Stephen King's A Good Marriage

Stephen King's A Good Marriage

Posted by jack_miller | Published 9 months ago

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I have never written a review about a movie, but I had to make a PSA. This was one of the worst movies I have ever watched. The only thing I got out of watching it is that tootsie rolls are trying to make a comeback and maybe payed for some advertising in it. They had the most suspenseful star role. You never knew when or where a box of them was going to pop out of. I see people giving this a rating of 4-5 stars but don’t be fooled they must own stock in Tootsie Roll Industries. I’m serious, don’t waste your time. Sorry Stephen King.

- noelle_wright

"A Good Marriage" is a fictional story so near factual possibility that I may watch again. The story was acted divinely by Joan Allen (Darcy) and Anthony Paglia (Bob). They thrust plot twists like karate chops.

The threads of the story kept me off balance. Usually, I figure out the story quickly not this time. My mood was hyper-alert while watching awaiting the emergence of a Boogie-Man somewhere around there.

Shirley Jackson haunted me during this movie because of her way of showing horrible truths about "Nice People." I know women and men who have lived with monsters because to call out the monster would be to ruin their privilege no matter how small. They appear to have it all and are accepted into 'polite society'. They are community leaders, ministers, Senators, teachers and so on.

Bob and Darcy are the average successful American couple and like Ms. Jackson, Mr. King cleverly drops the character's mask enough to show it a bit of the underneath.

Some upper society people envied by many may actually have hemoglobin in their pipes.

A must watch for under-stated violent horror, mild language, creepy. I will watch again soon.

- damari_myers

I don't really like leaving bad reviews ... but, wow ... that was just a poorly acted, poorly thought out film. Cinema Sins plot holes aside (of which there are plenty) ... It's just, bad. A huge waste of time. And it was free! Haha! Seriously, move on ... surely you have better things to do with a couple hours.

- ryder_perez

The movie was not good. The acting wasn't great and the story was boring and predictable, I literally fell asleep watching it.

- mason_miller

What happened? I love Stephen King movies but this movie sucked! Why does it have 4 stars? I think it's because we love Stephen king and are in denial about this movie. It went nowhere.

- joseph_jackson

I have loved the novels of Stephen King since I was in high school in the early 1970s. I was reading CARRIE before the name Stephen King was a household word. I continued to be impressed with each new King novel... SALEMS' LOT, THE SHINING, THE STAND, and on and on. I remember when I read MISERY and DOLORES CLAIBORNE, I saw a turning point in his writing. No longer were we reading about the supernatural, vampires, ghosts, monsters, but King started showing us the "monster" that can live inside of us. He brought his otherworldly horror and domesticated it, showing us the evil that can lurk beneath a person's exterior facade. In the movie A GOOD MARRIAGE (with a screenplay by King himself based on his short story), he brings that domesticated horror to a brilliant level. I won't discuss what happens in the story, but I will comment on what a wonderful job that Stephen King, his director, cameraman, and the actors, all do in making this story come to terrifying life. A GOOD MARRIAGE is evenly paced, subtle, detailed, and intense. The character's motivations are surprising to see and morally thought-provoking. How great it is to see a suspense/horror movie take it's time to ensure character development and proper atmosphere. I was nervous the whole time watching this couple in their marriage and seeing it erode. The plot twists were surprising all the way to the film's final moments. Basically, this story has been told in one way or another for years in literature and film (two people, usually in a relationship, with one of them hiding a dark secret about themselves). But
Stephen King puts his stamp on this familiar tale and keeps you guessing where it's all headed. I found the whole production very professionally made and loved every minute that I was on the edge of my seat. The two actors gave fine performances that simultaneously frightened me and
moved me. And the ending brings a redemption that I found unnerving, yet satisfying.

- kelsey_foster

So, I was watching this movie on cable Tv one night and just about the time someone went flying over the stair banisters (I won't spoil it and say who ) the Tv picture just froze...didn't come back on till this movie was long off....I wanted to know what happened, very badly...I started looking everywhere, Netflix, nope, Hulu, nope, youtube, nope, finally, Amazon Prime popped in my head , ...Yessssss, they had it ....I got to see the end of this thriller...Very worth it too.....This was a very good movie....

- brian_taylor

The story isn't about the holocaust or something "serious" so it wouldn't happen, but the performance Joan Allen gives is absolutely fantastic. Some characters are so flat, typecast or mundane that the skill of the actress doesn't really matter, but here you have a complicated and foreign inner turmoil, and every second she is on screen she is believably conveying exactly what is going through her mind, all without a single moment of overacting, swelling music or fancy camerawork to enhance it. She carries the entire movie, so even though this isn't my particular genre, I give the movie a 5, just to credit her (everybody else and the story are fine - they're just irrelevant in the grand scheme of things).

- esmeralda_richardson

This could have been a great film, the idea that you find out your other half is a murderer could create a psychological thriiler - The film could have been taken in many directions, but this film just didn't really touch on that much. The film did start off well but just went down hill.

- khloe_torres

The movie was ok , but to me it was boring and not in the usual Steven King style.
But I am a Brit so to me it seemed a bit too American.

- brooklynn_taylor


Great acting from Anthony La Pagia and Joan Allen - and an unusual 'character' for the former.

Well worth a watch.

I was annoyed by the wife's reaction to the discovery about her husband (don't want to give any spoilers here) but was finally pleased with the ending.



- alexa_cook

a little predictable storyline not one of Stephen kings best but sometimes just seems to right for the pay packet than the fan but he has had some really good stuff but seems lack lustre and blasé at times

- carson_chavez

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