This Noble Land: My Vision for America

This Noble Land: My Vision for America

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By: James A. Michener and Steve Berry

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In such modern classics as Chesapeake, Centennial, Hawaii, Alaska, and Texas, James A. Michener proved time and again that his understanding of and love for his country was unparalleled. This Noble Land is Michener’s most personal statement about America, an examination of the issues that threaten to fragment and undermine the nation—racial conflict, the widening gulf between rich and poor, the decline of education, the inadequacies of our health care system—as well as a thought-provoking prescription for sustaining our “outstanding success.” Infused with the wisdom and passion of a lifetime, This Noble Land stands as a wake-up call for a troubled era.

BONUS: This edition includes an excerpt from James A. Michener's Hawaii.
Praise for This Noble Land
“A book-length essay on the often worrying, often inspiring course of America in the nine decades of Michener’s life.”The Washington Post
“Michener is more interested in fixing the problems than in fixing the blame.”The Dallas Morning News
“Michener’s are the beach books that, unlike most other beach books, leave you smarter than you were when you started reading. Each delivers the product of all that research, doled out to the reader at just the right rate. You know right away who the bad guys are—the petty ones, the stingy ones. The heroes are generous and energetic and smart and, above all, unprejudiced. The real-life villains in This Noble Land are the people Michener perceives as ‘petty, mean and vengeful.’”St. Louis Post-Dispatch
“Stirring . . . an admirable effort to define what has made our country great and how to preserve what is best about it.”Kirkus Reviews
I think Michener makes very good points in this interesting book. It is just as relevant today as when it was written. Some ideas didn't turn out but most are still valid. I have the same fear of where we are headed and feel we have lost the ideals that started this grand experiment

- fox_gutierrez

I am currently about half way through with this book and wonder how many people have read it. This is as thought provoking a book as I have read ever. Mr. Michener has an uncanny grasp of the challenges this country is facing and a pull no punches approach to the solutions necessary to repair the damage. Together with the lifetime of experience that he amassed as well as his stellar education his draws on the history of past countries and regions to show what our outcome could be if we stand by and do nothing but deny that we have any problems. We maybe apathetic of arrogant and self satisfied but it really does not matter because either way in the end if we don't address these issues we will reap our just rewards and we will deserve everything we get. Great Book. More people should read it!

- kassandra_ross

I appreciate Michener's keen intellect now more than I did when I read a few of his novels 20 years ago. His non-fiction works, such as this book and his, "The World is My Home: A Memoir", have re-kindled my interest in re-visiting several of his historical novels. Real treasures! The only downside to "This Noble Land" was that we, as a nation, haven't seemed to learn from Michener's spot-on observations made when this worthy book was published 18 years ago. A valuable roadmap, still, for our present crop of diverse policy-makers.

- erika_cruz

Michener out does himself in this book. His nuts and bolts view of our country where is has been and where it might be going, should be read by everyone. I will not say I agree with all his points, but it sure makes you think about things and perhaps see things differently. Michener is one of my favorite authors, and this is now about my favorite of all his works.

- emmaline_myers

Amazing how many things said sound like Trump.

- noor_morgan

michener was a brilliant man. he had tremendous insight. this book is great. he hoped america would continue her legacy of greatness and not sell the poor and middle-class down the river.

- maleah_morales

I;ve enjoyed most of Michener's books, but I don't agree with his Liberal views.

- ava_williams

Michener is one of the best story tellers of our time.

- devin_walker

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