The Nero Wolfe Files

The Nero Wolfe Files

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By: Marvin Kaye

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Since 1977, The Wolfe Pack has published The Gazette, chockful of articles and tales of America's greatest sleuth, Nero Wolfe, who prefers beer and orchids to working at his West 35th Street brownstone. But thanks to Wolfe's wisecracking associate Archie Goodwin and his agent REX STOUT, Wolfe's seventy-two cases are mystery classics. THE NERO WOLFE FILES is a generous collection of Neronian reading delights selected from over twenty-five years of The Gazette by veteran anthologist, novelist, and charter member of The Wolfe Pack Marvin Kaye.
Half (maybe less) the content of "The Archie Goodwin Files" and much less interesting. Borrow this from someone who owns it or get it from your public library. TAGF is worth keeping, but although I love Nero Wolfe mysteries, "The Nero Wolfe Files" is not really worth the cost.

- brady_clark

This book is a compilation of some of the best articles , etc from a fan magazine devoted to Rex Stout & Nero Wolfe. It doesn't contain any new mysteries or even pastiches. It does have some wonderful stories about corresponding and meeting with the author, fun tales about meetings, and info on menus and recipes. Not to mention a few nifty poems.

If you are a super Nero Wolfe fan, then you'll enjoy this. Otherwise, skip it.

- hallie_harris

Back in the 1970, fans of the Nero Wolfe stories by Rex Stout joined together and formed an organization called The Wolfe Pack to celebrate the author and his world famous detective (and not to forget Archie Goodwin!). They started publishing a quarterly journal called The Gazette and held a formal dinner every year, among other activities. In this book Marvin Kaye has collected items originally published in The Gazette. They range in diversity from the menu of the first "Black Orchid" dinner to texts of speeches given at the dinners to articles about Wolfe and Stout by Stout's biographer, plus many other interesting tidbits.

Unfortunately this book feels rather underdeveloped for the price. While most of the items included are interesting to some degree, there is not enough content to really satisfy a fan or to engage a casual reader. It is certainly recommended to those who are Nero Wolfe fans, or aspire to that status, but I would suggest that you try to find it at a cheaper price than the listed $15.95.

- joziah_kelly

I had re-read Archie Goodwin files a week ago, and thought I'd bite the bullet for this book. It offers lovely insight into Rex Stout, and into the Wolfe Pack. But it doesn't include any fiction. The AG files book includes some fan fiction, which I found immensely enjoyable. This book, the NW files, isn't a bad book; just realize what you are getting.

- frank_reed

Mr. Kaye offers us more selections from "The Gazette". Although slimmer the the Archie book it still contains many articles of interest to fans.

- blaire_wilson

Not great but necessary for a Wolfe fan. Gives an idea on what other wolfe fans think. A necessary part if you have all the books.

- kaya_king

Love everything that is written about Nero Wolfe

- liliana_rodriguez

Great book for all Nero Wolfe fans. All Wolfe pack should have a copy. I would highly recommend it even to people who just want to start Nero Wolfe.

- thiago_thomas

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