The Lotus Eaters & Other Weinbaum Sci-Fi Classics

The Lotus Eaters & Other Weinbaum Sci-Fi Classics

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By: Stanley G. Weinbaum

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Musaicum Books presents to you this unique collection, designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices: Stories from the Solar SystemA Martian Odyssey (Mars) Valley of Dreams (Mars) Flight on Titan (Titan)  Parasite Planet (Venus) The Lotus Eaters (Venus) The Planet of Doubt (Uranus) The Red Peri (Pluto) The Mad Moon (Io) Redemption Cairn (Europa) Haskel Van Manderpootz & Dixon Wells StoriesThe Worlds of If The Ideal The Point of View
The publishers claim these books are of the highest digital standard. However, the stories are marred by multiple typos. This makes the experience of reading both painful and exasperating.
Some of the typos are understandable -"be" for "he" and vice-versa - and might be missed. But "conies" when the text should be "comes" is utterly ridiculous. How could any reader miss that? Clearly, this book has not been carefully prepared and has not had even the most cursory proof-reading.

I have spent most of my time "reporting content errors" but I have no confidence that Amazon actually does take any notice of readers' reporting.

I have read books produced by volunteers that have no typos. Thus, it should not be impossible for a commercial company to do the same, or at least, much better.

The stories themselves are old-fashioned, but great fun. Pity about the really poor presentation.

- Anonymous

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