The Edgar Rice Burroughs Western MEGAPACK ®

The Edgar Rice Burroughs Western MEGAPACK ®

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By: Edgar Rice Burroughs

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Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950) is best known for his Tarzan and John Carter of Mars books, but he also wrote four thrilling western novels. We are delighted to include them all in this volume.
As always with novels from this time period, not everything is "politically correct" by modern standards. Please keep the age of the work in perspective as you read. Included are:





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Burroughs was clearly a world-class author of exciting adventure stories.
I don't read many westerns, but I enjoyed these. But first, the problems with the presentation:
The first novel, in particular, has some really wild typos in it although, since it also has several different dialects represented, some of those typos may have been intentional. It also has some reduplications but, if you just keep reading, you eventually get back to where you were and the story continues onwards. The others are better.
The first and fourth novel are set in the 1880s and, I think, 1900s: the first is explicit, the second has an automobile in it (a "Lizzie") and a telephone from a dude ranch into the nearby town, where the train station is. Both are mysteries; the second is actually a detective novel, complete with the sit-everyone-down-and-explain-everything ending.
The middle two are Apache novels, dealing with the early life of the adopted son of Geronimo and so also with Geronimo, particularly from when he became War Chief of all Apaches until he finally surrendered. Written from an Apache viewpoint with a lot of Apache (at least, allegedly Apache) terminology, they clearly stand in the same tradition as those films that came out in the 50s dealing with First People's leaders from their viewpoint.

- grace_lee

I have been a fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs' since I was a kid and saw my first Tarzan movie. I am now 69 and have seen every Tarzan movie and read every book that he wrote. Ever since " The Princes of Mars " movie came out I have read all the Barsoom series as well. However I never knew that Burroughs had written any Western stories. I was browsing through Kindle 's e-book collection when I saw "The Edgar Rice Burroughs Western MEGAPACK listed and got interested. I'm very glad I purchased it. The two stories I like the most are "War Chief" and "Apache Devil. Both stories concern the Apache war chief Geronimo and the main character Black Bear. I found both stories to be very exciting, adventurous and historically accurate. In the history of Geronimo there is a photographer who took a picture of Geronimo and his tribe of warriors taken before his surrender. Among them is a white boy. I wonder if Burroughs knew this when he included Black Bear as a captured white boy raised as an Indian. I give the book a five star rating because of it's greatness.

- brandon_wilson

I haven't finished the book but so far it has been great. I am fed up with this political correctness hogwash, the reason why I rarely read a book written after the 1970s. Give me a great old book that tells life is hard and you had better be prepared for hard times. How that I have gotten this off my chest. The book was great and I recommend it to anyone that loves a great story, action and old fashion humor.

- florence_richardson

Over the last year, I have read almost all of ERB's stories. This collection is very much the same as the rest of them in the way of types of characters, heroes, heroines, and the triumph of good over evil in each one. To me they represent good clean fun and I have thoroughly enjoyed them all. The Western package is much the same and again enjoying these. These are not deep, dark, pensive novels. So if that is your love, go somewhere else. If you want to start imagining yourself being John Carter of Mars or Tarzan or any of the other many heroes in these novels they provide rich fodder., there is no sex and there is no language so you can let your guard down, enjoy these, and hand them off to your kids.

- heidi_murphy

Burroughs, as always is good for a fast paced adventure, romance is implied, and there are no graphic descriptions of blood, gore or sex scenes. When reading stuff written by writers from this ere however, it's important to remember that they never heard of political correctness, and would likely have laughed themselves into stitches over it. Just as we take into account the sensitivities and standards of today when we write, so did they. Stereotyping of women, men (yes, they did it to men too--i.e. the academic, the soldier, the businesman, the mobster, etc.) and minorities was considered the norm in those days; if you as a reader can't accept this fact then I suggest you stay away from popular fiction written before 1960 by writers like Burroughs, Grey, Fenmore-Cooper, etc., because the popular media from that time is --er--littered with it.

- vada_cox

I loved all four of the novels in this collection, but there were an astounding number of proofreading errors in this Megapack: over 100 in the first book, The Bandit of Hell's Bend. I ended up reading the other three novels from other sources online...where there were far fewer errors. And those other sources--which are very easy to find--were free. By all means, read all four of these books, but save yourself the frustration of having to decipher the corrupted text in this Megapack. Visit Australia instead! (That's a hunt, by the way.)

- johan_smith

Modern westerns lack the character of these stories. You really don't have romance, adventure, purposeful violence, and interesting characters in the new stories. If there were more stories, I'd buy them in a heartbeat.

Yes, there are stereotypes, but you have to expect that when one rights about the 1800s. Denying and avoiding stories that contain bigotry do little to help us fight it in our times.

- brooke_price

The writing and storytelling were magnificent, but the copying to digital format caused countless typos and errors. At times I had to sit. And decipher what it might possibly be saying because it was so badly distorted. This happened in the first book the most, but it was almost every page, and even at times every other paragraph. It made the reading very unpleasant for. That reason only.

- shelby_bailey

Once started to read, didn't really want to put book down,
Varied works,all enjoyable ,to readers of western novels,some
good descriptions.

- brenden_ruiz

Great read Steve

- aydin_collins

A great book, far better than I expected, Easy chapters to read, a big book to read, buy it you won't be dissapointed.

- caden_thompson

Never new edgar rice burroughs wrote westerns found them very absorbing reading

- graham_chavez

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