PHP for Beginners: Your Guide to Easily Learn PHP In 7 Days

PHP for Beginners: Your Guide to Easily Learn PHP In 7 Days

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Are You Ready To Learn PHP Easily?

This book contains the steps, strategies, and concepts you need to learn PHP – an extremely popular scripting language designed primarily for web development. This training material was conceptualized and developed to help beginners of diverse backgrounds to master the powerful features of PHP and effectively learn the skills they need to launch their own PHP website in as fast as one day.

Web development enthusiasts, absolute beginners, and self-learners will find this book a practical, enjoyable, and reliable resource for learning the hottest and most efficient server side scripting language which is a general purpose programming language at the same time. Whether you want to launch a lucrative career in web development or you simply want to put up your own interactive website, this training offers a straightforward, fast, and inexpensive way to start.

This visual-aided instructional book provides a thorough step-by-step guide to help you optimize the available tools and connectivity features. It presents the precise steps from the beginning to the end goal of launching your very own website the PHP way.

PHP is widely known for its simplicity, security, efficiency, familiarity, and flexibility which make it a must-learn language for web developers and website owners. PHP is used to handle forms, set cookies and access cookies variables, restrict users’ access to specific areas in your web pages, and encrypt data. You can use it to add, delete, or edit, and manage database elements in your website. It can perform system function such as creating, opening, reading, writing, and closing system files. It is used to develop GUI applications.

The book “PHP for Beginners: Your Guide To Easily Learn PHP Programming in 7 Days” provides a comprehensive and practical training to help you optimize the many useful features of this easy-to-learn scripting language.
Before you can begin to study PHP, you have to set up the environment for developing programs and writing scripts in PHP. The book offers a step-by-step guide to help you prepare your computer for PHP. You can use this environment for developing, testing, and eventually, launching your own website. This set up comes at no additional cost because it uses open source applications that are as powerful and as popular as their commercial counterparts.
The book will help you acquire the skills you will need to fully utilize PHP’s capabilities and built-in features. It provides the ultimate resources you need to build interactive web pages with dynamic content using clear and tested examples.
This resource material provides both basic and advanced training in PHP programming.
You will learn the essential information you need to be an efficient and effective PHP programmer. It discusses PHP syntax and coding standards at length to help you avoid the common and often costly mistakes that beginners make.

Here Is What You'll Learn After Downloading This PHP Book:

✓ Introduction
Chapter 2: PHP sythax
Chapter 3: variables and data types
Chapter 4: constants
Chapter 5: displaying output
Chapter 6: operators
Chapter 7: PHP coding standards
Chapter 8: decision making
Chapter 9: loop control
Chapter 10: arrays
Chapter 11: strings
Chapter 12: predefined variables
Vhapter 13: sending data to the server
Chapter 14: including and evaluating files
Chapter 15: files and directories
Chapter 16: uploading files to server
Chapter 17: PHP file download
Chapter 18: PHP cookies
Chapter 19: PHP sessions
Chapter 20: sending emails
Chapter 21: PHP form handling
Chapter 22: PHP form validation
Chapter 23: error handling
Chapter 24: debbuging
Chapter 25: object oriented programming
Chapter 26: date and time
Chapter 27: PHP MYSQL

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