Red Dawn (2012)

Red Dawn (2012)

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I was expecting great things, it was funny how they stayed true to the original with many of the lines, but completely white washed over where the original writer pointed out how keeping records on gun owners was a bad idea, anti bill of rights hollywood is going to anti bill of rights I guess, also waaay too much CGI

From the original, left out of the [bad] remake:

KGB Major: "Do you want to see me?"
Colonel Bella: "Yes ... yes. Go to the sporting goods store. From the files obtain forms 4473. These will contain descriptions of weapons, and lists of private ownership.:

- lea_rodriguez

It was fairly well done from a somewhat different perspective than the original, different location, different invaders, a more urban environment, same character names but different life experiences -- the rebel leader was an active-duty Marine home on leave, for example, instead of a high school senior. I enjoyed it, though there are a few glitches in the storyline, things happening without explanation, some things happening with explanations that didn't make sense. I didn't feel it was a cohesive as the original, but it wasn't entirely falling apart, either. One problem I had was that the North Korean invaders were vicious, as they would be expected to be, but not very aggressive in their pursuit of the rebels. One scene had them hiding out in a forest ditch while the NOKO captain and a few soldiers stood nearby with a bullhorn having the rebel family members talk to them with the bullhorn. I found that unrealistic; if the NOKO captain thought the rebels were within range of the bullhorn he would have had a squad or two of troops establish a perimeter around them and close in. But the movie seemed to have a lot more action than the original, and the action was believable.

- barrett_king

The original red dawn is cheesy but holy man, this movie was terrible. Its awesome in concept. The U.S. gets invaded by some baddies. And it goes from there with a ragtag band of dorks. That one kid though with the blonde girl friend ruined the whole movie. Everywhere he goes he screws his team over. Poor acting all around. Even worse story than the original. This movie was a cash grab mess. dont waste your time unless you just want to indulge the 'merica fantasy, I did and not ashamed to admit it. One star though, coulda done better.

- carlee_patel

I have always said that I like the orignal movies best. But after watching this remake I have changed my mind. This movie makes the orignal down right boring. This has a lot of action and will jerk at your heart strings at time. But it is a movie well worth watching. I rented it but after watching it just once I bought in right away. This is the kind of movie that I can watch several times a week. It is that good. Highly recommend it

- annalee_martin

A remake of the original film. with a few faults one fault is, it's very dark and you loose your bearing and you really can't see who is shot and killed and where the shooting is coming from it's just way to dark mainly towards the end. It misses the mark as remakes often do. They had a chance to make a great movie but they missed the mark. Not that it's bad but the original is that much better. I love remakes that are done right. It shares some similarities but there are many changes, some good some not so good. There are a few things I found with the script that are far fetched but the actors did a great job despite the at times a crappy script. The film failed to keep my attention and even lost my interest at times I could care less if I saw it or not. That what makes it disappointing to me as I had high hopes for this film because I am such a fan of the original movie. If you like the original; you kinda want to see this movie if not I'd pass on it. A waste in Blu ray, it looks good but ot wont help this film it's still just OK.

- parker_hughes

Terrible move terribly made... Insults the original version staring Patrick Swayze. North Korea can't even make a fighter jet but we are expected to believe they can conquer the US? Yea right! Whoever wrote this was a moron. Save you money, buy or rent the original version. Its much better made with much better actors across the board. This version is garbage.

- jairo_watson

This is a great remake. I will warn that the packaging says digital copy but it doesn't come with the digital redemption code to get it on iTunes or Vudu. Amazon is getting very bad about their descriptions on shows, this is the second time I have had this happen in the last month and these item description errors have yielded a loss of more than $25 to get what I thought (based on the item description provided by Amazon) I had purchased for Christmas gifts for my family! I have purchased two films in the last few months and was either shorted a DVD copy listed in the description or the digital codes/copy advertised!

- isabelle_alvarez

I heard a lot of bad reviews on this movie, but this review is not one of them. As I did like the movie, even though it is a remake, and it is obvious that the over all story does put forth an effort to stick to the over all concept and story of the original movie. But it is also obvious that this is a retelling of the same story, which goes it's own way with the over all story. And I think that hurts it for everyone who saw the original Red Dawn that was released back in the 1980's. As I do have my problems with the movie, as someone who did see the Original Red Dawn back in the 1980's. Yet I also like the actors, and the job they did portraying the characters in the movie. I also like that it is told differently, in an attempt to retell an old story and think the director did a fine job with the over all movie. But it will never be the "RED DAWN". But it is a good movie for an updated version of the Original movie.

- howard_foster

Good movie

- pierce_perez

a good update on the original, lets hope I never happens for real

- danica_cooper

Not the best chris hemsworth movie

- ramona_castillo

Wasn`t to sure about this being a remake? i prefered patrick swayze film about it. so i rented it first from local dvd shop (blockbusters).

watched on my own and then watched it with my wife and i give the makers credit, i liked it just as good as p.swayze`s version.

- amia_roberts

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