Live 1961-2000

Live 1961-2000

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By: Dylan, Bob

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This is really for someone wanting to sample Dylan. Although some of the latter tracks came out pretty good i'm talking about late 90s recordings like Dignity and Things have Changed...the very early recordings are good...they're all good but you want more...i'd love to have a full 1965 acoustic concert or a 1966 1/2 acoustic 1/2 electric concert...or another complete 1975 show instead of just 1 song from I said a true sample...then there was the 1st attempt at an unplugged show better known as the supper club recordings and they have 1-2 songs from that you wish there was a complete show to have on a very good sample but it'll leave you wanting so much more...I can't say you shouldn't get this but it'll just leave you do get a rather extensive booklet with the recommendation is get it if it's reasonable and if it's a crazy amount pass it up I don't really see this as a great collector's piece or something really great to have.

- yara_gray

Classic Dylan!

- joel_kim

I thought this was a DVD, at this price . But it is a collection of rare songs done on a CD. A few are new to me so it is a prize.

DYLAN Forever . Everything changes...
This is very Good for collectors. I enjoyed this rare CD collection. Sounds good to my ears.

- emmanuel_turner

Ordered this CD on a Saturday and received it the following Monday. It was exactly as described, like new condition. It's fantastic. The booklet is amazing. I am very satisfied. This is a must for any Dylan fan. The sound quality is phenomenal!

- pearl_phillips

So, there are a few great things on here: Grand Coulee Dam (Dylan at the very crest--just listen to the singing on the line "She comes OFF the Canadian Rockies, where the crystal waters glide..."), Somebody Touched Me (in Dylan's current touring, what makes the music really great is the fantastic bluegrass/country style of the backup musicians), Handsome Molly (a very pretty, though a bit innocuous, bit of very early Dylan). Wade in the Water is also, I suppose, very good, though I find his grisled old bluesman voice from the pre-Freewheelin' days pretty affected. The rest is the typical hit and miss of Dylan concerts, with emphasis on "miss": Dylan's sound is generally an intimate one, even when he's doing rock (She's Your Lover Now, Tangled Up In Blue) and, in my opinion, it does not lend itself to the necessarily ham-fisted approach of big-scale concerts. Still, there are concerts where the sheer might of his performance (and the vitality of the then-new songs) triumphed, as heard in the Bootleg 4 "Live '66" album. Also, a live performance which is essentially a studio set-up (MTV Unplugged) can yield good results. But these concerts have already been released, as have some decidedly mediocre and poor Dylan performances (Budokon, the Dead). Why, if Sony was going to do a live album, couldn't they have dug into the vaults just a little deeper? A lot of great stuff is floating around on bootlegs--bootlegs so widespread and well-known that they're catalogued in books--why not reward our shelling out so much cash with a few of these...

- judah_miller

In a way this material seems like it was all thrown together, but collectors are going to want to get it for the unreleased material that's been salted into it. "Wade in the Water" from 1961," gives us kind of a bluesy Mr. D. "Handsome Molly" recorded at the Gaslight a year later gives us a folksy Bob. "To Ramona" from the "Don't Look Back" film is a nice version, but maybe they could have left off the horrible "Dead Man, Dead Man" recorded in New Orleans in 1981. The stuff from the "Never Ending Tour," is nothing short of outstanding. This CD is worth everyone of those five stars even with that one stinker on it.

- beckett_sanchez

This album has some great live performances by the nr 1 of the 20th century."Somebody Touched Me"(2000)the first song shows that Dylan can still perform.There are several songs that is worth while."Grand Coulee Dam" (1968} has never been released on a Dylan album,a great song, with Dylan's voice in a good shape.I have allready own the version "It Ain't Me Babe"(1975) but it still gives me THAT feeling."Dead Man"(1981) one to remember,it has everything that Dylan had in those years."Could Irons Bound"(1997) is just as good as his album "Time Out Of Mind" from that time."Born In Time"(1998)is strong and you can hear Dylan is really putting his skills in this one.All the songs i reviewed have never been released.That's why every Dylan fan should have this Live Album.It will put a smile on your face !

- elias_cox

We could have done better by Sony with this one. There are many fine live tracks here - and, granted, most of these performances are unavailable elsewhere (at least in "official" releases). As a serious-but-not-fanatical Dylan fan, I swallowed hard at the purchase price, took the leap, and have ended up enjoying the album greatly from start to finish.

BUT: not only are there several already-released cuts on the album, but Sony saw fit to only give us one CDs-worth of material. Even though this is an import, it's still awfully stingy of Sony not to give us more material - and more rare or previously-unreleased material - given the very hefty price tag of this item.

There are many, many albums out there by Dylan and others that provide more music and better music for 1/3 or even 1/4 of the cost of this album! So, unless you're a serious Dylan fan, I recommend passing this one over and instead buying two to four other Dylan albums with the money you would have spent on this live import... You'll probably also have enough left to buy a six pack of some fine import - which you can savor while listening to all the great music you just bought! On the other hand, if you ARE a serious Dylan fan, this album is certainly worth your consideration despite its steep price: every performance here is a strong one, most of the material is rare/previously-unreleased, and of the previously-released material there some cuts that were the only gems in otherwise lackluster albums.

- cassidy_clark

初期のソロ・コンサート(未発表3曲)、ホークス(のちのザ・バンド)とのワールド・ツアー(『ロイヤル・アルバート・ホール』より1曲、)、事故後のステージ出演(レア1曲)、ザ・バンドをバックにした全米ツアー(『偉大なる復活』より1曲)、ローリング・サンダー・レビュー・ツアー(のちに『ローリング・サンダー・レビュー』にも収録される1曲、『激しい雨』から1曲)、ゴスペル・ツアー(レア1曲)、グレイトフル・デッド・ツアー(『ディラン&ザ・デッド』より1曲)、ネヴァー・エンディング・ツアー(未発表3曲、『MTVアンプラグド』から1曲、日本独自編集のミニ・アルバム『Dylan Alive』vol.1,2より各1曲計2曲)をフォローした日本独自編集のライヴ・コンピレーション・アルバムです。

- jennifer_martinez


それでもこのアルバムを特別な存在としているのは本作でしか聴けない演奏が多いこと。M1、2、3、4、15、16は本作でしか聴けず、M6、8、10、13、14はディランのアルバムでは聴けない。M6は「トリビュート・トゥ・ウディ・ガスリー」からの選曲だが、このアルバムは廃盤(のはず)。M8は映画レナルド&クララからの選曲で、「ブートレグ第5集」所収のものと異なる(ほとんど同じだが)。M10はカセット・シングルのB面、M13、14はミニ・アルバム「LOVE SICK DYLAN ALIVE」所収のもの。M14が本作で1番好きだが、それは上記ミニ・アルバムでも聴けるわけだ。


- grace_lee


- jaxon_baker

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