Trapped (Fear Street, No. 51)

Trapped (Fear Street, No. 51)

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By: R. L. Stine

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Despite the story that claims that some kids had been killed mysteriously there thirty years ago, a group of young people sneaks out of Saturday detention to explore the tunnels beneath Shadyside High
Trapped is about a girl named Elaine who gets Saturday detention. There is only 4 other people in detention. There names are Bo, Darlene, Jerry, and Max. Max, Bo, and Darlene are pretty bad kids. So with Elaine and Jerry following them,they sneaki out of detention. Then they stumble onto tunnels under the school. They explore it and that's when they let out the red mist.( which turns out to be more then a mist.) The mist attacks them. The mist is killing them one by one. Now lost they must find a way out before everyone is killed. I'm not going to say more because I don't want to give away the rest of the story. To find out you'll have to read it yourself. I rate this book 10 out of 10.

- paxton_garcia

Its totally 90s! Im so glad I found it. I read it all the way through in approximately 2 hours!

- chaim_young

Elaine thinks she’s going to spend a boring day in detention, but she would be wrong.

[Elaine] pulled her jacket tighter around herself and tried to fight off the chill that refused to leave her body.
It was going to be a long day.
She had no idea how long—or how dangerous.

The idiot kids in detention decide to ditch the room and go have fun in the deserted school, like raiding the cafeteria!

[Elaine] glanced around—and saw Jerry in front of another big steel door. He held several cans of iced tea in his arms. Elaine grinned at him.
“Don’t look at me that way,” he complained. “Everyone else is doing it.”
“I know,” Elaine replied. “I want chocolate milk.”
“Oh.” Jerry’s expression relaxed. “Second shelf.”

But then Elaine accidentally finds the entrance to the infamous tunnels under the school and the idiot kids decide to go explore them.

“Why would anyone want to party in a dump like this?” Jerry asked.
“Think about it,” Bo replied. “No one to bother you. No noise complaints. No cops. One hundred percent privacy.”
“If you survive it,” Elaine remarked.
That comment brought silence.

I remember reading this book back when I was in middle school and really loving it! But I didn’t actually remember any specific details about, which was nice because I love being surprised. The one thing I definitely did remember was the creepy atmosphere of being trapped down in some spooky tunnels. And you know what, it was still creepy the second time around!

I really liked the characters and how vastly different they were from one another. Bo I thought was kind of insane, though. I really don’t know why Elaine decided to follow his bad example. He also pulled some really awful pranks there were actually not funny at all. I feel like the only sane one in the group was Jerry, and he was made fun of for following the rules *sigh*

But Bo did become more likable as the story went on. He began fooling around less when he realized that they were in some serious trouble. He actually became a pretty good leader, and I much prefered this more serious Bo.

And I have to talk about the kills, because you bet people are going to die! So, the kids run into... something that starts picking them off one by one (is it the same thing that go the kids back in the 60s??) So not only are they lost, but now they’re being killed off by some red mist, which is more horrifying than it sounds! And let me tell you, the description of the deaths were amazing! They were gory and tense and just—yes! This is what I live for—R.L. Stine’s descriptive death scenes. Lol.

In the end, I actually guessed what this thing was. However, I actually really enjoyed reading the reveal and it’s connection to—ahem, a certain someone who I will not name in order to avoid spoilers. But also its connection to the dead kids from the 60s was insane!

I really enjoyed this Fear Street book! I loved the creepy, claustrophobic atmosphere, the suspense, the descriptive scenes, and the setting in the school and the tunnels! It was just an overall enjoyable read!

The Fear Street connection: Yeah, I don't know. I couldn’t even find a mention of Fear Street in the whole book—and I checked twice! My guess is that one of the characters in the book lives on Fear Street. Maybe the protagonist Elaine, or Bo, or even Principal Savage... idk. Lol.

- eliza_flores

Elaine Butler has always been a good student, so she's not happy about being stuck in Saturday detention at Shadyside High. Along with her in detention are nerdy Jerry; bad-guy Bo; Bo's best friend, Max; and Darlene, the only other girl. Bo decides to blow detention, and explore the school. He convinces the others to come with him...and the five discover a secret tunnel below the school.
At first, the teens think that it's school. But they realize that exploring the tunnels is no fun--it's terror. A mysterious glowing red light has been released and it's out to kill the kids. The five can't find any way out of the tunnels, and they know that the red light can be anywhere. Who will escape from the tunnels...and whose spirit will remain there forever?
TRAPPED is one of the best Fear Street books, if not the best. The beginning was a little boring, but around the middle the suspense grew and the terror increased. After a while, I couldn't stop turning the pages to find out what happens and the ending is a complete shock. Also, this was the only Fear Street book that truly scared me. Even though this is very unlike the other Fear Street books, I would recommend it to anyone.

- megan_foster

This book is a great horror/suspense story! A real page-turner--I read it in 2 hours, tops. I couldn't put it down!
It's about a girl named Elaine who gets Saturday detention because she didn't pass in 3 homework assignments. She's in detention with 4 other kids; 3 of them are touble-makers.
The only authority figure in the empty school is the principal, who has a deep, dark secret concerning the underground secret tunnels. Buy this book--YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!!

- griffin_nelson

I remember reading this one quite a bit as a child and it always stood out to me and haunted me 10 13 years later 20 year old me has finally found it again and is about to order it... so here’s to haunting memories from my childhood, cheers

- harold_foster

No book has ever truly frighten me but this one. A very well written horror book. I remember when I felt like crawling out of my skin back in elementary school. Good read for horror fans

- heavenly_james

OK as my title says: this book is scary and SOOOOOOO good! I kinda read every books Stine has done and this is one of the last that I read. let's say I saved the best for last because wow was this an amazing book or what! it is different from all other fear street type books with murderes and all. THe story started out like the breakfast club (the movie) but turned to horror extremely fast! this story is so well written that you are in the tunnel yourself and believe me that's scary! this story is really frightening and also really sad. It is sure one of the best stories ever written by any author! I think it will make a really good movie too. THis has to be one of the best books I have ever read and certainly one of my favorites. TWO THUMBS UP!

- julia_castillo

I was looking for this film for a long time. Very good purchase. Matched perfectly my expectations. Arrived on time

- lailah_patel

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