Marvel Studios Cinematic Collection Phase 1 [Blu-ray]

Marvel Studios Cinematic Collection Phase 1 [Blu-ray]

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BLU RAY DISCS WORK IN US (read more below)

To all of you Marvel fans out there looking at this collection who are worried about the regional locks on this product, I have potentially good news for you. I’ve been looking for a collection like this for years. Every time I would see collections like these, they were either extremely overpriced or regional locked to somewhere like the UK. The earlier reviews on this collection make it seem like these movies are regional locked and I would like to clear things up a bit…

I finally got tired of waiting an obvious U.S. collection and purchased both the phase 1 collection and phase 2 collection in BLU RAY (I’ll say that part again… I bought the BLU RAY version of the collections) and they work fine on Blu Ray players in the United States. I have tested these movies on a PS4 and on a normal LG Blu Ray player and they play perfectly fine.

Now, while I cannot personally vouch for the DVD’s, from everything I’ve read above, it appears that the DVD’S ARE REGIONAL LOCKED TO THE UK. I’m sorry for those of you looking for the DVD collection; however, for any of you fellow nerds out there craving either the MCU Phase 1 or Phase 2 movies in Blu Ray, these collections are perfect for you.

As an added perk to owning all of the Phase 1 and Phase 2 movies, I would also add that I really enjoy the packaging these collections come in. I’ve purchased several collections over the years (from star wars, to Indiana Jones, to Harry Potter, to the Extended LOTR movies) and this is, by far, one of my favorite collections in regards to how they organize the movies. It’s a simple stack of clear, page-like, plastic blu ray slots for each movie. No crappy/fancy cardboard sleeves you have to pull out to get to each of your movies…

I hope this review helps some fellow nerd out there!

(one more time… The BLU RAY collection works in the US… The DVD’s do NOT work in the US)

- rhett_richardson

The packaging is beautiful. It's cardboard, but doesn't feel flimsy or cheap. The art cards and the movie posters are awesome. I bought Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3 pt 1. I can't wait to buy Phase 3 pt 2 after Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame are released. Although I already own all of the movies individually, the collector's items included in these box sets and the beautifully designed box art make these a worthwhile purchase. These are must haves for a collector like me.

*Also, as someone in the US, I kinda dig that The Avengers is called Avengers Assemble in this because it's from the UK. Everything from the mini poster, art, and packaging to the title card in the movie call it Avengers Assemble. I like it. 😊

- abril_patel

Great package and good pricing. I also added the audio/sub formats info. All movies in DTS.

- megan_foster

Movie Hunt
If you are an action movie lover, then this is the product for you. Marvel movies are action filled, with a vast storyline to go along with it. Dating back to 2008, almost every year Marvel Cinematic Universe has come out with films based on superheroes that were based on the characters in Marvel Comics. Marvel has produced and released 20 films to date, with 11 more in the stages of production. If you are someone who enjoys the Marvel movies and is a huge fan of movie marathons, then this is the perfect product for you. Finding a product that including all of the films in the series, for a lesser amount of money was difficult, but seeing this product on Amazon was an incredible relief and end of the search.

About the Bundle
There are currently three movie bundles available for purchase on Amazon. They are all separate, and the cost of them is excellent. Each movie individually is roughly $20 each, and that tends to add up if you were to buy every single film. The bundles each include six or seven discs, and they cost less as a bundle than individually. Each package is a different phase of the movie series. They organized the bundles in a way that is easy to access and use each movie. The packaging is beautiful and is made of cardboard. The package includes posters and art cards that the real fans can hang up around their place. Buying all three bundles is well worth the money spent. After looking for different collections of the Marvel series, the bundle here is the best one found. Collectors will love the design of the box art for each phase. After Captain Marvel and Avengers: End Game are released, they will release Phase 3, part 2, and it will be purchased as well.

Why Buy
Buying these bundles packs of the Marvel movies was a significant investment. You get 20 or so movies, art decals, posters, and a great box display for a great price. The Blu-ray discs work well in the United States, where others have expressed their problems with it. Works on the PS4 or Xbox One X with no problem. Amazon is excellent with their packaging and shipping, ordered the products and received them within two days with Amazon Prime. They organize the movies well in the bundle, with slots for each film, that you can place within them to keep them organized and in the case when you are not using them.

Overall, this bundle is the best choice financially and for those who are collectors of movies. The packaging is beautiful and organized, with many positives including the add-ons of posters and decals. The Collector's Edition includes six-plus discs in each phase, for a lesser price of all of them individually, and you get to keep them organized in the beautifully designed case. Each movie includes all of the bonus features, as well as a bonus disc which includes deleted scenes and Phil Coulson's introductions to each film. If you are a Marvel fan, this is the collector's edition for you.

- romeo_edwards

I've been a Marvel fan since the 1960s. This set is fantastic. You get 6 Marvel movies for around $10 apiece! Yes, the BluRay discs work in the US. I watched them on my Xbox One.

- darius_jimenez

We were moving so a little late and opening and trying. We have missed the return window. Now we are stuck with an expensive box set , that we actually wanted, but does not work. Bought all the phases, not one works. Beware.

- miles_martinez

Great product! Blu-Ray worked here in the US. Purchased Phase 2 because we were impressed with the quality. Great, efficient packaging, speedy shipping. Only issue (if you can even call it that) is that the posters are folding into quarters, which would make hanging them look low quality. But would definitely recommend! I have read that the DVDs are not able to be viewed in the US but the Blu-rays worked fine!

- selene_taylor

Not formatted for the U.S.

- ray_rogers

The films themselves are what they are, I can't tell you anything you don't already know about them. The box set itself, though, isn't great. The outer casing is purely aesthetic and provides about as much protection for the goods inside as a sheet of toilet paper. Attached to this review are pictures of the item's condition upon arrival.

The replacement (not pictured) faired better, but is not without deformities of its own. One corner of the box is noticeably creased and bent inwards; whilst on the inside there is the smallest chip in the same corner of the first plastic disc holder, although I doubt I would have ever spotted it had I not been looking for more damage.

I've been debating ordering a second replacement but I'll probably stick with what I've got. I doubt there's much chance of a box this weak surviving transit completely unscathed, and what I have now is probably the best I could hope for.

I like the little posters though.

- katherine_jones

Fantastic box set. This set includes the Phase One release of the MCU movies. Some of the reviewers have said the the box is a poor design, I would have to disagree. The box is sturdy and the wallet inside with the dvds in is well made. The only thing that may get damaged easily is the wrap that everything sits in.

Love the A4 posters of the films and these will be going on the wall. The postcards are also I nice feature and are good quality.

- malia_anderson

The movies speak for themselves. These collections are priced just about right and I have bought them all.

- lillianna_bailey

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