Warren Buffett: A Biography of the most Intelligent Businessman Ever

Warren Buffett: A Biography of the most Intelligent Businessman Ever

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By: Albert Redfield

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Do you want to get to know Warren Buffett a little bit better?

Are you interested in how Warren Buffett became so successful?

Those that know about investors and philanthropist may be able to say that they have heard of Warren Buffet. It has been said that he may be one of the largest, and most well known, investor in the 20th century. Of course, he is also one of the richest men in the world. He is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. While you may think that this is a man that is only interested in benefiting himself, you may be shocked to know that this is not the case. This man has made a pledge to give away 99% of his wealth and he often gives to the Gates Foundation.

What you'll learn inside:

- Who Warren Buffett Is

- What he will be doing with all his money

- How he came to be the successful man he is today

- The man behind the money

- And much, MUCH more!

So what are you waiting for?

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This is an abbreviated account not a full biography. It is one of many publications by this author that are about 50 pages. It is interesting and holds your interest. If you are looking for an in-depth biography then this may not be for you.

- kora_alvarez

I love learning about inspirational leaders of our society. I would highly recommend this book if you are looking for a little motivation to your own personal life!

- will_myers

This short booklet is rather article.

The content is a bit chaotic, and poorly researched. There could be much more interesting thing written about Warren Buffet. Instead there are some generalities.

I am afraid that you can find better written and more valuable Warren Buffet's biography on Wiki - for free.

As you can see the author had written a number of articles on various topics - from JFK, Holocaust through Ancient Egypt, and nearly all of those articles are rated 1* due to poor research, grammar and writing. This should answer a question if this booklet is worth buying.

The booklet is worth 1*. The second is because I got it for free - for free I just don't like it (2*), but if I had spend money on this - I would hate it and give it 1*.

- freya_jones

I know I should have looked first, but had no idea that this 'book' was only 8 pages long. That is more like a lengthy brochure to me. It was good information, but not very informative for the price.

- ace_hughes

What a waste of money - any 10 year old child could find all of this info & more on Wikipedia - Redfield should not be classified as an author & Amazon should delete this book from their sales options !!! I sure hope Buffet didn't authorize this ...

- opal_collins

Knowledge is power! this book is full of it.

- benjamin_garcia

An amazing human being we need more like him. Money is not everything, who we touch and help is more important.

- coraline_bennet

This reads as a middle school book report. There are spelling errors and personal opinions. However, great topic was chosen and basic interesting facts. Would recommend to middle and elementary aged children.

- lainey_martinez

How wonderful that he has given away most of his wealth, but do we need to me told 10 times. This makes up the bulk of the story and has little other content.

- kelvin_walker

Loved it...biography of one of the greatest investors of all time ...no complex words easy to read
Thank u Amazon..
#Oracle of Omaha
Sir Warren buffet

- anastasia_morgan

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