World of Reading: Black Panther: This is Black Panther (Level 1): Level 1

World of Reading: Black Panther: This is Black Panther (Level 1): Level 1

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By: Alexandra C West and Marvel Press Artist

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The Marvel World of Reading line of early readers is designed to offer reluctant readers books that they will want to read by featuring characters they love.

Learn how T'Challa, an African Prince, protects his nation and becomes the Super Hero Black Panther.
Great simple-text introduction to Black Panther’s origin story that includes images of T’Challa with and without his mask. It is well-illustrated.

A couple things to note:
- The books handles T’Challa’s father’s death, but does not directly say that he dies.
- In terms of content, each page has short, simple sentences — usually one to three — and repetitive words, which makes it ideal for beginning readers.
- The book also briefly discusses natural resources, which might be a good launching point for the relevant topic of colonization for kids who want to explore the meaning of the character.
- The book centers only on the men’s stories, so if you’re looking for intersectional feminism that appears in the film, this isn’t that. Fingers crossed that some future stories might include that.

- abril_patel

My 5 year old son loves this book! Some words are a little difficult for him to read but overall a great book. It came with stickers which he was excited about. The book came in great condition.

- hayes_rodriguez

Love this book! I bought this book for my 3 year old son. He is very much into super heroes. The book is very good at keeping it somewhat as G to PG rated as possible. Although there are fighting scenes (which comes with the super hero territory) the book avoids going into details of dying or being killed. It is hard finding super hero books appropriate for young kids. This book is really good! Short enough to keep a child's attention yet long enough to learn about Black Panther.

- linda_davis

Love the book, read to my son he was so excited. Simply for young children.

- major_robinson

Good beginner book for my 5yr old son short story with big pictures. Gotta love black panther!

- davion_cox

Great book. My son loved it. It was just perfect for his reading level.
I thought the story was exciting and really kept his attention.

- chana_chavez

I love the movie. I really like this book. I want to be a black Panther. My mommy read this to me.

- hannah_young

I am loving that these books are also written for young readers. We gave this one away at a Black Panther viewing party. We want children to read books that interest them, especially boys!

- emmalynn_mendoza

We now have a reasonable collection of these colourful and very well presented soft cover first level reading books. So we obviously like and would recommend them to the youngest super hero fans out there.

Our 5 year old son continued to come home from school with stories about super heroes. We’re not really in to the topic, but he is fascinated and knows most of them. So we got him a set of books within in this series as a start. They are great for guided reading; he will read the easy, obvious words, I help him with the more difficult ones and obscure names like T’Challa. Against my wish I now know more about the superhero back stories. But it’s really great for him as it captures his interest. We soon worked through our first batch of super hero booklets. And I’ve now started to order more recent, single books. Black Panther, as a super hero for children is great given its diversification from the standard super hero type, also as it relates to Africa.

I continue to be amazed by the concept and which there was something similar around when I had to learn to read many decades ago.

- danielle_gomez

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