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Being the third version of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in less than 2 decades I was terrified. Then I saw the Web Slinger show up in Captain America: Civil War and I was sold.

After so many bumps in the road The MCU...FINALLY gives us all a Spider-Man that we can all get behind. Casting a young actor in Tom Holland who has the ability to make anywhere from 8-10 Spider-Man films at this point was the biggest positive to this new film. Throw in a fantastic villain in The Vulture Played by Michael Keaton and remind us we are still in the MCU with RDJ as Iron Man and you have a recipe for fun. This was such a down to Earth and extremely fun adventure and it was so refreshing to not see the love story as the main focus. It was also great to finally see Spider-Man actually being Spider-Man! When the post credits rolled I was even more excited because if I am right in thinking what will happen to Spidey down the line, I think the fans are gonna be ever so happy!

- marcel_mitchell

I held off on watching this film, didn't see it in the theater, largely because I was burned-out on Spider-Man. Anyway, long story short I can't believe how much I enjoyed Homecoming. Total breath of fresh air both for Spider-Man and frankly for Marvel Studios as well. This is arguably the best film within the Marvel Cinematic universe since the halcyon days of 2014 (Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy). Homecoming is fun, it's funny, the tone and feel are just right. Tom Holland is terrific and Michael Keaton superb. No retelling of the origin story *or* parade of usual suspects in the supporting roles, outside Aunt May and a couple of Peter's classmates. A great combination of high school, superhero and comedy with a real sense of stakes and even a little menace. Perfect mix, great entertainment.

- kieran_martinez

I loved this movie. I think it is the best Spider-Man movie yet.

I'm a Spidey fan. That's my bias going into this movie. I both embrace anything Spidey and am particularly judgmental in the process. I grew up in the 1970s when so much of his character development and villains were being created. I loved the books and I love the cheesy animation series from the 1960s. Anyone who is a fan and a certain knows what words are after, "Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever..."

Why is this so good?

First of all, the writing is terrific. The writers and editors know where Spider-Man has been but do not get caught up in homage. Sure, the old 60s theme is slipped in and here's a Stan Lee cameo (of course!). The writers also weave a complex story. Previous renditions have been simplistic.

For example, Peter Parker has a believable love life in high school. He has little sense of how to get a date. He's genuinely awkward. He and his best friend, Ned, like putting together a Lego Death Star. His relationship with his Aunt May (approached quite differently by Marisa Tomei) feels real and less like a living cartoon.

That sinewed depth has always been a strength of Marvel but is on best display here, at least in Spider-Man movies of the last 16 years (the first decent Spider-Man movie came out in 2002).

In other movies, Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker seemed too much like a IVY League frat boy. Tobey Maguire does a good job, but I don't believe he's as awkward as I expect.

Here, in Homecoming, Tom Holland nails it. I believe he's smart, insecure with a dose of confidence and actually in high school. His interactions with Tony Stark and Happy Hogan (well done by Jon Favreau) are so spot-on that I can see it really happening that way.

The movie starts after Spider-Man's origin, after he's been active. He's still local, but Tony Stark has noticed. Will he join the Avengers?

Meanwhile, Michael Keaton's Adrian Toomes -- wow! Keaton is better here than he was as Batman. Here he is also the father of Peter's date. He's complicated. He's hardworking but is getting pushed around by the government for no fault of his. By chance, he is able to build a business using alien materials, and with them, also builds a sort of super villain. He does bad things that lead to horrible things, but his motivations aren't completely evil. He's not warped, not insane in any way. He's a guy who just wants to do his job.

Peter is trying to stop the Vulture (Toomes), join the Avengers, hide his secret from Aunt May, keep up his studies, and get the girl. Something's got to give, right?

It is a great ride. See "Spider-Man: Homecoming."

Anthony Trendl

- ibrahim_ruiz

So epic! Thank you to Sony for playing nice with Marvel to make this movie, because Marvel knows Marvel best and it showed.

I was incredibly impressed with their ability to successfully make an origin story after introducing the character and without showing the power acquisition. They captured Peter becoming Spider-man, which is the more important part of the origin story than the spider bite. I kept seeing people latch onto the “Come on, Peter. Come on, Spider-man!” moment so I was on the lookout for it in the movie, and I gotta say…I get why people latched. Brilliant scene. Not just in Spider-man, but one of the best in the MCU.

Also, not only do I agree Holland nailed his performance, but Michael Keaton was perfect as Vulture. What an amazing villain, and I love that they didn’t hold back in writing him to be truly viscous while still giving him incredibly realistic origins. And unlike Amazing Spider-man 2 which tried to set up too many villains too quickly, Homecoming did it right by having one main villain while marginally setting up others in the background for later use.

I really hope we get more than 3 movies out of this Spider-man, because if this first movie is any indication, they’re on the completely right track to do it. Clearly being brought back into the Marvel fold was the best thing to happen to this franchise. This is not only my favorite Spider-man, but it immediately become one of my favorite MCU movies to date.

- amara_davis

It's a really good movie and Tom Holland is a great Spider-Man, but it does tend to really stray from the original source material. Part of the charm of the old Spider-Man comics was that he was an every-man. He was poor, people didn't like him and things were always not going this way. Now he has basically an Iron Man suit and he has the actual Iron Man as a mentor. Still, despite that, a very entertaining movie with a great Spider-Man actor, Michael Keaton as a great villain, and any cameo by Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man is never a bad thing.

- vincent_davis

A new Spider-Man movie. As with 2012's the Amazing Spider-Man, this is a totally fresh take on him shorn of any connections to previous Spider-Man. But unlike that, this one does take place in the same fictional Universe as Marvel comics movies such as those with Captain America, Iron Man, and the Avengers.

Thus familiarity with those will help. Especially with last year's Captain America: Civil War. As this shows what happens to Spider-Man after events in that.

Peter has to balance school life with superhero life. With pining after the seemingly unattainable girl. With dealing with bullies. And his gig with the Avengers not being quite all he hoped it would be. Meantime, construction crew boss Adrian Toomes has spied an opportunity, and is making money from it. In the role of the Vulture. He and Peter are about to meet, and their worlds will never be the same again...

Whilst I liked previous Spider-Man films for what they were, this does the character a power of good by putting him in an established and recognisable cinematic universe. And it's all the better for it. Yet it does keep all that on the sides with cameos and references, and keeps the focus firmly on Spider-Man himself. Which is the right way to go.

It also gives us what the previous films didn't. Peter's high school years. All superbly portrayed. Tom Holland is as brilliant in the role as he was in Civil War, and he is surrounded by an excellent supporting cast for these scenes, which do balance character drama with humour superbly.

Michael Keaton is also great as Toomes. And it's nice to get a villain who isn't someone who got powers in a lab accident and has gone on a crazed revenge quest, rather one with very believable motivations.

It's also nice not to have to go through Spider-Man's origin story once again.

The best Spider-Man film ever. Huge entertainment. Well worth a watch.

There's an extra scene in the middle of the end credits. And one at the very end as well. They are worth waiting for. Possibly.

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Searching for Spider-Man: a seven minute overview of the film and it's production. As short as these usually are, but manages to get a lot in and is really a great watch.

Jon Watts: head of the class: four minutes about the director. Not as much detail as the above, but not bad and worth a watch.

Spider-Man: homecoming VR Trailer. A two minute long trailer for a virtual reality Spider-Man game. Some good Tom Holland scenes but not enough of the VR section.

A look at Marvel's Spider-Man playstation four: a two minute long feature and clips about another Spider-Man game. A short but interesting watch.

- zane_johnson

Ich persönlich bin "vorsichtig" an diesen Film heran gegangen und wurde sehr positiv überrascht. Tom Holland spielt diesen jungen Teenager Spiderman genial optisch kommt der Film super rüber. Man darf nicht vergessen, dass es im Marvel Universum mehrere verschiedene Spideys gibt und es total dumm ist, deshalb den Film schlecht zu machen. Immer Geschmackssache, ob man einen Teenager-, einen Highschool-, einen Erwachsenen-, einen weißen- oder einen schwarzen Spiderman gut findet.

- nathan_hall

Tom Holland is an excellent Spiderman - my fave since Toby Mcquire - but where Mcguire captures the vainer self indulgent, more artistic and romantic side of the character, I think Tom is a nice foil as he is the lighter, comic, teenager version that is that little bit more open to what the world has in store for him.
We also new tom was fab from Civil War - such a brilliant intro.
If not seen - do not read on from here.........

Now here's the but you knew from my opening sentence was going to happen - 'but' the film is not quite a five star experience because of what I have already mentioned. Spiderman, like superman has got alot holding it back as a franchise, and you feel this burden if you are any kind of super hero fan. What is great here is that the directors and producers have done their best to lighten the load and given a snapshot of the character here without feeling they have to start from scratch - like the Matrix, the story works because you are stepping into a world as apposed to having to go though what we already now know about the character. I like the wit of the script and irony of vulture being acted out by oscar winner Birdman himself....really well i might add - and the ending was also really sweet - loved how the vulture stays human really - instead of trying to be more super villain he actually helps protect Peters identity - he 's a villain who's just a bloke - be he has a moral spectrum in the end....a really nice twist.

Effects are very good - and theres a lovely pace to this entertaining film. Much better than the last two spiderman films, and nicely attuned to the marvel universe. Id still say that Guardians and Dr Strange are my faves from Marvel so far - closely followed by Civil War, Ant Man and Captain america, but this is a quality film too..

- maximo_ramos

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