LEGO Harry Potter Hagrid's Hut 4738

LEGO Harry Potter Hagrid's Hut 4738

Posted by jack_miller | Published 8 months ago

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This was a Christmas gift for my niece, who REALLY wanted Harry Potter Legos. I found out real quick the Harry Potter series isn't available at any local stores. So I turned to Amazon, and I got what I wanted.

However, it was clear when it arrived that this was picked up from the bottom of a scrap heap. The box was in really bad shape, with a very noticeable tear on the left and the cardboard was old and flimsy - very different from the boxes found inside a toy store. I didn't open the box for obvious reasons (wanted my niece to enjoy opening this gift), but I couldn't help wondering if this was missing pieces.

My niece is only 8, and although I asked her to let me know if there are any missing pieces, she's not the one to complain so I do not expect to know for sure.

With that said, I was grateful to even have this hard-to-find item, so despite what my initial feelings were, I am satisfied with the end result. I choose to believe the vendor went out of their way to send me the one and only box they had - even though it wasn't the prettiest thing in the world. Therefore I would use them again, particularly since they shipped to me on time.

- emmaline_myers

My fiancee never played with Legos when she was a kid. She is always listening to me and my brother talk about the great times we had putting together the first lego castle or the times we explored space with the space lego sets.

A couple of months ago i was able to find a Lego Star Wars set and she went crazy putting it together, so I decided for her birthday I would give her one that was in line with things she likes. Harry Potter came to mind.

This is a perfect set. The Hut is pretty well built, with lots of details, including light lego pieces for the cook fire. I wouldnt say that the hut is very big, but it is a nice set, of a very decent size she can display at her desk.

It includes Harry, Ron, Hermione and Hagrid, which is the core set of the Harry Potter gang, which I think is a plus from this set.

It turns out her kid loved it as well, so they have taken it apart and rebuilt it several times playing with it.

I think Legos are a timeless toy, that can enthrall children and adults all the same. This set is exactly as described, and a nice gift to any lego lover.

The only downside is that a hut doesnt deliver the kind of action a plane, a car or a spaceship can deliver, so for some boys and girls, so this hut this might seem like not as enjoyable. But this is Harry Potter in the end.

- marc_bennet

This was purchased for two boys, 4 and 6. That is pretty young for this set but, it was Christmas and they wanted it. I am so glad they got it. Adults did help with the initial set up as there are some tricky pieces to get together, the amazing thing is that it actually stays together. My boys USE this. It has been dropped, carried up and down stairs and battled Star Wars ships. The structure really stays together for use. The only things that keeps coming off are the roof panels. They are on hinges so it can be closed or open to play in, they fall off often, but do not destroy the integrity of the hut. The boys favorite features are the HUGE spider as well as the little ones, it comes with 4 guys, which is great and, it has a ton of little things for detail ie. owl, potions, lantern.

This is a great value and can be played with regularly after the initial build.

- juelz_ramos

Easily the best Harry Potter LEGO set for the money. I could give you a long-winded review about all the reasons my daughter loves this set but I'll save you the time and trouble and narrow it to a few bullets:

-DETAILS! What this set lacks in size and height, it more than makes up in details. Similarly priced Hogawarts set 4867 will give you more bulk, but less details if that's what you're looking for.

-MINIFIGS! Seriously, if your kid was going to ask you for 3 Harry Potter Minifigs, which 3 do you think she'd ask for? Yeah, I thought so. And this set doesn't disappoint with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Toss in Hagrid and Aragog and you have a happy LEGO kid.

-PRICE, we own most of the Harry Potter LEGO sets, trust me, you aren't going to get more for less than $50. It ain't gonna happen.

- lilith_price

I bought this for my son who is 8 and the box states that is for ages 7-14. Yeah, it's more for the age of 14. I ended up putting this together because it's a lot of steps, and yes that's half the joy of lego's is putting it together, but for him it was just to overwhelming. So At first we did team work, but by the time it came to put the roof on he was done. It does come with the mini-figures with hair which is coveted in my house. But once it was put together it looks just like the photo on the box and it has hinges so you can open it up and play with it, and the roof even flips open! It's really neat!

- iliana_rodriguez

I must admit that I never had an interest in Lego's as a child but then I discovered Harry Potter and a whole new world opened up to me. I just completed my first set, Hagrid's Hut, and enjoyed the experience immensely. I enjoy Lego's for the aesthetic value and feeling of accomplishment rather than as a "toy". I'm hoping that my enthusiasm for Harry Potter and Lego's will rub off on my grandchildren. I have two more sets waiting in the wings....The Burrows and Hogwarts Castle and can hardly wait to get started. Hagrid's Hut is great! Are there any other nearly senior citizens out there who feel the same as I do?

- camden_mitchell

I bought this for my son's sixth birthday. He loves it. He needed help putting it together, but I expected that. My eleven-year-old daughter helped him & she likes it almost as much as he does. Even my seventeen-year-old daughter likes it. She's always been a Harry Potter fan and thinks all the characters and accessories in this set are neat. Even I like it. We're all impressed that the fireplace lights up.
After his birthday, we started watching the HP movies again and it's exciting to see the sections that relate to this set.

The only con I can think of is that the bricks will fall apart with rough play, but that's to be expected with all lego sets.

Overall, a great toy and well worth the money (I paid 34.00 total).

- cohen_anderson

This set was the latest addition to my growing collection of Harry Potter Lego. I am trying to convince myself that in the future they will be worth something and I should buy them now while I still can.

Anyway back to the review, once put together it looks good and the light in it is fun. I would recomend this to anyone who collects lego. The only thing I found was that off all the lego sets I now have although this piece was not the biggest it was by far the fiddliest to do. A child (which I am not!) would possbly find it a bit hard to do without adult help. That said it is well worth the effort.

Well done Lego.

Now what set can I get next? The castle I think!

- prince_hall

I bought this for my 6 year old son and he loves it.
The instructions are clear and easy to follow and he was able to build most of it on his own, just needed a little bit of help. Now it's built he is still playing with it so it's not just the building of it that he has enjoyed. I would recommend it for Harry Potter fans with the patience to follow instructions!

- nathalia_ruiz

When my 10y son received this gift for Christmas he was delighted and built it straight away. He liked making the chicken, fish & vegetable stew best of all (his words, not mine!) He says it took him about 30 mins to assemble-though I find this a little ambitious TBH. It is a much loved toy and I am now being coerced into buying Lego Hogwart's Castle!

- patricia_ruiz

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