Python for Data Science: A Crash Course for Data Science and Analysis, Python Machine Learning and Big Data

Python for Data Science: A Crash Course for Data Science and Analysis, Python Machine Learning and Big Data

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By: Computer Science Academy

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If you are looking to master the fundamental concepts of Data Science driven by the Python programming language to develop a solid understanding of all the latest cutting edge technologies, then this is just that one comprehensive book you have been waiting for. This book is carefully written to help you master the core concepts of Python programming and utilize your coding skills to analyze a large volume of data and uncover valuable information that can otherwise be easily lost in such volume even if you have never learned any programming languages before. Python has been designed primarily to emphasize readability of the programming code and its syntax will enable you to convey ideas using fewer lines of code.

If you are looking to learn how to write effective and efficient codes in Python and master this extremely intuitive and flexible programming language that can be used for a variety of coding projects including machine learning algorithms, web applications, data mining and visualization, game development. Then this is just the book that you need. Some of the highlights of this book include:

  • The five major stages of the TDSP lifecycle that outline the interactive steps required for project execution along with the deliverables created at each stage.

  • Installation instructions for Python so you can download and install Python on your operating system and get hands-on coding experience.

  • Python coding concepts such as data types, classes, and objects variables, numbers, constructor functions, Booleans and much more.

  • Learn the functioning of various data science libraries like Scikit-Learn, which has evolved as the gold standard for machine learning and data analysis.

  • Deep dive into the Matplotlib library, which offers visualization tools and science computing modules supported by SciPy and learn how to create various graphs using Matplotlib and Pandas library.  

  • Learn how machine learning allows analysis of large volumes of data and delivers faster and more accurate results.

  • Overview of four different machine learning algorithms that can be used to cater to the available data set and create a desired machine learning model.

  • Learn how companies are able to employ a predictive analytics model to gain an understanding of customer interactions with their products or services based on customer’s feelings or emotions shared on the social media platforms.  

Every concept in this book is explained with examples and exercises so you can learn and test your learning at the same time. There are a variety of real life examples of the application of machine learning technology that has been provided to help you understand the importance of all the cutting edge technologies in shaping our world today. Remember, knowledge is power, and with the great power you will gather from this book, you will be armed to make sound personal and professional technological choices. Your Python programming skillset will improve drastically, and you will be poised to develop your very own machine learning model in no time.

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