Playskool Heroes Marvel Super Hero Adventures The Power Up Squad

Playskool Heroes Marvel Super Hero Adventures The Power Up Squad

Posted by jack_miller | Published 9 months ago

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These were (obviously) a gift. They were a hit until he (4yrs old) started playing with them & the arms wouldn’t stay on. Not sure why they were designed to come off in the first place. He couldn’t get them to stay on at all & was pretty frustrated. It wasn’t fun for him to keep asking me to put the arms back on every few seconds. I tried to make it fun by mixing up the arms & bodies, which got a few laughs, but nothing could make up for the fact that the arms were constantly falling off.

- lyanna_edwards

I bought this for my superhero obsessed 4 yr old, to add to his mini superhero collection. He loved it, especially the hulk (with a push of a button his hulk smash hand flys off). I was a little disappointed that not all of the characters do something special, with how big their featured hands all I figured they'd all shoot something but they don't. My only complaint is that the arms easily come off, they are one piece that pops into the back. I could easily put it back together, but my 4 yr old can't and that gets annoying cuz he is so rough. I will try to remember to take/upload a picture.

- otto_cox

My son was so excited to find a set with Thanos! But when they arrived, we realized the arms come off and also are stuck in one position. He was so disappointed. Hoping they come out with another set. Returning this one.

- javier_walker

Our 4 y/o son has most of the Avengers but really wanted a Black Widow figure and this was the most economical option with a couple new bad guys to boot. The toys themselves are pretty cheap quality. Our Thanos's mold is pretty sloppy with lines in the plastic on the head that our son pointed out. Also would have been cool if they all had projectiles and not just Hulk but overall it was a pretty good buy.

- ezekiel_brooks

This might even be a 3 1/2 star. The product is great except the arms. They are removable - WHY?!? What could that possible help. The big item don’t come off - WHY?!?

- brooks_brown

Got these as a Christmas present for my 3 yr old nephew who is obsessed with super heroes. Of all the gifts this is the one he plays with the most! They are perfectly sized for toddlers and young kids and faves are not distorted as they are in some of the other smaller figurines. I would completely recommend this particular one because some of the characters have abilities to shoot pieces

- lilian_ruiz

My son hates these because the removable arms fall off and are too easy to lose. These are terrible.

- enoch_stewart

Grandson plays with these every time he comes over. He loves to change the arms on the action figures to mix them up a little. Watching his imagination grow while he plays with these is amazing.

- royce_cook

A mi hijo le gusta coleccionar Squads y Hero Adventures pero se ha decepcionado ultimamente por que muchas figuras tienen las armas pegadas a los brazos o son modelos que los brazos son una sola pieza y se caen facilmente por la espalda

- thiago_thomas

Mes fils les adores super belles petites figurines de super héros en plus avec les bras amovible les enfants peuvent s'amuser a créer leur propre personnage

- caden_thompson

The playskool toys are always kid resistant and will take alot of abuse to break. My son has alot of the on his shelf and plays with them everyday!

- maxim_morgan

Work great, the extra arm baggage makes it hard to fit in exisitng vehicles etc though

- everleigh_gray

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