The Timeless Writings of C.s. Lewis, the Pilgrim's Progress; Christian Reflections; and God in the D

The Timeless Writings of C.s. Lewis, the Pilgrim's Progress; Christian Reflections; and God in the D

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By: C.S. Lewis

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C. S. Lewis's writings are prized for their genius at communication the philosophical and theological rationale of Christianity in simple, everyday language. Now this inspired collection of three Lewis bestsellers--complete in one volume--allows you to sample
So far so good. Haven't completed it yet, but The Pilgrims Regress was fantastic! I've just started Christian Reflections and am enjoying it greatly. I've read a significant amount of Lewis' other books, and I can say that I recommend this one very much. I found it very easy to read and quite hard to put down.

I think if you've enjoyed The Great Divorce, you should enjoy The Pilgrims Regress very much if that helps. Christian Reflections seems to be a collection of short works that were not initially written to be published, I'm also enjoying the personal thoughts of the compiler of this collection who knew Lewis himself.

Great collection!

- messiah_ross

Book was not in as good of shape as this picture portrays.
Love CS Lewis and content is why I bought the book. Just disappointed with its condition.

- shelby_bailey

C.S. Lewis is one of my all-time favorite authors, and a collection of his works is always a good thing.

Consider purchasing the companion volume: "The Beloved Works of C.S. Lewis" in addition if you're going to get this one.

- weston_rodriguez

One of the greats

- cole_anderson

"The Pilgrim's Regress" comes with the illustrations by Michael Hague, and the "afterward" to the third edition (which is a preface in the paperbacks I have seen). It does not have the brief explanatory guides which come at the beginning of each chapter of those paperbacks. (Some would say that we are better off without them, at least for the first reading.)

"Christian Reflections" is a relatively early collection of papers by Lewis, and it includes the helpful preface by Walter Hooper. It should be good for those who have not yet read many of his papers. I like it as well as any collection I have seen.

"God in the Dock" brings together a selection of essays and other short pieces by Lewis, again with an introduction by Hooper. These are not all as carefully considered as those in Christian Reflections.

There is a great deal of material in this volume --good material to be sure-- but the sheer quantity means that the pages are full, and the typeface is not as large as I would have liked in my old age.

- theodore_morris

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