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How to Close a Deal Like Warren Buffett: Lessons from the World's Greatest Dealmaker
How to Close a Deal Like Warren Buffett: Lessons from the World's Greatest Dealmaker
This is a book about the art of closing a large deal. The author has experience in this area. Before the age of 40 he "had headed four corporations, each of which [he] took from annual revenues of less than $15 million to more than $100 million." This book is an instruction manual for the business person that wants to grow their business exponentially.

This is for sales people, for executives, for CEO's, for entrepreneurs, and for innovators; everyone that wants to make their mark in business. That was the best takeaway for me - there are so many pieces of this process that I'll be able to use individually, outside of a specific deal, and I will be a more effective businessman as a result.

There are 18 Chapters or Lessons, that the author learned from tracking Warren Buffet, and I split those up into the steps toward winning a large deal. Those steps were:
1) Choosing your target - don't swing at everything
2) Craft a compelling solution that address the major concerns of Time, Money & Risk.
3) Speak the language of a dealmaker - don't speak like a manager to a CEO.
4) How to get an executive at a target prospect to call you back.
5) Building a team to engage your prospect effectively by predicting and addressing their concerns.
6) How to deal with the problems and people that will stand in your way.
7) How to close the sale AND secure the deal.

I was so impressed by the content of this book that I bought it for all my top customers. The first step in growing your territory is partnering with your clients to grow their business, and I'm confident this will make them stronger.

I identified one of the key takeaways from each of the chapters of the book. In order to fully understand them, it is best to read them in the context of the chapter, but these valuable nuggets are part of the treasure you'll find:

Gold Nugget 1: "Make deals with the kind of people you would like to be in business with."
Gold Nugget 2: "Developing a solution and a message that have an impact on the entire company, not just one department."
Gold Nugget 3: "Never go after the company, Always go after the deal."
Gold Nugget 4: In order for large companies to trust you, they want "safety and credibility."
Gold Nugget 5: "Big people with big problems don't buy little solutions."
Gold Nugget 6: "The big dealmakers want to hear about money, time and risk. These words are part of the language of big deals."
Gold Nugget 7: "What prospects do make deals on is what they can sell [internally] and defend later."
Gold Nugget 8: "Prospects for your next big deal expect you to have a relevant and valuable understanding of their problems so that you can discuss their general context immediately."
Gold Nugget 9: "You eliminate the fear by including on your team the people from your company who are best equipped to give in-depth answers to all the questions that are being raised."
Gold Nugget 10: "If you show any incompetence in your normal day-to-day dealings with your prospects, they will note trust you to be competent in carrying out your solution."
Gold Nugget 11: "Identify your known vulnerabilities."
Gold Nugget 12: "You must think in terms of what your prospects will value, rather than in terms of your product or service."
Gold Nugget 13: "Enrich your deal-making practice sessions further by adding one or more broken plays to the meetings you're practicing."
Gold Nugget 14: "You want to ask questions, but just like a good attorney, you have to know the answers before you ask the questions."
Gold Nugget 15: "As you receive these questions, you want to be helpful, thorough, and responsive. You also want to use this as a reconnaissance period for your own gathering of information."
Gold Nugget 16: "Your ability to make your prospect feel comfortable and unafraid about buying from you is what lands you the deal."
Gold Nugget 17: "The thoroughness of your solution in terms of how they get from here to there will determine whether they are willing to actually take the necessary steps to buy your proposal and move forward now."
Gold Nugget 18: "You now spend at least one-quarter to one-third of your time in research."
El libro de Steve Jobs: Luces y sombras de un genio (Ensayo general) (Spanish Edition)
El libro de Steve Jobs: Luces y sombras de un genio (Ensayo general) (Spanish Edition)
Este voluminoso y de cuidada edición volumen narra la historia de Steve Jobs desde su juventud (aunque incluya alguna breve pincelada de su infancia). Escrito a dos manos por los experimentados periodistas Brent Schlender (uno de los mejores conocedores de la industria informática desde su nacimiento, escribe para el Wall Street Journal y para Fortune) y Rick Tetzeli (editor ejecutivo de la revista de tecnología y negocios Fast Company, aunque también fue director adjunto de la revista Fortune y editor de Entertainment Weekly), que sin embargo decidieron que el libro fuese narrado en primera persona por Brent, que tuvo la suerte de tratar personalmente con Steve Jobs a lo largo de casi 25 años.

Hay un aspecto del libro que me ha gustado especialmente, y es su diseño. Concebido como un rectángulo negro casi por completo, tanto la portada, la contraportada como los cortes superior, inferior y frontal están en ese color. La tipografía y el estilo general, contenido y simple, siguen el estilo Apple totalmente (me refiero siempre a la copia de tapas duras, el resto no lo conozco).

El motivo de leer este libro no era por tanto que yo tuviese un especial interés en Steve Jobs. Pero empezó a picarme la curiosidad por Steve cuando leí el libro de Ed Catmull, Creatividad S.A. El retrato que Ed pintó de Steve no se parecía en nada a la imagen que tenía de él, y pensé que quizás su historia fuese más allá de la imagen polémica que han construido a su alrededor.

El libro me ha gustado, mucho. Es más que evidente que ambos periodistas saben cómo escribir una buena historia, y la narración te engancha e informa a partes iguales. Va de lo general a lo más específico. He sobrevolado buena parte de la historia de la informática reciente, desde los años 70 hasta casi la actualidad. Brent y Rick saben de qué hablan, entienden la parte tecnológica y la empresarial, además de la humana. Es curioso e incluso divertido ver hasta que punto las relaciones personales entre los grandes magnates de las empresas más punteras influyen en cómo se desarrolla la tecnología y, por ende, el mundo que nos rodea.
Si me tengo que quedar con una sola razón por la que merezca la pena leer este libro, sin embargo, no sería nada relacionado directamente con la tecnología, la innovación, la gestión empresarial o con sus famosos desaires y discusiones. Creo que lo más interesante de su biografía es ver su proceso de aprendizaje. Cómo supo evolucionar, limar sus asperezas y defectos -aunque nunca desaparecieron del todo, claro- y sacar el mejor partido posible de sus grandezas. Cómo aprendió, gracias en parte a Ed Catmull, a tratar a las personas, a entender las sutiles y complejas relaciones humanas. Cómo no permitió que nada de esto afectase a su familia y cómo supo separar ambas áreas de su vida. Y por cómo supo encajar y aprender de sus grandes y llamativos errores, de sus tremendos y públicos batacazos. Nadie nace siendo grande, decide -con enorme y a veces desmesurado esfuerzo- superar y aprender de cada caída y de cada fallo.
Eco-Friendly Bamboo Toothbrush Set - 4 Engraved Toothbrushes, 1 Bamboo Travel Case, and 1 Charcoal Bamboo Dental Floss
Eco-Friendly Bamboo Toothbrush Set - 4 Engraved Toothbrushes, 1 Bamboo Travel Case, and 1 Charcoal Bamboo Dental Floss
Overall, I'm quite satisfied with this set. I there are a couple issues that prevented me from giving 5 stars though, so I'll list out the pros and cons:

- The toothbrushes aren't *too* soft like other ones I've tried. They're equivalent to a soft major brand toothbrush.
- The bristles are contoured. I'm not a fan of the flat top bristles.
- The environmental impact is reduced greatly.
- The packaging is really nice. Like NICE.
- The bamboo toothbrush caddy for travel is a nice bonus and it has holes at both ends to air out the wet brush. Well thought out.

- Mineral oil needs to be applied every few days to the wood to keep the water from affecting it. The instructions only indicate applying once before use, but it dries out and tastes like a wooden popsicle stick while brushing after a few days.
- The shape of the handle should be more rounded. While I find the brush aesthetically pleasing, it is somewhat uncomfortable in my hand due to the hard edges.
- The lip on the floss container is incredibly difficult to grab the floss. It takes several tries everytime. I think it just needs to be slightly peeled upward.
- I wish the floss container was aluminum instead of glass for recycling availability should one ever want to dispose of it. Many areas no longer offer glass recycling because of cost.

All in all, I'm very satisfied and plan to use this going forward. I haven't looked yet, but I do hope they offer brushes separately and not just in a set as I would not need the caddy and glass floss container again going forward.
An Indecent Obsession
An Indecent Obsession
An Australian military field hospital in the South Pacific during 1945 at the very end of the Second World War becomes the hermetically sealed setting for this work filmed upon Lord Howe Island in New South Wales. A sweat drenched tropical tale based upon a novel by Colleen McCullough, the film's primary theme involves a conflict between love and duty, and the result that comes from making an inappropriate choice in the matter. Psychological stimuli for actions of the characters, in particular those who perform responsibilities in uncomfortable circumstances, are incisively dramatized through able performances from a nicely-selected cast, the narrative being temporized only occasionally by the scriptor's attempted fidelity to the novel. Sister Honour Langtry (Wendy Hughes), a caring and conscientious Army nurse, has been placed in charge of a striking mixture of five emotionally damaged soldiers being treated in the psychiatric care section of the hospital, known as Ward X, and has established thoroughly successful rapport with each man, a viewer being privy through brief flashbacks to the combat related circumstances that have driven the maladjusted troops into her care. Into this delicately balanced atmosphere is sent an addition immediately after the surrender of Japan - - a highly decorated sergeant, Michael Wilson (Gary Sweet), whose unexpected coming is not welcomed by the sister who has no need for a new patient so near the time of being mustered out, although she is also attracted to the handsome newcomer, in large part as a result of his apparently stable demeanour. Outraged by an obviously growing physical connection between Sister, or "Sis" as the inmates refer to her, and Michael, one of the patients plots to ruin the budding, as well as unethical, relationship, thereby serving merely to bring the pair closer. "My book, Indecent Obsession, was about duty", has stated author McCullough, and this subject is often brought to the fore in this melodrama that has no hero within a screenplay that generates additional interest stemming from the novelist's employment of historical trimmings that mark her most effective writing, while also making proper use of a murder mystery subtheme. Acting honours must go to Hughes, whose nurse is seeking correct symmetry between a need for romantic love and a responsibility for assisting those assigned to her care, while the principal male actors are impressive as well, bringing a broad gamut of interpretations to their roles. Perhaps most effective when it does stay very close to the book's content, the film is competently directed by Lex Marinos. A small budget is used efficiently, production and costume designing are top-tier, and editing wisely incorporates the lowering basalt cliffs that serve to define Lord Howe Island.
Deadpool Classic, Vol. 1
Deadpool Classic, Vol. 1
Deadpool Classic 1 starts off with the New Mutants where Deadpool made his initial appearance attempting to kill Cable. The story and artwork are by Rob Liefeld. He has that signature 90s style that I’m a bit ambivalent about.

Next up was the four issue The Circle Chase by Fabian Nicieza and art by Joe Madureira. I really liked Madureira’s style. He featured both some exaggerated figures but sharp lines. The main story is that the mysterious Mr. Tolliver who played a big role in X-Force comics was killed by Cable and everyone wants to find his will. That leads to a bunch of ill will characters to get involved including Black Tom, Juggernaut, and Slayback along with the Hero Weapon X Kane. Another more mixed figure is Pool’s off and on girlfriend Vanessa that also wants to find the will. The series was the first time the authors hinted that Wade Wilson may not be just a mercenary.

Next up is the original run of Deadpool from 1994 that ran four issues with the story by Mark Waid and drawings by Ian Churchill, Lee Weeks and Ken Lashley. They are back to that 90s Marvel style akin to Liefeld. While they don’t have the excessive shoulder pads (still there for a group of soldiers) and bandoliers they do have that horrible habit of having women characters stick up their butts and chests in a ridiculous pose when they first show up. The series focuses upon Black Tom who is suffering from a life threatening disease and his friend Juggernaut trying to hunt down Deadpool who they believe has the cure to Tom’s illness. Theresa aka Siryn also gets involved who was raied by Tom.

Finally things end with Deadpool #1 that started off the current series. This introduces a whole bunch of characters that would be mainstays in the comic for years. There’s Patch that runs the Hellhouse mercenary business. T-Ray who would become Deadpool’s first real nemesis. Blind Al who was Wilson’s roommate/captive, and Zoe from Landau, Luckman and Lake. The story also shows the future progression of the main character. He takes a job to blow up a secret facility in Canada but when he finds out that it might kill off most of the world, he tries to fix the problem he caused.

These early comics show all the features that would get fully developed later on. There’s plenty of actions and explosions. At first, Deadpool talks a little, but by the end they had him rattling on and on. Deadpool also starts off as a coldblooded killer, but he starts developing into a more rounded character quickly. Great introduction to the entire series.
Ashes (from "Deadpool 2" Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Ashes (from "Deadpool 2" Motion Picture Soundtrack)
It's a gorgeous song! At first, I was initially skeptical about its inclusion into the soundtrack album for Deadpool 2; but in keeping with the fact that Deadpool will be forming the X-Force in the film, and also discovers the importance of family and friendship, maybe this song will be the family theme song....
Fiskars , Synthetic Material Cutting Pizza Wheel, one size, Black
Fiskars , Synthetic Material Cutting Pizza Wheel, one size, Black
Die Marke war der Grund warum ich mich dafür entschieden habe. Ich wurde nicht enttäuscht!

Der Pizzaschneider schneidet mit sehr wenig kraft (druck) auf der Pizza. Die !Plastikklinge! lässt sich sehr gut und schnell sauber machen.

Ich bin begeistert von der qualität einer ! Plastikklige !. Hatte bis dato nur Stahl Pizzaschneider.

den Kauf habe ich nicht bereut und empfehle dieses Produkt daher sehr gerne weiter!
Dr. Seuss Friends Plush Baby Blanket
Dr. Seuss Friends Plush Baby Blanket
My son loves this blanket, he has to have it every time he lays down, it’s soft and cuddly that I ordered extras so if I need to wash it, etc I can rotate them

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