Steve Jobs (True Books: Biographies)

Steve Jobs (True Books: Biographies)

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By: Josh Gregory

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When Steve Jobs died in 2011, the world mourned the passing of one of the most influential inventors and business leaders in history.

Readers (Grades 3-5) will learn about Jobs' incredible life and get a close look at some of his most important innovations, from the Apple II and Macintosh computers to the iPod and the iPhone.
Easy to read and good history of Apple as a company and Jobs as a person

- penny_bailey

My son (in 5th grade) used this book to help write his report on Jobs. Great book, very informative.

- kassandra_ross

I have read a few of the A True Book series for young readers and have enjoyed them all. Each has a wonderful kid friendly layout with nice photographs, interesting facts, timelines, lists for additional resources, and a glossary of important key words. Before reading this book I new next to nothing about Steve Jobs, other than he was one of the creators of Apple Computers, so to me all this information was new and interesting. After Job's death in 2011 I saw several Facebook and Pinterest posts about his determined spirit and creative mind; however this book talked about some of his flaws which made him seem like more of a real person and has sparked my interest to learn more. This would be a wonderful addition to any elementary or middle school library or classroom.

- harley_roberts

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