Trump: The Way to the Top: The Best Business Advice I Ever Received

Trump: The Way to the Top: The Best Business Advice I Ever Received

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By: Donald J. Trump

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The host of the hit reality show The Apprentice presents an invaluable collection of grounded, hard-hitting advice on business success, from people who have made it to the boss’s chair at some of America’s most thriving companies.

How can you find the way to the top?

Ask people who are already there.

Because you can’t know it all. No matter how smart you are, no matter how comprehensive your education, no matter how wide-ranging your business experience, there’s simply no way to acquire all the wisdom you need to make your business flourish. You need to learn from those who have blazed a trail before you.

Donald Trump has asked many of the brightest, most successful businesspeople he knows—and some he doesn't know—to answer this question: What's the best business advice you ever received? The result is a compelling resource of wisdom and wit that reveals how some of the most accomplished people conduct their personal and business affairs, giving an inside look into the secrets of corporate success. But the advice doesn’t only come from the upper echelons of the Fortune 500. Thoughts poured in from executives at thriving companies large and small, ranging from well-known icons such as Staples, American Airlines, Lillian Vernon, and Boeing to family-run operations like Orleans Homebuilders and Carlson Companies.

The Way to the Top brings together the core ideas that have guided more than 150 of today’s top businesspeople, offering a range of inspiring and practical advice on making good decisions, conducting yourself appropriately, developing your career, communicating with others, leading a team effectively, and much more. Some of the entries are simple entreaties, some portray intriguing vignettes, and others outline lists of guiding principles; all are illuminating, instructive, and insightful.

A telling to-do list for the aspiring professional, The Way to the Top belongs on every business bookshelf.
Donald Trump didn't write one word in this book - except the stupid introduction you can safely skip over.

This book is a collection of amazing business stories and advice. I love this book and have bought several copies over the years for friends.

A word of warning - the pithy little summaries on each story were clearly written by somebody else than the business leader who submitted the story. Get a sharpie and cover them them up. They are inaccurate and don't reflect the depth many of the stories possess.

- raiden_jimenez

Just bought it for him OWN quotes

- cara_parker

Great insight to building personal growth and professionalism, excellent book!

- emerald_ward

Just what I was looking for!

- ezequiel_green

The book was is good condition.

- milani_morris

Nothing new there, avoid at all costs, just a famous man benefiting from his fame. Short quotes that you can find better ones on the Internet.

- heath_james

This is a good book...lots of short stories to read and equate the lessons to...

- sage_rodriguez

There is a lot of advice from many people.It is okay but only advice.Even my grandma can give me advice.
For intance one particular person states in this book that he was made to clean something and got rewarded by his own father with little money as to prove him that there wasn't much value in something that anyone can do.Well this advice is rubbish simply because if you do something eveyone can do you still put your price, what he's cleaning could have been dangerous because of dangerous gases, dust etc so this advice is just stupid. Anyone can do it?Don't think so.
Many other advices, however, do prove to be useful, after thinking twice about them.
Other advices are just obvious when you are in business.

- carolina_flores

Astounding range of good advice much of which I found out the hard way in the late 20th century. I would add one of my own, your number one objective is not maximising profits, increasing the share price etc. It is "survival". If you survive you can always make up the money this year that you lost last year. Footnote: Prioritise your objectives.

- ophelia_thomas

People love to hate on Trump, but his books are fantastic. This one is amazing and I'll keep it forever. Quotes from business leaders across many sectors, that Trump has compiled together.

- arlo_thomas

Arrived on time and as described. Good product.

- davian_wright

This is a great item and I would most certainly recommend it to others.
It is worth every penny paid for it.

- alessia_harris

Arrived in great condition

- alfonso_martinez

great selleter

- maddux_ramos

I've used a bunch of the advice from this book with a high degree of success. I own several Trump books (see my other reviews--was disappointed with one). This one provides a lot of advice from a variety of sources and is worth re-reading several times so I would recommend a purchase rather than getting it from the library.

There are so many lessons learned and great pieces of advice that couldn't really put down all the things I learned. One major advantage is that the advice is not strictly Trump speaking but people he respects so you get multiple viewpoints.

- christian_phillips

Dieses Buch von Donald Trump bietet einen tiefen Einblick in die Verhandlungsstrategien des aktuellen US.Präsidenten. Sehr interessant.

- addyson_campbell

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