Wizarding World Harry Potter Buckbeak 13 Large Plush Doll NEW by Universal Studios

Wizarding World Harry Potter Buckbeak 13 Large Plush Doll NEW by Universal Studios

Posted by jack_miller | Published 8 months ago

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Buckbeak is very soft and sturdy my son sleeps with him every night but when we make his bed he still stands up straight so you could display as well

- jurnee_roberts

Ordered Buckbeak for a birthday gift for my 11 year son but the beak seam was shipped with a rip in it and you could see the stuffing through it. I debated whether or not to sew the beak up myself but after paying $40 for the item; I would have expected a non-ripped plush doll. It was very cute and as other reviewers wrote, stands up on its own so its definitely not flimsy (except for the ripped beak seam). I ended up returning mine through Amazon and got a refund. I didn't want to chance getting another defective plush so I was lucky enough to get another one - this time from a friend who was going to Universal Studios.

- maxine_kelly

I think I'm going to put it in my office for display.
Although the pictures have a brown hue to them, the doll is mostly gray.
Also, from one side it looks like he's smiling, and the other looks a bit frowning, but I still think it's very pretty and cute.
I'm happy with my purchase!

- emmanuel_turner

I was hesitant to pay so much for "a stuffed animal." However, "Buckbeak" was an instant hit. My daughter peered into his eyes and decidedly named him Hagrid. True to his namesake, he appears fierce but he is soft and sturdy. It's put together well. His body is solid, his legs a bit less (giving them some ability for movement, but still strong enough to support his standing on his own.) His wings are sewn on in a way that the bottom half moves freely for "flapping", yet won't get pulled off by too much tugging. There are 3-4 different kinds of fabrics used in the making of this noble creature, giving him lots of texture and detail. In spite of all these things, when I've picked him up, I can't stop petting him, even as a "first generation" Potter fan! He is so very, very soft, from the tufts of fur on his head\tail to the short fur on his chest and wings. He is holding up very well to the love and affection he's been receiving. A lot of money? Yes. But if Harry Potter is part of your world, (or someone else's) it's worth the price.

- waylon_morris

Nephew is thrilled. Very well made: firm filling, tight stitches, substantial fabric that does not shed. Nice structure: stands on own. Colors are true to pics & movie.

- zoie_nelson

When we visited Universal, i bought my daughter a Buckbeak 13" Large Plush Doll - and when we got home, she took it to school (she is a special education teacher) to show to her class - all of her students fell in love with Buckbeak - she allowed them to take turns holding him throughout the day - she brought him home each evening - and, as the weeks progressed he began to look more and more tired and worn each time she brought him home - so, i was really thrilled to be able to order him online - now, she can leave Buckbeak I at school for the students to play with and have Buckbeak II here at home! It is a beautifully constructed figure - soft yet sturdy - he bows gracefully when you approach and will sit happily on your shoulder when you are busy with other tasks.

- ronin_martin

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