Strangers When We Meet

Strangers When We Meet

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Wonderful, under played movie. Excellent story & plot twist. Many great actors besides Novak & Douglas. Get this, I've watched it several times so far!

- christian_phillips

Larry (Kirk Douglas) meets Maggie (Kim Novak) and sparks start flying as soon as their eyes meet (during the opening credits!). They both have spouses, but are bored and, of course, unappreciated at home. Soon they're lying to their mates and meeting regularly for romantic trysts. Eventually, the truth comes out and Larry must choose between Maggie and his family.

The romantic drama is set in an affluent suburb in 1960, with beautiful clothes, bright orange furniture, and copper-colored kitchen appliances. Douglas's Larry is real, sensitive, and undeniably sexy; I really enjoyed his performance. Novak's sultry-voice and sleepwalker-style are overdone, but she's still believable as the housewife who wants to be good, but always ends up in trouble because she's just so gosh-darned pretty. Barbara Rush is lovely and charming as Larry's long-suffering wife. Walter Matthau plays a mild-mannered neighbor who turns out to be a rat.

There's a lush, romantic musical score and beautiful photography, and the seasoned actors make it seem real. "Strangers" ranks as a satisfying soaper and memorable chick flick. The DVD has no extras, but the story is worth watching again and again.

- isaiah_campbell

I have to say I am not a great fan of Kirk Douglas but he certainly tries to convince us that he is in love with the other woman - Kim Novak - but maybe a little too much? Problem is there there is no real chemistry between the two. Everyone else does an admirable job. Kim Novak is absolutely lovely and her portrayal of a tortured, unhappy, and unfilled woman is a gem. The story itself is very dated - the affair is made to seem a shocking situation, but in today's world it is a bit laughable. In the film, Douglas and Novak are sneaking out at night and both give their "unsuspecting" spouses excuses but can their spouses be that stupid not to have an inkling of what is going on? Of course! This film was made in the early 60's! Some fun phrases appear in the film that are campy: Novak's mother: "Margaret, I am not a tramp!", "Novak to her husband: "Don't you want me? Do you think I'm pretty?'. etc. etc. I doubt anyone when finished viewing the film will give it any oscars, but it is fun to watch although a few edits could have helped. My main reason for liking this film? Novak was never more naturally beautiful, and when I remember her, this is the film I remember. For those persons who will mention Vertigo (which is my favorite film), her peformance in this film is classic but it is Hitchcock's film. "Strangers" is Novak's (Sorry, Mr. Douglas). The ending of the film is flat and expected. To be honest, Douglas goes back to his wife, but as I mentioned before, there was no real chemistry, and when he tells Novak at the end, "I love you Maggie, I really do", one wonders, if he really does, why not take the chance? But then this was a early 60's film and you didn't do that then. Unless, of course, you were Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor.

- maliah_clark

I sam this movie many, many moons ago when it was still new and it has lodged in my memory ever since. I don't know what it is that keeps this movie watchable after so many years but I think a lot of it has to do with Kirk Douglas and Kim Novak. It was a time when stars were stars and there was no more to it. It really had nothing to do with their private lives but their onscreen performance and the places they could take us to. It was a great era of escapism and fantasy. Unfortunately those days are gone and everything is judged on reality rather than pure entertainment.We did not have too many movie critics to tell us what we shoud be seeing. We had only our personal aspirations and experiences to be able to relate to the movie of the week. It was innocent and it was naive but it was great. This is a film for those who want to revisit the days when it was ok to sit goggle eyed in the cinema and escape for a while. i highly recommend it.
I recently bought this on dvd and watched it again. I had forgotten Walter Mattheu's performance. He brings a great sense of danger to the film and steals a lot of the scenes.

- lyla_walker

Wow! this movie was wonderful. Set in 1960 and brought back wonderful memories of the way we dressed, the houses, the cocktail parties at home as I watched my parents entertain. Kirk Douglas was fit (Spartacus was being filmed at this time) so he was in great shape, very handsome. The affair had a surprise ending but the setting in Hollywood? all I could think of was that era and what was going on at the time. Marilyn Monroe, the Kennedy family and Elvis. Interesting part was the Hollywood writer having breakfast with Kirk Douglas and eating eggs and bacon with a cigarette at the same time...can't believe they really did that back then. Great movie, watched it again and again.

- ayleen_lopez

Love the movie, the quality of the picture and sound, and the excellent service from the supplier.

- nathan_hall

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