South of Deadwood - Too Tough to Brand - A Gun for Kilkenny (Dramatized)

South of Deadwood - Too Tough to Brand - A Gun for Kilkenny (Dramatized)

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By: Louis L'Amour, full cast, et al.

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"South of Deadwood": Take the stagecoach into Deadwood with Ranger Chick Bowdrie to bring a notorious killer back to Texas - and justice. When he meets a beautiful young woman convinced Curly Starr can clear her brother's name, Bowdrie agrees to help. But first he must elude the rest of Starr's gang who wait for the legendary lawman and his prisoner to leave town - so they can kill them both!

"Too Tough to Brand": Texas Ranger Chick Bowdrie was called to the O Bar O Ranch when the foreman, Bert Ramey, disappeared with $15,000. But from what Bowdrie can tell, Ramey is no thief. Karen Ramey believes her foster father may have been murdered, and she is deathly afraid of their new foreman. Meanwhile, Lee Karns, the owner of the ranch, is behaving suspiciously - but how could he be involved with the theft of his own money? If the questions outnumber the answers, that makes it a case for Bowdrie!

"A Gun for Kilkenny": A dusty stranger comes into the town of Boquilla in search of a drink after many hard weeks riding the trails. He enters the saloon, and within minutes the town bully is dead on the floor. Who is the stranger? Is he John Wesley Hardin? Or the legendary Marshal Kilkenny? Speculation and admiration run through the town like wildfire.

To show their gratitude, the townsfolk persuade the stranger to stay awhile. All the free whiskey he can drink and the finest hotel room in town are only the beginning of the good life for this man, more accustomed to the cold hard ground and meals of greasy bacon and biscuits.

The attractions of the dangerous stranger are also irresistible to the pretty young women in town. But the stranger's luck cannot continue. Someone suspects that he is not who he pretends to be. After all, according to legend, Kilkenny always leaves town after killing the bad guy. Why would he stick around this time?

Three solid Louis L’Amour short stories on this audiobook, “South of Deadwood,” “A Gun for Kilkenny,” and “Too Tough to Brand.”

Great audio recordings have a full cast of voice actors, music, and special effects.

Five star story and a five star cast equals a five star audiobook.

- adalyn_king

Another great read for Louis Lamour. I prefer to have the dramatized version instead of a narrator. It brings the story to life. I have several of his books on CD and this one is one of my favorites. With all of the crazyness that is going on in our world these storeies take you into a world that was simpler.

- alexa_cook

The title pretty much says it all. The only negative is that the country-western singer who does much of the narration was selected to sound like a old man in the West telling stories. Although he did well in that job, I'd have preferred he try to sound like he's not part of the story. Some narrators have the skill of not appearing in the story except as we become momentarily conscious of their skills, and this results in a smoother flow of the listener's fantasy.

- aviana_edwards

I bought this as a Christmas gift for my husband. He loves it!

- nia_long

I sent this as a gift to a very dear person that recently lost her sight due to a stroke. She enjoyed the stories immensely and even liked the fact that these are short stories you can listen to one at a time in bouts of 45 minutes or so. I plan on getting her more.

- hendrix_carter

Too many of these with different titles have the same short stories, plus bad language, not family friendly.

- juliette_miller

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