Yeeech Temporary Tattoos Stickers Waterproof Magic Snake Skull Designs Black for Arm (2 Sheets)

Yeeech Temporary Tattoos Stickers Waterproof Magic Snake Skull Designs Black for Arm (2 Sheets)

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I ordered these tattoos for a friend and I who were Death Eaters for halloween. They were easy to apply and stayed on the whole night.

- isaac_allen

Good for the first day, but after one shower avoiding washing the area and only patting dry the skull is already coming off. No chance it will last up to the week as advertised.

- caroline_diaz

This tattoo was great quality, easy to put on, and about the right size from what I saw in the movies. Unfortunately, i used it for a halloween costume and had to take it off before I went back to work two days later, so I can't speak to how long it'll last but it was pretty hard for me to wash off just after two days.

- elliott_allen

Lasted longer than I expected. Stayed on all night without any peeling.

- bryan_martinez

I used this for a Halloween costume, and the quality of the tattooed didn't disappoint. A friend and I easily applied it to our forarmes and it stayed in good condition for 2-3 days afterwards.

- janessa_price

Very bright vivid tattoo - lasted days! I have very sensitive skin, no irritation from it, very easy to remove too! Looked so real, I had people ask me where I got my tattoo!

- lilian_ruiz

It looked AMAZING, but it was so hard to get off.

- marina_gonzales

easy to put on, and lasts for a while

- anthony_young

These were exactly as I hoped, just a tiny bit shorter than I imagined. They came in a cute little package and were well protected from getting crumpled in the mail. Excellent seller and product!

- colin_ramirez

Lasted for a few days after application with some flaking, but good quality and you get two which is nice. Very slick.

- braelynn_ruiz

Great temporary tattoo. Applies perfectly and with ease.

- ariel_bennet

Used for a Halloween costume. It took the strength of 6 men in my shower to scrub this puppy off.

- savanna_morales

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