The Airbnb Story: How Three Guys Disrupted an Industry, Made Billions of Dollars ... and Plenty of Enemies

The Airbnb Story: How Three Guys Disrupted an Industry, Made Billions of Dollars ... and Plenty of Enemies

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By: Leigh Gallagher

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Airbnb Story
I was fascinated by a behind the scenes look at a world-wide phenomenon from an unbiased observer. Eminent readable by anyone curious as to how such companies come in to being.

- hana_kim

Enjoyed the read but would have loved more info the company financial history. Have used Air BNB since reading book and love the products

- skyler_chavez

Great story - a little slow read

- roselyn_morgan

It is not so long ago that a couple of friends sowed the seeds for what would become a major disruptive element and force within the global accommodations industry – Airbnb. Less than one decade later this start-up has won a lot of friends and plaudits, whilst attracting a fair-few enemies and detractors too.

This is a fascinating look at a company that has, like it or not, changed travel for a large section of the travelling public. Even if Airbnb was no more, it is unlikely that the genie could go back in the bottle and the “old norms” return. A lot is crammed into a relatively compact, informative book.

The author has done a good job in remaining objective and focussed, it did not read like a hagiography and the writing style was engaging and accessible.

Even if you have no intention in becoming an Airbnb customer (or supplier), reading this book will still give a lot of great information about business development, start-ups, culture and more. A great lightweight read, with a heavy, quality overlay.

- terrell_wood

While the book has some Interesting anecdotes, it fails to read like a novel or a biography. It feels like a mixture of sycophantic and disjointed blogs. A real missed opportunity to write an engaging book about one of silicon valley's biggest stories.

- aniyah_price

enjoyable read and authentic

- cedric_chavez

Think writer did his best to cover the egender stages of the journey though its very diluted; still some questions not really gotten an answer to.

- harlan_james

great book, have been carryout out market research for my new company!

- paola_lee

amazing book! finished in a day!

- joseph_jackson

Interesting read!

- terrance_cox

Who thought two guys with background in designing would build an empire that would disrupt the whole hospitality market and make top hotel, motel players and public policy people sweat! Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky with Nate Belecharczyk challenged the odds. Three guys had one simple idea and a mission to build on something that already existed. They tapped on the need for the future and with an understanding of the needs of millennial- Airbnb was launched. A tech company that disrupted the world in less than a decade. They are the largest accommodation & experience providers without owning any property. They call themselves missionaries, not visionaries!

The story of Airbnb is not just a story book but a whole compendium of how a simple idea grew, challenges it faced, kept going with thousands of enemies and where it would be taken in the near future. Journalist, Leigh Gallagher has done justice to the idea with his work. A very well researched book, thoroughly explained instances unbiased information sharing makes it a pleasant read. One can get a clear picture of what kind of people are the founders and what it takes to build something like this up! The book is intense and requires rapt attention of the reader. The detailing of public policies, disclaimers and compliances of the states that a company/startup/citizen needs to follow part might spin-off your head. However, it does get balanced out in the chapter like "The Bad & the Ugly" and "Learning to lead".
In the end, I would recommend this book to all the people who are looking to build something up in the hospitality sector, or part of this industry. It will definitely give you many insights & fair idea of how it all works.

My take away is- "Early to be, early to rise, work like hell and organise"- Chris Lehane.

- trent_cruz

Eine beeindruckende Geschichte über den Pioniergeist dreier junger Männer, der das Hotelgewerbe grundlegend auf den Kopf zu stellen vermochten. Angenehm zu lesen, teilweise etwas zu detailliert.

- dillon_harris

This is the story of thee Musketeers 😜about the world changing idea in which they are leaving now!!

- evan_wood

Nice book with fine details and the connect with the short stories within were really good.

- analia_gomez

The Copy is not good. It looks like a old copy.

- wade_morris

Great insight into building homely travel trips

- estrella_walker

Good Book for anyone starting out. Pricing was great on Kindle :)

- vanessa_brown

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