Slow Train Coming by Dylan, Bob Original recording remastered edition (2004) Audio CD

Slow Train Coming by Dylan, Bob Original recording remastered edition (2004) Audio CD

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By: Bob Dylan

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There is a lot I would like to write about people reviewing records, Cd's and music in general but that would be USELESS. The point I'm would like to make is: review should be about each particular edition of each particular album or record on a particular medium. People, at least 90% (or most of them) , are buying because they know this particular piece of music or the artist, they've chosen to buy. So for all of you who are writing abut the history or discography and detailed biography of any artist - it is a waste of time, do not brag about your knowledge, who cares?
What I'm interested in is the quality of a particular edition of a particular album or record. How does it sound in comparison to the original. Period.
That said I'll write about this album, one of my very favorite records which I own already in three different formats.
First of all - it is (my copy of course), junk, crap, absolute rip of, this record released by Music on Vinyl (yes, Amazon specifies the label, as "International") it is nicely packaged, but the quality or lack of it is disheartening. The background noise is just awful, there are pops and clicks just like on an old, used record. I hoped for improved sound and what I've go is piece of vinyl junk. My old "overplayed" copy sound much better and "Cleaner" than this. For the same reason I just requested refund for recently released record by ULTRAVOX - Vienna (I was promised a good copy by the seller as a refund - I shall find out.) Same goes for this record, I'll be requesting refund or replacement.
Music on this album should 5 stars, but for the quality of the pressing gets 1, although it should be - 0
I buy a lot of music on Amazon and most of it is Vinyl or SACD, because of the quality of sound, I wish all of the music or at least my favorite album and records would be released on SACD or downloadable hi resolution files, just to avoid this kind of problems.
Yes, Vinyl Rules!!!
Unfortunately there are a lot of people trying to take advantage of music lovers. Just like the "artists" from Music On Vinyl.

- violet_mitchell

Really love this LP and it sounds so much better than the forward in your face red book CD. Buy a VG++ used copy If only just for the spectacular song, "Slow Train Coming." However do not spend more than 30 bucks. This record is collectable but it's certainly not worth the $127.00 some greedy sellers are charging for it. When this record was released it retailed for $3.99 as did almost every other full length album at the time.

- keanu_castillo

haven't finished this yet, but in great condition so far

- raymond_castillo

So glad to get this album it's an excellent and absolute must to anyone vinyl collection!!!! Got it new and in a fast timely service!!!! Thank you!!!

- clay_long

This is a gift so it's not been opened or played yet but I can tell you that the service was speedy and I look forward to giving it to my husband. Thanks for an enjoyable shopping experience!!

- legend_diaz

Good album for his Christian period.

- shiloh_anderson

Record arrived in excellent condition. Thank you.

- xzavier_price

Bob's Christian album but don't let that put you off, its one of his best.

- solomon_kim

An excellent pressing of one of Dylan’s best records!

- matthew_thomas


- danica_cooper

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