Wedigout Metal Detector MD-4030 Pro Edition Hobby Explorer Waterproof Search Coil with Shovel

Wedigout Metal Detector MD-4030 Pro Edition Hobby Explorer Waterproof Search Coil with Shovel

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I received this detector yesterday, and without using the manual, was able to put it together without any problems. I've had other detectors, a couple worth more than this KingDetector, but this just that for the price...KING. This detector sounded off when sweeping the yard, found and old penny about 3 inches in the ground. For the price of this detector, you can't go wrong.
Kind of on the cheaply made side, but does detect metals down in the ground of up to 4 - 5 inches. It's worth the 50ish dollars.

- noah_johnson

This is a great beginner metal detector, or great for someone looking for a specific list item (anyone ever lose a wedding ring?) I haven’t had a metal detector in years but the kids watched some YouTube videos and were dying to try it. This seemed like a good one to gage interest. I used a dime and a pull tab to set the discriminate function and this seems a fine setting for casual interest, but completely eliminates most nickels Gold or lead. The analog needle was too small and fast for me to get anything out of it so only detected with the tones. There is only one pitch tone. So far we have only used it on our own property but the kids have already found about 50 coins including a Mercury dime on the 3rd hit. As far as construction, it’s light duty, but seems adequate. We did have some trouble figuring out the adjustable slide because the plastic ring fell out in the box. It needs to snap into the small holes in the upper shaft. Also the 9volt battery leads are a little strange. They have high sides that prevent them from snapping on some batteries. They did work with Duracell batteries though. Overall good deal for the price and good enough to satisfy young treasure seekers or finding out if this hobby is for you

- boone_taylor

My 10yo daughter wanted to get a metal detector for “treasure hunting” and just happened to have $60 in birthday money. We searched on amazon and found this product with decent reviews. We took a gamble and so far so good! She assembled the item herself and took it to the beach today. In minutes she began finding items with her friends (spoon, lighter, Bluetooth headphones, lobster trap pieces, etc). The item isn’t professional by any means but it works as it should, provides hours of enjoyment and the headphones and folding shovel are a great bonus. We will see how long the product remains functional, but for now I’m pleased, she’s happy and we are having fun finding things as a family.

- magnus_lee

My first detector, but it seems to work great, if not super sensitive. You just have to move slow, and learn what different sounds mean.

- caleb_roberts

Good for beginners hard to find just coins but I did after a lot of digging I did find a 1913 penny and a 1898 indian head penny. It was my second and third time out for the two finds.

- knox_young

The poles connect with an adjuster that needs to screw into a cheep plastic washer. The washers fell out upon opening the package. There are instructions on how to put them back in but the poles will not connect properly. Instead of screwing them together as they are supposed to be, I used black duct tape. Which is probably more sturdy than the cheap connector.

- kaliyah_price

This metal detector is sold by several Brands but it is the identical metal detector with the same model number. So you can technically find one that is priced better, and comes with accessories you desire. I do like the metal detector itself. Like all modern metal detectors it is very lightweight, which means it's also made out of thin aluminum and plastic. Honestly I rather have a sturdier product that weighs a little more, but that's a thing of the past.

This metal detector does find lots of metal. I only used it for approximately 15 minutes and I found about seven items. I also spent some time testing it out on different metals, and I found it is possible to find gold with it. The settings have to be set to find all metals and the power switch needs to be turned all the way up. You will find every type of metal at these settings but it's the only way I was able to detect my test gold. And gold does give a distinct beeping sound that is impossible to miss. However with this metal detector as well as others the gold would have to be near the surface of the ground may be no more than 2 inches deep.

I really liked the headphones that came with it. They are available for purchase by the manufacturer for only $5.95. They have a cloth cord with a volume control. The volume control is very handy and necessary, sense the volume on the metal detector does not go very low.

The shovel however is not worth much of anything. I tried to use it one time, pushed it into the ground and it bent. It is very small and can only be used with your hands. Which makes it even more disappointing that it bent with just the force of my hand. I found the shovel for sale by the manufacturer for $9.95. I did see a video where someone was using the shovel in the sand with a colander to sift the sand. That's about all it's good for. The compass on it didn't work either. The carrying bag for the shovel was also very flimsy. This appears to be the same shovel that is given away with every metal detector I looked at. Which is to bad sense it's practically worthless. I'd much rather would have had a sand scoop as the free accessory.

The metal detector itself is pretty easy to put together. It does come with some extra parts that are particularly flimsy just in case you break them. But they're the same parts that are on all the metal detectors I looked at. I believe this metal detector is a good choice for children to start with as well as beginners. I would categorize this one as a beginner to intermediate model. It will work well to find coins and trinkets at the beach, or even your backyard. This could definitely be the only metal detector you'll ever need.

I do recommend doing some research before purchasing. Check the height measurements, check the free accessories, and just make sure it will fit your needs.

- sophie_garcia

It's good for a child or a first timer like me who just wants to try it to see if I like doing it enough to buy a more advanced one. The spade isn't stationary it moves around and my headphones didn't work. Besides that I've had fun...I'm 12 cents richer, found some type of mineral (rock) half of a little metal jeep that my boy's used to play with 3 regular nails and 2 handmade nails.

- maliah_clark

Ich war anfangs sehr skeptisch,habe aber vor dem Lauf bei YouTube ein Test-Video gesehen und war von da an ziemlich überzeugt.Das bestellte Tei kam rasch und gut verpackt an.Der Aufbau war einfach und ging ziemlich schnell.Jetzt wollte ich es selbst wissen und brachte das Teil zum Einsatz.Und siehe da,meine Erwartungen wurden übertroffen.In etwa 20 cm Tiefe fand ich zwei uralte Zeltheringe sowie eine alte Ölfösche die ziemlich tief im Boden steckte.Aber auch alte Alufolie einer Zigarettenschachtel hat das Gerät entdeckt.Ich bin also total begeistert.Die kleine Schippe eignet sich maximal für sandigen Boden.Man sollte schon einen Spaten mitführen,denn das geht schneller und ist auch effektiver.Also,ich gebe sehr gerne meine Kaufempfehlung hier ab!

- zaylee_jones

Seem to work fine when first assembled it several days later when using it to find a a property pin it wouldn’t pick up a known piece of steel (shovel). Should have ordered a better product in first instance. Not happy with product but I guess you get what you pay for.

- jasper_james

Mauvaise qualité no précis je ne le recommande pas

- abraham_cooper

works great lots of fun

- reign_brown

Item does work on some metal items but misses every second or third item

- zaid_cooper

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