Shelter from the Storm

Shelter from the Storm

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By: Bob Dylan

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The wonderful thing about music and musical songs (lyric), to me, is that the listener can sometimes find personal meaning within the song (music/lyrics) or not. Which is great. Nevertheless, 'Shelter From The Storm' is a beautiful classic whenever I think of Bob Dylan - the piece took me into great places when I first heard the song and now it takes me back and then forward with a sense of what I know now is a multiple of what I learned back then.

- titan_martin


- milana_alvarez

Heard at the end of St. Vincent movie

- romina_jimenez

Dylan's song Stormed my Shelter.

- dangelo_long

You should see Bill Murray sing it at the end of St. Vincent - what a great cover!

- bella_roberts

Same review for all his songs ie "Blowing in the wind".

- iris_carter

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