Life Leverage: How to Get More Done in Less Time, Outsource Everything & Create Your Ideal Mobile Lifestyle

Life Leverage: How to Get More Done in Less Time, Outsource Everything & Create Your Ideal Mobile Lifestyle

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By: Rob Moore, Peter Baker, et al.

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The Life Leverage philosophy is a way of living your life to get more done in less time, outsource everything and create your ideal mobile lifestyle. It is a way of thinking, feeling, deciding, doing, and then getting the results and feedback accordingly to build momentum and get closer to your vision and legacy.

Life Leverage doesn't end with sitting on a beach drinking pina coladas, or retirement, or freedom, or balance. It allows you to live that moment-to-moment, or whatever that end goal is to you, now, and not rear-loaded, merging your passion with your profession and your vocation with your vacation.

The Life Leverage philosophy is living a fulfilled and inspired life, in balance of passion and profession, without overly sacrificing either. The Life Leverage philosophy doesn't understand work/life balance or separation; it merges every aspect into one inspired life.

The Life Leverage philosophy understands and accepts the balance of ups and downs, happiness and sadness, and moves towards its vision and legacy, constantly tweaking and accepting feedback. It disdains duplication and wastage; getting maximum leverage and maximum time preservation with minimum time erosion and wastage. It doesn't rear-load retirement, instead it lives continual mini-retirements.

Gives also practical hints that you can implement straight, good as step by step guide to free yourself from everyday frustrating tasks.

- aiden_taylor

"Life Leverage" is not just about how the riches got rich, but also about how to achieve work-life balance by increasing your work efficiency.
I think the concept of this book also can expand to other aspects of your daily life. For example, should you mow your lawn yourself, should you teach your kids on weekend yourself, should you paint your house yourself, or should you hire someone?
The book is written concisely so you may finish it in a couple of hours. However, it carries such a powerful message that will change your life.

- christopher_nguyen

I have followed Rob for a while now and have to say his book here is a huge step up. I have found that his main statements to be clear, precise and the ability of him to urge action is fantastic. It makes you want to go out and find deals almost straight away. I like how the book doesn't drag the reader into 'come to my seminar' as much as the previous ones. Well worth a read. I have started leveraging my business now and have had amazing results.

- ridge_wright

I have read life leverage by Rob Moore and find the book highly educative and informative. The book is highly recommended for entreprenuers that want to get hands free on their business
I give it a five star review
Harold Okagbare

- elliana_lewis

Rob explains the methods with the right mindset, to have a more balanced and organized work and family life.

He inspires, and empowers, the reader with strategies and systems in place, so that you can create,a simple lifestyle, to have more freedom, to have a more enjoyable lifestyle.

- jocelyn_morales

Who would have thought a "failed" artist could write a book like this and come up with a wealth formula - absolutely fantastic - well worth the read.

- ismael_price

AMAZING READ ROB!!! Thanks... Just brought ALL your others! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! 5*****
@AG_Properties @robandmark

- ada_lee

I read this book and found it awesome , interesting and full of wisdom and thought provoking . It is an inspiration to anyone who want to succeed in running their business

- maximo_ramos

I was expecting more of a business and time management strategy guide, this is more of a collection of BASIC concepts and a in-text self advertisment of the author.

The basic concepts are okay, but they can be summed up in 3 lines each. There was no need to WASTE TIME extending the book with unnecessary anecdotes (it is a massive irony that this book is about managing time).

- emerie_williams

Well written - great advice! Brilliant!

- colton_cooper

This is a fantastic book that has enabled me to reduce my working hours from 70 to 50 in one month!!

- tristian_adams

This book has really changed my thinking in terms of placing a higher value on my time. Merging my profession and passion is something I've been trying to do and this book gave me more clarity. I love Robs writing style too, straight to the point.

- leanna_adams

Loved the fact that this book can apply to personal life and business. I have certainly taken note and highlighted tons that will benefit me and intend to refer to the book through my journey. Done hesitate buy this book NOW!

- mustafa_jones

I thot this book was a great read and I wil be reading it a few times to get the best out of it

- armani_murphy

Another excellent Rob Moore book. Although known for his success in property, Rob has spent a huge amounts of money and more importantly (as the book will demonstrate) time in learning to be a master of self development and leveraging every possible task out of life.

There is information which has appeared in other books as has been mentioned in another comment, though this is a much more accessible text.

He has (as always) put lots more value than you'd expect so leverage his knowledge, buy the book and free up your life to spend on activitoes you want.

- castiel_patel

I just love reading these type of books, there is always something new that you can learn. Rob has packed a lot of very helpful, practical and usable tips in this book, Life Leverage, not time leverage. The style of delivery is very much Rob’s style and is very easy to relate to. Anybody who reads this book will definitely profit from it, I thoroughly recommend it!

- marc_bennet

I can highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to scale up and do more of the things they love.

- aliya_perez

This is the second of Rob's books I have read and they do a good job of compiling common sense approaches to grow financial worth and reconcile this with other aspects of life.

It is relevant in the sense that it covers finance in the internet age and beyond and as such I would recommend it.

BUT there are several things I would take issue with not least the level of planning and personal responsibility the author suggests you can dispense with. Although he paints an idealistic picture of his own wealth I am not so convinced. The concept of outsourcing everything less than you are capable of earning seems foolish given that this assumes you have a plentiful supply of potential work to be doing!

I would also add that large sections of the book appear in his other work almost word for word. Fine to overlap ideas for continuity but some of this is plain lazy.

I don't get the ranking at all nowhere near 5 stars for me.

- jaylah_moore

If you ever wanted advice on managing your efforts for best results in business then this is for you.

- allan_peterson

Great tips in this book that you can use

- beckett_sanchez

I've just finished reading this book and it is amazing. I will continue this review in a couple of years... Hopefully I will have some results to report! ;)

- myles_lopez

This book will change the way you approach life enabling you to free up time to focus on the things and people that are most important to you. As a business owner it taught me that I had been restricting growth of my company by not delegating and outsourcing. It has revolutionised my business and personal life in such a positive way. I can highly recomend it.

- kiara_turner

Read this book after listening to his latest book money.

Anyone who's interested in succeeding in business and life. Read this book (and Money).

At 45 I've completely changed my mindset and am richer both financially and in life.

Definitely a must read.

- vance_nguyen

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