Rubie's Deluxe Harry Potter Child's Costume Robe with Gryffindor Emblem, Large, Black

Rubie's Deluxe Harry Potter Child's Costume Robe with Gryffindor Emblem, Large, Black

Posted by jack_miller | Published 8 months ago

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I am a librarian and wore this a few times for Halloween. It's perfect for occasional Harry Potter dress up times. It was a nice quality product and I really looked like Harry Potter! As far as the clip people talk about, honestly, I preferred it without that. I didn't even use it, but if you want to close it, a safety pin would be fine. It would have hidden my Gryffindor sweater and tie to close it. The only cons are the inside lining does need to be ironed and if you have a pet, be prepared to pull the hair off of it because it all sticks! The hood is kind if big and pointy, but I personally thought that was cute! It's fleece, but I felt like it was a good quality product, especially for the price. The house emblem is sharp. I will use it for years. Fast shipping, as ordered, on time. Packaged well. I'm a 5'2" adult, and it was a good length for me.

- moses_howard

If I could give zero stars, I would. BELIEVE THE REVIEWS! I gave the benefit of the doubt and am now scrambling to find something that will work for this Friday and Sunday's Halloween events.

First, it is like a sheet of icky fleece that attracts EVERYthing.

Second, as stated in other reviews, there is just a thin strip of color (not "lined"). Color that does not at all match Gryffindor burgundy. The attached picture does not even do it justice.

Third, and worst of all, look at the picture. It arrived with strings hanging out all over the place and right in the most obvious section there is a HUGE misstep in the sewing job with no attempt to fix it. Did a 5 year old make this?

I am highly disappointed and would probably have liked the "downgraded" version a whole lot more. Do yourself a favor and trust the reviews. I never write reviews, but was so upset when I opened this, I did not even try to look into whether or not the front buttons shut using the separately enclosed piece.

- miles_martinez

I am very confused by this product. I ordered the same item in a small for my son for Christmas. They were out of the M and L sizing at that time. I ordered the L for my daughter when they came back in stock, and the item received is a completely different material, quality and style. The first item (Small, for my son) is a cotton type sturdy but thin material with a full red satin liner inside. The clasp is a button sewn to the robes, with an attached loop sewn to the opposite side, it's very nice quality. The emblem is an embroidered patch with mild detailing. The large I ordered for my daughter had a nice fleece feel to it (rather thick and too warm for Florida) and a scant accent of a rose-burgundy colored edging or trim around the edges of the robes. The item was not marked "Deluxe" robes on the packaging. The item is not terrible quality, but not at all what I was expecting, which was a large version of the same item I ordered and received for my son.

- max_ramirez

I was SUPER nervous to buy this robe because of the mixed reviews. I was also on the fence for sizing because my 6 year old was at the top of size small but I knew medium would be a little long. I ended up ordering medium and glad I did. The fit is great because it's meant to be loose and I can easily tack up the bottom to prevent drag. My child wears her Halloween attire for 1-2 years after, so my goal was longevity. Small would fit perfect this year but not last...As you can see the color is a true burgundy, not pink as others showed. Not sure if I just lucked out but it's a great buy. Tag as others have shown is from a legit brand.

- maddox_scott

My six year old son wanted to be Harry Potter for "Book Character Day" and I couldn't be happier with this robe. He is somewhat tall for a (just turned) six year old, so I ordered up to the medium, and the robe came to the tops of his shoes. This "deluxe" costume is a much better quality than the HP costumes available at our local big box stores for Halloween. Even after a day of hard play in kindergarten, my son's robe still looked great when he got home that afternoon. I hand washed the robe, and hung it up to dry before packing it up for Halloween or Book Character Day next year. I also purchased theĀ 

- myles_lopez

Patch looks good and is sewn on, not a sticker. Material is fleece and seems durable, although lint and hair is sticking. As reviewers mentioned, it IS NOT fully lined with burgundy, but has thin strips the sides. I will be tacking the strips down, because they want to fold out and look awkward. I'm sure I can improve it. The clip for closure is garbage, not attached, difficult to open and no doubt won't last the school day. I'm considering buying 2 solid buttons and elastic to DIY a more secure, permanent and functioning one. **Update I purchased a frog closure (google it) sewed it on and it looks great, better yet it looks authentic from movie. Based on REVIEWS, I bought the child size large for a 5 foot, 120 pound upper body heavy tween. It fits but I would have preferred an XL for more "bagginess" through the tummy and shoulders and room to grow, unfortunately no time to return, and it will do. Length is just between mid calf and ankle on her, hopefully allowing her to wear it to school all day without getting tripped up. My thinner proportioned 18 year old, 5'3" & 140 pounds, the Child Large fits perfectly in the shoulders and stomach, just a bit short hitting mid calf area in length. Low rating because the price is in my opinion high for the product quality. With a little ingenuity it can be improved to be a permanent reusable addition to our costume/Halloween box.

- dalary_wilson

I never write reviews but really had to comment on this one - it is so bad. Material is horrible and it was not stitched together properly at all.
The service was fine - it arrived in time, but the product is below all expectations.

- lorelei_morris

The robe is OK. Not sure what's up with the purple when Gryffindor colours are red and gold. The clasp to close it is total garbage. No way my 8-year-old can fasten it himself, plus the first time I dropped it, one of the black buttons snapped off. You really have to put in a special effort to make something THAT cheap and junky.

- amaris_reyes

Muy mala calidad por el precio. Si costara la mitad seria aceptable pero por el precio que se paga es una total decepcion. No la recomiendo. Malos acabados y costuras. Una manga mas larga que otra. La gorra parece de pitufo o duende.
No la devuelvo pues fue un pedido de urgencia para un desfile de disfraces en la escuela de mis hijos. Las dos estrellas es por la entrega rapida que realizo Amazon, el producto como tal se lleva cero estrellas. No tiren su dinero en este producto.

- shawn_gray

The robe is okay, seems cheaply made but no surprise given it's a child's costume. I had hoped for a bit better given the price. The buckle/clasp to hold the robe together is terrible. Expect it to break just looking at it. Ours broke on first use/try on. Fortunately, some super and hot glue seems to be holding it together for now.

- zariyah_lewis

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