The Disney Monorail: Imagineering a Highway in the Sky (Disney Editions Deluxe)

The Disney Monorail: Imagineering a Highway in the Sky (Disney Editions Deluxe)

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Deluxe jacketed hardcover book offers a lavish visual celebration of one of Disney's most impactful and beloved creations: the Disney Monorail.

Walt Disney is renowned as a cartoonist, filmmaker, showman, and entertainment icon. But he was also a farsighted futurist, a transportation buff with practical roots in the past, and visionary sights set on the future. In imagining Disneyland, Walt saw it not only as a destination for diversion and entertainment, but also as a means of presenting practical demonstrations of new ideas and new technology with real-world applications.

In The Disney Monorail: Imagineering a Highway in the Sky, readers will discover the parallel stories of the development of a new form of transportation and the evolution of Walt's prophetic creative mind, which together resulted in the first daily operating monorail in the Western Hemisphere. Since June 1959, this mid-century modern marvel has captured the hearts and imaginations of theme park and Disney fans everywhere; it has inspired, as Walt hoped, the creation of working monorails in practical transit applications in varied locations all around the world.

Through a lively and succinct narrative and a stunning collection of unique historical photographs and rare concept and development art (much of it never before published) readers will be transported into a future where yesterday's dreams are tomorrow's realities!

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disney editions titles can be hit or miss. they're authorized by the company, so of course you're going to have access to the studio and imagineering archives for concept art and professional photography. the first question is, how much of it has been published before? have i seen before? is this already on my shelves?

and then the second question is, what kind of text accompanies the images? yesterday's tomorrow by don hahn was pretty skimpy. i learned nothing new. the two volume marc davis set from last year, conversely, was a GOLD MINE. nearly all new information from personal, unpublished interviews with the author. not just quotes from the "e-ticket" magazine i've seen a hundred times before.

this book on the disney monorails (disneyland original, WDW fleet, and yes, the tokyo trains too) hits the sweet spot. granted, it's not a total gold mine in terms of text. but the voice is engaging yet thorough. the caption information is quite complete.

for the images and art, yea, WOW. probably 80% of this material i've never seen before, and i study theme park design for a living. everything here appears to be newly scanned and/or retouched up. no old kodachrome slides from the 70s like you find in other disney park books with blotches and hairs and soft focus.

i'd say must own. like the marc davis set, get it now. titles like this usually only go through a single large print run and then in a couple years you'll see them listed here on amazon for $800 or something ridiculous (jason surrell's attraction books come to mind). don't miss the [train] !!!

- antonio_edwards

I was very excited to hear of a Disney hardcover dedicated to the monorails. Having piloted Mark VI’s for a couple years after having the dream to do it for most of my life, I was looking forward to the in-depth research and history, and pictures!

The authors definitely did a ton of research by way of interviews, review of over a century of publications, and search for photos not previously published. It’s all laid out chronologically and artfully balanced between photos and text.

In the listing, with photos, of each version of the monorails, the Mark VI call out shows a Mark IV picture. The Mark VI introduction page shows a large photo with two Mark IV monorails. They can be seen in the pictures I’ve posted here. I would figure, a book detailing monorails wouldn’t see a monorail as a monorail. Additionally, some (see page nn) references are incorrect.

The editor or photo researcher didn’t take the time to ensure the photos were matching which fails the dedication of the authors in delivering an excellent history and love of monorails. Monorails don’t ever seem to get their just do.

As luck would have it, the book didn’t arrive in good condition. Amazon used to shrink wrap books to a flat cardboard, but now just place in a box and the book gets damaged as it can bang around in the box. Book cover is messed up and has pen mark on the front.

So, I’ll be returning the book and might wait for a second edition where the errors might get fixed.

- maxim_morgan

What a great book about the Disney Monorail system! It’s a large coffee table style book and it’s loaded with color photos. Most pages (but not all) have either a caption for the photos or a relatively small amount of text. This is definitely more of a “looking” book than a “reading” book. It covers other early monorail systems, the conceptualization, design, and construction of the Disney monorails, Monorail memorabilia, renovations and updates, etc., all shown thoroughly with so many eye catching photos. This book will be interesting, informative, and enjoyable for any Disney fan. I purchased it as a gift and I am going to enjoy it a little bit before I wrap it up. My copy was well packed and arrived in excellent condition.

- melany_alvarez

Finally someone took the time to put together a beautiful book about the Disney monorails. Book is beautiful inside but a little bit damaged on outside. That is usally what happens when books are delivered in bags however the inside binding was already damaged. Replacement on the way. I hope it is shipped better.

- tristen_cooper

Great Disney book, that focuses on various Disney monorail system in the US and around the world. The quality of the photos are nice as well.

However it seem like you are taken a gamble if Amazon will package such a nice book correctly. This time I lucked out that only the dust cover was beat up more than I like. Amazon should try harder when shipping large art books in the future.

- bryan_martinez

The book gives a very basic overview of the monorails at the parks. Great for a passing interest but any avid fan of the Disney monorail systems will be sorely disappointed by this book. Many pages are filled with images and feels more like a picture book with some interesting tidbits.

- sawyer_patel

What a great book! I didn’t imagine you could have such a thick book just about the Monorail. I have not read it cover to cover but the pictures and art work are just amazing. On a side note, Amazon delivery was spotless even when this was an international order, they delivered in two days!!!

- annabella_ortiz

It's a Christmas present, it arrived in perfect condition and quickly. A must have for children or adults that like trains or Disneyland.

- kenna_rodriguez

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