Smashing It: Working Class Artists on Life, Art and Making It Happen

Smashing It: Working Class Artists on Life, Art and Making It Happen

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By: Sabrina Mahfouz , Riz Ahmed, et al.

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Working-class artists are hugely under-represented in the arts industries, facing extra challenges from unpaid work to prejudice, though they make up a third of the British population. How can we break this cycle of inequality?

Smashing It celebrates the achievements of working-class artists in Britain, from the global takeover of Grime musicians to the literary powerhouses pushing representative narratives, also showcasing their works. Offering guidance and inspiration, leading musicians, playwrights, visual artists, filmmakers and writers share how they overcame obstacles, from the financial to the philosophical, to make it in the arts.

An essential read, Smashing It will empower those who will be a part of tomorrow’s bigger picture.

This book was so repetative. Some of the pieces where very interesting and engaging, sheading light and attention to the experience of being a working artist. However 50% of the articles where just people complaining without much original content, perhaps it was down to editors not looking it as a whole book.

- ashton_nguyen

Inspirational! I felt a bit overwhelmed my first year at uni on art Masters with a bit of impostor syndrome and this book really cheered me up and inspired me !

- jason_alvarez

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