The Bob Dylan Scrapbook, 1956-1966

The Bob Dylan Scrapbook, 1956-1966

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By: Bob Dylan

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A slipcased scrapbook of rare photographs, removable documents, and memorabilia offers insight into one of the musician's most eventful and formative periods, tracing his arrival in New York and emergence as one of the most distinctive voices of his time, providing on the accompanying CD excerpts from early interviews and his 1965 performance at the Newport Folk Festival. 100,000 first printing.
This book is an amazing collection of all things Dylan during the period from 1956-1966. These are the years I am most interested in and the book didn't disappoint. There are copies of notes Dylan wrote on scraps of paper. There are copies of all sorts of things from those days that look like a person is handling and reading Dylan's actual things. The copies are that good. This is a really fun book and it isn't the kind of book you have to sit down and read cover to cover, though you will want to. This book can be opened to any page and be enjoyed! I love this book and it really does cause a person to feel like they are reading Dylan's own scrapbook!

- samuel_lee

Really GREAT pictures of his earlier times--check out two of Bob's stunning pictures--one on page 23 and another on page 38--Wow!! Both of these pictures are very clear and sharp!! We like them that way, right folks? You also get replications of handwritten lyrics and replications of all sorts of interesting memorabilia, plus interesting reading also. This is a must have scrap book for fans. I'm happy I got it. I found it interesting to notice that in a very stunning picture of Joan Baez where she is next to Bob Dylan in a mini booklet inserted on page 28 that she had gorgeous lips just as Bob Dylan had gorgeous lips noticeable in many pictures and during the press conference at San Francisco--on the DVD, Dylan Speaks (during the close-ups). They made a beautiful couple indeed. Both had artistic style noses, beautiful long fingers and gorgeous lips. There are all sorts of things to discover and look at. What do you see or discover in this scrapbook?

- audrina_phillips

This book is fantastic! If you lived through the late fifties and early sixties, or if you are simply a lover of pop culture and music, this volume is for you. There are so many detailed and scholarly books out there on Dylan and his musical contribution. With its entertaining text and its many treasures taped or glued to the pages, this is part history, part virtual tour through the life and times of a legend. I'm torn between leaving the items in the book or displaying them to enjoy all the time. I love the reproduction of the Dylan cut-out advertising stand. Stickers are actually reproduced as stickers you could peel off and use if you like. It's incredible. I have several siblings who have everything; this book will make a great Christmas gift. My seventeen year old has already claimed the one I ordered, so I've ordered a second. This is well worth the money.

- javier_walker

Very strange. when I opened the box, I only found an empty case. Nothing inside. I am returning it. And please let me know what happened.

- kevin_smith

a real scrapbook that starts with his childhood and takes you through his teen years.

- colson_scott

...keep on keepin' on...

- weston_rodriguez

Great insights.

- lily_allen


- amora_ross

This book was a very good price. I have not seen it cheaper. It came very quickly & was well packaged. A good Read.

- bryce_rogers

Bought this for birthday present for Dylan fan friend. He loved it. Unusual and full of fun bits and pieces. Not sure about its lasting appeal but had plenty of interesting snippets and the replica tickets and lyric sheets are fun.

- arturo_morgan

I am a self confessed and long standing Dylan fan. Having read much of what has been printed I stil found this insightful and informative.

- leah_flores

Excellent condition - a treasure!

- harmoni_scott

Amazing book, beautifully crafted. Bought it used wasn't precisely in mint condition but instead of being a coffee table book is more like a bar book in its past life (it smelled like tobacco and alcohol spills). It's always risky to buy one of this books used because they are full of memorabilia reproductions. The one I got was almost complete only missing one piece.

- jayson_peterson

Das Bob Dylan Scrapbook ist unverzichtbar für jeden Fan dieses großen Künstlers. Mit unglaublicher Liebe zum Detail wurde dieses Sammlerstück zusammengestellt - einzigartig. Ich empfehle es ohne 'Wenn und Aber'. The Bob Dylan Scrapbook

- alexzander_white

 Dylanの場合、単なる人気歌手の関連本的なものより、ハードな研究書的なものや伝記の類が多いが、本書もそのような部類に属する内容でありながら、実にわくわくするようなあたかも宝箱のような作り方になっている。本書に記載されているメモによれば、本書は近日放映およびDVDがリリースされるマーチンスコセッシの「Bob Dylan: No Direction Home」の関連書籍として製作されたものである。したがって1966年までのDylanに関する資料が満載された内容となっており、それもタイトルが示す通りただの本ではなく、、インタビューのCDやスクラップブック風にレコードデビュー前のコンサートのチラシやチケット、新聞の切り抜き、宣伝用のグッズ、写真、なにより驚嘆するのは「Blowin’ in the wind」などいくつかのDylanの歌がはじめて生まれた時のメモ書きなどが、そのときの便箋やメモ用紙をそっくり再現してスクラップされている。それもなんとタバコの焼け跡や、色落ち、折り目までが!!。

- rex_rodriguez

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