WOLVERINE Men's Floorhand Oxford Steel Toe Construction Shoe

WOLVERINE Men's Floorhand Oxford Steel Toe Construction Shoe

Posted by jack_miller | Published 9 months ago

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Too early to comment on durability, but these look good (in matte black), feel comfortable, are sized well, and seem reasonably priced. I really did order one pair, wore them for about a week, and liked them enough to order a second pair (my reasoning is that once these wear out, I'd rather have another pair ready to use than hope this model/style that I like still exists in the future, nor do I want to hassle with finding some other pair I like if these are no longer available).

Note: be careful selecting the seller! The first pair I ordered through an Amazon affiliate and was $93 and were tax-free. The second pair I looked at would have been fulfilled by Amazon instead and seemed cheaper at $91, but then would have had an $9 tax added on, for a total of $100. I balked at paying tax on the same item I didn't pay tax on last week, so I looked through the "other sellers" list and found the original affiliate, now selling them for only $90, but still tax-free. So pay attention to the price+tax+shipping total and don't just click "add to cart"... comparison shop the other sellers to get the best deal!

I took one star off because I almost never give anything 5-stars, and because the shoelaces tend to un-tie themselves and so need to be double knotted (this is a common problem among boot laces, and is not unique to these shoes). But I do like these shoes.

- juliana_campbell

I’ve been a Wolverine fan for some years. I drive truck. Before my current job, that involved a lot of drop and hooks, warehouse work, and whatever needed to be done. I’ve been an 11 1/2 forever, but recently require a 12. This shoe is a true 12. A little roomy compared to 11 1/2, but comfortable. Shoe is heavy, not a bad thing because doesn’t feel heavy on feet. For what I do, which is pretty much just drive, I know they will satisfy my customers PPE requirements, and they’re comfortable as hell, like already broken in. Good, quality shoe at a decent price.

- jaelynn_cook

I'm happy with these shoes. These are durable and heavy. They make a great "Chicago" shoe suitable for a variety of adverse weather and road conditions. They have a secure grip and a nice look for an 'office' setting. I disagree with reviewers who stated that these shoes are either narrow or small for the size. I ordered a half size larger based on those recommendations and feel like the shoe is about a half size large. I think my typical shoe size would have fit perfectly.

- nicolas_jones

Tired of buying shoes that don't last. I walk 2 hours per day. These shoes look good enough to wear in an office but are really a work shoe. They're not really designed for walking but fit the bill for me because they last. Now, because they are a work shoe and have a steel toe, they are heavy. I wouldn't want to have to run very far in these shoes. But, one cannot complain as you can either have light weight or long wearing - I chose the latter. Oh, and they're waterproof which is so great as I live in a rainy climate.

- hailey_bailey

I tried to like these shoes because they look really good. But after wearing them a few times and hoping they would get better, I just had to give up on them. I don't wear wide width in any other shoes, but these are REALLY narrow in the toe region and the steel cap makes them unforgiving.

The picture compares the actual insole (black and on the right) with a standard cushioned insole (gray and on the left) I bought to use in these shoes. My suggestion would be to order a size wider than you normally wear.

- ariel_bennet

I love these boots. I’m a mechanic and have worn these boots for around 2 weeks and they look new still coolant, brake fluid, oil & transmission fluid no problem plus I don’t clean them at all.

- joey_mendoza

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