The Game of Life and How to Play It

The Game of Life and How to Play It

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By: Florence Scovel Shinn, Dixie Glassman, et al.

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This audiobook has inspired thousands of people around the world to find a sense of purpose and belonging. It asserts that life is not a battle but a game of giving and receiving, and that whatever we send out into the world will eventually be returned to us. This little book will help you discover how your mind and its imaging faculties play leading roles in the game of life.

Does it work? You betcha, yes!

After beginning only the first chapter, I decided to follow suit on one of the anecdotes the author shares --as an example to the methodology at work here as a means to manifestation. Several pages in she references a time when during one of her daily travels she happened to be walking somewhere and stopped and found herself gazing at a lovely rose tree displayed inside the window of a florist. She wished to receive one, and stated and intended it so, exactly as she teaches in the book, and went about her merry way. A few days later, she was hosting Easter, when she received a pre gathering delivery from one of her guests...the rose tree...turns out the guest actually had requested that Easter lilies be sent, but the florist ~mixed~ the order up, and the author ended up with exactly what she had intended.

Well..having read that, I decided to put that exact suggestion into use, intending that I would receive flowers in the next few days-- figuring Start small, with no actual attachment to the outcome.

This afternoon, my husband called, saying he was hitting the grocery store on the way home, did I want anything? Between the time of the call and his arrival home, I remembered the flowers, and thought to myself, oh good, hopefully he will pick up the standard white roses we often grab to put on the table in our kitchen area, but without my prompting.. In he came with all the bags, and no flowers. I wasn't phased, figured, I'd maintain my intention, and that was that.

A minute or two later he went back out to close the garage door or whatever. I, at this point, was busy going through the mail, so had my back to him. When I happened to turn back around to say something, there in my line of sight were, yes, you already guessed it-- flowers! Not the white roses, but instead an exquisite arrangement of red and white roses mixed in with branches of cherry blossoms, and a lovely assortment of beautiful flowers. I was absolutely and utterly stunned, and still am. I don't know about you, but that was all the proof I could possibly need, and will be continuing my studies with Ms Florence Scovel Shinn, and this book!

I do want to add --- I have been avidly and actively reading quite a few of the prayers in Susan Shumsky's books as well--- they are profound in the depth of their power, and I cannot recommend them enough - Instant Healing and Miracle Prayers are my go to's; I have to give additional credit where it is unquestionably due. The prayers are truly healing in removing a multitude of blocks,fears, and other issues in my life, and I'm now a strict believer and dedicated to reading them aloud at least once daily. Some of those prayers deal with healing our mindsets of lack to not feeling we deserve the highest and best things that God/the Universe/our higher selves/whatever higher power you believe in has to offer. And will offer us if we remember to ask, work on our mindsets in thinking and speaking positively, and trusting that no matter what, the outcome will come about as good, if not better than we could ever have expected (white roses vs gorgeous bouquet), with focus, surrender, and persistence in following the steps ... Start simple, go from there, and you can count on seeing the results in the blink of an eye as I did...


- brenna_sanders

The book is dated, but the advice is solid - it's true that "thoughts become things," but you kind of have to meet the Universe/God/Whomever halfway and do the work yourself, too. I think that's what sets this book apart from books like "The Secret" (which reads like garbage, IMO, but to each their own). This is less about wishing and more about attitude - but let me tell you, once you get your mindset right, interesting things will start happening. Read with an open heart and an open mind - and trust!!

- jordy_lee

The author’s beliefs and teachings are obviously based on the Bible but she does not use the references in a negative way. I love her teachings which are life changing if followed. I was very disappointed that as I was following the text and listening to the audio, it skipped over every reference to Jesus. You cannot take Jesus out of the teachings of the Bible because it is all inspired by him. Many of the quotes in this book are from Him. If you take him out of this book you are taking out all of the teachings of this author. I don’t know why someone would want to take out the one person who loved everyone on this Earth, no matter what they had done. Even the people that killed Him. Even the person who has edited His name out of the this book. Read for yourself in the actual Bible. Luke 23:34

- adrian_edwards

I purchased this book from a local bookstore about 25 years ago. At the time I had applied some of the principals and positive things started happening in my life. I remember entering more than one office lottery and winning the top prize twice. I also desperately wanted my own apartment at that time. I applied some of the principals and I got the apartment that I am still living in today. Another miracle had also occurred concerning my apartment desire. I was living with my mother at the time
and her telephone was not working. I was so nervous because I thought the lady from the sales office wouldn't be able to reach me to tell me whether I was approved for the apartment. Note: Cell phones were not being used in those days. Anyway, I followed a principle in this book and just let go. My mother was on the phone one day talking to a friend and after she finished the call she went to hang up, the lady from the sales office was on the line. If my mother wasn't on the phone I would have never received that call that day. Read this book and apply the priniciples. It worked for me in the past and I am going to re-read it again to see if some more positive things will flow my way!

- ray_rogers

I've read a number of books related to the topic of the God power we can all utilize, and I think this book was written in a clear and concise manner that doesn't go too far into religion or too far into philosophy. She is able to convey her points in a sweet spot that should be easy for most people to understand as well as easily to put to use. There are a number of spelling errors, but I think that might be a result of conversion from print to Kindle. I will read this book many times over.

- brayson_rivera

I got The Game of Life and how to play it, we went to Dubai this year in April 27th I kept saying Please give us Guidance and Protection while traveling our Trip was amazing from start to end, really positive book.

- jesus_baker

This book is absolutely on the money. With lots of examples so that you can really get the message it's trying and successfully conveys. I'd totally recommend it to anyone interested in the law of attraction or anyone wanting to just simply have more control over their lives. There are no victims in life, life doesn't just happen by accident. We are all cocreatorrs, who can learn to create things in the positive and on purpose.

- landry_alvarez

An exceptional read , a book so easy to understand even for the shallow mind , it explains most of the things and issues I used to find confusing concerning life in general
Florence Scovel -Shinn navigates through each chapter with exquisite yet simple format of reading , right printing font ,format not too bold not too small
A beautiful read
Will highly recommend for someone on the spiritual path to enlightenment

- catherine_ross

Something I didn't expect from this book was that it would truly teach me something valuable. I was a bit sceptical because it is really a small thing and you can literally take this one anywhere with you. Most of the lessons learned from this book actually work, like really work when you apply these. I was very much stunned by the simplicity of this book yet the powerful messages and learnings that really can improve your life. 5 stars because it came quickly and because it is really teaching you something you can put into practise and change your outlook on life.

- kaison_cox

I was just about to put the book down before I realised it was written about 100 years ago. Even if you do believe in Jesus, it's not really too vogue to mention him every second sentence nowadays. Having said that what the author says in this book is very much true and this book has the potential to change your life if you can open your mind enough to listen from another perspective. (Unless you are Christian in which case this book will be doubly good :)

- forrest_myers

This book is Life!!, a Special soul wrote this book the truth in what you read is just beyond me, I reference this book often and Im still trying to master this!! Soul growth is the way forward , her other books are just amazing too.......

- aiyana_carter

Its clear to see that this lady was ahead of her time in educating others on the LOA principles. Filled with great examples plus the thinking behind them.

- anabelle_reed

Making sense of life and all the dramas and complexities it throws our way is not always easy. This book speaks like your own personal guru, guiding you through the many twists and turns in your life, and helping you make sense of it all. It gives you strength and courage to battle through and come out winning when you feel, " up against it". Lots of common sense and wisdom here. You won't be disappointed.

- valerie_gutierrez

A very interesting book. Linked with the law of atraction, the power of the things that one says will change his future

- margot_stewart

A necessity for day to day life! I am recommending this book to who ever is asking me when I am reading it and also for those who needed guidance. So far I have bought 5books for people! Super fast delivery from seller! Thanks

- colson_scott

Gift for my sister who is very into spirituality and Buddhism and she really liked this.

- paislee_hernandez

This is a little book that I have read several times. I think it is in the top five of this type of book. I have found it very helpful at different times. It is very simple and straight forward. A book ahead of it's time.

- philip_harris

I read this in one sitting, pacy, to the point and would recommend if you need some reminding on how to relinquish control and think in a way that works for you.

- caleb_roberts

Great item. Product as described. Fast & efficient service. Would use again :-)

- emely_sanchez

Really liked this book I read this and could see where Ive been going wrong

- amara_davis

I hadn't heard of the author before, but knew of the Law of Attraction. It's old fashioned, but I feel all the easier to understand because of that.

- myra_rodriguez

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