Singer & the Song

Singer & the Song

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My husband and I both like Dylan and Cash, so I thought this would be a fun CD to have, and maybe bring on a road trip. And there are definitely some good tunes on it, cleverly arraged. But WOW, the sound quality/production value of the Dylan tunes is just beyond low quality! They don't even sound professionally recorded, while the Cash tracks absolutely do. I am not a singer nor a musician nor a sound engineer... in fact, I don't even have a very good "ear" for things like pitch, tone, clarity, etc. But even I could tell that something was "wrong" with Dylan's tracks. I've been listening to Dylan since I was a kid. I have never once thought his harmonica sounded shrill until I heard this CD. Is it possible these recordings are just so old that he didn't play as well back then? Maybe. But that wouldn't explain the other problems with his tracks on this CD... his voice literally fades in and out, to where you can barely hear him at times, and the recording sounds fuzzy and "warped" or warbly (sorry I don't know the technical term for that) in places, like an old cassette that got left in the sun or fell into a pool or something. Not a pleasant auditory experience. I'm not sure how or why Dylan would have released these thoroughly unpolished tunes for public consumption. As is, they sure don't do any justice to his immense talent and legacy. I'm returning it, even though it was cheap.

- julian_scott

thought this was the boot with bob and johnny recording together intstead it is alternate bob and johnny songs. most of bobs are from his first lp and other live venues and i had most of them. johnnys songs are better recorded. guess its ok for some of the non album dylan live cuts

- ariah_thompson

SUPER some songs I laughed and had tears in my eyes

- drew_turner

Amazing early Dylan. Not studio clean in many tracks. You can hear Dylan's heavy use of harmonica in his early days. Many Cash hits here also. By contrast the Cash tracks are very studio clean and processed. The Cash tracks are clearly intended for commercial air play. The Dylan tracks are very heartfelt and real by comparison. Overall well worth a listen and reasonably priced as well.

- amelie_james

It took me back a long way as I listened to the music that seemed like my childhood memories. Both men bring a form to the table that is easy to remember and hard to forget. I think both deserve lots of love and listening because they left it all right there on the stage. Great music....wonderful memories....time to listen some more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- nikolas_gray

The two artists don't sing together on this set so I found it too be somewhat misleading and an inferior recording .

- dakota_allen

if you love both of these guys as i do i think you willl love this cd,

- briggs_anderson

Box set with 50 songs, 24 by Cash and 26 by Dylan. The Cash stuff sounds great but the Dylan stuff is junk, the sound is terrible. I put both cd's in my media player and reburned the Cash songs only.Then i took the original and sold it to CD Warehouse so I don't ever have to listen to the Dylan anymore. Don't get me wrong, I love Dylan and have all his stuff up until the last few years, but the sound on this set of Dylan is wretched.

- stefan_roberts

The title is misleading and should be something like, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash, rather than versus. It's a nice blend of songs and flows along nicely in my opinion. If you like both artists, then it's a good one to have in your collection.

- lia_torres

When i bought this I thought it was a duet album from the Nashville Skyline sessions but its not. Bobs songs are all from the early sixties and I had most of them already. The Johnny Cash songs are actually good. If you havent got Bobs early albums get this it will start you off. Its really a collectors item.

- emelia_green

These are original songs on here, so the production is a bit amateurish, but is good to hear how these artists sounded when they first started out

- winston_jones

Good value CD worth every penny buy it!

- laila_bailey

It is great to have the contrasting voices and songs of Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash alternating although it does emphasise Bob Dylan's voice not being as musical as Johnny Cash's.

- jayceon_gonzales

some pretty average performances-particularly the Dylan live ones(Iam a fan of both singers s o forgive imperfections)

- elianna_miller

I am pleased with the album it is very easy to listen to a good quality product was packed well at a good price and it arrived on time. Will purchase from them again.

- jenny_myers

An unusual selection of songs. Definitely for Cash and Dylan fans.

- aylin_lewis

Not as good as i thought it would be none of them together just indvual songs which I already have

- lawson_allen

If you like both of these, then this is a great mix, would have liked some more of Johnny's greatest though.

- rodrigo_gonzales

Brilliant, both artistes are great, a good compilation

- dylan_lewis

Very disappointing because one of the two CD’s doesn’t work!

- kenley_diaz

Another addition to my collection

- sean_gomez

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