The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

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regarding my comments on the first movie, ditto.

as for part 2, there were two statements that i really loved:
--hope keeps out fear (misqoute)

and the one i wanna comment on:
--"there's always a glitch in the system"

true. once the factions realize this ... oopps, wait. factions. i'm not commenting on DIVERGENT, another excellent film series.

once the lower, oppressed classes in society realize that "the glitch" in any system is their mindset, then the system can be overthrown; the game of life can be won.

the game is about claiming what's rightfully yours--the opposite of hunger, lack, want of any kind ...

sadly, too many people don't rise up and declare a revolution within themselves. they settle for being a part of a permanent underclass or being skillfully played in a game they don't even have a desire to win, for whatever reasons....

100 stars!!

(and...uumm...Jeff Bezos too!!!)

- jazmin_sanchez

Short and Sweet - One of the best series of films (4) ever written. Each one seems better than the last. Jennifer Lawrence shows incredible talent in this series of films as she has in pretty much everything she has done. Still in her early twenties, she has racked up five major awards including an Academy Award (she was nominated for three others). The film takes place in the future, but is more drama than science fiction. Lawrence plays Katniss Everdeen who becomes a reluctant heroin and future revolutionary. The rest of the story is for you to see (no spoiler here). I haven't seen a four pack yet, so if you haven't seen the movie, you might want to wait for all The Hunger Games films in a boxed set. But see them you must, Drama, Action, Suspense, Great Scripts, Well Directed and Superb Acting (especially by Jennifer Lawrence a star as long as she wants to be) - what else could you want.

- dominik_diaz

The Hunger Games (2012; 2:23)
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013; 2:26)
Mockingjay Part 1 (2014; 2:03)
Mockingjay Part 2 (2015; 2:17)

One has to suspend disbelief to enjoy most sci-fi flicks. Some movies make it easy, like the earlier Star Wars series, which have an unpretentious, childlike quality. It’s harder for movies that want to be taken seriously, like the Hunger Games series, which have an underlying somber motif. The story is, quite unoriginally, about a people’s rebellion against a totalitarian government in a dystopian future.

Plus, the series has other things against it:
Strange story features (e.g., the protagonists use medieval weaponry like bows and arrows, and swords, while the government’s soldiers have guns; there are advanced spaceships and radio communications, but no mobile telephones; etc.);
Appalling makeup, especially in the earlier movies, that make the pretty heroine look really ugly, and a character whose sole role, inexplicably, is makeup;
Strange and inconsistent physical realities from force fields interposed on actual objects;
And so on.

But there are things that work well: The screenplay and editing are sound, and allow the viewer to follow the story without significant head-scratching. The special effects are convincing. The lead’s love interest, and the key villain, are very well-played (Donald Sutherland has become a unique brand unto himself as an aged, Machiavellian but polite and impeccably-dressed, monster). But even collectively, these things are insufficient to make it a good series to watch.

What really brings it home is one thing, and one thing only: The female lead’s acting. She consummately plays the reluctant heroine, her brow perpetually clouded with the weight of family, friends and neighbors, in fact, an entire people, on her youthful shoulders. She cares deeply for them all. When she kills in combat, it is not with a vicious joy, but as a distasteful, yet necessary, task. Very impressive indeed in an actor so young.

- max_ramirez

The first half of the movie was more interesting to me, because it delved much deeper into the politics of the dystopian kingdom of Panem, where a totalitarian central government lords it over the capitol and 12 districts...the mysterious 13th District having been reportedly destroyed. We learn from President Snow (a menacing Donald Sutherland) that there may be a ground swell of rebellion in some of the districts..and that Katniss Everdeen is a source and inspiration for rebellion. So Katniss has to walk on thin ice, so to speak, while carrying on her bogus relationship with Peeta Mallark, and hiding her true feelings for Gale Hawthorne. Yet it appears that no matter how careful she is, her life and those who are nearest to her are still in jeopardy. This is an exceptionally well made follow-up to "The Hunger Games", and is adapted from the second book in the trilogy by Suzanne Collins. Jennifer Lawrence reprises her Katniss Everdeen characterization; and as with all her performances I've seen, she totally immerses herself in the character. Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth also reprise their characters of Peeta and Gale and do well. Woody Harrelson is back again, perfectly cast as Haymitch; as is Elizabeth Banks as the silly but loyal Effie Trinket. As for new characters, look for Phillip Seymour Hoffman, in a superb performance as the Master of the Games, Plutarch Heavensbee; and Jena Malone as the cunning, Johanna Mason, one of the tributes allied with Katniss and Peeta during the Quarter Quell games, which pits former Hunger Games victors against each other. The movie ends rather abruptly and you'll be left hungering for more...never fear, two more films are planned to portray the events in the third book, "Mockingjay"

- dawson_myers

My wife is a big fan of the books, and so I watched the first film under sufferance - it was ok, if slightly ridiculous. Also, I didn't like the guy who plays Peeta - he has only one expression, and appears to be made of Lego.

So it was with a big false grin that I sat down to watch the second instalment, and how surprised I was. After the slightly mopey, self-indulgent opening, the film morphs into a totally kick-ass adventure film. And I mean that in a good way. The stakes are higher, and with the hilariously-named Finnick Odair we have a character with charisma - a quality sorely lacking from the first film.

I was so engrossed that I didn't spot the end coming, and was genuinely aggrieved that I will have to wait months to see the next part.

Watch! You won't be disappointed.

- angelique_ross

Fantastic follow-up to 'the Hunger Games.'

The attaction picks up 6 months after the games have ended and shows how life has changed for Katnis and Peeta.
Their actions in the games have not gone un-noticed by President Snow; revolution is in the air. I will not say any more
but great film and adaptation of the book. The deleted scenes are great and in my veiw should have been kept in.

The 2 disc version is a must for fans as it is not only full of interviews, but also how the book has been adapted.
The 2 disc version is also great for those interested in film making as that's covered too.

I highly recommend buying the 2 disc version, its well worth it for only a little bit more in cost.

- athena_clark


Kaitness (Jennifer Lawrence) und Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) haben die Spiele gewonnen und nach einer ersten Tour haben sie eine kurze Pause, um zu verschnaufen. Sie leben inzwischen im Dorf der Sieger, aber ihr Leben ist völlig anders als vor den Spielen. Kaitness plagen Alpträume und sie kann nur sehr schwer mit den Geschehnissen in der Arena umgehen.

Gale (Liam Hemsworth) möchte eigentlich fliehen, sofort und ohne die Familien. Aber Kaitness kann ihre Mutter und die kleine Schwester nicht im Stich lassen. Und alle mit auf die Flucht zu nehmen, käme einer Karawane gleich. So bleibt ihnen nichts anderes übrig also weiter ihr Dasein zu fristen, jeder auf seine Weise.

Kaitness und Peeta müssen noch einmal Tour, durch die Distrikte. Doch bevor das ganze Team aus dem Kapitol heranrauscht und Kaitness für die Tour fertig macht, stattet Präsident Snow (Donals Sutherland) ihr einen Besuch ab. Er berichtet von Unruhen in den Distrikten, weil Kaitness das Kapitol bloßgestellt hat und die Menschen nun in ihr eine Rebellin sehen. Snow macht ihr klar, das ihr Leben nun dem Kapitol gehöre und sie ihre Liebesgeschichte mit Peeta weiterspielen müsse – für immer. Außerdem bittet er sie, sich besonders anzustrengen, um den drohenden Aufstand abzuwenden. Kaitness, geschockt von Snows unverholenen Drohungen, schluckt es und will sich Mühe geben.

Doch es klappt nicht. All‘ ihre Mühe ist nicht genug, um weitere Eskalationen zu verhindern. Da denkt sich Snow etwas besonders perfides aus: An den 75.ten Hungerspielen, einem Jubiläum, kommen alle bisherigen noch lebenden Sieger in die Lostöpfe. In Distrikt 12 gibt es bisher nur drei Sieger, Kaitness, Peeta und Haymitch! Allen ist klar, das sie mit Peeta wieder in die Arena muss. Und die Arena ist noch einmal ganz anders als im vorangegangenen Jahr.

Für Kaitness ist klar, das sie nun gewinnen muss.

Mein Fazit:

Ich hätte auch die Buch-Rezie hier schreiben können. Film und Buch sind nahezu identisch. Zumindest ist es mir so in Erinnerung geblieben. Das Buch und den dazugehörigen Film habe ich bereits im Sommer „konsumiert“, aber es ist noch so frisch im Kopf.

Nach dem nicht ganz so gelungenen ersten Teil gibt es nun bei dem zweiten Teil einen neuen Regisseur. Francis Lawrence machte es sich zur Aufgabe, die Buchvorlage eins zu eins umzusetzen. Und das hat wunderbar funktioniert. Alle visuellen Elemente, wie z. B. die Arena oder das Dorf der Sieger, entsprachen meinen Vorstellungen. Auch die Atmosphäre wurde sehr gut eingefangen, die bedrückte Stimmung nach dem Sieg bei den Hungerspielen. Die Beklommenheit und Ängste haben sowohl Jennifer Lawrence wie auch Josh Hutcherson gut rübergebracht. Liam Hemsworth ist nun zu einer Randfigur degradiert, was ja auch im ersten Teil so war. Das Gale noch um seine Liebe kämpft, ist ja irgendwie klar, aber schon sehr bald erreicht er Kaitness nicht mehr, er hat die Spiele eben nicht wirklich erlebt. Auch das Verantwortungsgefühl gegenüber seiner Familie ist ein anderes wie bei Kaitness, da unterscheiden sie sich gewaltig. Weitere Besetzungen wie Donald Sutherland als Präsident Snow oder Elisabeth Banks als Effi Trinket sind wirklich gut umgesetzt. Auch diese Figuren haben nun mehr Raum bekommen und man kann sich mehr mit ihnen auseinandersetzen.

Bei dem Film passt einfach alles. Die Musik, die Kulisse, die Darsteller und das ganze Zusammenspiel. Dem Regisseur ist eine tolle Adaption der Vorlage gelungen. Wer das Buch geliebt hat, wird meiner Meinung nach auch den Film lieben. Hoffentlich klappt es auch mit den Teilen 3.1 und 3.2 so. Es wäre ja zu wünschen.

Von mir bekommt der Film 100% und ich freue mich schon auf „Mockingjay“.

- trinity_reyes

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