainly uses this ability to catfish them on their online chat boards. Something no one else is capable of doing. Except half of Tinder users. He spends the rest of his time repeatedly poking around highly classified US systems that he's not authorized to view, despite specific orders not to. In return, the US government court marshals him, strips him of his access, and throws him in jail. Nah, I'm kidding. Despite them knowing that what he’s looking for could endanger the entire country, they decide to give him a really important research project, have a few chats with the president, and make several ham-fisted attempts to kill him, designed to fail, but convince him to give up looking. Naturally, he doesn’t stop. He finds the info, and it eventually leads to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans, and the president killing himself. That’s when the government court marshals him and throws him in prison for the rest of his life. Nope, just kidding. The Lizards think he’s awesome, so the government doesn’t do anything.

And now, fast forward about 15 years. Yeager is in his 70’s. He could be forced to retire, and go run out the clock on his life, never to bother the government again. But wait! Instead, they convince him to go into cryo-sleep, so they can keep him around a few more decades and ship him off to be part of the most important diplomatic mission of the history of humankind. And he gets the impression that he either needs to accept, or he’ll wind up dead. Yes, the government still wants him dead for what he did, but has waited until he’s of an age where coming down with the flu could do it for them to threaten him with either that… or being the backup diplomat that could decide the fate of the planet. Sure, those two options make total sense. Naturally, what makes even more sense, is that SIXTY YEARS LATER, surprise, the government still wants to get rid of him. Apparently the fact that no one in the government was alive at the time of his infamous incident, let alone all that old when he went on ice and for all intents and purposes, disappeared, matters that much. You’re required to carry a grudge against some guy you only read about in history books as part of your government oath of office, and attempt to find the most lame way to stick it to him that you can come up with.

I suppose this might be the result of Turtledove’s writing style of incessantly repeating the same plot points over and over again. This is a series that stretches over about 90 years of time. Things that a reasonable person would get over after a year or two, Turtledove brings up every time you return to that character. So maybe he forgot that he was talking about things that happened decades ago to the characters. In any event, it became too crippling of an issue for me to enjoy this final chapter of the series. Characters, most of whom have the depth of a cardboard cutout, just rehash the same issues over and over again, while Turtledove spends page upon page circling the plot to come in for a landing, perhaps aiming more for a page count than reasonable story. So with that, an eight book saga comes to an end. One that I really wished I had stopped at once the Worldwar series ended.
Beauty & The Beat
Beauty & The Beat
This is an intriguing and very appealing album full of beautiful songs. Supposedly it was recorded live, so if you get the original CD version, you'll hear "on-stage" intros to the numbers and crowd reactions. This is the way I heard it first--and I found those extras to be distracting--especially when Peggy and George were in the middle of a number and you could hear people in the audience just chattering away! Had I been there, I'd have been quite tempted to stand up and yell, "Will you people BE QUIET!? That's PEGGY LEE up there singing! For cryin' out loud, you think this happens every day?"

Turns out, though, that all that noise and the intros were added later in the studio--which makes me wonder whether it was ever really a live performance in the first place. I don't really care--all I'm saying is, get the version that says "original recording remastered." It's just Peggy and George and the music. (I don't mind audience sounds if it's really a live recording, but if you're just trying to make it sound like a live recording when it wasn't live, that's just kind of . . . dishonest, isn't it?)

The songs are one winner after another--"Do I Love You?" "You Came a Long Way from St. Louis," "Blue Prelude," "Always True to You in My Fashion" ("Mr. Harris, plutocrat, wants to give my cheek a pat. If the Harris pat means a Paris hat, vey vey!"), and the album finishes off with two quiet yet heartrendingly beautiful pieces --"Nobody's Heart" and "Don't Ever Leave Me."
Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 (PC) (UK)
Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 (PC) (UK)
The game itself is fine. I'm not getting the annoying bugs and crashes that other people have reported. My system exceeds all the recommended specs and yet I'm still having one huge issue with it; targeting. Now, I'm a disabled gamer. But I'm not expecting miracles or an insanely easy mode. I'm just asking that the targeting system in games works consistently and without lag. I've had this game for a year and a day. I've played the first few bits without any issue and then I get to a point that should be as simple as the lead up to it is and it's impossible for me to get past because the targeting simply does not work. I wanted to enjoy this as much as I enjoyed the first few Harry Potter for PC games. It has all the potential, but the controls have let it down. It has put me off the Lego games franchise completely. I even bought an Xbox controller for PC to try and get it working, but still the same issue. Utterly disappointed.
ASURION 2 Year Mobile Accident Protection Plan with Tech Support $125-149.99
ASURION 2 Year Mobile Accident Protection Plan with Tech Support $125-149.99
I purchased a renewed Samsung Galaxy S-7 in September 2019 and purchased the two year insurance. There was a problem with the phone in December 2019. I tried to make a claim informing the Asurion insurance that the phone was no longer accepting a charge and would no longer turn on for service. Asurion insisted that I send the phone to Samsung for warranty service. Samsung received the phone and determined that it was not a warranty issue but impact damage with a repair cost of $70.34 before proceeding. Asurion refused to reimburse for the repair instead claiming that though impact damage is covered, they could not reimburse me for the cost and that I would have to have Samsung return the phone to me and then put another claim in to Asurion so that I could send the phone to Asurion. This is unacceptable. Asurion tried to avoid the insurance coverage by having me send the phone to Samsung. Now, I am faced with being without a phone for additional time. (I.e. the initial claim December 2nd (lots of on the phone/website hassle with both Asurion and Samsung); mail off to Samsung was December 4th; information regarding damage from Samsung December 10th; and now waiting for Samsung to send the phone back so that I can re-claim to Asurion.) Who knows how much longer this process is going to take. I don't believe that purchasers of insurance would expect to have such a long process for the repair/replacement of their cell phone. The insurance is an illusion.
Power Balloon Car Toy for Kids, Balloon Powered Car Children's Science Toy, Inflatable STEM Balloon Pump Cars Racer Kit for Boys Girls
Power Balloon Car Toy for Kids, Balloon Powered Car Children's Science Toy, Inflatable STEM Balloon Pump Cars Racer Kit for Boys Girls
I bought this for my 2 year old and 4 year old. It was easy to use and there wasn’t really any assembly which was nice. The point at which the little car connects to the pump is a little weak, but they got use to handling it gently so the car doesn’t disconnect before they release it. The only downside is that the balloons that came with it are pretty small so the car doesn’t go all that far once released. But it was played with much longer than most of their toys so I say it’s a winner!
India implores at 5:45, "How could have I ended up in a cult where I was sex trafficked or involved in crimes that could have put me in prison?" I will continue to watch this series to find out how she escapes jail time. This point alone got me hooked as I am also bewildered by all these NXIVM spinoffs and profits made therefrom. Is she collecting cash for this series? If so, do other, less prominent, NXIVM participants (and wounded) get a kick back?

I enjoyed the talking head experts so far yet feel inclined to point out that simply steering folks to "professional therapists" while calling out cult leaders does not encourage critical thinking because I do not believe all professional therapists are necessarily ethical or even that skilled.

After watching all four episodes I guess the best answer as to why India escapes being prosecuted is because she submitted some incriminating flash drives to FBI? These flash drives India "took" (stole) form Allison Mock's apartment when packing up for Allison after Allison was arrested . ( Ironically, taking Allison's flash drives is not unlike a move made by India's very own slave ,Jane Doe #2, when this slave stole the collateral belonging to other slaves before running away from the clutches' of NXIUM. Jane Doe #2 did this with the hopes of having some leverage to oppose a counter move by NXIUM to expose collateral belonging to her.)

India submitted these flash drives late 2018, She was very late in the immunity game. She was very lucky that Jane Doe #2 testimony/charges against her did not stick and other accusations not covered in this documentary. Apparently, India had her very own company (given to her by Keith) called "Delegates". This Albany based company was India's own and it consisted of young people (girls) / illegal immigrants. Mark Vincente gave testimony about this company to the Feds. As I understand, the girls performed gopher like tasks (errands, cooking, cleaning) for the NXIUM community. I guess the age difference between these girls and India was almost ten years. I would say these girls were definitely in a vulnerable position (no parents, no money, no citizenry).

In keeping with this notion being vulnerable but on a different note as it relates to India directly...I felt very uncomfortable with Katherine Orenburg's decision to set up an invention for India with a gynecologist. To me that seemed to border on another form of sexual/psychological abuse for India. I understand her mother was desperate, but I wanted to yell ,"Don't set up a doctor meant to check your daughters intimate health to coach her out of being in a sex cult."

All told, for me I do not believe I grew to understand much about cults after watching this entire documentary other than a few basics ideas. I feel what I did learn was what it was like to be at odds with a parent and likewise what it felt like to be on the run from the law or the media. Her emotions expressed were palatable.

I kind of think that this documentary ran short on education because she was very short on her own involvement in the context of criminal behavior. If I could wish a future for India I would wish her NOT to be a spokesperson for educating the public about cults or seeking to change legislation. Ethically, I don't believe she should be a spokesperson because of her alleged criminal behavior. The light she shares I believe is thwarted by her guilt. Perhaps in time, if she becomes stronger she will have something more to say about this experience. NXIUM just did not punish people into compliance the organization also held out carrots. These carrots sometimes came in the form of money or some future knowledge or whatever. For now, I don't trust her or this documentary as little more than a money making manipulation to clear her reputation. But I will say this documentary is well put together ,interesting, and clear in its message, however valuable you believe this message to be. For these reasons I give it 5 stars.
20 Pcs Assorted Bandanas Paisley Cowboy Polyester Headbands 22x22 inch
20 Pcs Assorted Bandanas Paisley Cowboy Polyester Headbands 22x22 inch
I purchased this bundle of bandanas to make quilts (unfinished quilt top and cut area pictured) for my grandchildren. The price-point was definitely within my budget. The variety of colors was nice, there were no duplicates. Colors were bright and vivid. Washed all prior to constructing my quilt tops. They washed well with minimum and no ink bleed. Tossed in a low heat dryer; items dried well. Used a low heat iron to press them, which worked equally well. These bandanas are lightweight. They do not appear or feel to be cotton; perhaps a cotton blend maybe. I don't recommend cutting as is often necessary with quilt making. The bandanas I did cut, frayed a little and had some puckering. I would suggest with this type of project, the bandanas be folded, taped, or otherwise modified instead of cutting. With that said, I'll still use them for the project. As wearable, the bandanas are perfect. Would recommend as they are still a good product.
Beyond Collisions: How to build your entrepreneurial infrastructure (Changing the Economy) (Volume 1)
Beyond Collisions: How to build your entrepreneurial infrastructure (Changing the Economy) (Volume 1)
Anyone who is assisting entrepreneurs and building entrepreneurial communities should absorb this book. The best feature of Maria Meyers and KatePope Hodel’s book is, as the authors state, “it is about assembling the ingredients” for an entrepreneurial infrastructure “not baking the cake.” The book delivers effectively on this promise. Particular highlights for me include:

“The key point of difference between ecosystems and infrastructure is that ecosystems emerge, almost organically, from a number of different actions and activities. No organization or person “creates” an ecosystem. We can however, build an infrastructure that supports, encourages and sustains the elements that make up a healthy ecosystem.”

The book clearly recognizes the challenge for all of us in building innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems, namely “…entrepreneurs are interested in entrepreneurship …. Not terrible interested in the entrepreneurial infrastructure.” As stated “you need more than just entrepreneurs.”
What the book says directly and indirectly about leadership and champions, such as leaders standing in the background and letting others take the credit, deserves to be widely promoted.

The book will be a significant step towards meeting the needs of entrepreneurs for tools and insights into ‘what works’ and how to measure it so we can move towards the next objective of “baking the cake.”
Datacolor SpyderX Elite – Monitor Calibration Designed for Expert and Professional Photographers and Motion Imagemakers SXE100
Datacolor SpyderX Elite – Monitor Calibration Designed for Expert and Professional Photographers and Motion Imagemakers SXE100
*** UPDATE 4/29/2015 ***
I returned the Spyder 5 Express, received the Spyder 4 Express, setup up Argyll + dispcalGUI (Datacolor software went straight into the trash), and a calibrated, and THERE WAS A CLEAR DIFFERENCE!! Calibrating your monitor does matter, using a calibration device matters, but MOST IMPORTANTLY the calibration software matters, and the Argyll + dispcalGUI is FAR SUPERIOR to the OEM Datacolor software provided for the Spyder 4 Express and Spyder 5 Express. I'm excited to see how much my prints might improve since I already thought they were great using the steps in my original review. Here's how to setup and calibrate using Argyll + dispcalGUI.

1) Do not install OEM software
2) Download Argyll ( and dispcalGUI standalone version (
3) Set C:/ path for Argyll folder
4) Install Sypder4 usb driver (
5) Run dispcalGUI then Menu > File > Locate Argyll CMS executables > point to c:/Argyll/bin
6) Menu > Options > enable Show advanced calibration options
7) Configure Advance options like this (
8) Run measurement tests and adjustment settings
9) Run calibration (in High speed since Medium speed took 1.5 hrs) then save and apply profile

*** ORIGINAL REVIEW 4/16/2015***
I have never calibrated my laptop's monitor in the approximately 2 years I've had it. My commercial prints were coming out too dark, so I purchased this product. The improvement it provided was negligible, much to my surprise and disappointment. The process of getting photos printed with accurate colors involves more than just calibrating your monitor. This is what I have learned:

1) Reduce the brightness of your monitor to approximately 50% then use "Calibrate color" (just search for it), the built-in Windows utility.
2) Download & Install your commercial printer's ICC profile. Sometimes it might be available on their website but you'll probably have to call them and ask what brand & model their photo lab machine is then use Google to find the appropriate ICC profile file (local stores of the same chain seem to have the same models, ex: Walmarts close to where I live all use Fuji Frontier DL 600's)
3) Soft proof your photos in Photoshop using that ICC profile (View > Proof Setup > Custom).
4) Save your photos in the sRGB color space (check with your printer to confirm this).
5) Lastly, but not as important as the previous steps, you can try to print a hard proof on your home printer that will attempt to simulate the final product from your commercial printer, (File > Print > Color Management: Photoshop manages colors; Printer profile = your home printer > Change Normal Printing to Hard Proofing: Proof Setup = appropriate ICC profile)

If you'd still like to get a calibration device then I'd say go for the Spyder 4 since it's less than half the price and the results probably won't be much different. I'm returning this. Argyll + dispcalGUI is widely said to better than any OEM software, but it currently only supports the Spyder 4, so I can't tell if just changing software would give me better calibration results. If it's superior hardware that you desire then get a calibrator from X-Rite which are said to be more accurate, longer-lasting, and have native support from Argyll + dispcalGUI. After following the steps above my prints came out perfectly at Walmart.

Save files for viewing on the web as sRGB which is ideal for most monitors. Others can even download your photo and get prints that are fairly close in color accuracy as well. Hope this helps!

*** Resources ***
Download Argyll

Download dispcalGUI

Setup Argyll + dispcalGUI

ICC Profiles
Warmies Microwavable French Lavender Scented Plush Jr Sheep
Warmies Microwavable French Lavender Scented Plush Jr Sheep
I love this product. My daughter takes it everywhere, which is why there are only three stars for durability. The problem I’ve run into is that it is pretty hard to clean. It would be nice if you could remove the other cover and actually wash it (it’s filled with rice so you cannot get it wet). Otherwise it’s such a cute and comforting toy and I’ll just keep replacing them when they get seriously dirty.
Tanness 2 Pack Magic Multi-Function Cool Jelly Pad Cushion Pillow Mat Absorbs and Dissipates Heat - Helps Improve Quality of Sleep & Optimal Sleeping Temperature
Tanness 2 Pack Magic Multi-Function Cool Jelly Pad Cushion Pillow Mat Absorbs and Dissipates Heat - Helps Improve Quality of Sleep & Optimal Sleeping Temperature
Saw a similar product advertised on the TV decided to have a look on amazon but there’s was sold out found these one’s they had good reviews and you got two for the sane price so we can have his and hers. Living spain this time of the year and having long hair is a nightmare head is constantly sweating so these were great of a night time. I put a towel over it as i normally anyway on the pillow it was great certainly kept my head cooler. Will experiment wit( putting them in the fridge when we get to the real intense heat in the next few weeks. Very speedy delivery Turned up a day earlier than was quoted.
Silentnight Warm and Cosy 13.5 Tog, White, Double & Deep Sleep Pillow, White, Pack of 2
Silentnight Warm and Cosy 13.5 Tog, White, Double & Deep Sleep Pillow, White, Pack of 2
Update Oct 2019.
After less than 2 weeks (when I was changing the bedding) I noticed what other reviewers mentioned - the inside of the duvet was getting out, through the material. The duvet was accepted for a full refund. Additionally, if you like to cocoon in your sleep, I'd consider something more breathable. Thanks

Original impressions:
I am so pleased with my recent purchase. I have done some research and these (warm and cosy duvets and pillows) seemed to be the best.
I was not disappointed.
I received my order on time, if not 1 day earlier.
The duvet was wrapped in additional bag, to prevent any damages.

I previously used 10.5 tog all year round, but I would wake up if the temperature in the bedroom dropped below 18 degrees. That meant heating on in October, sometimes September. I simply wish I thought about a warmer duvet earlier.
I was afraid it would be heavy, but it's not at all. Very bouncy and keeps me warm, but not overheated.
I would previously feel the cold in my chest and struggled to get out of the bed in the morning.
I no longer need to wear long sleeve nightwear. I air the house a lot, so having to have central heating on was a waste of money. I now can have a window open in the morning, while I lay in my bed and it feels super cosy. Highly recommend.
Ronak Raunak Unpolished Matar Dal, 1 kg
Ronak Raunak Unpolished Matar Dal, 1 kg
This is the first time I am disappointed by something that I ordered on Amazon. The dal packet was completely torn and the dal was spilled out as shown in photos. Also, nowhere on the packet is the name of the dal written ( see the attached pics). The photos on the Amazon website show the name 'Matar dal' written on the front but in the actual product there is no name of pulses anywhere. Coming to the product, it's very mediocre with most of the pulse grain either broken or with holes in them. Also they charged exorbitant amount for delivery ( Rs 63 per kg with translated to Rs 126 for the 2 kg I ordered) which is almost equal to another 1 kg dal price. This is just daylight robbery and I advise everyone to stay away from this product.

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