Wagan EL2610 Gray 400W Pro Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

Wagan EL2610 Gray 400W Pro Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

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I wired the Wagan 400w inverter to clean12v battery terminals using a 6 ft run of 6 awg copper wire. Followed product manual for install and operation instructions. The inverter worked fine with a phone charger plugged into the usb port. I unplugged the usb charger and then plugged a 75 watt load into one of the ac outlets. Worked as normal. Roughly 3 minutes later, smoke and burning inside the inverter. Disconnected from power as quickly as possible. Let the inverter cool, then attempted to try again. Undervoltage alarm now stays on no matter the source (tried 12v plug as well and another battery) and will not operate. After looking thoroughly at the reviews of other Wagan products, it seems like my experience is far from an isolated incident. Unfortunate, as Wagan products seem well designed with extremely competitive specs and price.

- stetson_baker

Installed to run a cellphone booster from a 12v battery. Functions well for this application. Would like for it to come with a second set of wires for a ring to terminal connection but that is easy enough to do. It has 2 outlets, each outlet is capable of 400 watt output (max combined is still 400 watts). Some units advertised as 400W would only allow 200W max per outlet. It was also used to charge a cellphone while running the booster. In the near future it will also supply power to several LED lamps. Update : Works perfectly with a Wilson 4G cell phone booster.

- alexia_lopez

Not one of the cheaper units, so I'm hoping it will be good quality, time will tell. Unit arrived promptly, but I noticed a rattling noise inside the unit. I took off one end (easy to do, 4 screws) and found two small electrical lock washers loose inside. Checked to see if something came loose, but didn't notice anything, except one of the nuts for the positive input terminal was very loose (could spin with my fingers). I removed the loose washers, tightened the nut, and tested the unit. Everything appears to be working fine, but the washers could easily have shorted something out, and I'm sure that the nut for the input terminal would have fallen off in time, and caused a problem if I hadn't noticed/fixed it. I expect better workmanship for a unit this expensive.

- payton_sanders

It is running my entertainment center in my OTR tractor.

- megan_foster

You can replace the fuses inside the inverter

- yara_gray

Use for power outages-w9rks well

- harvey_brooks

Product on the high price side but has great performance.

- brianna_thompson

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