Teen Spirit Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Stick, Pink Crush 1.40 oz (Pack of 3)

Teen Spirit Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Stick, Pink Crush 1.40 oz (Pack of 3)

Posted by insidedeltaforce | Published 10 months ago

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This all i wore as teen and younger adult, then one day out of the blue no one had it anymore. I have struggled with finding an antiperspirant that works for me since, one works in the winter but not the summer, one works in the summer but not the winter, one works this summer through out but when the weather starts warming up it suddenly doesn't work any more at all.... The i got curious and looked it up on amazon and they have it! The fragrance isn't bad, so far this warm weather it is working, the real test will be when it really get hot here in the south. Just wish they had other "scents" for me too choose from, but hey! if it keeps working i happy with pink crush

- isaiah_campbell

I’m giving two stars because I think it was discontinued for a reason... it smells as good as it always does, and works just as well, but it made my armpits SUUUUUPER itchy after awhile, and I had to stop using it. For your own safety, maybe just don’t...

- emmaline_myers

The smell is nice and I felt dry for about a week and that was when it was hot outside. But I was inside so maybe it makes a difference, yes I was out a few times while using it and it did not keep well as far as I do don't know, you will get wet because you will sweat that is suppose to be a natural thing, and when your sweat and bacteria mix it gives a odor so I don't know. It smells good.

- jermaine_perez

I’ve used this deodorant ever since I was a freshman in high school and it never disappoints. The only downfall is that the smell of it makes you want to take a bite out of it- especially the strawberry kind !! It lasts pretty fairly throughout the day, I never need more than one application but everyone is different. Always a favorite for me- I’m so happy I found and started rewearing this again!

- theodore_morris

Unable to find this deodorant locally and found here in Amazon at a great price. Happy to have found this! Expiration date is quite far which is good because these last quite a few months.

- emmeline_turner

It actually surprised me, I bought it for my pre-teen daughter and it was very effective. I also started using it and I have eno prob.

- millie_diaz

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