The Hunting Wind: An Alex McKnight Mystery (An Alex McKnight Novel Book 3)

The Hunting Wind: An Alex McKnight Mystery (An Alex McKnight Novel Book 3)

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By: Steve Hamilton

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Before he became a private investigator, before he served in the Detroit police, and long before he retreated to the wintry reaches of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Alex McKnight played ball in the minor leagues. He doesn't spend much time thinking about those days, at least not until a former teammate comes looking for him. . . .

The man's here to ask a favor. He wants Alex to help him find the woman with whom he had a brief, passionate affair three decades ago. Who is Alex to deny his friend a chance to ward off a classic midlife chill by rekindling an old flame? But as the search deepens, McKnight begins to suspect that he hasn't been told the full story. And there might just be a reason why this mysterious woman is so hard to find.

The Hunting Wind continues Steve Hamilton's award-winning and New York Times-bestselling Alex McKnight series.

Steve Hamilton delivers another solid performance! I've just started reading the Alex McKnight novels, so far this one is my favorite.
First off, I really enjoyed the atmosphere that Hamilton creates with the location being in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It reminds me of Poisonville/Personville in Dashiell Hammett's Red Harvest.

Hamilton did a great job of linking years and time together between two close friends before the big leagues and after when they've both careers cut short. However, they are both linked by one time, place and a woman. McKnight's friend is in search of this lost woman because he could not let her go. Little does McKnight know, there is something deeper to the connection with this missing woman. Hamilton's characters are great and relate-able. I think we all have a friend like Randy, who has an itch that can't be scratched. I felt bad for McKnight being dragged into a case he didn't really want, but wanted to help out his friend. McKnight once again demonstrates his dominant trait of loyalty and trustworthiness. He doesn't stop until the mystery is solved. I think we could all use a friend like McKnight.

Great book, leaves you guessing til the end.

- mila_robinson

This is my third book by Mr Hamilton (and his third book also). He is a very talented writer and the reader just slips into the story like a pair of comfortable shoes. His protagonist is likeable and believable. He is not the super-karate Special Ops private eye of other authors. He tends to get beat up. He kicks himself for not doing something right. And he has a small collection of friends on the Upper Peninsula that one comes to enjoy meeting. Almost like a collection of real people you probably know in your life. So far the trend in his books has been to find somebody that has disappeared. In this book, it is an old flame of a previous colleague that is being sought. Lots of twists and turns in the story.

I would say that reading his books in order is the best process. Watching his characters grow is very interesting. Mr Hamilton alludes to previous books in each subsequent novel. Reading in order helps to understand what went before. In the last three books there have been loose threads left hanging that I imagine will come back to roost in later novels.

I have gone to Google Earth and charted the locales in his books. It is an area I have never traveled and now must see.

- mercy_peterson

Good story and quite a few twists. Disappointed in the ending. Thought newsgroups have settled things better. But will read more

- lainey_martinez

The first 6-8 were really good. The last one and this one...not so much. They both lagged and stretched credibility. Great character, though.

- sutton_johnson

So this was an interesting little mystery. I swear Alex just stumbles his way into trouble with every turn he makes. Sometimes on purpose... Sometimes by accident. LOL I know some of the negative reviewers complained The reason for Randy looking for Maria wasn't explained but it was explained and Alex did an absolute great job of explaining it. It's common sense.... Once you find out about Randy and Maria's relationship, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what the deal is between the two and ultimately the reason he was searching for her.

I guess you'll either like this story or you want. I personally enjoyed it and it was an entertaining read for a rainy afternoon, which has been happening more lately.

- austin_howard

The novel has a good plot with more twists than DNA. There is plenty of action with many colorful characters. However, if you are looking for an uplifting book or a story with a good moral, you might want to skip this novel.

- pearl_phillips

Alex is a reluctant detective with a partner he's not entirely sure he wants. When his old pitcher, Randy, shows up, Alex agrees to help him find a lost love from 1971. Although Alex doesn't think his search will bear much fruit, the more he discovers, the deeper his involvement gets.

A really good series.

- avi_peterson

Steve Hamilton: The man knows how to tell a story, especially in "The Hunting Wind." This is my third in the Alex McKnight series, and the best one so far. In the first half we see things set up... in the second half we watch them unravel. Most of us assume that what our friends tell us is true. Our friends are honest... most of the time. But in this story, the prevarications fly faster and harder than any "slinky" Alex's friend, pitcher Randy Wilkins, ever threw in his short career with the Detroit Tigers. For me, Hamilton hit it out of the ballpark with this one.

- alexandria_cruz

Arrived on time and as described

- annabelle_moore

Another cracking yarn.

- aadhya_lopez

Good book nice condition

- adele_ruiz

The first time I have read three in a row so the McKnight series must be good. Try one and see.

- itzel_ruiz

good read

- ian_ramos

good book great author

- itzayana_long

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